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NFL Draft Mock, Version E-9

Well, The Giants win the Super Bowl – thus, helping full out the draft order. We still have a view coin flips and the addition of compensation picks to fully complete the 2012 NFL Draft order, so we’re close.

This is my 9th overall Mock Draft, I’ll be posting one more Early-Version…making that 10 total E-Versions. After that (once the true order is set), I’ll be compiling my 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, ect. versions of mocks. These Mock Drafts, as well as by RANKINGS will be posted (and UPDATED) frequently – so check back.

I hope you find this useful – I try to be accurate, fair, and logical in my analysis. Enjoy!



2012 NFL Mock, Version E-9. No.9 overall (As of 02/09/2012)

1. Colts – Andrew Luck, QB – Stanford *
It looks more likely like Peyton Manning will be playing elsewhere (Washington-NYJ-Cleveland-Seattle-SanFran-Miami-Denver) in 2012 – I’m still not buying it, but we’ll know soon…March 8th is coming soon. Regardless, Luck is the pick.
Needs: QB, C, DE, DT, OT/OG, OLB, CB, WR, DE.

2. Rams – Matt Kalil, OT – USC *
I like Kalil, not sure he is the clear-cut No.2 pick (Blackmon-Claiborne) – but it makes the most sense to me. Saffold moves to LG (filling that void) and you’ll have Kalil at LT and if healthy Jason Smith at RT. I don’t think it’s out of the question for STL to move down (Washington-Cleveland-Miami) and still be able to fill a need (Blackmon-Martin-Kirkpatrick-Ricahrdson).
Needs: WR, OG, DT, OLB, CB, OT, RB, P.

3. Vikings – Justin Blackmon, WR – Oklahoma State *
I’m not big on WR’s going this high – I think Claiborne or an OT would make more sense, but Percy Harvin isn’t a No.1 option. I think Matt Kalil would be the ideal pick. Moving back for someone (Cleveland-Seattle-Miami) targeting RG3 could be beneficial since they could possibly land either Martin, Reiff, Floyd, or Kirkpatrick. You have the running back, the slot receiver, and the young QB – if you can’t get value at OT then you take the WR. Blackmon has a lot of upside.
Needs: WR, LT, CB, NT/DT, OG, LB, 3rd down RB, Pass Rusher, C.

4. Cleveland – Robert Griffin III, QB – Baylor *
Im not sold that Cleveland believes they need a Top 5 QB, but it certainly makes sense. They could opt to trade back with Washington, maybe even Seattle – and add picks. McCoy isn’t great – but it wouldn’t hurt to add some weapons around him either. Nonetheless, RG3 could add a dynamic threat to any offensive. Richardson may have some appeal – and certainly Blackmon of he is available, but other options could include Morris Claiborne or Riley Reiff at RT.
Needs: RT, QB, DE, FS, WR, CB, RB, LB, OG, K.

5. Tampa Bay – Morris Claiborne, CB – LSU *
Claiborne isn’t just great value here – he is the top need. It’d be perfect for TB to land him given they play in a division with Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton at QB. I know Trent Richardson will be tempting, but not with Claiborne available. Richardson, a OT, possibly even Dre Kirkpatrick – or maybe even Luke Kuechly are possibilities if Claiborne is taken earlier. I think Tampa could even afford to trade down if the price was right. Claiborne is as good as they come at CB.
Needs: CB, LT, RB, OLB, LG, MLB, DT, C, WR, FB, S, QB, KR.

6. Redskins – Dre Kirkpatrick, CB – Alabama *
Recently cleared of Drug-Charges – I’m back to believing he’ll go where he belongs (Top 10). The Redskins are an interesting pick, if they miss on QB (Im sure they go hard after Peyton), then OL and CB are their top priority. I know OT (especially RT Riley Reiff) is tempting, but I’m beginning to believe OG David DeCastro is the bigger need. Since it’d be silly to go interior lineman at No.6 – you go with talent in Kirkpatrick. They may be able to lure two No.1’s from Cincinnati and move down.

7. Jaguars – Jonathan Martin, OT – Stanford *
I think with an offensive-minded coach in Mike Mularkey that OT shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Martin is a good LT prospect who could go higher – so I think he offers better value than reaching for a WR or going defense (I may be okay with Dre Kirkpatrick here if he’s available). It may not be out of the question for them to surprise us and take Trent Richardson (sure, MJD is solid – but I’ve seen stranger happen). WR is a huge need to we cant rule out Floyd or Jeffery.
Needs: WR, CB, OT, DT, LB, P, DE, S, C, QB.

8/9. Dolphins – Riley Reiff, OT – Iowa *
Adding Reiff at RT to pair with Jake Long would sure up the offensive line. Sure, they have a lot of other questions – but who is a better fit and still adds value? DeCastro? Kuechly? Still? I’d only guess that OT would take priority under this scenario – although Trent Richardson is a interesting option. I think they could use a WR but other that reaching for Kendall Wright I don’t see anyone being a good fit (Floyd and Jeffery are too similar with Brandon Marshall). I think they’ll be the No.1 spot for FA QB Matt Flynn, so getting him protected makes sense as well.
Needs: QB, RT, WR, LB, FS, NT/DL, RG, TE, Rush OLB, CB.

9//8. PT1 Eagles (FROM Carolina) – David DeCastro, OG – Stanford *
Carolina would get CB Asante Samuel, No.15, and No.177 (6th Round) for the No.9 and No.137/136 (5th Round). If they miss out on a CB or OT trading down could be the way to go. I think Philly could makes this move for 3 players – Decastro, Kuechly, or M.Floyd. I have them going OG for the 2nd straight year – when you add journeyman Evan Mathis as an immediate starter you have an issue. You have to protect Vick – so while I like the idea of Kuechly better…I just love DeCastro.
Needs: MLB, OG/OT, WR, DT, backup RB, S, CB, C, LB depth.

10. PT2 Bengals (FROM Bills) – Trent Richardson, RB – Alabama *
Bills would get No.17, No.53, and No.117 (4th Round) for the No.10 and No.202 (7th Round). I think Richardson could slip if he makes it past Miami – but I also could see the Bengals making a move for him. It may take both No.1’s to make a move or maybe they can put together No.17 with a 2nd, 4th, and a Future 2nd if they think Richardson is worth it. While RB’s have fallen in drafts lately, Richardson adds a nice versatility of skills. I like the move, get the trio. Buffalo could consider Richardson themselves – aside from Coples or Upshaw they’d be reaching for someone…so trade down.
Needs: RB, OG, CB, S, OT, MLB, OLB, DL, K, WR.

11/12. Chiefs – Devon Still, DT/DE – Penn State
Romeo Crennel will be looking for a solid inside presence for his team – so Dontari Poe would make sense (but be a reach too). Still is a prospect who could fall because he isn’t a true NT (better 3-4 DE), but he is powerful and gets get surge. Kanas City will be in play for any number of players (Kirkpatrick-Richardson-DeCastro-Upshaw), but I think it’ll probably be a defensive player.
Needs: NT, CB, C, OLB, RT, WR, TE, RB, MLB, S, Pass Rusher.

12/11. PT3 Titans (FROM Seattle) – Coutney Upshaw OLB/DE – Alabama
Seattle gets No. 20, OLB Gerald McRath, and No.116 (4th Round) for the No.12 and No.172/171 (6th Round). Tennessee needs to get sacks – Upshaw could be the top QB attacker in the draft. Upshaw would play DE for the Titans and add a much needed pass rush. I don’t think it’s likely they trade up – they could be content getting a DE at No.20 – but Upshaw at 6’2″ 265 adds a lot of speed and experience from the edge. Seattle could benefit from taking Upshaw themselves.
Needs: DE/Pass Rusher, CB, OLB, WR, OG, SS, MLB, OT, C, backup RB, DT.

13. Arizona – Cordy Glenn, OG/OT – Georgia
Offensive line has to be the priority. An OT or OG here, if there is value, makes the most sense. Glenn would be an OG with versatility to strengthen a line with a lot of whole (and Free-Agents). Passing on Kuechly would be hard, so while it may seems a bit high for Glenn he is the best lineman out there – I think Zebrie Sanders or Mike Adams may eventually make a case for going (this) high. They’d love if DeCastro were available.
Needs: OT, MLB, OG, S, DE, Rush OLB, CB, K/P, WR.

14. Dallas – Luke Kuechly, MLB – Boston College
Bradie James is all but Gone in Big D, so Kuchley and Sean Lee would make a nice ILB tandem. MLB isn’t the most glaring need, but under this current scenario he makes the most sense – with Quinton Coples, Nick Perry or Mark Barron probably the other options. They need OL and DB help badly. Kuechly is a premiere prospect in this class, he could end up going higher.
Needs: OG, S, C, CB, Rush OLB, DT/NT, MLB, P, RB, TE, WR.

15. PT1 Carolina (FROM Eagles) – Michael Floyd, WR – Notre Dame
If they are able to trade down (add CB Asante Samuel in the process under this scenario) and still landing Floyd, who’d be a realistic option at No.9, it’d be a huge win for Carolina. If they go WR Jeffery or Wright would be considered here too. Quinton Coples or Michael Brockers would have some appeal as well. Floyd should give Cam Newton that big No.2 target they lack.
Needs: WR, DT/DL, CB, RT, OLB, K, MLB, S, RG.

16. Jets – Alshon Jeffery, WR – South Carolina *
I think the Jets need to vamp-up the offense, so WR or even a RT would be a good way to start. Just the name here alone would make NYJ fans happy. Jeffery could slip, but he offers nice size (Plax is a Free-Agent) and has great ability. I think Zebrie Sanders or Mike Adams, although reaches, could be considered – as well as Michael Brockers, Coples, and Mark Barron. Sanchez needs help, and in what’s becoming a passing league you need players who can catch the ball.
Rush OLB, DT/NT, RT, WR, OG, FS/SS, backup QB, K, RB, TE, CB.

17. PT2 Bills (FROM Bengals (Raiders) – Quinton Coples, DE/DT/OLB – UNC
Again, trading down and still finding a players you’d consider at the original pick would be a huge win. Buffalo needs to get sacks – so adding someone of Coples potential here would help in that cause. The Bills could also consider an offensive lineman (Sanders-Adams), but an edge rusher is the direction I’d think they’d go – especially with their need to pressure the QB.
Needs: Rush DE/OLB, OT, WR, CB, TE, K, MLB, OG, backup QB, S.

18. Chargers – Zebrie Sanders, OT – Florida State
The Left-Side of the offensive line is in limbo with the status’ of LT Marcus McNeill and LG Kris Dielman so while they have other areas of needs – you need line help, even if it means reaching. I actually don’t believe this is much of a reach, I like what Sanders offers as a LT. SD could consider Mike Adams, Mark Barron, Zack Brown, or Melvin Ingram as well.
Needs: OG, OT, CB, MLB/OLB, NT/DT, S, TE, DE, FB, K, WR, C, Backup QB.

19. PT4 Texans (FROM Bears) – Kendall Wright, WR – Baylor
Bears get No.26, TE/FB James Casey, and No.154 (5th Round) for the No.19. The Texans need to find a steady compliment to Andre Johnson, and if they wait until No.26 Wright should be gone – so they have to come up and get him. Wright is a fast rising prospect, while only 5’10”, who would fit Houston’s style well. They really would be giving up much to make this move – if they stay at No.26 they could target Mohammed Sanu or trade down if they don’t see any other value.
Needs: WR, C, NT/DT, CB, OG, DE, TE, S, MLB, K, RB, Pass Rusher.

20. PT3 Seattle (FROM Titans) – Nick Foles, QB – Arizona
Seattle, Im sure, would love to trade down if they could. I think Foles has all the tools – and, I wouldn’t be shocked if they took him at No.12/11. If they want him, they shouldn’t have much other competition unless Cleveland passes on RG3 at No.4 so trading back could be the way to go. The Seahawks will also be in the mix for a defensive lineman so Michael Brockers or Melvin Ingram would be tempting here as well – or even at their original pick No.12/11.
Needs: QB, DT/DE/Pass Rusher, CB, OLB, OL depth, RB, WR.

21. PT5 Patriots (FROM Bengals) – Michael Brockers, DT/NT – LSU **
Bengals get No.27 and No.48 for the No.21. In this scenario, it’d be perfect for Cincy since I have them losing their 2nd Rounder in an earlier trade for Trent Richardson. New England will be looking for defensive help, so make a move up to get someone who has been compared to ex-Pat Richard Seymour makes sense to me. Brockers will be a nice piece at DT for NE. They could also consider Mark Barron in this move. At No.27 they’d have been targeting defensive help (Ingram-Perry-Branch) too.
Needs: DT/NT, S, DE/OLB, OG, CB, WR, C, MLB, RB, KR.

22. Browns (Falcons) – Mike Adams, OT – Ohio State
If they miss out on Kendall Wright then adding Mike Adams to play RT would be a nice alternative. They could consider other options, like Melvin Ingram, Nick Perry, or Mohammed Sanu, here too. It would be a real flashy pick by any means, but I like it. Adams has nice size, blocks the run well, and is experienced – that sounds like a guy GM Mike Holmgren would be interested in.
Needs: RT, QB, DE, FS, WR, CB, RB, LB, OG, K.

23. Lions – Peter Konz, C/OG – Wisconsin *
Detroit would have some options here, along with Konz – Vontaze Burfict and Alfonzo Dennard are intriguing options. I like Konz and think he’d be too good to pass on for the Lions (Dominic Raiola is 33 entering his 12th season) – especially with his ability to also be an option at OG. The Lions may have more pressing needs, but I think Konz has the value at this point.
Needs: MLB, CB, C, OT, DE, OLB, P, S, WR.

24. Steelers – Alfonzo Dennard, CB – Nebraska
The Steelers are in for some looming changes, so they could go a number of directions – including Dontari Poe, Vontaze Burfict, Melvin Ingram or Kelechi Osemele. William Gay is a FA, so Dennard to me seems like the best option. They could also consider Stephon Gilmore or Janoris Jenkins at CB. Dennard has the ability to be a shut-down corner, plus he fits the Steelers physical style.
Needs: LT, NT, OG, CB, DE, OLB, WR, MLB, RB, S, QB.

25. Broncos – Janoris Jenkins, CB – North Alabama
I could see Denver trying to trade down to acquire more picks, but with Champ Bailey’s age a CB makes the most sense. Jenkins was once considered a possible Top 10 pick while at Florida, so he is a quality NFL corner. Denver could also be tempted by Mark Barron, Stephon Gilmore, Zack Brown, Nick Perry, or Flether Cox. Jenkins offers what they need, so I like the selections.
Needs: DT, CB, OLB, DE, S, TE, WR, MLB, RB, QB, OG.

26. PT4 Bears (FROM Texans) – Mohamed Sanu, WR – Rutgers *
Sanu offers the size at 6’2″ that they’ll be looking for in a WR. This may seem somewhat early for him, but there is a big drop at WR after him – so trading down and still landing a WR pays off. They’ll also consider Vontaze Burfict and Zack Brown among others here. I think Sanu could end up being a better than expected, but regardless they need a real WR to go with E.Bennett and Knox.
Needs: WR, DT, MLB, OG, OT, CB, C, TE, S, backup RB, OLB/DE.

27. PT5 Bengals (FROM Patriots (Saints) – Kelechi Osemele, OG – Iowa State
If they miss on Cordy Glenn early, and they do trade down then landing an OG here would be a good situation. I think Mark Barron is a real possibility under this scenario, as well as Stephon Gilmore. Osemele isn’t necessarily rated this high, but Im a big fan of him – at 6’5″ 335 he physically overpowers people. He and Richardson in Round 1 would make the offense dynamic.
Needs: RB, OG, CB, S, OT, MLB, OLB, DL, K, WR.

28. Packers – Melvin Ingram, DE – South Carolina
The Packers have had injury woes on defense the past few season so adding someone as talented as Ingram this late is a no-brainer. Ingram could go much higher, so if he is gone then GB could target Vinny Curry, Nick Perry, Whitney Mercilus or Stephon Gilmore under this scenario. Green Bay needs to improve defensively – Ingram is a great start.
Needs: CB, DT, DE/OLB, RB, OT, OG, backup QB, C, MLB, WR.

29. Ravens – Vontaze Burfict, MLB – Arizona State *
Ray Lewis is returning, but they eventually need a new MLB – and, Burfict seems like the perfect fit. Character concerns may push him farther down, but he is extremely talented. Baltimore could be the perfect place for him. They’d probably prefer Peter Konz fall to them, but they have other needs too – Burfict just seems like the best option. They could consider a RB or target someone who may have fallen (Branch-Brown-Barron), but I like this addition if here is available.
Needs: C, RB, S, OG, MLB, WR, backup QB, OT, OLB, DL.

30. 49ers – Fletcher Cox, DT/DE – Mississippi State *
Dontari Poe could be an option as well if they go DL – Stephon Gilmore is actually pretty tempting here too. I think Cox fits there style pretty well, and could eventually replace Justin Smith as that combo DT/DE. They may consider M.Sanu if he is available, and they’d love if WR Alshon Jeffery fell to them. Their defense is pretty strong already, but this should make sure it stays pretty solid.
Needs: WR, CB, NT/DT, S, C, OG, backup TE, OLB, DE, QB.

31. Patriots – Mark Barron, SS – Alabama
I think Barron could go much higher, but debated about his ‘stiffness’ could cause him to slip. Nonetheless, I like him – and think this would be an excellent pick for NE. If they could land Barron and Brockers it’d go a long way in improving their defense. New England has other needs, so they could target Andre Branch, Zack Brown, Whitney Mercilus, or pretty much take the best on their board.
Needs: DT/NT, S, DE/OLB, OG, CB, WR, C, MLB, RB, KR.

32. Giants – Zack Brown, OLB – UNC
The Champs don’t seem to have many glaring needs – but they may lose Osi Umenyiora this off-season thus move Mathias Kiwanuka back to DE and creating a void at OLB. CB and OT are the other potential areas of interest for the NYG here depending on who is available (Mike Adams-Janoris Jenkins). Brown may go much higher, but I like his style and think its fits nicely in New York.
Needs: OT, CB, TE, S, OLB, RB, DT, OG, WR, DE, backup QB, MLB.

Round 2:

33. Rams – Dontari Poe, DT/NT – Memphis *

34. Colts – Andre Branch, DE/OLB – Clemson

35. Vikings – Andrew Datko, OT – Florida State

36. Tampa Bay – Lamar Miller, RB – Miami (FL) **

37. Browns – Nick Perry, DE/OLB – USC *

38. Jaguars – Stephon Gilmore, CB/FS – South Carolina *

39. Redskins – Brandon Washington, OG – Miami (FL) *

40/42. Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB – Texas A&M

41. Bills – Dwayne Allen, TE – Clemson *

42/40. Carolina – Brandon Thompson DT/NT – Clemson

43/44. Chiefs – Ben Jones, C – Georgia

44/43. Seattle – Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB Illinois *

45. Dallas – Vinny Curry, DE – Marshall

46. Eagles (Arizona) – Dont’a Hightower, MLB/OLB – Alabama *

47. Jets – David Wilson, RB – Virginia Tech *

48. PT5 Bengals (FROM Patriots (Raiders) – Chase Minnifield, CB – Virginia

49. Chargers – Orson Charles, TE – Georgia *

50. Bears – Audie Cole, MLB/OLB – NC State

51. Eagles – Dwight Jones, WR – UNC

52. Titans – Kevin Zeitler, OG – Wisconsin

53. PT2 Bills (FROM Bengals) – Levy Adcock, OT – Oklahoma State

54. Lions – Jayron Hosley, CB – Virginia Tech *

55. Falcons – Coby Fleener, TE – Stanford
Needs: TE, C, DE, CB, backup RB, OG, DT, S, backup QB, WR.

56. Steelers – Jerel Worthy, DT – Michigan State *

57. Broncos – Jared Crick, DE/DT – Nebraska

58. Texans – Ronnell Lewis, OLB/DE – Oklahoma *

59. Saints – Harrison Smith, SS – Notre Dame
Needs: S, OLB, OT, MLB, OG, WR, CB, DT, DE, FB, backup QB.

60. Packers – Ryan Steed, CB – Furman

61. Ravens – Chris Polk, RB – Washington *

62. 49ers – Coryell Judie, CB – Texas A&M

63. Patriots – Nick Toon, WR – Wisconsin

64. Giants – Doug Martin, RB – Boise State

*Oakland – No Pick Until Round 5, Pick No.141
Needs: Needs: NT/DT, C, DE/OLB, OG, CB, TE, RB, SS, OT, WR.

Next In Line:

Kirk Cousins, QB – Michigan State
Bobby Massie, OT – Mississippi *
Lavonte David, OLB/MLB – Nebraska
Brian Quick, WR – Appalachian State
Alameda Ta’amu, DT/NT – Washington
Bobby Wagner, MLB/OLB – Utah State
Markelle Martin, FS – Oklahoma State
Bruce Irvin, DE/OLB – WVU
Amini Silatolu, OG – Midwestern State
Chandler Jones, DE – Syracuse *
Trumaine Johnson, CB – Montana
Travis Lewis, OLB – Oklahoma
Cam Johnson, DE – Virginia
Josh Chapman, DT/NT – Alabama
Tank Carder, MLB/OLB – TCU
Stephen Hill, WR – Georgia Tech *
Billy Winn, DE/DT – Boise State
Brandon Mosley, OT – Auburn
Jonathan Massaquoi, OLB/DE – Troy *
Kendall Reyes, DT/DE – U Conn
Lucas Nix, OG – Pittsburgh
Sean Spence, OLB/SS – Miami (FL)
Michael Brewster, C – Ohio State
Ladarius Green, TE – Louisiana-Lafayette
George Iloka, FS – Boise State
LeMichael James, RB – Oregon *
Brandon Lindsey, OLB/DE – Pittsburgh
Marvin McNutt, WR – Iowa
Nate Potter, OT/OG – Boise State
Brandon Boykin, CB – Georgia
James Michael-Johnson, MLB – Nevada
Marcus Forston, DT – Miami (FL) *
Senio Kelemete, OG – Washington
Bernard Pierce, RB – Temple *
Antonio Allen, SS/OLB – South Carolina
Emmanuel Acho, MLB – Texas
YT Hilton, WR/KR – Florida International
Rueben Randle, WR – LSU *
Kheeston Randall, DT – Texas
Mitchell Schwartz, OT – California
Donnie Fletcher, CB – Boston College
Isaiah Pead, RB – Cincinnati
Keenan Robinson, OLB – Texas
James Brown, OT/OG – Troy
Jake Bequette, DE – Arkansas
Brock Osweiler, QB – Arizona State *
Hebron Fangupo, DT/NT – BYU
Brandon Brooks, OG – Miami (OH)
Jamell Fleming, CB – Oklahoma
Jeff Fuller, WR – Texas A&M
Cyrus Gray, RB – Texas A&M
Brandon Weeden, QB – Oklahoma State
Marvin Jones, WR – California
Malik Johnson, DE/OLB – Tennessee
Michael Egnew, TE – Missouri
Aaron Henry, FS – Wisconsin
Jeff Allen, OT – Illinois
Jaye Howard, DT/DE – Florida
Robert Turbin, RB – Utah State *
Jarius Wright, WR – Arkansas
Nigel Bradham, OLB – Florida State
Shaun Prater, CB – Iowa
Shea McClellin, DE/OLB – Boise State
Philip Blake, C – Baylor
Ryan Miller, OG – Colorado
Leonard Johnson, CB – Iowa State
Terrell Manning, MLB/OLB – NC State *
Donte Paige-Moss, OLB/DE – UNC *
AJ Jenkins, WR – Illinois
Tony Dye, SS – UCLA
Russell Wilson, QB/RB – Wisconsin
Josh Norman, CB – Coastal Carolina
Trenton Robinson, FS – Michigan State
Tommy Streeter, WR – Miami (FL) *


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