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Head West

Tell em’ all Im out in Denver…

When we start talking beliefs, we walk a fine line of controversy and debate.  In fact, we often subject ourselves to criticisms for what we believe.  It’s fair to say we all believe different things – as we should – but more important, we must understand that just because it’s not your belief  doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  They say seeing is believing, well then we only have  673 days to go.

December 21, 2012. Will it be the end? Will fire, or floods, or mass destruction overtake earth?  Depending on who you ask, you’ll find the answer to what this date actually means vary. Im not a scientist nor do I claim to predict the future, but I believe this date should be one circled on your calender. Im not completely sold on the idea that all of humanity will be gone, but I do believe that something will happen.  You will hear a wide range of theories on what will happen on this date, most notably the idea of the Mayan Calender.  The Mayan calender which consist of 5 cycles, and is said to have each cycle end with a disaster, ends at 11:11 on Dec. 21st , 2012. There are people who find this theory, the thought of end of civilization, laughable.  As do I, as much as I believe in this date – I do not believe it is the end of time.  I believe it is the end of the world as we know it.  What do I mean, you ask?  I think something is going to happen, possibly causing floods or earthquakes but not on the scale of mass destruction that may leave us without power or rebuilding cities. Maybe the Maya were right about the date, but I believe in the more scientific reasoning behind this date – I believe more in the theory of the Earth being thrown off its axis.

Better known as ‘Polar Shift’, the theory says that the North and South poles will basically be changed.  The idea consist of the Earth being thrown off rotation, changing Earths magnetic poles, thus causing mass destruction by disrupting the energy normally streaming.  NASA has warned that when the magnetic field shifts and becomes unstable that superstorm will start erupting.  This theory has a lot to do with the Sun, which in its own right will play a major role if something does happen.  One similar theory, involving the Sun, says the Sun will undergo a Polar Shift (not earth) causing violent solar and electromagnetic radiation to pass thru Earth’s failing protective Magnetosphere.  What does that mean to us? Well, like I said before, not the complete end – but the end of the world as we know it.  These shifts could cause fluctuating weather patterns, radiation poisoning, changes to the earths core (earthquakes, volcanoes), and the loss of technology (disabling cell phone towers, satellites).

How do the believers, or non-believers for that matter, protect themselves?  Im not sure that I have the answer to that.  Maybe nothing will protect us, maybe nothing will happen – and I’m sure most will proceed just like any normal day, but I say head to Denver, Colorado.  The Denver International Airport is the debate of many conspiracy theories, but it is believed that its was build for the sole purpose of housing an underground safe-hold for 2012. Im not sure where to go, or if I’ll be welcomed into a protect underground bunker, but I’d be tempted to Head West. Frankly, this whole idea is not something we even want to think about.  Sure, maybe it’s a little far fetched but do not be naive to the possibility it could be real.

…..just don’t tell them I’ve gone crazy.


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