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Tired Of Myself, Tired Of This Town

After a weekend that will probably forever change my outlook and actions in life, I revert back to a Tom Petty song. This song, which has been my ringtone for quite some time, goes:

” I’m tired of screwin’ up, tired of goin’ down, Tired of myself, tired of this town, Oh my, my, oh hell yes – time to put on that party dress.”

Well, in fact, maybe its just the opposite – It’s time to take off the party dress and get on with life.

It ironic how we can fail to realize the changes that should be made, before something bad has to happen. However, while its easy to dwell on the past, the best thing is to learn from mistakes and move forward positively. Maybe a negative situation can be just the turn-a-round that was needed, an eye-opener if you will, to get things in a straighter, more stable path.

Not that I’ve screwed up often, but sometimes one screw up is all it takes to make it feel like you’ve been hit with numerous. Regardless, I’m tired of the direction my life has been going – which may not have been downward, but certainly not upward either. Learn from the bad, and let it help you grow towards a brighter and better future.

That’s just what is going to happen with me – I need to get my life going in a better direction. Besides, I’m sure people were tired of looking me in a dress.


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