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Final NBA Mock

I have a useless desire to continue to do NBA Mock Drafts, this – Version 3.0 will be my Final NBA Mock however. With just less than 48 Hours to go…I still have no more clarity on what will happen come Thursday evening. The NBA draft always includes a lot of trades – big name veterans switching teams and even the rights to a player being traded after he is selected. So it’s extremely hard for me, the true opposite of a know-it-all…a know-nothing, to try and mock or predict trades in the NBA draft. I prowl the internet on ESPN Insider, ProBasketballTalk, and various other sites in search of news and rumors – unlike my analysis of the NFL draft (where I have somewhat of a clue)…I find the NBA Draft less predictable because teams draft on potential and upside over production and experience. Nonetheless, here’s my final effort. Enjoy.

1. Cavs – Derrick Williams, SF/PF – Arizona

2. P1* 76ers (T’Wolfs) – Kyrie Irving, PG – Duke
T’Wolfs get Andre Iguodala, #16 (A.Burks) for #2 (K.Irving), Michael Beasley, Martell Webster

3. P2* Wizards (Jazz) – Kemba Walker, SG/PG – U Conn
Jazz get #6 (E.Kanter), #18 for #3 (K.Walker)

4. P3* Spurs (Cavs) – Brandon Knight, PG – Kentucky
4 Team w/ Pistons and Warriors: Cavs get Tony Parker, Monta Ellis – Spurs get #4 (B.Knight), Ramon Sessions, Rip Hamilton, Austin Daye then – Pistons get #11 (B.Biyombo), #29 (N.Mirotic), Richard Jefferson, Antwan Jamison and – Warriors get #8 (K.Thompson), JJ Hickson, Baron Davis, Daniel Gibson.

5. Raptors – Jan Vesely, PF – Czech Republic

6. P2* Jazz (Wizards) – Enes Kanter, C/PF – Turkey (Kentucky)

7. P4* Jazz (Kings) – Kawhi Leonard, SF – San Diego State
3 Team w/ Nuggets: Kings get Raymond Felton, #18 – Jazz #7 (K.Leonard) #22 (D.Morris), Beno Udrih then – Nuggets get #12 (C.Singleton), Paul Milsap

8. P3* Warriors (Pistons) Klay Thompson, PG/SG – Washington State

9. Bobcats – Marcus Morris, PF – Kansas

10. Bucks – Jonas Valanciuna, C – Lithuania

11. P3* Pistons (Warriors) – Bismack Biyombo, PF/C – Congo

12. P4* Nuggets (Jazz) – Chris Singleton, SF – Florida State

13. Suns – Tristan Thompson, PF – Texas

14. P5* Kings (Rockets) – Jimmer Fredette, PG/SG – BYU
Rockets get #18 (N.Vucevic), Donte Greene for #14 (J.Fredette)

15. Pacers – Markieff Morris, PF /C – Kansas

16. P1* T’Wolfs (76ers) – Alec Burks, SG – Colorado

17. Knicks – Iman Shumpert, PG – Georgia Tech

18. P5* Rockets (Kings via Jazz thru Wizards) – Nikola Vucevic, C – USC

19. Bobcats – Jordan Hamilton, SF – Texas

20. T’Wolfs – Donatas Motiejunas, PF – Lithuania

21. Blazers – Kenneth Faried, PF – Morehead State

22. P4* Jazz (Nuggets) – Darius Morris, PG – Michigan

23. Rockets – Marshon Brooks, SG – Providence

24. Thunder – Kyle Singler, SF – Duke

25. Celtics – Jeremy Tyler, C – Tokyo Apache (USA)

26. Dallas – Davis Bertans, SF – Latvia

27. Nets – Tobias Harris, PF – Tennessee

28. Bulls – Justin Harper, PF – Richmond

29. P3* Pistons (Spurs) – Nikola Mirotic, SF – Serbia

30. Bulls – Tyler Honeycutt, SG/SF – UCLA

PG Reggie Jackson – Boston College
SF Jimmy Butler – Marquette
PF/C Jordan Williams – Maryland
PG Josh Shelby – Kansas
PF JaJuan Johnson – Purdue
SG Travis Leslie – Georgia
SF Chandler Parson – Florida
PG Norris Cole – Cleveland State
PF Trey Thompkins – Georgia
SG/SF Bojan Bogdanovia – Serbia
PF Jon Leuer – Wisconsin
PG/SG Charles Jenkins – Hofstra
SG Nolan Smith – Duke
PG Shelvin Mack – Butler
SG E’Twaun Moore – Purdue
C Greg Smith – Fresno State
SG/SF Malcolm Lee – UCLA
PF Willie Reed – St.Louis
PG Cory Joseph – Texas
C Keith Benson – Oakland
C Giorgi Shermadini – Georgia (INTERNATIONAL)
SG Andrew Goudelock – College of Charleston
PF Rick Jackson – Syracuse
PF Malcolm Thomas – San Diego State


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One thought on “Final NBA Mock

  1. Nice mock. This draft is going to be real interesting. It is no doubt a weak draft but I think at the same time you are bound to find some hidden gems in the draft. I mean, guys like Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry are bound to come up. There’s a lot of supposedly mediocre talent and I wonder if teams picking in the 3-10 range will be better served to take a risk rather than going with someone that only has the ceiling of being a solid NBA producer. Everyone’s mock drafts I read seem to be different so it will be fun to see where each player goes and how much wheeling and dealing goes on during draft day. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say

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