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NFL News and Notes – Looking ahead to the 2013 Offseason

Whelp, the final week of the 2012 NFL Regular Season is over, coaches have been fired…and the postseason is nearly underway. We’re also 111 days (April 25-27) away from the NFL Draft, so we should get a jump-start on what to expect this offseason. Once the season comes to a conclusion in February (Super Bowl is Feb.3rd) we’ll see teams faced dilemmas and tough decisions for select players (such as Roster Bonuses) before Free-Agency actually starts on March 12th 2013.

Free Agency Notes:

RFA (Restricted Free-Agent) – Player with 3 years of experience (or less). Current teams has right to retain player by matching offering, or agreeing to trade player for compensation. A qualifying offer or 3 Year RFA tender is required to retain rights on a player, failure to tender makes players UFA. Tender offers of 685K give current team “Right for first refusal”; however – increasing the previous year salary by 110% on the tender would result in draft pick compensation from the team signing a tendered player (for example, a tender offer of 1.552M would give current team Right for First Refusal and also the right to a 1st Round pick from signing Club if they fail to match offer).

UFA (Unrestricted Free-Agent) – Player with at least 4 years of experience. Current team has no hold, or rights over player – they are essential ‘free’ to openly signing whereever they choose.

Franchise Tag – Guarantees a player a 1 year salary equal to the average of the Top 5 highest paid players are their given position (if a long-term deal is not reached with existing team), or at least 120% increase of previous years salary. Franchise player is open to negotiate with other teams, but current team would be entitled to 2 First Rounds picks is players signs elsewhere.

Also, Roster Bonuses differ from player to player, but typically fall around March 1st.

So, who are the Free-Agent – which players may be cap casualties, or who may be looking for a new team?


Under Contract, but QB’s and RB’s that might not to be Back with Current Team:

1. Michael Vick, QB – Eagles: Due a 3 Million guarantee in Feb.6th and 15.5 Million Next Season. It seems the Eagles are going to be making some big changes, and it probably starts with Vick and paying him all that money. New York Jets and Buffalo Bills will be too most likely mentioned landing spots.

2. Mark Sanchez, QB – Jets: I thinks it’s somewhat unlikely he wouldn’t return, but the rumors will say otherwise. He just signed a 5 year deal this past offseason, and he is due 8.25 Million in guaranteed salary (and will be a 12.8M cap hit) for 2013. He does have a 2 Million roster bonus due in 2014, so if they’re going part ways this may be the offseason to make the move.

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB – Bills: His base salary is 4.25 Million for 2013 (10.45M cap number), but something will have to be done before he is due a 3 Million roster bonus on March 13th. I’d expect Buffalo to part ways with him, and look elsewhere.

4. Philip Rivers, QB – Chargers: If San Diego changes things completely, a new GM may decide to bring in his own guy. Rivers is often regarded as a premiere guy, but he turns the ball over a lot and has fallen to more mediocre. He has a big cap number at 17.1 Million (a base salary at 12M) for 2013, which is not guaranteed. It’d be unlikely to release him, but they could swing a trade.

5. Carson Palmer, QB – Oakland: He has put forth decent numbers, but I just don’t see them sticking with him. Palmer’s cap numbers is 16.8 Million (13M base salary), but that is a non-guaranteed amount for 2013. If he comes back, it may be as a ‘veteran’ to mold a young QB.

6. Kevin Kolb, QB – Arizona: Kolb has never really achieved anything, and he is 30 years old. I think Arizona undoubtably has to look elsewhere at QB. He has a 9 Million salary (14.9 cap hit), plus he is due a 2 Million roster bonus due in March 2013 – but Kolb is not guaranteed any more money by the Cardinals so they could cut ties pretty easily.

7. Matt Cassel, QB – Chiefs: He signed a 6 year deal back in 2009, but it seems as though Kansas City will part way with him – and probably use the 2013 Draft to find a replacement. He is due a 7.5 Million salary (9.8M cap hit) for 2013. He could restructure his deal as stay as a backup, but the market wont be to demanding for him.

8. Alex Smith, QB – 49ers: He won’t necessarily win you a game, but he manages to keep you in it. Smith will probably be traded this offseason since Colin Kaepernick (or maybe an incoming veteran) has replaced him. He is due 7.5 Million in base salary (10M cap number), but only 1 Million is guaranteed for 2013.

9. Matt Hasselbeck, QB – Titans: Tennessee is committed to Jake Locker, so while Hasselbeck is a nice veteran to have as a backup – his 5.5 Million non-guaranteed salary (7.5M cap number) may be all to all the reason they need to release the 37 year old in the final year of his contract. His NFL playing career could be over.

10. Matt Flynn, QB – Seattle: Russell Wilson stole his ‘Big Break’, and Flynn remains just as much a mystery as ever. I think Seattle is likely to keep him since his 5.25 Million base salary for 2013 isn’t that unreasonable (7.25 cap hit), but they may be able to find a trade partner.

11. Tim Tebow, QB – Jets: We’ll Tebow certainly is gone from New York. He didn’t ever get a chance, but some believe he may just be overrated. Nonetheless, the Jacksonville be the likely landing spot and it would seem someone is going to give him another chance. His 2.5 Million base salary (3.6M cap number) for 2013 won’t be a factor, but could make him hard to trade.

12. Colt McCoy, QB – Browns: Cleveland and McCoy’s relationship has soured, especially after the benched him for Brandon Weeden. He is entering the final year of his contract, which pays him just 575K for 2013 so he could be traded for a late round pick, or easily released. Target teams would be a West Coast style offense.

13. Jimmy Clausen, QB – Carolina: He isn’t getting on the field in Carolina, but for his base salary of 575K (900K cap number) he may be worth keeping in 2013. Im not sure there would be a big market for his services, but they’d gladly take anything in return.

14. John Skelton, QB – Arizona: I think Skelton has some upside, and for a mere 630K base salary (675K cap hit) he could be had an affordable price. He’ll probably stick around for the Cardinals as competition for the “new guy”, but a change in coaches/front office may make him more available.

15. Chris Johnson, RB – Titans: He has 4 years left on his new deal, and I can’t see them letting him go – but I guess stranger things have happened. Feb.9th is the key date for Johnson because 9 Million of his 10 Million salary (12M is cap hit) for 2013 becomes guaranteed that day so before then would be the time to ditch him if they’re going to.

16. DeAngelo Williams, RB – Carolina: He signed a 5 year, 43 million deal in 2011 – but they made another large commitment to RB Jonathan Stewart too. His base salary is 4.75 Million (8.2M cap hit) for 2013 so he could be traded with cap space. If they release him it’ll likely come after June 1st to help with cap cost.

17. Steven Jackson, RB – Rams: His name was heavily mentioned at the 2012 Trade Deadline, and the new rumor is he could retire – but its unlikely he returns to St.Louis for the final year of a contract which will pay him 7 Million base (8.9M cap number) in 2013.

18. Ryan Mathews, RB – Chargers: He is often injured, and often fumbling. Like Rivers, he may be at the mercy of a new front office – but he keeps proving he isn’t the answer. He is due a 1.2 Million base salary (3.2M cap number) for 2013. I think he has upside, but I don’t know how long they can wait.

19. Mark Ingram, RB – Saints: Its highly unlikely they part ways with Ingram, but they do options (especially with Chris Ivory a FRA) at the position if the right deal would come up for him. He makes a manageable 1.05 Million in base salary for 2013 and would probably draw a lot of interest.

20. Michael Turner, RB – Atlanta: He’ll be entering the final year of a 6 year deal in Atlanta that pays him 5.5 Million (8M cap number) for 2013. I think there’s a good chance he is released, and there may be a decent market for his experience and power, because he just doesn’t seem to fit the Falcons scheme anymore.

21. CJ Spiller, RB – Buffalo: He has two years left on his deal, which pays him 1.3 Million in base salary (4.2M cap number) for 2013. He had a rather productive 2012 campaign, and Fred Jackson is often injured (not locked up beyond 2014) so they’ll probably hold on to Spiller unless a good trade offer comes.

22. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB – Jaguars: I think he still has a lot left to over despite age and the most recent injury, but he is obviously unhappy in Jacksonville. If they don’t ‘pay him’ long term they may look to part ways with him in the final year of his contract that pays him 4.95 Million in base salary (8.6 cap hit) in 2013.

23. Willis McGahee, RB – Denver: For the price, I think he’ll stay in Denver to finish out the final two years of his contract – but they’ll likely be looking for a younger every-down type back this offseason. He is owed 2.5 Million in base and counts 3M against the cap for 2013, so it may be a situation to keep an eye on.

24. Beanie Wells, RB – Arizona: He seems to be expecting to be elsewhere, but the Cardinals have a Club Option on him for 2013. Arizona will probably keep Wells and his 1.15 Million option unless they can land a veteran to protect themselves from Ryan Williams’ injury status moving forward. Its probably 60/40 he is a Cardinal and not an UFA.

25. Ben Tate, RB – Texans: I think they’ll keep Tate and his gracious 575K salary (844k cap number) for 2013, but if they receive an offer in the offseason or during next season trade deadline they’ll likely jump since he won’t be resigned long-term after 2013. Tate has a lot of value and upside and could spark a Day 2 draft pick in return.

26. Donald Brown, RB – Colts: Vick Ballard may not be the answer either, but Brown hasn’t exactly made the most of his opportunity. He’ll likely return to Indy for his 1.7 Million base salary (2.2M cap number) in 2013, but the Million Dollar increase in salary from 2012 to 2013 could play a factor.

Players at other positions who could be Released/Traded:
Jay Ratliff, Dallas (DT)
Charles Woodson, Packers (S/CB)
Nnamdi Asomugha, Eagles (CB)
DJ Williams, Denver (OLB)
Demetrius Bell, Eagles (OT)
Jon Beason, Carolina (MLB)
Jeremichael Finley, Packers (TE)
James Harrison, Steelers (OLB)
Jason Babin, Jaguars (DE)
Eric Wright, Tampa Bay (CB)
Will Smith, Saints (DE)
Chris Gamble, Carolina (CB)
DeAngelo Hall, Redskins (CB)
Santana Moss, Redskins (WR)
Bart Scott, Jets (MLB)
Nate Burleson, Lions (WR)
Taylor Mays, Bengals (S)
Steve Breaston, Chiefs (WR)
Michael Jenkins, Vikings (WR)
David Diehl, Giants (OT)
Kyle Williams, 49ers (WR)

Best of The Rest, Free-Agents:

Joe Flacco, Ravens
Jason Campbell, Bears
Tarvaris Jackson, Bills
Matt Moore, Dolphins
Drew Stanton, Colts
Brady Quinn, Chiefs
Byron Leftwich, Steelers
David Carr, Giants
Matt Leinart, Raiders
Kellen Clemens, Rams
Derek Anderson, Carolina
Brian Hoyer, Arizona
Josh Johnson, Browns
Rex Grossman, Redskins
Bruce Gradkowski, Bengals
Chase Daniels, Saints
Tyler Thigpen, Bills
Josh McCown, Bears
Pat Devlin, Dolphins (RFA)
Charlie Batch, Steelers
David Garrard
Donovan McNabb
Vince Young
Mike Kafka
Seneca Wallace
Sage Rosenfels
AJ Feeley
John Beck
Stephen McGee
Curtis Painter
Chris Redman

Reggie Bush, Dolphins
Shonn Greene, Jets
Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers
Felix Jones, Dallas
Danny Woodhead, Patriots
Chris Ivory, Saints (RFA)
Issac Redman, Steelers, RFA)
Peyton Hillis, Chiefs
Rashad Jennings, Jaguars
Jonathan Dwyer, Steelers (RFA)
Andre Brown, Giants (RFA)
Brandon Jacobs, 49ers
Bernard Scott, Bengals
LeGarrette Blount, Tampa Bay (RFA)
Joique Bell, Lions
Cedric Benson, Packers
La’Rod Stephens-Howling, Arizona
Javon Ringer, Titans
Ronnie Brown, Chargers
Justin Forsett, Texans
Mike Goodson, Raiders
Jalen Parmele, Jaguars
Cedric Peerman, Bengals (RFA)
Kevin Smith, Lions
Tashard Choice, Bills
Ryan Grant, Packers
Brandon Jackson, Browns
Jackie Battle, Chargers
Brian Leonard, Bengals
William Powell, Arizona (RFA)
DuJuan Harris, Packers
Darius Reynaud, Titans
Stegan Logan, Lions
Curtis Brinkley, Chargers (RFA)
Chris Ogbonnaya, Browns (RFA)
Ryan Torian, Giants
Damien Berry, Ravens (RFA)
Jerome Harrison, Lions
Mewelde Moore, Colts
Kahlil Bell, Bears
Tim Hightower
Steve Slaton
Joseph Addai
Cadillac Williams
Thomas Jones

James Casey, Texans
Jerome Felton, Vikings
Greg Jones, Jaguars
Chris Gronkowski, Denver (RFA)
Corey McIntyre, Bills
Brit Miller, Rams (RFA)
Quinn Johnson, Titans
Darrel Young, Redskins (RFA)
Eddie Williams, Browns (RFA)
Shaun Chapas, Lions
Richie Brockel, Carolina (RFA)
Mike Cox, Falcons
Owen Schmitt, Raiders
Lousaka Polite
Ovie Mughelli
Earnest Graham
Moran Norris

Greg Jennings, Packers
Victor Cruz, Giants (RFA)
Wes Welker, Patriots
Mike Wallace, Steelers
Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs
Danny Amendola, Rams
Brian Hartline, Dolphins
Jerome Simpson, Vikings
Danario Alexander, Chargers
Josh Cribbs, Browns
Kevin Ogletree, Dallas
Julian Edelman, Patriots
Brandon Gibson, Rams
David Nelson, Bills (RFA)
Randy Moss, 49ers
Louis Murphy, Carolina
Mo Massaquoi, Browns
Donnie Avery, Colts
Austin Collie, Colts
Andrew Hawkins, Bengals (RFA)
Steve Smith, Rams
Donald Jones, Bills (RFA)
Ramses Barden, Giants
Aldrick Robinson, Redskins (RFA)
Devery Henderson, Saints
Donald Driver, Packers
Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers (RFA)
Domenik Hixon, Giants
Brandon Stokley, Denver
Brandon Tate, Bengals
Chaz Schilens, Jets
Derek Hagan, Raiders
Johnny Knox, Bears
Ted Ginn Jr., 49ers
Devin Aromashadu, Vikings
Michael Spurlock, Chargers
Sammie Stroughter, Tampa Bay
Jordan Norwood, Browns (RFA)
Drew Davis, Falcons
Richard Goodman, Chargers (RFA)
Jordan Shipley, Jaguars
Ruvell Martin, Bills
Courtney Roby, Saints
Roscoe Parrish, Tampa Bay
Deion Branch, Patriots
Jabar Gaffney, Dolphins
Braylon Edwards, Jets
Plaxico Burress, Steelers
Terrell Owens
Chad Johnson
Donte’ Stallworth
Mike Sims-Walker
Mark Clayton
Legedu Naanee
Jason Hill
Lee Evans
Mike Williams
Greg Camarillo

Tony Gonzalez, Falcons
Heath Miller, Steelers
Fred Davis, Redskins
Martellus Bennett, Giants
Jared Cook, Titans
Dennis Pitta, Ravens (RFA)
Dustin Keller, Jets
Brandon Myers, Raiders
Anthony Fasano, Dolphins
Ben Watson, Browns
Logan Paulsen, Redskins (RFA)
Delanie Walker, 49ers
Evan Moore, Eagles
Dallas Clark, Tampa Bay
Dante Rosario, Chargers
John Phillips, Dallas
Ed Dickson, Ravens (RFA)
Jeff Cumberland, Jets (RFA)
Travis Beckhum, Giants
Gary Barnidge, Carolina
Michael Hoomanawanui, Patriots
Alex Smith, Browns
Leonard Pope, Steelers
Will Heller, Lions
Cameron Morrah, Seattle
Bear Pascoe, Giants (RFA)
Billy Bajema, Ravens
Jake O’Connell, Chiefs
Visanthe Shiancoe, Patriots
Ben Hartsock, Carolina
Tom Crabtree, Packers (RFA)
Richard Quinn, Bengals
Chase Coffman, Falcons
Martin Rucker, Chiefs
Chris Cooley, Redskins
Kellen Winslow
Jeremy Shockey
Todd Heap

Jake Long, Dolphins (OT)
Ryan Clady, Denver (OT)
Andre Smith, Bengals (OT)
Jermon Bushrod, Saints (OT)
Brandon Albert, Chiefs (OT)
Sebastian Vollmer, Patriots (OT)
Will Svitek, Falcons (OT)
Andy Levitre, Bills (OG)
Phil Loadholt, Vikings (OT)
Gosder Cherilus, Lions (OT)
Chris Clark, Denver (OT, RFA)
Donald Thomas, Patriots (OG)
Sam Baker, Falcons (OT)
Fernando Velasco, Titans (C)
Brandon Moore, Jets (OG)
Khalif Barnes, Raiders (OT)
William Beatty, Giants (OT)
Ryan Lilja, Chiefs (OG)
Todd McClure, Falcons (C)
Phil Costa, Dallas (C, RFA)
Louis Vasquez, Chargers (OG)
Jeff Faine, Bengals (C)
Winston Justice, Colts (OT)
Dan Koppen, Denver (C)
Eben Britton, Jaguars (OG)
Brian De La Puente, Saints (C, RFA)
Ryan Harris, Texans (OT)
Lance Louis, Bears (OG)
Leroy Harris, Titans (OG)
Brian Waters, Patriots (OG)
King Dunlap, Eagles (OT)
Barry Richardson, Rams (OT)
Brad Meester, Jaguars (C)
Tyronne Green, Chargers (OG)
Chilo Rachal, Bears (OG)
Kory Lichensteiger, Redskins (OG)
Doug Legursky, Steelers (C)
Evan Dietrich-Smith, Packers (OG)
Tyler Polumbus, Redskins (OT)
Matt Slauson, Jets (OG)
Bryant McKinnie, Ravens (OT)
Leonard Davis, 49ers (OG)
Sean Locklear, Giants (OT)
Eric Olsen, Saints (OG, RFA)
Jake Scott, Eagles (OG)
Austin Howard, Jets (OT, RFA)
Jonathan Scott, Bears (OT)
Dennis Roland, Bengals (OT)
Deuce Lutui, Titans (OG)
Dylan Gandy, Lions (C)
Frank Omiyale, Seattle (OT)
Max Starks, Steelers (OT)
Mike Pollak, Carolina (C)
Chad Reinhart, Bills (OG, RFA)
D’Anthony Batiste, Arizona (OT)
Garrett Reynolds, Falcons (OG)
Jeremy Trueblood, Tampa Bay (OT)
Derrick Dockery, Dallas (OG)
Joe Berger, Vikings (C)
Roman Foster, Steelers (OG)
Corey Hilliard, Lions (OT)
Russ Hochstein, Chefs (OG)
Steve Vallos, Jaguars (OG)
Pat McQuistan, Arizona (OT)
Kevin Boothe, Giants (OG)
Chris Spencer, Bears (C)
Geoffrey Schwartz, Vikings (OT)
Brandon Dombrowski, Chargers (OG)
Rashad Butler, Texans (OT)
Chris Willaims, Rams (OG)
Mike Windt, Chargers (C, RFA)
Cooper Carlisle, Raiders (OG)
Nate Gardner, Dolphins (OG)
John Estes, Jaguars (C, RFA)
Robert Turner, Rams (C)
Rex Hardnot, Chargers (OG)
Seth Olsen, Colts (OG, RFA)
Clint Gresham, Seattle (C, RFA)
Antoine Caldwell, Texans (OG)
AQ Shipley, Colts (C)
Jamey Richard, Patriots (OG)
Jim Cordle, Giants, (C)
Tony Hills, Colts (OT)
Don Muhlbach, Lions (C)
Kyle DeVan, Titans (OG)
Jeff Otah (OT)
Andre Gurode (C)
Chad Clifton (OT)
Tony Pashos (OT)
Jason Brown (C)
Vince Manuwai (OG)
Jamaal Jackson (C)

Cliff Avril, Lions (DE/OLB)
Osi Umenyiora, Giants (DE)
Dwight Freeney, Colts (DE)
Henry Melton, Bears (DT)
Michael Johnson, Bengals (DE/OLB)
Michael Bennett, Tampa Bay (DE)
Richard Seymour, Raiders (DE/DT)
Ray Edwards, Seattle (DE)
Glenn Dorsey, Chiefs (DT)
Randy Starks, Dolphins (DT)
Casey Hampton, Steelers (NT)
Alan Branch, Seattle (DT)
Jason Jones, Seattle (DT/DE)
Matt Shaughnessy, Raiders (DE)
Kevin Williams, Vikings (DT)
Aubrayo Franklin, Chargers (DT)
Desmond Bryant, Raiders (DT)
Israel Idonije, Bears (DE)
Sammie Lee Hill, Lions (DT)
Andre Carter, Raiders (DE/OLB)
Lawrence Jackson, Lions (DE)
William Hayes, Rams (DE)
Arthur Jones, Ravens (DT, RFA)
Sedrick Ellis, Saints (DT)
Robert Geathers, Bengals (DE)
Darryl Tapp, Eagles (DE)
Amobi Okoye, Bears (DT)
Kenyon Coleman, Dallas (DE)
Trevor Scott, Patriots (DE)
Trevor Laws, Rams (DT)
Juqua Parker, Browns (DE)
Mike DeVito, Jets (DE)
Kyle Moore, Bills (DE)
Shaun Cody, Texans (DT)
Willie Young, Lions (DE, RFA)
Ron Brace, Patriots (DT)
Rocky Bernard, Giants (DT)
Jason Hunter, Denver (DE)
Lawrence Sidbury, Falcons (DE)
Vaughn Martin, Chargers (DE)
Vonnie Holliday, Arizona (DE)
Clifton Geathers, Colts (DT)
Shaun Rogers, Giants (NT)
Terrance Knighton, Jaguars (DT)
Justin Bannan, Denver (DT)
Filo Moala, Colts (DT)
Wallace Gilbert, Bengals (DE)
Dwan Edwards, Carolina (DT)
Roy Miller, Tampa Bay (DT)
George Selvie, Jaguars (DE, RFA)
Derek Landri, Eagles (DT)
Kedric Golston, Redskins (DE)
Turk McBride, Saints (DE)
Ty Warren, Denver (DT)
Ricky Sapp, Jets (DE/OLB, RFA)
Isaac Sopoage, 49ers (DE/DT)
Corey Williams, Lions (DT)
Jarius Wynn, Titans (DE)
Spencer Johnson, Bills (DT)
Vance Walker, Falcons (DT)
Pat Sims, Bengals (DT)
Ma’ake Kemoeatu, Ravens (DT)
Tony McDaniel, Dolphins (DT/DE)
Kevin Vickerson, Denver (DT, RFA)
Sen’Derrick Marks, Titans (DT)
Corey Irvin, Tampa Bay (DT, RFA)
Clinton McDonald, Seattle (DT, RFA)
Kentwan Balmer, Redskins (DT/DE)
Dave Ball, Titans (DE)
Ricky Jean-Francois, 49ers (DT)
Nick Eason, Arizona (DE)
Steve McLendon, Steelers (DT, RFA)
Leger Douzable, Titans (DE)
Andre Fluellen, Lions (DT)
Antonio Johnson, Colts (DT)
Shaun Smith, Chiefs (DT)
Ryan McBean, Ravens (DE)
Daniel Muir, Jets (DT)
Antwan Odom (DE/OLB)
Jonathan Fanene (DE)
Albert Haynesworth (DT)
Alameda Ta’amu (NT/DT)

Anthony Spencer, Dallas (OLB/DE)
Connor Barwin, Texans (OLB/DE)
Brian Urlacher, Bears (MLB)
Daryl Smith, Jaguars (OLB)
Manny Lawson, Bengals (OLB/DE)
Shaun Phillips, Chargers (OLB)
Rey Maualuga, Bengals (MLB)
Erin Henderson, Vikings (OLB)
Phillip Wheeler, Raiders (OLB)
Paul Kruger, Ravens (OLB/DE)
Thomas Howard, Bengals (OLB)
Keith Rivers, Giants (OLB)
Shawne Merriman, Bills (OLB/DE)
Victor Butler, Dallas (OLB/DE)
Kaluka Maiava, Browns (OLB)
Will Witherspoon, Titans (OLB)
Moise Fokou, Colts (OLB)
Bryan Thomas, Jets (OLB/DE)
Justin Durant, Lions (OLB)
Rob Jackson, Redskins (OLB)
Barrett Ruud, Texans (MLB)
Kirk Morrison, Bills (OLB)
Antwan Barnes, Chargers (OLB)
Ernie Sims, Dallas (MLB)
Brad Jones, Green Bay (MLB)
Geno Hayes, Bears (OLB)
Tim Dobbins, Texans (MLB)
Dannell Ellerbe, Ravens (MLB)
Gary Guyton, Chargers (OLB)
Rocky McIntosh, Rams (OLB)
Leroy Hill, Seattle (OLB)
Mike Peterson, Falcons (MLB)
DeAndre Levy, Lions (OLB)
Larry Grant, 49ers (OLB)
Chase Blackburn, Giants (OLB)
Erik Walden, Packers (OLB/DE)
Gerald McRath, Titans (MLB)
Quentin Groves, Arizona (OLB)
Nick Roach, Bears (OLB)
Akeem Jordan, Eagles (OLB)
Aaron Curry, (OLB)
Bradie James, Texans (MLB)
Jonathan Casillas, Saints (OLB)
Keith Brooking, Denver (MLB)
Mario Haggan, Rams (OLB)
Antwan Applewhite, Carolina (OLB/DE)
Vincent Rey, Bengals (MLB, RFA)
Scott Fujita, Browns (OLB)
Frank Zombo, Packers (MLB, RFA)
Paris Lemon, Arizona (MLB)
Brandon Siler, Chiefs (MLB)
Niko Koutouvides, Patriots (OLB)
Omar Gaither, Raiders (MLB)
Jasper Brinkley, Vikings (MLB)
Lorenzo Alexander, Redskins (OLB/ST)
Tavares Gooden, 49ers (OLB)
Larry Foote, Steelers (MLB)
Brady Poppinga, Dallas (OLB)
Dan Skuta, Bengals (MLB)
Scott Shanle, Saints (OLB)
Jamaal Westerman, Colts (OLB)
Demorrio Williams, Chargers (OLB)
Ashlee Palmer, Lions (OLB)
Xavier Adiibi, Titans (OLB)
Bryan Kehl, Chiefs (OLB)
Keyaron Fox, Texans (MLB)
Brandon Johnson, Steelers (OLB)
Ramon Humber, Saints (OLB)
Tracy White, Patriots (OLB)
Chris Wilson, Redskins (OLB)
Zac Diles, Titans (OLB)
Matt Roth (OLB/DE)
Aaron Maybin (OLB/DE)
Cameron Sheffield (OLB)
Travos LaBoy (OLB)
Channing Crowder (MLB)
Clint Session (OLB)

Ed Reed, Ravens (S)
Jairus Byrd, Bills (C/CB)
Brent Grimes, Falcons (CB)
Dashon Goldson, 49ers (S)
LaRon Landry, Jets (S)
Sam Shields, Packers (CB, RFA)
Mike Jenkins, Dallas (CB)
Aqib Talib, Patriots (CB)
Kenny Phillips, Giants (S)
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Eagles (CB)
Marcus Trufant, Seattle (CB)
Louis Delmas, Lions (S)
Rhonde Barber, Tampa Bay (S/CB)
William Moore, Falcons (S)
Patrick Chung, Patriots (S)
Sean Smith, Dolphins (CB/S)
Tracy Porter, Denver (CB)
Cary Williams, Ravens (CB)
Chris Houston, Lions (CB)
Stevie Brown, Giants (S, RFA)
Yeremiah Bell, Jets (S)
Leodis McKelvin, Bills (CB)
EJ Biggers, Tampa Bay (CB)
Derek Cox, Jaguars (CB)
Glover Quin, Texans (CB)
Chris Clemons, Dolphins (S)
Stanford Routt, Texans (CB)
Jamarca Sanford, Vikings (S)
Bradley Fletcher, Rams (CB)
Nate Clements, Bengals (S/CB)
Abram Elam, Chiefs (S)
Kyle Arrington, Patriots (CB)
Keenan Lewis, Steelers (CB)
Jim Leonhard, Denver (S)
Brice McCain, Texans (CB)
Quentin Jammer, Chargers (CB)
Tony Carter, Denver (CB)
Sheldon Brown, Browns (CB)
Corey Lynch, Chargers (S)
AJ Jefferson, Vikings (CB, RFA)
Sherrod Martin, Carolina (S)
Antoine Cason, Chargers (CB/S)
Rashean Mathis, Jaguars (CB)
Craig Dahl, Rams (S)
Terrence Newman, Bengals (CB)
Madieu Williams, Redskins (S)
Eric Frampton, Dallas (S)
Darius Butler, Colts (CB)
Greg Toler, Arizona (CB)
Captain Munnerlyn, Carolina (CB)
Chris Crocker, Bengals (S)
Jacob Lacey, Lions (CB)
William Middleton, Jaguars (CB)
Pacman Jones, Bengals (CB)
Joselio Hanson, Raiders (CB)
Bryan Scott, Bills (S/OLB)
Ryan Mundy, Steelers (S)
Rashad Johnson, Arizona (S)
Jerraud Powers, Colts (CB)
Danny McCray, Dallas (S, RFA)
Ronald Bartell, Raiders (CB)
Erik Coleman, Lions (S)
Dimitri Patterson, Browns (CB)
Matt Giordano, Raiders (S)
Kelvin Hayden, Bears (CB)
Chris Owens, Falcons (CB)
Tanard Jackson, Redskins (S)
Quintin Demps, Texans (S)
Cedric Griffin, Redskins (CB)
Shawntae Spencer, Raiders (CB)
Amari Spievey, Lions (S/CB, RFA)
Tyrone Culver, Dolphins (S)
Will Allen, Steelers (S)
Dominique Franks, Falcons (CB)
Mike Mitchell, Raiders (S)
James Sanders, Arizona (S)
DJ Moore, Bears (CB)
Sean Considine, Ravens (S)
Zack Bowman, Bears (CB)
Charlie Peprah, Dallas (S)
Kerry Rhodes, Arizona (S)
Pat Lee, Lions (CB)
Chris Hope, Falcons (S)
Marquise Cole, Patriots (CB)
James Ihedigbo, Ravens (S)
Will Allen, Patriots (CB)
David Bruton, Denver (S)
Chris Carr, Chargers (CB/KR)
Alan Ball, Texans (S/CB)
Josh Barrett, Patriots (S)
Drayton Florence, Lions (CB)
Michael Adams, Arizona (S)
Sterling Moore, Dallas (CB)
Phillip Adams, Raiders (CB)
Darcel McBath, 49ers (S)
Michael Coe, Giants (CB)
Don Carey, Lions (CB, RFA)
Chris Johnson, Ravens (CB)
David Jones, Redskins (CB)
Antwaun Molden, Jaguars (CB)
Ryan Mouton, Titans (CB)
Brandon McDonald, Lions (CB)
OJ Atogwe (S)
Brodney Pool (S)
Leigh Bodden (CB)

Shane Lechler, Raiders (P)
Pat McAfee, Colts (P/K, RFA)
Rob Bironas, Titans (K)
Donnie Jones, Texans (P)
Phil Dawson, Browns (K)
Jason Hanson, Lions (K)
Kevin Huber, Bengals (P)
Josh Brown, Bengals (K)
Lawrence Tynes, Giants (K)
Mike Nugent, Bengals (K)
Dustin Colquitt, Chiefs (P)
Shayne Graham, Texans (K)
Nick Harris, Lions (P)
Nick Folk, Jets (K)
Sav Rocca, Redskins (P)
Steven Hauschka, Seattle (K)
Reggie Hodges, Browns (P)
Nick Novak, Chargers (K)
Brian Moorman, Dallas (P)
Britton Colquitt, Denver (P, RFA)
Jeremy Kapinos, Steelers (P)
Robert Malone, Jets (P)
Olindo Mare, Bears (K)
Billy Cundiff, 49ers (K)
Nate Kaeding, Dolphins (K)
Ben Graham (P)
Ryan Longwell (K)
Neil Rackers (K)
Chas Henry (P)
Daniel Sepulveda (P)
TJ Conley (P)

Bloggin It Out – Other Info to Keep Tuned In On:

1. Tony Romo likely gets a contract extension, Yes – you read that correct. Dallas has cap issues projecting into the 2013 cap and an extension of his contract will help lower his cap hit. A young QB is still an option early on in the draft due to rookie pay scale though.

2. DE/OLB monster Jadeveon Clowney. You’ve heard the hype, but during 2014 NFL Draft you’ll probably hear his name No.1 overall. He’ll be a Heisman candidate…and yeah, the hype is real. He is going to be a Junior for South Carolina, if you didn’t know – you’re going to find out next September.

3. MY Coaching Predictions. Bills go Ken Whisenhunt instead of Zimmer. Cleveland takes Syracuse coach Doug Marrone after missing on O’Brien. Philly lands Chip Kelly from College ranks. Chiefs steal Andy Reid from Arizona. Arizona will stay in house with Ray Horton. Bears want offense, take Pete Carmichael from Saints. San Diego’s a wild card….miss on Arians and land Mike Holmgren, yes the former Packers/Seahawks coach.

Other coaching candidates: Bill Cowher (CBS), Jon Gruden (ESPN), Nick Saban (Alabama), Bill O’Brien (Penn State), Brian Kelly (Notre Dame), Bob Stoops (Oklahoma), Kyle Shanahan (Redskins OC), Bruce Arians (Colts OC), Mike McCoy (Denver OC), Mike Zimmer (Bengals DC), Mike Nolan (Falcons DC), Josh McDaniels (Pats OC), Dirk Koetter (Atlanta OC, already signed 2 year extension), Tom Clements (Packers OC), Perry Fewell (Giants DC), Lovie Smith (ex-Bears), Hue Jackson (Bengals ST), Gus Bradley (Seattle DC), Winston Moss (Packers assist-HC), Jay Gruden (Bengals OC), Keith Armstrong (Falcons ST), Mike Sullivan (Tampa Bay OC), Joe DeCamillis (Dallas ST), Vic Fangio (49ers DC), Rick Dennison (Texans OC), Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern), Kirk Ferentz (Iowa), Brad Seely (49ers ST), Darrell Bevell (Seattle OC), Jim Caldwell (Ravens OC), Norv Turner (ex-Chargers), Jack Del Rio (Denver DC) Wade Phillips (Texans DC), Brian Billick (analyst), Steve Sarkisian (U. of Washington), Todd Haley (Steelers OC), Chan Gailey (ex-Bills), Romeo Crennel (ex-Chiefs), Pat Shurmur (ex-Browns)

4. Redskins OC Kyle Shanahan is the mastermind behind the success of the Washington offense, so look for him to either succeed his father as Head Coach or be one of the hottest targets moving forward. Oh, and I think RGIII and the Skins build on a productive season in 2013.

5. Jacksonville CB Derek Cox, a free-agent, very under the radar talent. Watch how popular he is come March.

6. Look for connections. Coaches following GM’s, Players following coaches, Players following Players…and maybe even follow locations. Familiarity is important to everyone, and a lot of destinations could be determined by who knows who and who likes who (well yeah, by Money too).

7. Dallas lets Anthony Spencer walk. The DE/OLB has had an outstanding season, but his money demand may be too much for the Cowboys to take on. They could franchise him, but no one wants that. I think Franchise Tags numbers may be down this offseason as a whole.

8. Look for brothers Martellus and Michael (Bennett) to team up this offseason. They’re both Free-Agents are there is talk that Martellus would like to re-sign in New York and have his DE brother bolt Tampa to join him.

9. Don’t assume Tim Tebow lands in Jacksonville. He turned down a chance to go home last offseason, and whether he has that opportunity again or not, someone else just may want him. Maybe a random connection, other than location, pops up.

10. Ray Lewis is retiring, is it time for his buddy Ed Reed to join him. I think Reed takes Lewis’ retirement as an opportunity to finally retire himself. He has talked about it due to injury in recent seasons, and if he keeps getting fined…even the Free-Agent contract he would signed this offseason wouldn’t last long.

11. The Big 5 wideouts. Greg Jennings, Victor Cruz return to their respective teams. Wes Welker, Dwayne Bowe, Mike Wallace on the other hand probably put on a different uniform. Jennings will draw interest, but he’s a Packer. Cruz is a RFA, so it’ll be hard to pry him away anyhow. Wallace could return, but for him, Welker, and Bowe it’ll come down to money.

12. Do The Ravens commit to Joey? Joe Flacco is set to cash in, and even if they didn’t want to – they almost have to give him a big 5 or 6 year deal. There may be a market for him, but I think he stays in Baltimore and the situation is resolved rather quick. Is it the right choice for the Ravens? We’ll see.

13. The Lineman. Jake Long (OT), Ryan Clady, Denver (OT) Andre Smith, Bengals (OT), Jermon Bushrod, Saints (OT), Brandon Albert, Chiefs (OT), and Andy Levitre (OG). It’s a rather good selection of offensive lineman as a group this offseason – obviously it’ll be fun to see who signs first and sets the price-market for this group of talent. Long could surprising be gone for Miami, and I could see Cincinnati letting Smith walk – but the others are likely to return. This is where you might actually see the Franchise Tag used.

14. Bears DT Henry Melton picked a opportune time to have a breakout season. The Free-Agent is set to get paid. He leads a group of big named defensive lineman looking for new deal: Cliff Avril, Osi Umenyiora, Dwight Freeney, Michael Johnson, Michael Bennett, Richard Seymour, Glenn Dorsey, and Alan Branch top out the group. All of this guys should be fair game on the open market, and the interest is high on getting after the QB lately.

15. The NFLDraft. I personally cover the draft @NFLDraft_JAM24 on Twitter. A lot of defensive talent, depth at WR…and thats about it. Okay, there is some promising young talent at QB, but nothing like recent years. You could upgrade the OL early, and I guess there is always an Alfred Morris among the RB’s. In January the most intriguing prospect stocks include: BYU DE Ezekiel Ansah, Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, WVU WR/RB Tavon Austin, LSU DT Bennie Logan, NC State QB Mike Glennon, Oregon DE/OLB Dion Jordan, Nevada FS/CB Duke Williams, and Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson. Check my Twitter or this Blog site for more detail concerning the 2013 NFL Draft.

16. Will often-injuries LB Brian Urlacher follow suit and retire along with Ray Lewis. The Bears would love to have Urlacher back, he is a free-agent, but its clear injuries and age have taken its toll on the all-pro. Its hard to imagine him not playing, but it has to end sometime.

17. Reggie Bush is set to hit the market for Miami, and we’ll he has shown some upside – but can they commit to him longterm? Is there even a market for him? Lamar Miller has shown promise, and Daniel Thomas is a question mark still – but I think Miami needs to acquire a premiere RB and let Bush go. DeAngelo Williams would be nice, but pricey. I wouldn’t even mind Bush on a cheap 2 year deal with someone like Texans Ben Tate coming in. They need a veteran, not a rookie…and I just don’t think its Reggie Bush.

18. The RB market is down. Free-agency and NFL Draft. If you have a good back, you’re lucky….if you have two – you probably want to keep him. Although, if you can part with him you’re likely to get full value. DeAngelo Williams, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ben Tate…should draw big interest via trade. Chris Ivory, a RFA, is a name to keep an eye on for the plentiful RB heavy Saints – he is likely to be in demand. There is talent out there, but you have to find it. Kniles Davis of Arkansas (often injured in college) could potentially be a sleeper late in the draft.

19. Chip Kelly, the Oregon Head Coach, has a cool offensive an all – but so did Steve Spurrier at Florida and he didn’t transition too well into the NFL. I think it’ll be hard to lure him from college – but the best spot would have to be Philadelphia with McCoy, Maclin, D.Jackson…and maybe even Vick. In other words he needs the right type skills guys to run that offensive and be successful in the NFL. He is a hot candidate, but the jury is still out on him in the NFL in my opinion.

20. Good Value Free-Agents. Guys like QB Matt Moore, RB Ronnie Brown, RB Joique Bell, WR Brian Hartline, OL Eben Britton, OL Ryan Harris, DE Kyle Moore, OLB Kaluka Maiava, CB Tony Carter, and S Corey Lynch aren’t necessarily guys that excite you if your teams signs them – but I think they’ll have a lot of offer for the price. Its not always about the biggest name players, sometimes you just need some quality depth and reliable backups.

21. This years Alfred Morris. Morris was an unknown 6th Round pick to many, but he finished 2nd in the league in rusher and probably helped lead your fantasy team to a Championship. Guys in the draft who you may not know, but should want to get familiar with include: Mike Gillislee (Floirda), Johnathan Franklin (UCLA), Kerwynn Williams (Utah State), Curtis McNeal (USC), and Dennis Johnson (Arkansas). Oh okay, you want deep sleepers: Montel Harris (Temple), Zac Stacy (Vanderbilt), Miguel Maysonet (Stoney Brook), George Winn (Cincinnati), Isi Sofele (California), and John White (Utah).

22. Cincinnati has one of the best. AJ Green, well yeah sure. But I meant DT Geno Atkins. The 3rd year lineman out of Georgia has been a force for the Bengals and become one of the best interior lineman in the league. His 12.5 sacks came quietly, but I think the word is out on this guy. Keep an eye on this guy in 2013 – maybe he gets 18 sacks next season.

23. Adrian Peterson. A steller effort at the NFL all-time season Rushing Yard mark. He came up short, but only in yardage – what a season. Having come off a 2011 Week 17 knee injury and still managed over 2,000 yard the very next season. It’ll be fun to see what he can do in 2013 coming back fully healthy. He is fun to watch for sure but forget the record – he could become the first player with back-to-back 2,000 yard rushing season in 2013.

24. Steelers and the salary cap. Pittsburgh is going to be in a tough spot financially this offseason, especially if they want to keep WR Mike Wallace around. They have 37 players currently under contract for 2013, and those players already put them nearly $10 Million over the projected cap for 2013. The need to sign more players to fill the team so they’ll ultimately have to clear up ‘at least’ 20 Million in space – which means tough decisions on veterans and getting players to restructure their deals are a must.

25. Tyler Bray of Tennessee. He is my favorite QB in the NFL Draft, but he won’t be discussed without debate about intangibles. However, I think Bray could be the steal of the QB group because he is frequently mentioned as a 2-4 Round guy due to off the field concerns, but he has the stature and arm strength to be successful in the NFL. In the right situation Bray, a Junior who has declared early, could be a great find. Keep an eye on Bray as the April draft nears.


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