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7.1 By Team

In this Mock Draft, I went back to a format that people seemed to enjoy. All 254 are here in my Version 7.1, but they are grouped together by teams. Enjoy!

Round-Overall Pick: Position Player Name, My Position Rank for player – College

Carolina Panthers: (8)
1-1: DT/DE Marcel Dareus, No.1 DT – Auburn
3-65: DE/OLB Sam Acho, No.13 DE – Texas
3-97: CB Chimdi Chekwa, No.11 CB – Ohio State
4-98: MLB Casey Matthews, No.6 MLB – Oregon
5-132: WR Edmund Gates, No.17 WR – Abilene Christian
6-166: OLB Doug Hogue, No.14 OLB – Syracuse
6-203: OG Stephen Schilling, No.16 OG – Michigan
7-244: DE/DT Ryan Winterswyk, No.25 DE – Boise State
Clausen (or Moore, who is a FA) may not be the answer, but if you don’t go QB at No.1 its not worth adding another youngster to the roster – I think they try to make a move for a second-tier FA QB (Bulger, Stanton, Edwards – or make a trade for Matt Flynn) and give Clausen a chance. They need to revamp their defense and Ron Riviera is a defensive minded coach. Offensively, if they lose DeAngelo Williams (he’s a FA), RB still wouldn’t be a huge need (Stewart, Goodson) – it always pays to add depth at OL – and while Steve Smith’s future is in question they have young WR’s (Gettis, LeFell, Edwards) so it may pay to go after a good WR in FreeAgency (i.e. Randy Moss, S.Rice, S.Moss, Sims-Walker), plus Jeremy Shockey at TE was a nice addition. I’d bet most of their picks will be defense even though they don’t have many defensive FA’s – most notably Charles Johnson and Richard Marshall. Dareus may not be the best overall player, but offers the Panthers the biggest help – I doubt you could name a DT currently on their team. They still need to recover from losing Julius Peppers.

Denver Broncos: (7)
1-2: OLB/DE Von Miller, No.1 OLB – Texas A&M
2-36: DE/DT Muhammad Wilkerson, No.6 DE – Temple *
2-46: CB Davon House, No.6 CB – New Mexico State
3-67: TE Lance Kendricks, No.2 TE – Wisconsin
6-193: RB Noel Devine, No.18 RB – WVU
7-208: FS Dejon Gomes, No.15 S – Nebraska
7-247: OLB Quentin Davie, No.26 OLB – Northwestern
Denver is starting to get on the correct path again, while pick No.2 could go a number of ways – either player they pick (Dareus, Miller, Peterson) would be a great addition. Miller is a freak and with a return to the 4-3 scheme is a nice fit. John Fox is a defensive minded coach, so Denver will opt for add depth and get better on the defensive side of the ball. Wilkerson, if he falls that low, could be the steal of the draft – a potential top 15-20 talent. They have needs all along the front 7, especially at DT since they cut Williams and Bannan – and have a lot of FA’s. A decent young CB wouldn’t hurt even though Champ already has resigned. I’d look for them to add a RB, whether early or late, because Denver likes RB’s and another reason because John Fox has tending to draft a back when his team has one (i.e. taking Stewart when he had Williams in Carolina). I wouldnt fall for idea of Denver considering a QB, unless they plan on trading Orton to a Carolina or someone else once the CBA is agreed to.

Buffalo Bills: (9)
1-3: CB Patrick Peterson, No.1 CB – LSU *
2-34: QB Jake Locker, No.4 QB – Washington
3-68 OT/OG Marcus Gilbert, No.7 OT – Florida
4-100: DT/DE Jarvis Jenkins, No.12 DT – Clemson
4-122: WR Vincent Brown, No.15 WR – San Diego State
5-133: DE/OLB Steven Friday, No.17 DE – Virginia Tech
6-169: TE/FB Charles Clay, No.9 TE – Tulsa
7-207: MLB/OLB Greg Lloyd Jr., No.13 MLB – U Conn
7-245: OG Justin Boren, No.14 OG – Ohio State
The Bills need a good draft, or to get production from their picks. I dont see them taking a QB – Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t that bad and they’ll probably be the worse team next year (Hello, Andrew Luck). Peterson or Miller, one or the other, will likely be available and would make more sense to me. However, I do have them selecting Jake Locker (which isnt realistic, he’ll be gone – I dont use trades so someone will trade up to get him earlier), which is solely a value pick – I think they may realistically (especially if they do pass on Newton and if a top 4 QB isn’t there at #34 ) take a flier on a QB late (TJ Yates, Taylor Potts, ect.) They have a huge need at upgrading their OL which should be a higher priority than even I have suggested in my mock. The fact that Shawne Merriman resigned was a plus, and bring in Dave Wannstadt at Defensive Coordinator is good – but they need depth and moreoverall help. I doubt D.Whitner comes back, so S (as well as CB youth) will be a concern – but they really dont have that big name FA they must resign, if there is one its Posluszny.

Cincinnati Bengals: (8)
1-4: QB Cameron Newton, No.2 QB – Auburn *
2-35: WR/RB Randall Cobb, No.3 WR – Kentucky *
3-66: RB Jordan Toddman, No.4 RB – U Conn *
4-101: DT Drake Nevis, No.10 DT – LSU
5-134: OT Joseph Barksdale, No. 13 OT – LSU
6-168: SS Eric Hagg, No.10 S – Nebraska
7-206: DE/OLB Cheta Ozougwu, No.22 DE – Rice
7-246: CB Cortez Allen, No.25 CB – Citadel
A lot of concerns this offseason – the biggest is QB Carson Palmer, but they have decisions with FA’s like Terrell Owens, Cedric Benson, and Jonathan Joseph to make. I don’t think Newton is a great fit, or the best QB – they could take Gabbert, or they may opt for a FA or trade (Kevin Kolb) but they must address the QB spot. If Pat Peterson is available a huge dilemma would arise, do they risk losing Joseph (he will demand max money on the market) and pass on Peterson or taking Peterson and ultimately forcing Joseph elsewhere. The Bengals are in a tight spot at No.4 to get good value for need – so either QB, Peterson, or AJ Green would make the most sense if they dont trade back. Cincy should look to address their skills positions with young weapons and upgrade the OL. On defense they have a decent core in place, but would need depth to protect from injury. I think a young DT, a potential late value at S and an extra edge rusher will be area’s they target.

Arizona Cardinals: (8)
1-5: OT Tyron Smith, No.1 OT – USC *
2-38: TE Kyle Rudolph, No. 1 TE – Notre Dame *
3-69: OLB/DE Dontay Moch, No.6 OLB – Nevada
4-103: CB Rashad Carmichael, No.14 CB – Virginia Tech
5-136: WR Greg Salas, No.13 WR – Hawaii
6-171: DT/DE Cedric Thornton, No.16 DT – Southern Arkansas
6-184: FS Chris Conte, No.14 S – California
7-249: RB Mario Fannin, No.22 RB – Auburn
For some reason, Im not sold on Arizona adding another rookie QB – even if it is an upgrade over Hall or Skelton. Look for them to make a play for Kevin Kolb thru trade – possibly Matt Flynn or Shaun Hill; however, I think this would be a nice landing spot for Vince Young. I have them reaching a bit for need, the top OT and their most glaring need to help protect the QB and run the ball. While QB is a major issue (maybe they go after Bulger or Stanton along with previous mentioned), they have other needs. I think they’ll be able to resigned Breaston and Doucet so WR isnt much of an issue, just for depth – RB isnt a big need, maybe a new 3rd string back to spill some time – and a nice pass catching TE are their offensive needs along with OT. Von Miller or Pat Peterson could be their pick at #5 if available, but replacing Karlos Dansby (and the old Joey Porter) would be an early target.

Cleveland Browns: (8)
1-6: WR AJ Green, No.1 WR – Georgia *
2-37: DE/DT Cameron Heyward, No.9 DE – Ohio State
3-70: CB Ras-I Dowling, No.7 CB – Virginia
4-102: OLB KJ Wright, No.8 OLB – Mississippi State
5-137: DE/OLB Cliff Matthews, No.16 DE – South Carolina
6-167: OT Derek Newton, No.18 OT – Arkansas State
6-170: DT/NT Sione Fua, No.15 DT – Stanford
7-248: OG Keith Williams, No.15 OG – Nebraska
GM Mike Holmgren doesn’t typically draft WR’s very high (at least not while in Seattle), but aside from Green they’d be better off trading down or if they pass on a WR take the best available regardless of position. Wideout is their most glaring need, a playmaker – but I expect them to go defense early and often. They need to add depth and get younger on the front 7 (including replacing Shaun Rogers) – remember, they’re back to a 4-3. CB may be an early target, someone to pair with Joe Haden, since Eric Wright is a FA – but they really don’t have that big name FA you think you must resign. The way I have the mock playing out, it has Cleveland with a good draft in my opinion – Cameron Heyward would be great value, as well as Dowling. AJ Green would be that big target they covet (I don’t think they’ll go Julio Jones at No.6 if Green is gone), and on top of that he’ll bring excitement.

San Francisco 49ers: (12)
1-7: CB Prince Amukamara, No.2 CB – Nebraska
2-45: DE/OLB Jabaal Shread, No.11 DE – Pittsburgh
3-76: QB/WR Colin Kaepernick, No.7 QB – Nevada
4-108: DT/NT Kendrick Ellis, No.11 DT – Hampton
4-115: WR/KR Jeremy Kerley, No.12 WR – TCU
5-140: OLB/DE Thomas Keiser, No.10 OLB – Stanford
6-173: FB/MLB Owen Marecic, No. 2 FB – Stanford
6-190: SS Jerron Johnson, No.12 S – Boise State
7-211: RB Stephan Ridley, No.14 RB – LSU *
7-216: CB/FS Richard Sherman, No.27 CB – Stanford
7-239: TE/WR Mike McNeill, No.12 TE – Nebraska
7-250: K Kai Forbath, No.2 K – UCLA
SanFran has a lot of picks, they’ll be in position to make moves if they choose (trading for Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb would have been an option if we had a CBA). It seems to me like Alex Smith is going to get a shot to come back and play – rumors have also suggested that they may go after TB’s Josh Johnson, but I’d expect them to add a QB n the draft at some point. I like what the Niners have already, a nice young core, so this draft class will be important. If they cant work something out with FA DT Aubrayo Franklin, that’d be a big hole to fill – they’ll probably cut Nate Clements, so a CB will be a hot target – and they’ll need to replace FA OLB Manny Lawson. I think its safe to say, defense will be there main theme – especially since they have added offensive lineman, wide receiver the past few drafts. The 49ers will probably draft a WR and RB for depth, possibly a TE and they need a kicker for sure. I have a lot of Stanford players reconnecting with their college coach, the new Niners coach. I know Prince Amukamara has seemed to have fell in a lot of mocks, but I think it’s a good pick for them and he’s almost becoming underrated. They could opt for Robert Quinn, or a DT – but landing Sheard in the second would be a blessing. They could trade up for Pat Peterson, or even trade back into the late 1st if they covet a QB.

Tennessee Titans: (9)
1-8: QB Blaine Gabbert, No.1 QB – Missouri *
2-39: DT/DE Stephen Paea, No.4 DT – Oregon State
3-77: MLB/OLB Colin McCarthy, No.4 MLB – Miami (FL)
4-109: CB Curtis Marsh, No.13 CB – Utah State
4-130: TE Virgil Green, No.6 TE – Nevada
5-141: OG Andrew Jackson, No.9 OG – Fresno State
6-174: WR Stephen Burton, No.23 WR – West Texas A&M
7-212: DE Ricky Elmore, No.21 DE – Arizona
7-251: MLB Josh Byrnes, No.14 MLB – Auburn
They need a QB, badly – Rusty Smith is inexperienced and Kerry Collins is like 50 years old (and a FA). In fact, they have a lot of FA that’d be nice to keep (Randy Moss, Bo Scaife, Jacob Ford). I like the Gabbert pick, especially with a lack of good quality at QB on the FA market – I think he’s better than people know. I like the picks I have the Titans making, addressing the defense – getting an OG (LeRoy Harris is a FA), and adding a TE to combine with Cook. The Titans have a new regime, and I think they need a fresh start – they’ve underachieved, but they’ll be rebuilding now (sorry Chris Johnson) so don’t expect much from them again this season. They’ll probably target CB or DE is they dont go QB in the first round – and Nick Fairley is a popular pick in most mocks.

Dallas Cowboys: (8)
1-9: DE/OLB Robert Quinn, No.2 DE – UNC *
2-40: OT Derek Sherrod, No.5 OT – Mississippi State
3-71: MLB Kelvin Shephard, No.3 MLB – LSU
4-110: SS Da’Norris Searcy, No.7 S – UNC
5-142: DT/NT Jerrell Powe, No.17 DT – Mississippi
6-175: OG/OT Carl Johnson, No.11 OG – Florida
7-221: RB Roy Helu Jr., No.20 RB – Nebraska
7-252: WR/KR Jeremy Ross, No.41 WR – California
Im a Cowboy fan, lol – I’d be happy with Tyron Smith here. Robert Quinn is gaining steam, and could go as high as No.5, but someone should fall to Dallas. Quinn, just like Greg Ellis, would be a top 10 UNC DE who could play 10 years for them (they need to replace FA DE Marcus Spears). The two other major needs are S (Sensabaugh is FA) and OL (Free and Kosier and FA). Dallas, after a disappointing season, should make changes and be aggressive to get players in Free Agency (Michael Huff, Robert Gallery, Atari Bigby, Nnamdi Asomugha, Davin Joseph, Derrick Dockery, ect.) to insure a successful season. Roy Williams, Marion Barber and Terrence Newman have all been rumored to be subject of a release – but regardless, CB and RB (a power back) will probably be addressed in the draft, and a late flier on a WR (small speedy that could help in return game). Aside from OL help, Dallas should concentrate on the defensive side of the ball for depth.

Washington Redskins: (7)
1-10: WR Julio Jones, No.2 WR – Alabama *
2-41: QB Christian Ponder, No.5 QB – Florida State
5-143: DE/DT Brandon Bair, No.18 DE – Oregon
5-155: RB Derrick Locke, No.12 RB – Kentucky
6-176: OLB/MLB Scott Lutrus, No.15 OLB – U Conn
7-213: OT Derek Hall, No.19 OT – Stanford
7-253: C Ryan Bartholomew, No.8 C – Syracuse
I doubt Donovan McNabb comes back (probably going to Minnesota or Arizona), so Jake Locker at No.10 makes sense, but I think the Skins will trade back and select him, Mallet, or Ponder (and gain picks). I have them selected Ponder, but with trades, he’ll more than likely be gone by that point – but expect them to go QB early. They already signed S OJ Atogwe (from the Rams), but they’ll want to get more youth on defense. They could stand to get better opposite of Orakpo (rush DE/OLB) and at DE/DT/MLB. However, They’ll have a lot of holes offensively too (Santana Moss, Clinton Portis going to be gone) so they’ll want to upgrade at WR and RB. I think Julio Jones would be an attractive pick (if they have a QB), but they need more picks – so expect a trade down from them. They also need depth along the OL. The Redskins should be able to land a few FA’s to fill some roster spots, possibly going after Sidney Rice or Randy Moss to solve WR problem.

Houston Texans: (8)
1-11: DE/OLB Aldon Smith, No.3 DE – Missouri *
2-42: CB/FS Aaron Williams, No.5 CB – Texas *
3-73: DT Marvin Austin, No.7 DT – UNC
4-105: FS Robert Sands, No.5 S – WVU *
5-144: WR Niles Paul, No.16 WR – Nebraska
6-177: DE/DT Karl Klug, No.20 DE – Iowa
7-214: SS Jermale Hines, No.13 S – Ohio State
7-254: OG/OT Dan Kilgore, No.18 OG – Appalachian State
They’ll run a new 3-4 defensive system (Wade Phillips is DC) so they’re going to need more guys to cycle in and out for their front 7. They have two key UFA’s – FB Vonta Leach and S Bernard Pollard that’ll be priorities in resigning (Arian Foster is a Exclusive Rights FA). They need to add DE and OLB, athletic front 7 guys – and S. I wouldn’t be shocked in they found early value in a WR to compliment Andre Johnson, and its always good to take an offensive lineman – but other than that, it’ll be defense, defense, defense. Aldon Smith would seem a perfect/natural fit – or someone like Quinn may fall. The Texans are on the verge of being a playoff team, so the right picks in this draft could go a long way in solidifying their roster.

Minnesota Vikings: (9)
1-12: DT/DE Corey Luiget, No.3 DT – Illinois *
2-43: QB Andy Dalton, No.6 QB – TCU
4-106: OG/OT James Carpenter, No.5 OG – Alabama
5-138: CB/FS Chris Culliver, No.16 CB – South Carolina
5-150: TE Jordan Cameron, No.7 TE – USC
6-178: WR Denarius Moore, No.24 WR – Tennessee
6-200: SS Joe Lefeged, No.19 S – Rutgers
7-215: RB Alex Green, No.24 RB – Hawaii
7-236: C Tim Barnes, No.9 C – Missouri
They obviously need a QB, (Im 99.9% sure Brett is done, lol) and I love Andy Dalton – I think he could be a steal, and it wouldnt surprise me to see him go No.15 overall to the Dolphins. I think they’ll be a landing spot for either McNabb, Vince Young, Marc Bulger – but they’d still want a QB of the future early in this draft. The Vikings are a good team who had a bad season – so they dont need much, and I think you’ll see the draft for depth (and for the future). Re-signing DE Ray Edwards is going to be their offseason task (I’m pretty sure Greenway is not going anywhere), as well as determining what the value of WR S.Rice is. Im a big fan of Luiget, and he’d fit nicely here with Pat Williams aging and a FA. They could go for Julio Jones if he’s available, or a surprise pick would be, another player Im high on, Luiget’s teammate Martez Wilson. I’d look for Minnesota to draft the best player available.

Detroit Lions: (6)
1-13: OT Anthony Castonzo, No.2 OT – Boston College
2-44: MLB/OLB Quan Sturdivant, No.2 MLB – UNC
3-75: CB Brandon Burton, No.10 CB – Utah *
4-107: RB Bilal Powell, No.11 RB – Louisville
5-154: CB Josh Thomas, No.17 CB – Buffalo
7-205: DE Ugo Chinasas, No.24 DE – Oklahoma State

St.Louis Rams: (7)
1-14: DT Nick Fairley, No.2 DT – Auburn
2-47: RB Ryan Williams, No.2 RB – Virginia Tech *
3-78: WR Tandon Doss, No.8 – Indiana *
4-112: OLB/DE Bruce Miller, No.9 OLB – Central Florida
5-145: OG Zach Hurd, No.10 OG – U Conn
6-180: FS Shiloh Keo, No.11 S – Idaho
7-217: MLB Nick Bellore, No.11 MLB – Central Michigan

Miami Dolphins: (8)
1-15: MLB Martez Wilson, No.1 MLB – Illinois *
3-79: TE Luke Stocker, No. 3 TE – Tennessee
4-111: OG/OT Darius Morris, No.8 OG – Temple
5-146: QB Pat Devlin, No.8 QB – Delaware
6-179: RB Dion Lewis, No.13 RB – Pittsburgh *
7-218: DT/NT Antonio Gray, No.19 DT – Southern Mississippi
7-219: FS/CB Jerrard Tarrant, No.17 S – Georgia Tech *
7-235: RB Da’Rel Scott, No.23 RB – Maryland

Jacksonville Jaguars: (7)
1-16: QB Ryan Mallett, No.3 QB – Arkansas *
2-49: WR Leonard Hankerson, No.4 WR – Miami (FL)
3-80: DE/DT Allen Bailey, No.12 DE – Miami (FL)
4-114: MLB Akeem Dent, No.8 MLB – Georgia
4-121: FS Jaiqwuan Jarrett, No.6 S – Indiana MLB
5-147: WR Dwayne Harris, No.14 WR – East Carolina
6-182: CB Kendric Burney, No.15 CB – UNC

Oakland Raiders: (7)
2-48: OG/OT Danny Watkins, No.1 OG – Baylor
3-81: SS DeAndre McDaniel, No.3 S – Clemson
4-113: QB Ricky Stanzi, No. 9 QB – Iowa
5-148: RB Deleone Carter, No.10 RB – Syracuse
6-181: C Kris O’Dowd, No.5 C – USC
7-220: CB Buster Skrine, No.21 CB – Tennessee Chattanooga
7-241: OLB Brian Rolle, No.21 OLB – Ohio State

San Diego Chargers: (8)
1-18: DE/DT Cameron Jordan, No.4 DE – California
2-50: WR Titus Young, No.7 WR – Boise State
2-61: OLB Mason Foster, No.5 OLB – Washington
3-82: MLB Greg Jones, No.5 MLB – Michigan State
3-89: RB DeMarco Murray, No.6 RB – Oklahoma
6-183: OT Josh Davis, No.17 OT – Georgia
6-201: TE Weslye Saunders, No.8 TE – South Carolina
7-234: DT/DE David Carter, No.22 DT – UCLA

New York Giants: (8)
1-19: OT Nate Solder, No.3 OT – Colorado
2-52: RB Mikel LeShoure, No.3 RB – Illinois *
3-83: OG/C John Moffitt, No.7 OG – Wisconsin
4-117: TE Rob Housler, No.5 TE – Florida Atlantic
6-185: DT Martin Parker, No.18 DT – Richmond
6-198: MLB Chris White, No.10 MLB – Mississippi State
6-202: CB/FS Chris Rucker, No.23 CB – Michigan State
7-222: OLB JT Thomas, No.16 OLB – WVU

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: (8)
1-20: DE Da’Quan Bowers, No.1 DE – Clemson *
2-51: CB Curtis Brown, No.8 CB – Texas
3-84: RB/WR Jacquizz Rodgers, No. 9 RB – Oregon State *
4-116: Nate Irving, No.7 MLB – NC State
5-151: OLB/MLB Ross Homan, No.12 OLB
6-187: TE Julius Thomas, No.10 TE – Portland State
7-223: OG Julian Vandervelde, No.13 OG – Iowa
7-238: WR Jeff Maehl, No.24 WR – Oregon

Kansas City Chiefs: (8)
1-21: OT/OG Gabe Carimi, No.4 OT – Wisconsin
2-55: OLB Bruce Carter, No.4 OLB – UNC
3-86: WR Greg Little, No.11 WR – UNC *
4-118: C Brandon Fusco, No.4 C – Slippery Rock
5-135: MLB Orie Lemon, No.9 MLB – Oklahoma State
5-139: DT/NT Ian Williams, No.14 DT – Notre Dame
6-199: QB Nathan Enderle, No.12 QB – Idaho
7-224: CB Chykie Brown, No.22 CB – Texas

Indianapolis Colts: (7)
1-22: FS Rahim Moore, No.1 S – UCLA *
2-53: OT/OG Ben Ijalana, No.6 OT – Villanova
3-87: DT Terrell McClain, No.8 DT – South Florida
4-119: WR Cecil Short, No.19 WR – Mount Union
5-152: OG David Arkin, No.12 OG – Missouri State
6-188: CB Jalil Brown, No.20 CB – Colorado
7-225: C Jake Kirkpatrick, No.5 C – TCU

Philadelphia Eagles: (10)
1-23: OLB Akeem Ayers, No.2 OLB – UCLA *
2-54: C/OG Rodney Hudson, No.3 C – Florida State
3-85: RB Daniel Thomas, No.7 RB – Kansas State
4-104: OT Chris Hairston, No.9 OT – Clemson
4-120: DT/DE Lawrence Guy, No.13 DT – Arizona State *
5-149: CB/FS Marcus Gilchrist, No.12 CB – Clemson
5-153: WR Darvin Adams, No.23 WR – Auburn *
7-229: QB TJ Yates, No.15 QB – UNC
7-237: MLB Mario Harvey, No.17 MLB – Marshall
7-240: FS Will Hill, No.18 S – Florida *

New Orleans Saints: (6)
1-24: DE/OLB Brooks Reed, No.10 DE – Arizona
2-56: FS Quinton Carter, No.2 S – Oklahoma
3-72: RB Kendall Hunter, No.5 RB – Oklahoma State
3-88: OT/OG Jason Pinkston, No.8 OT – Pittsburgh
7-227: OLB Adrian Moten, No.20 OLB – Maryland
7-243: DT/NT Chris Nield, No.20 DT – WVU

Seattle Seahawks: (8)
1-25: C/OG Mike Pouncey, No.1 C – Florida
2-57: CB Johnny Patrick, No.9 CB – Louisville
4-99: OG/OT Marcus Cannon, No.4 OG – TCU
5-156: QB Greg McElroy, No.10 QB – Alabama
5-157: FB Stanley Havili, No.1 FB – USC
6-172: WR Ronald Johnson, No.21 WR – USC
7-209: OLB/DE/MLB Brian Duncan, No.18 OLB – Texas Tech
7-242: OT Adam Grant, No.21 OT – Arizona

Baltimore Ravens: (9)
1-26: CB Jimmy Smith, No. 4 CB – Colorado
2-58: WR Jonathan Baldwin, No.5 WR – Pittsburgh *
3-90: FS Tyler Sash, No.4 S – Iowa *
4-123: RB Shane Vereen, No.8 RB – California *
5-164: OT Willie Smith, No.15 OT – East Carolina
5-165: DE Pierre Allen, No.19 DE – Nebraska
6-191: MLB Mike Mohamed, No.12 MLB – California
7-226: OLB/MLB Jeremiha Hunter, No.19 OLB – Iowa
7-228: CB Andrew McGee, No.26 CB – Oklahoma State

Atlanta Falcons: (9)
1-27: DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan, No.7 DE – Purdue
2-59: WR Jerrel Jernigan, No.8 WR – Troy
3-91: TE/FB DJ Williams, No.4 TE – Arkansas
4-124: OT/OG Demarcus Love, No.12 OT – Arkansas
5-158: RB Taiwan Jones, No.15 RB – Eastern Washington *
6-186: CB/KR Brandon Hogan, No.18 CB – WVU
6-192: OLB Lawrence Wilson, No.17 OLB – U Conn
7-230: DE/DT Lazarius Levingston, No.23 DE – LSU
7-233: QB Scott Tolzien, No.13 QB – Wisconsin

New England Patriots: (9)
1-17: DE/DT JJ Watt, No.5 DE – Wisconsin *
1-28: RB Mark Ingram, No.1 RB – Alabama *
2-33: OLB/DE Justin Houston, No.3 OLB – Georgia *
2-60: OG/OT Clint Boling, No.3 OG – Georgia
3-74: WR Torrey Smith, No.6 WR – Maryland *
3-92: DT Jurrell Casey, No.9 DT – USC *
4-125: OT/OG James Brewer, No.11 OT – Indiana
5-159: SS Ahmad Black, No.8 S – Florida
6-189: CB DeMarcus Van Dyke, No.24 CB – Miami (FL)

Chicago Bears: (6)
1-29: C/OG Stefen Wisniewski, No.2 – Penn State
2-62: DT/DE Christian Ballard, No.6 DT – Iowa
3-93: OT Jah Reid, No.11 OT – Central Florida
4-127: OLB/DE Jeremy Beal, No.11 OLB – Oklahoma
5-160: WR Ricardo Lockette, No.20 WR – Fort Valley State
6-194: QB/WR Tyrod Taylor, No.11 QB – Virginia Tech

New York Jets: (6)
1-30: DT/NT Phil Taylor, No.5 DT – Baylor
3-94: OLB/DE Chris Carter, No.7 OLB – Fresno State
4-126: DE Pernell McPhee, No.14 DE – MIssissippi State
5-161: FS Deunta Williams, No.9 S – UNC
6-195: OT/OG Kevin Hughes, No.19 OT – SE Louisiana
7-209: WR Jamel Hamler, No.21 WR – Fresno State *

Pittsburgh Steelers: (7)
1-31: CB Brandon Harris, No.3 CB – Miami (FL)
2-63: OG/OT Orlando Franklin, No.2 OG – Miami (FL)
3-95: WR Terrence Tolliver, No.10 WR – LSU
4-128: DE Greg Romeus, No.15 DE – Pittsburgh
5-162: OT/OG Jarriel King, No.16 OT – South Carolina
6-196: K/P Alex Henery, No.1 K – Nebraska
7-231: TE Lee Smith, No.11 TE – Marshall

Green Bay Packers: (9)
1-32: DE Adrian Clayborn, No.8 DE – Iowa
2-64: OG/OT Will Rackley, No.6 OG – Lehigh
3-96: OT/OG Lee Ziemba, No.10 OT – Auburn
4-129: WR Austin Pettis, No.18 WR – Boise State
4-131: OLB/DE Mark Herzlich, No. 13 OLB – Boston College
5-163: CB Shareece Wright, No.18 CB – USC
6-197: RB Johnny White, No.16 RB – UNC
7-204: C Kevin Kowalski, No.6 C – Toledo
7-232: SS David Sims, No.16 S – Iowa State


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