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Out With The New, In With The Old

The Washington Wizards unveiled a new look uniform on Tuesday, but don’t be mislead by the word ‘new’. This Wizards uniform saw a return of the Red, White, and Blue – reminiscent of the old Washington Bullets jersey. While this new style also brought back the old horizontal stripes, its a little more modern than the throwback #41 Wes Unseld jersey that is still popular today.

The ‘throwback’ has been a style that has grown in popularity in the NBA over the past decade, so it would only make sense for the Wizards to make this change (don’t expect a return of the short shorts however). The name is no longer the ‘Bullets’, but by looking at the uniform it’d be hard to tell they have any connection to a Wizard. I doubt you’ll see a name change, like they did in 1997, but you wont find a Wizard on their uniforms anymore either. The primary logo, which doesn’t appear on the actually jersey, does include a Wizard similar to the old one that sports the new (or ‘old’) colors. The teal, black, and gold never really made much sense to me anyhow so I like the decision by owner Ted Leonsis to make this change. It’s really just a shame that Michael’s last NBA appearance was in that out of place pattern.

Obviously, the players are fond of the change as well – this past seasons rookie, John Wall, pointed out after modeling the uniform “It’s better than the other one”. So, sometimes you have to go old-school to appeal to the new-school. Nonetheless, Wizards fans shouldn’t expect a new look to improve performance. While you could argue that the Wizards do have a nice young roster, they finished in the cellar of the Southeast Division with just 23 wins.

Out With The New, In With The Old may be the direction they took with the uniform – but it’d be nice to see these Wizards create a history all their own.

The Old Colors, With a New Look



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