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NFL Draft Mock, Version E-5

NOW 2 ROUNDS!!!!! (Includes 5 Projected Trades)
I have ALSO included a brief explanation on my picks for the 1st round selections as well as ATL and NO selections in round 2 (since they have no 1st rounder).

Well, we now have 24 picks of the 2012 Draft determined (aside from 8/9 and 11/12 coin-flip scenario). This Version, E-5 is the most accurate – as I continue to update a new mock weekly. I hope you find this useful as I try to be prompt, realistic and fair in my analysis. Enjoy!

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2012 NFL Mock, Version E-5. No.5 overall (As of 01/10/2012)

1. Colts – Andrew Luck, QB – Stanford *
Duh! I doubt they move/release Peyton Manning, but you have to take Luck here. You couldn’t even trade the pick and obtain enough value in return.

2. Rams – Matt Kalil, OT – USC *
A franchise caliber addition, 12 year starter potential – he is the best option given they need to keep Bradford healthy. Sure, they haven’t always had the best luck with drafting offensive lineman early – but its too early grab Blackmon or Claiborne.

3. PT1 Miami (FROM Vikings) – Robert Griffin III, QB – Baylor *
With changes in Miami (i.e. New Head Coach) I think its time to make a move for a QB, finally. I like Griffin, but Im not completely sold him on quite yet – but I dont have to be. Miami has to leap frog Cleveland and Washington even if it means giving up a lot, probably a future 1st Rounder.

4. Browns – Justin Blackmon, WR – Oklahoma State *
I think they like Griffin, but they just need playmakers. Im not big on WR’s going this high, but Blackmon is a rare specimen and whoever the QB is needs a go-to guy. Blackmon and Little would be a nice big set of targets.

5. Tampa Bay – Morris Claiborne, CB – LSU *
They could go a number of ways. A viable trade spot if Griffin is somehow available. I thought they needed a CB last year, and well – you might as well get the best one this year.

6. Redskins – Riley Reiff, OT – Iowa *
I originally thought QB, but they need to sure up the OL first and foremost. They will be in play for Peyton Manning if he is available – maybe Matt Flynn will be an option. Nonetheless, they can address QB somewhere else – here, you get this monster to play RT.

7. PT2 Seattle (FROM Jaguars) – Quinton Coples, DE – UNC
Coples is hard to get a read on (sometimes you’ll see him slightly lower) but he is the best pass rusher in the draft, and when the draft is full of “just okay” pass rushers – and, you’re a team in need of sacks…you have to go and get this guy.

8. PT1 Vikings (FROM Miami) – Jonathan Martin, OT – Stanford *
LT is a priority, especially with a young QB. It may not be a flashy pick, but at this point I actually think it has a lot of value – most people don’t know how good Martin is.

9. Carolina – Devin Still, DT/DE – Penn State
I think Carolina will have some options here. Still is a fast climber up boards and will help with the pass rush as well as sure up the defensive front. It seems like a little early for him, especially given some of the other talent available – but I think it’d be a smart choice.

10. PT3 Chargers (FROM Bills) – David DeCastro, OG – Stanford *
The Chargers need an OG with the uncertainty of Kris Dielman – and you can’t sit and wait til #18 if you want one. DeCastro is reliable and seems like a natural fit, questions about durability and injury risk conerns may cause him to fall some – but Im not buying it.

11. PT4 Bengals (FROM Chiefs) – Trent Richardson, RB – Alabama *
Richardson would have good value here, while RB’s have slipped in the draft lately – he could go as high as No.4 or No.5. Cedric Benson is still there, and doing a pretty decent job – but if you’re Cincinnati you need this addition to become a young explosive offensive…its worth moving up for.

12. PT2 Jaguars (FROM Seattle) – Alshon Jeffery, WR – South Carolina *
I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Floyd is actually the No.2 WR picked, but I still like Jeffery’s skill set and size. You’ll hear he lacks explosiveness – but if you’re Jacksonville you just need somebody to catch the ball. He could fall some, but I think it makes a lot of sense for Gabbert.

13. Arizona – Luke Kuechly, MLB – Boston College
I think he is underrated, and very well may end up being a Top 10 selection – MLB may not be the most obvious need, but Kuechly has a lot of value at this point. I think they could trade down and still fill a need, maybe a team trying to target Dre Kirkpatrick.

14. Dallas – Cordy Glenn, OG/OT – Georgia
I think it’d be hard to pass up Dre Kirpatrick with all their secondary woes, Newman has shown his age this season. However, interior OL is a more glaring concern – DeCastro would be ideal, but Glenn is versatile and would be a quality addition…they could also trade down, or reach for Peter Konz.

15. Eagles – Michael Floyd, WR – Notre Dame
They need a big red zone/possession receiver to go with their speed. I think Floyd is actually underrated, and will be a productive pro.

16. Jets – Courtney Upshaw, OLB – Alabama
The Jets may have more holes than what meets the eye, so its hard to say where they’ll go with the pick (maybe OL, best available, ect..) – but, I think Upshaw fits right in. He is nasty, tough, and makes sense in the 3-4 setup.

17. PT4 Chiefs (FROM Bengals (Oakland) – Peter Konz, C – Wisconsin *
KC will has a good many options, especially if they stay at No. 11 (possibly even selecting T.Richardson to pair with Jamaal Charles). Konz is solid, just another steady Wisconsin lineman to help sure up the run game. It may be a bit early for Konz, but he is far and away the top C.

18. PT3 Bills (FROM Chargers) – Zebrie Sanders, OT – Florida State
Buffalo at No.10 is in a position to miss one of the Top 3 OT’s so there could be value in trading down and target Sanders or Adams. I think they have other holes, but you want to protect Fitzpatrick (and that huge contract). It may seem early for Sanders, but I think he’ll be a prospect you see rise as the draft nears – besides, if you need an OT…you better go get one early.

19. PT5 Steelers (FROM Bears) – Dre Kirkpatrick, CB – Alabama *
Kirkpatrick realistically would be a steal here, I doubt he falls this far – he is a real option at No.9 to Carolina. Pittsburgh did benefit with a better draft position thanks to Tebow. I think they target a CB or try to sure up the OL. The Steelers are way over the cap for next season so they’ll have to dump a lot of veterans, so they’ll have plenty of needs.

20. Titans – Andre Branch, DE/OLB – Clemson
I think Tennessee would be happy to see Alshon Jeffery fall this far, him and Britt would be a nice duo. Losing Jason Babin was a big loss and they must/need to get more sacks…and get younger. Branch is kind of an unknown prospect to most, but can rush the passer with speed and strength.

21. Bengals – Janoris Jenkins, CB – No. Alabama *
He was originally at Florida and Yes…considered a top 10 prospect. He may have a few question marks, and he’ll battle Dennard for the 3rd CB off the board – but he has a lot of upside. This is right around the area where he should go.

22. Browns (Falcons) – Nick Foles, QB – Arizona
Wow. Yeah, I know. Foles early last year was considered a 1st Rounder by many – he has all the tools, including the size. I think he’ll start rising up boards come combine time. Cleveland took a chance McCoy and he hasn’t done bad, but Foles fits the NFL mold a little better.

23. Lions – Vontaze Burfict, MLB – Arizona State *
I think this makes all the sense. Detriot signed Tulloch to a 1year deal for this past season, but even if he resigns they need youth…and just to get better at the LB spot. Peter Konz would also make a lot of sense if he is available.

24. PT5 Bears (FROM Steelers) – Dwayne Allen, TE – Clemson *
Kellen Davis isn’t horrible, but lets be realistic. Plus, its becoming a passing league – go get the best TE out there. They actually could go a variety of ways given they have numerous needs for depth and youth – they just need to lock up Matt Forte.

25. Denver – Alfonzo Dennard, CB – Nebraska
Champ Bailey isn’t getting any younger, they passesd on Patrick Peterson last year – and while their defense has been fairly productive….Dennard is pretty much the best option at this point. Sure, maybe an offensive pick to spark some scoring (WR or RB) – but dont count on a QB early on.

26. Giants – Lamar Miller, RB – Miami (FL) **
Jacobs is probably going to be too costly, and while their current backs are productive – you need depth these days. Miller isnt really too well known, and they could go elsewhere with the pick (OL, DT, ect..) – I just think Miller is too tempting and talented to pass on given the possible need.

27. Texans – Kendall Wright, WR – Baylor
Jacoby Jones hasnt really panned out at WR, Walter seems to always be injured – so Wright makes sense. They could opt for Manu here, but I think the Texans passing offensive would be a nice fit given what he did at Baylor. Wright could be a workout guy who shoots up draft board.

28. Ravens – David Wilson, RB – Virginia Tech *
Ricky Williams is your current backup and I doubt you can even name another RB on the roster – besides, can you expect Ray Rice to hold up being the only offense they have. I think we typically think Defense with Baltimore – maybe a MLB (Burfict or Hightower) but Wilson would be a real quality and valuable selection.

29. Patriots (Saints) – Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB Illinois *
Well, the offense is always rolling – so might as well draft some defensive players. A young WR or depth on the OL are needs, but expect the Pats to go after the best Defensive players…especially in the front seven. Mercilus seems like a natural fit in their defensive scheme.

30. 49ers – Brandon Thompson, DT/NT – Clemson
I think Thompson’s size give him an advantage because he may be better suited for a 3-4 Nose – so expect San Fran to go DT (Worthy, Michael Brockers if he comes out, Fletcher, or Poe). Thy may elect to go WR at some point, but Kyle Williams’ performance probably will make them think otherwise.

31. Patriots – Mark Barron, SS – Alabama
Barron is talented guy who really isn’t getting much love – he should, and may, go higher…but its a need and perfect fit for New England. Expect Barron to be a quality starter and tackle producer in the league for a decade.

32. Packers – Melvin Ingram, DE – South Carolina
The Packers have a really good offensive, even though their OL is somewhat suspect. I think they go Defense here, probably along the front four – or maybe CB youth. They’ve had a lot of injuries up front defensively – and well…Ingram just slipped right into their laps. Ingram may very well be gone by this point though.

Round 2:

33. Rams – Jerel Worthy, DT – Michigan State *
34. Colts – Fletcher Cox, DT/DE Miss. State *
35. Vikings – Mohamed Sanu, WR – Rutgers *
36. Tampa Bay – Zack Brown, OLB – UNC
37. Cleveland – Nick Perry, DE/OLB – USC *
38. Jaguars – Dont’a Hightower, MLB/OLB – Alabama
39. Redskins – Ryan Tannehill, QB – Texas A&M
40. Carolina – Mike Adams, OT – Ohio State
41. Bills – Bruce Irvin, DE/OLB – WVU
42. PT1 Vikings (FROM Miami) – Chase Minnifield, CB – Virginia
43. PT2 Jaguars (FROM Seattle) – Dwight Jones, WR – UNC
44. Chiefs – Brandon Washington, OG – Miami (FL)
45. Dallas – Stephon Gilmore, CB/FS – South Carolina: *
46. Eagles (Arizona) – Lavonte David, OLB/MLB – Nebraska
47. Jets – Kelechi Osemele, OG – Iowa State
48. Patriots (Oakland) – Dontari Poe, DT/NT – Memphis *
49. PT3 Bills (FROM Chargers) – Ronnell Lewis, OLB/DE – Oklahoma: *
50. Bears – Nick Toon, WR – Wisconsin
51. Eagles – Chris Polk, RB – Washington *
52. Titans – Jayron Hosley, CB – Virginia Tech *
53. PT4 Chiefs (FROM Bengals) – Travis Lewis, OLB – Oklahoma
54. Falcons – Vinny Curry, DE – Marshall
With No First round pick…the Falcons will most likely target Ben Jones at C here. I, however think they need to continue to get better on defense – you have to be able to stop New Orleans. The Ray Edwards addition was nice, but they need more help up front. Curry is an under the radar talent, he really can attack the QB.
57. Lions – Ben Jones, C – Georgia
56. PT5 Bears (FROM Steelers) – Bobby Wagner, MLB – Utah State
57. Denver – LeMichael James, RB – Oregon
58. Giants – Kevin Zeitler, OG – Wisconsin
59. Texans – Alameda Ta’amu, DT/NT – Washington
60. Ravens – Markelle Martin, FS – Oklahoma State
61. Saints – Kirk Cousins, QB – Michigan State
With No First round pick….the Saints take a what? Well, obviously they have a pretty good one – so they dont really need a QB but they have the ability to take a chance here. It wont create a controversy but it will give them a better backup option than Chase Daniel (and, yes Brees will be entering season number 12). Cousins is a smart player who would learn well under Brees. He has good potential in the league.
62. 49ers – Cam Johnson, DE – Virginia
63. Patriots – Lucas Nix, OG – Pittsburgh
64. Packers – Josh Chapman, DT/NT – Alabama

*No explantation on Oakland, they have No Picks in the top 64 picks for analysis.

The Next 25:
Jared Crick, DE/DT Nebraska
Levy Adcock, OT – Oklahoma
Bernard Pierce, RB – Temple *
Billy Winn, DE/DT – Boise State
Audie Cole, MLB/OLB – NC State
Orson Charles, TE – Georgia *
Brandon Lindsey, OLB/DE – Pittsburgh
Jeff Fuller, WR – Texas A&M
Sean Spence, OLB – Miami (FL)
Coryell Judie, CB – Texas A&M
Kendall Reyes, DT/DE – U Conn
Brandon Mosley, OT – Auburn
Coby Fleener, TE – Standford
Stephen Hill, WR – Georgia Tech *
Andrew Datko, OT – Florida State
Brock Osweiler, QB – Arizona State *
Marvin McNutt, WR – Iowa
Michael Brewster, C – Ohio State
Antonio Allen, SS/OLB – South Carolina
Emmanuel Acho, MLB – Texas
Brandon Boykin, CB – Georgia
Bobby Massie, OT – Mississippi *
Marcus Forston, DT – Miami (FL) *
Aaron Henry, FS – Wisconsin
Brian Quick, WR – Appalachian State:


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