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2013 NFL Mock Draft – January Edition 2.0

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106 Days to go until the April 25th start of the NFL Draft.

Obviously doing a weekly Mock this far in advance of the draft is tricky because there are still so many unknowns. The Deadline for underclassmen to declare is January the 15th, and we won’t actually know the complete order of the draft until after the Super Bowl – and aside from that current NFL player movement will dictate team needs and how they draft. Nonetheless, this is an accurate, up-to-date look and how things could transpire based on what we know at this time come late April. Remember to check back for continuous UPDATES.
* My rankings do not always match the order I have players selected in mocks because teams draft based on their boards (not mine) and because players will never be chosen by a ‘labeled’ rank – and due to other various factors, including: scheme, fit, rising/falling, connections, and forecasting.

Positions Ranks:

and NFL News & Notes:

January 09, 2013
Updated at 6:30pm after Taylor Lewan’s surprise decision to return to college.
Lewan – Out (previous No.7 overall)
Fisher No.12 to No.7
D.Thomas No.33 to No.12
added MLB/OLB Kevin Reddick (UNC) at pick No.89

NFL MOCK DRAFT 2.0 (3 Rounds)
* Brief explanation of the 1st Round

1st Round:

1. Chiefs (2-14) – Luke Joeckel, OT – Texas A&M; *Junior 6’6″ 310
OT isn’t their biggest need, but should be addressed at some point. QB or DL might be better options, but I think Joeckel makes the most sense at this point – but the No.1 spot is still wide-open. New Coach Andy Reid may want a QB (Smith or Wilson most likely), but a good scenario could be trading down either way.
Needs: QB, 3/4 DE, No.1 WR, MLBx2, CB, Slot-WR, OG, OT, Rush-OLB, RB, C, FS, FB, TE

2. Jaguars (2-14) – Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE – Georgia; *Junior: 6’3″ 240
I think Moore, Werner, or Lotulelei are the more likely options, but they’re thin and weak at OLB so Im going with Jones here now. Their pass-rush is horrible and by claiming Jason Babin you know they have a desire to upgrade the DE spot as well. Don’t rule out a QB either.
Needs: 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, RT, 4/3 DT, RB, CB, QB, FS, TE, LG, WR, C

3. Raiders (4-12) – Star Lotulelei, DT/NT – Utah; Senior: 6’4″ 325
I want to mock Geno Smith here again, but their DT need is too glaring and Lotulelei is too dominate inside. Seymour is gone, and D.Bryant may be gone via Free-Agency too so DT, or even DE, has to over more value at this point. I’d expect them to go defensive with Lotulelei, D.Moore, or J.Jones here.
Needs: 4/3 DT, 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLBx2, CB, QB, OG, RT, FS, TE, MLB, SS, C, RB, LT, P

4. Eagles (4-12) – Geno Smith, QB – WVU; Senior: 6’3″ 215
If Vick is gone, a new coach may want him own guy. Foles has talent, but they don’t have anything invested in him so a QB could be the pick. Joeckel would also be nice to play the RT spot, with J.Peters on the left – however, I could see the Eagles trading down and targeting T.Lewan or D.Milliner to fill a need.
Needs: RT, CBx2, Big-WR, SS, 4/3 DT, C, QB, 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, TE, FS, P, OG

5. Lions (4-12) – Ezekiel Ansah, DE – BYU; Senior: 6’5″ 270
Werner and Moore look the better options at this point, but the Buzz on Ziggy Ansah is building and he’s projected to rise up board come the combine. I think Werner could be a good fit also given Avril is likely gone and Vanden Bosch is aging. They’ll have their pick of Ansah, Werner, Moore, J.Jones, D.Jordan, Mingo or Te’o here.
Needs: 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, FS, C, CB, RG, RT, WR, K, RB, P

6. Browns (5-11) – Damontre Moore, DE/OLB – Texas A&M; *Junior: 6’4″ 250
Moore and Jarvis Jones have to be their top targets, but they could reach for Te’o here as well if they go defense. Chance Warmack is probably the best choice, but No.6 could be too high for an interior lineman. Their Head Coach is still TBD so that’ll affect this choice also, but Moore would be an excellent addition.
Needs: 4/3 OLB, OG, 4/3 DE, CB, WRx2, SS, RT, FS, 4/3 DT, TE

7. Arizona (5-11) – Eric Fisher, OT – Central Mich.; Senior: 6’8″ 305
This pick was Taylor Lewan minutes ago, but I made a quick switch. This will certainly hurt the Cards chances at LT, but may open up other options for them here – I think this is a stretch for Fisher though. Mathews deciding to stay in school hurt too. I doubt Joeckel falls, or they go up and get him, but aside from who the QB will be they desperately need to upgrade the OL. Again, who the Head Coach is will play a role in the direction of the pick.
Needs: LT, QB, 3/4 OLB, MLB, CB, 3/4 DT, C, 3/4 DE, FS, RB, Slot-WR, SS, TE

8. Bills (6-10) – Tyler Wilson, QB – Arkansas; Senior: 6’3″ 220
It could be anyone from Smith, Wilson, Glennon, Barkley, to Tajh Boyd if they go QB. Glennon is the talk right now, but I think Wilson is too good to ignore. New Head Coach Doug Marrone is an offensive guy, its hard to imagine anything other than a QB here – sorry Ryan Fitzpatrick. I could see Buffalo adding two QB’s through the draft (like Washington last year), keep an eye on Ryan Nassib in Rounds 3-4 with his ties to Marrone.
Needs: QBx2, Big-WR, 4/3 OLBx2, 4/3 DE, Slot-WR, CB, TE, LT, MLB, C, SS

9. Jets (6-10) – Manti Te’o, MLB – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’2″ 255
Te’o could go higher, but I personally think this is about right (maybe even slightly high). He has leadership and all the intangibles so I think the Jets pass over Werner, Jordan, Mingo for the stud in the middle. Questions about athleticism and transition to NFL speed will be the big debate, but Bart Scott won’t be back and they need an emotional leader.
Needs: RT, 3/4 OLBx2, OG, No.1 WR, RB, FS, MLB, CB, TE, 3/4 DT, QB, SS, WR

10. Titans (6-10) – Bjoern Werner, DE – Florida State; *Junior: 6’4″ 270
The emergence of Ansah and Jordan (a talented DE group) may cause Werner to slide a bit, but he is a Top 5 talent. Milliner will also be tempting, but aside from him or C.Warmack it’ll likely come down to the best DE available. If its not Werner, my second option would be OG Chance Warmack due to need and Munchak’s offensive line background.
Needs: 4/3 DE, OG, FS, RT, RB, CB, MLBx2, TE, 4/3 DT, WR, SS

11. Chargers (7-9) – Chance Warmack, OG – Alabama; Senior: 6’3″ 325
San Diego is still without a coach, but Jammer and Cason are free-agent this offseason so they’ll likely strongly consider D.Milliner so they’re not left without a CB as well. However, Warmack is too good to continue to fall and they must improve their offensive line. S.Richardson could get some consideration, but I’d expect Milliner or a offensive lineman of some sort.
Needs: CB, OG, LT, No.1 WR, TE, RT, 3/4 DT, RBx2, SS, MLB, C, 3/4 OLB, QB

12. Dolphins (7-9) – Dallas Thomas, OG/OT – Tennessee; 6’5″ 300
This was Eric Fisher moments ago, but I have D.Thomas jumping up (in response to Lewan staying at Michigan mainly) because he may be the 3rd best OT even though he typically is listed as an OG. Fluker, Fisher, L.Johnson, and Pugh may will battle for position rank behind Joeckel, but I like Thomas’ versatility. The Dolphins may lose Jake Long this offseason and they already have offensive line issues so Fisher and Warmack are strong options too despite other needs. Dion Jordon, KeKe Mingo, or a pass rusher are other popular options here as well – dont rule out Milliner either…but it’s likely they’ll pass on OL help at No.12 with Lewan/Mathews out of this draft class.
Needs: No.1 WR, OG, 4/3 DE, RT, CB, RB, WRx2, 4/3 DT, C, FS, LT, 4/3 OLB, MLB

13. Tampa Bay (7-9) – DeMarcus ‘Dee’ Milliner, CB – Alabama; *Junior: 6’1″ 198
Milliner being available would be the best case scenario for the Bucs. They landing Barron last year after missing on Mo Claiborne so this fits a huge need. Milliner will likely be a Top 10 pick, so if its not him they could reach for CB help with X.Rhodes or J.Banks or target guys like Richardson, Mingo, or Hankins. I could see them trying to trade down.
Needs: CBx2, 4/3 DT, FS, 4/3 OLB, Slot-WR, RT, MLB, OG, QB, TE, WR

14. Panthers (7-9) – Sheldon Richardson, DT/DE – Missouri; *Junior: 6’4″ 295
It seems as though Hankins, Richardson, or another DT prospect will be Carolina’s choice. There is speculation Richardson could work his way up into Top 5 consideration if the off-field issues don’t scare teams away from his stellar potential. They could also consider Milliner, Warmack, or a WR like C.Patterson.
Needs: 4/3 DT, No.1 WR, CB, OG, SS, MLB, WR, 4/3 OLB, 4/3 DE, OT

15. Saints (7-9) – Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’5″ 240
Defensive line help is the logical option here. It could be any number of players including Ansah, Jordan, Montgomery, Richardson, Hankins, Lemonier or Okafor. Mingo is raw, but has a lot of upside as an edge rusher. Richardson would be ideal, but Hankins or Jordan wouldn’t surprise me either.
Needs: 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, CB, 4/3 DE, LT, MLB, WR, OG, FS, RT, SS, C, TE

16. Rams (7-8-1) – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’3″ 205
I like Patterson, I’m just not a fan of the pick – but they need a WR and this may be the time to get him. Maybe they go a different direction here and hope he is there at No.22 or WR K.Allen is. Patterson is an interesting prospect likely to shoot up board as the draft nears. I think Mingo, Jordan, Vaccaro, S.Williams, or J.Jenkins offer more value here. Lewan, Fisher, Warmack would be in play if available as well.
Needs: 4/3 OLBx2, No.1 WR, LT, RBx2, 4/3 DT, SS, OG, FS, TE, RT, QB

17. Steelers (8-8) – Alec Ogletree, MLB – Georgia; *Junior 6’3″ 238
Eddie Lacy could be a surprise pick, and I could see Te’o falling to this point as well – but Ogletree is just what Pittsburgh needs in the middle. They have a lot of issues and needs ahead this offseason, but this is a start. Aside from Lacy and Te’o – other options include: Vaccaro, Fisher, Cooper, D.Thomas, K.Allen, T.Eifert, Z.Ertz, E.Reid, or J.Banks.
Needs: RB, FS, MLB, LT, WR, 3/4 OLB, SS, CB, OG, TE

18. Dallas (8-8) – Johnathan Hankins, DT/NT – Ohio State; *Junior: 6’3″ 335
Dallas would love to see Warmack fall, and may even pull the trigger on Jon Cooper or Dallas Thomas is they want to sure up the offensive line. Hankins is a potential Top 10 guy, and a monster so Dallas would be pleased with him since they may need to part ways with Jay Ratliff due to finances. Other options are Vaccaro, Cooper, D.Thomas, B.Jones, S.Williams, and T.Austin.
Needs: 3/4 DT, OG, FS, Slot-WR, RT, 3/4 OLB, C, QB, 3/4 DE, TE, MLB, CB, RB

19. Giants (9-7) – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB – Oregon; Senior: 6’7″ 240
They’d prefer OT Eric Fisher Im sure, but the defensive line had issues – and they’ll need to replace Osi Umenyiora (who is a Free-Agent). I think Jordan is somewhat undervalued and wouldn’t be surprised if he went in the 6-12 range when its all said and done. Obviously they may have more pressing needs so keep an eye on Sylvester Williams or Jonathan Banks among others: K.Mingo, D.Tomas, L.Johnson, S.Montgomery, J.Jenkins, or X.Rhodes.
Needs: LT, 4/3 DE, 4/3 DT, FS, RT, CB, TE, MLBx2, C, WR, SS, OG, RB

20. Bears (10-6) – Jonathan Cooper, OG – UNC; Senior: 6’3″ 315
I’d like to mock Eifert or Ertz here because I think it’d really open the offense up with a TE of that caliber, but there offensive line issues are too glaring. They need help all along the line to protect Jay Cutler so Cooper makes the most sense. Along with the TE’s, Barrett Jones or Dallas Thomas could get consideration – as well as: Ogletree, E.Fisher, J.Banks, X.Rhodes, or Hubbard.
Needs: OG, TE, LT, MLB, CB, C, 4/3 OLB, WR, 4/3 DT, 4/3 DE, RB

21. Bengals (10-7) – Kenny Vaccaro, SS – Texas; Senior: 6’1″ 215
Vaccaro might not make it past Dallas, but he fills Cincinnati’s No.1 need. If they lose Michael Johnson during Free-Agency they may opt for a pass rusher – but I’m personally think Vaccaro could be gone. Other options include: E.Reid, M.Elam, S.Montgomery, Ogletree, C.Lemonier, K.Minter, A.Brown, X.Rhodes, J.Banks, Hubbard, or A.Okafor.
Needs: SS, RB, 4/3 OLB, MLB, CB, 4/3 DE, RT, OG, WR, C

22. Rams (Redskins 10-7) – Adrian Hubbard, OLB/DE – Alabama; **Sophomore: 6’6″ 248
Hubbard is a sleeper and if he declares, should gain a lot of stock as the draft moves closer. He is better suited for a 3/4 rush OLB but I think he gives the Rams help they need at OLB. If they pass on a WR at No.16 then Patterson, Allen, or Hunter could be in play here – as well as: Vaccaro, D.Thomas, B.Jones, E.Lacy, E.Reid, Jo.Jenkins, or S.Wiiliams.
Needs: 4/3 OLBx2, No.1 WR, LT, RBx2, 4/3 DT, SS, OG, FS, TE, RT, QB

23. Vikings (10-7) – Sylvester Williams, DT – UNC; Senior: 6’3″ 315
Maybe the Vikings just have an itch for DT with the last name Williams. Obviously a WR like Patterson or Allen make a lot of sense, but I think Williams is a good option in the middle. Jo.Jenkins, B.Logan, S.Floyd or Jesse Williams could also be options if they go DT. They’d also consider Ogletree, A.Brown, Minter, J.Banks, X.Rhodes or Dallas Thomas here.
Needs: No.1 WR, MLB, 4/3 DT, CB, 4/3 OLB, RT, OG, 4/3 DE, RB, WR, SS, QB

24. Colts (11-6) – Barrett Jones, C/OG – Alabama; Senior: 6’5″ 308
Jones is versatile at multiple positions so he makes a nice fit here. I think he is more of a early 2nd rounder, but someone should pull the trigger on him in the 1st. They will consider E.Fisher, Cooper and D.Thomas as well. Other options for Indy could be a DT to improve their 3/4 front: Sharrif Floyd, Sylvester Williams, Jesse Williams, Johnathan Jenkins, or Bennie Logan.
Needs: OG, 3/4 DT, C, CB, LT, 3/4 DE, MLBx2, RT, RB, SS, 3/4 OLB, FS, WR

P25. Ravens (11-6) – Tavon Austin, WR/RB/KR – WVU; Senior: 5’9″ 175
Locally grown in Baltimore, it’d be a mutual fit. I personally am a huge Austin fan, but I’m still iffy on whether a slot guy will garner a 1st round selection. I think he is too explosive and dynamic to fall out of the 1st round though. The Ravens will also be in the mix for Alex Ogletree if available, as well as: Vaccaro, Arthur Brown, Barrett Jones, Kevin Minter, Eric Reid, Matt Elam, Dallas Thomas, Xavier Rhodes, Jonathan Banks, Corey Lemonier, Sam Montgomery, and Hubbard.
Needs: MLBx2, 3/4 OLB, C, Slot-WR, LT, SS, CB, 3/4 DE, OG, WR, QB

P26. Seattle (12-5) – Keenan Allen, WR – California; *Junior: 6’3″ 205
Seattle has a huge need for a top wideout so Allen, Patterson, or Hunter are all options. They could even reach for T.Williams here – but if Allen passes health test he could be good value at this point. Other players to keep an eye on here are Eifert, Ertz, DJ Fluker, Lance Johnson, Oday Aboushi, Sam Montgomery, Corey Lemonier, Alex Okafor, Arthur Brown, and Khaseem Greene.
Needs: No.1 WR, RT, TE, 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, MLBx2, OG, 4/3 DT, CB

P27. Packers (12-5) – Eddie Lacy, RB – Alabama; *Junior: 6’0″ 220
Lacy put on a show in the BCS National Championship and really helped his stock. Green Bay is desperate for a steady runner and I think Lacy showed the power and hands they may be looking for. The Packers will also consider Barrett Jones, Oday Aboushi, DJ Fluker, Eric Reid, Justin Hunter, K.Allen, A.Brown and K.Minter.
Needs: C, RB, LT, MLBx2, FS, WR, 3/4 DE, 3/4 OLB, OG, TE, 3/4 DT

P28. 49ers (11-4-1) – Johnathan Jenkins, NT/DT – Georgia; Senior: 6’4″ 360
I’d like to see them fill an offensive line need here with Dallas Thomas, but I think they go defense. There are a lot of big body options for SanFran (S.Floyd, J.Williams, B.Logan, or Short), but Jenkins is the biggest for that NT spot in their 3/4. I like the fit for the 49ers, but they could go after other needs: Eric Reid, Matt Elam, Xavier Rhodes, Jonathan Banks, or a DE prospect.
Needs: 3/4 DT, FS, 3/4 DE, RT, CB, Slot-WR, MLBx2, OG, LT, SS, TE, OLBx2, C, WR

P29. Texans (13-4) – Xavier Rhodes, CB – Florida State; *Junior: 6’2″ 210
You typically see a WR or TE mocked here, but I think they need to fill some defensive needs. Rhodes and Banks will battle for the No.2 CB off the board, Im going with Rhodes as a better option here opposite Johnathan Joseph. Stanford Routt was a temporary fix, Brice McCain is a Free-Agent and Rhodes is an upgrade over Kareem Jackson. Other options: Justin Hunter, T.Austin, Terrence Williams, Eifert, E.Reid, Sharrif Floyd, B.Logan, DJ Fluker, Oday Aboushi, or D.Thomas.
Needs: WRx2, TE, FS, CBx2, 3/4 DT, LT, MLBx2, OG, 3/4 OLB, RT

P30. Patriots (12-4) – Sam Montgomery, DE/OLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’4″ 250
If they go rusher DE I think Montgomery is the best fit, but Lemonier and Okafor could get consideration too. Jonathan Cooper would be the best case scenario, but they would settle for Barrett Jones too. Tavon Austin may be in play to replace Welker in the slot as well. Other players include: Eric Reid, Dallas Thomas, Travis Frederick, Jonathan Banks, and C.Carradine
Needs: OGx2, No.1 WR, 4/3 DE, FS, CB, C, RT, Slot-WR, DT, MLB, 4/3 OLB, SS, LT

P31. Falcons (13-3) – Tyler Eifert, TE – Notre Dame; *Junior: 6’6″ 250
Ton Gonzalez should be back (he is a Free-Agent), but he is aging and won’t be able to play forever. Eifert is the new-age receiver like TE that’ll fit nicely in Atlanta. They may opt for Zach Ertz if they want a TE, but they’ll likely have plenty of options: Eddie Lacy, Giovani Bernard, Tank Carradine, Alex Okafor, Corey Lemonier, Lance Johnson, Sharrif Floyd or B.Logan.
Needs: TE, 4/3 DE, 4/3 DT, RB, LT, C, CB, OG, WR, QB, MLB

P32. Denver (13-3) – Sharrif Floyd, DT – Florida; *Junior: 6’3″ 305
They need help at DT even after drafting DT Derek Wolfe last year. Floyd is an underrated prospect who will most likely land in Round 1. If they release DJ Williams a LB like Arthur Brown or Khaseem Greene could be the pick, but other options to keep in mind are: Eric Reid, Jonathan Banks, Jesse Williams, Bennie Logan, Tavon Austin, Barrett Jones, and Matt Elam. What about a surprise like QB Matt Barkley? Peyton isn’t gonna play forever and would be a mentor.
Needs: 4/3 DT, MLB, SS, RB, CB, C, Slot-WR, 4/3 OLB, OG, FS, LT, QB

2nd Round:
33. Jaguars – Lance Johnson, OT – Oklahoma; Senior: 6’6″ 300
34. Chiefs – Mike Glennon, QB – NC State; Senior: 6’6″ 232
35. Eagles – DJ Fluker, OT – Alabama; *Junior: 6’6″ 335
36. Lions – Eric Reid, FS – LSU; *Junior: 6’2″ 210
37. Bengals (Raiders) – Arthur Brown, MLB/OLB – Kansas State; Senior: 6’1″ 225
38. Arizona – Matt Barkley, QB – USC; Senior: 6’2″ 225
***Browns – FORFEIT (Supplemental Draft – WR Josh Gordon)
39. Jets – Corey Lemonier, DE/OLB – Auburn; *Junior: 6’4″ 250
40. Titans – Johnthan Banks, CB – Mississippi St.; Senior 6’2″ 185
41. Bills – Justin Hunter, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’4″ 205
42. Dolphins – Terrence Williams, WR – Baylor; Senior: 6’3″ 205
43. Tampa Bay – Khaseem Greene, OLB – Rutgers; Senior: 6’1″ 220
44. Carolina – DeAndre Hopkins, WR – Clemson; *Junior: 6’1″ 212
***Saints – FORFEIT (Bounty Penalty)
45. Chargers – Jordan Poyer, CB – Oregon State; Senior: 6’0″ 190
46. Rams – Jesse Williams, DT/NT – Alabama; Senior: 6’4″ 320
47. Dallas – Matt Elam, SS – Florida; *Junior: 5’10″ 208
48. Steelers – Giovani Bernard, RB – UNC; **Sophomore: 5’10″ 205
49. Giants – Justin Pugh, OT – Syracuse; *Junior: 6’6″ 295
50. Bears – Zach Ertz, TE – Stanford; *Junior: 6’6″ 248
51. Redskins – David Amerson, CB/S – NC State; *Junior: 6’3″ 195
Needs: FS, RT, CB, C, MLBx2, 3/4 OLB, OG, TE, SS, WRx2
52. Vikings – Quinton Patton, WR – Louisiana Tech; Senior: 6’2″ 195
53. Bengals – Jawan Jamison, RB – Rutgers; **Sophomore: 5’8″ 200
54. Dolphins (Colts) – Alex Okafor, DE/OLB – Texas; Senior: 6’4″ 260
P55. Ravens – Kevin Minter, MLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’1″ 245
P56. Packers – Travis Frederick, C/OG – Wisconsin; *Junior: 6’4″ 330
P57. Seattle – Bennie Logan, DT – LSU; *Junior: 6’3″ 290
P58. 49ers – Ricky Wagner, OT – Wisconsin; Senior: 6’6″ 330
P59. Patriots – Larry Warford, OG – Kentucky; Senior: 6’3″ 330
P60. Texans – Kawann Short, DT – Purdue; Senior: 6’3″ 310
P61. Falcons – Cornellius ‘Tank’ Carradine, DE – Florida State; Senior: 6’5″ 265 (XXX)
P62. Denver – Marcus Lattimore, RB – South Carolina; *Junior: 6’0″ 232 (XXX)

3rd Round:
63. Chiefs – Logan Ryan, CB – Rutgers; *Junior: 6’0″ 190
64. Jaguars – Le’Veon Bell, RB – Michigan State; *Junior: 6’2″ 238
65. Lions – Alvin Bailey, OG – Arkansas; *Junior: 6’5″ 312
66. Raiders – Jelani Jenkins, OLB – Florida; *Junior: 6’0″ 235
67. Eagles – Duke Williams, FS/CB – Nevada; Senior: 6’1″ 200
68. Browns – Carrington Byndom, CB – Texas; *Junior: 6’0″ 185
69. Arizona – Chase Thomas, OLB – Stanford; Senior: 6’4″ 245
70. Titans – Levine Toilolo, TE – Stanford; *Junior: 6’8″ 262
71. Bills – Robert Woods, WR – USC; *Junior: 6’1″ 190
72. Jets – Oday Aboushi, OT – Virginia; Senior: 6’6′ 310
73. Tampa Bay – Tony Jefferson, FS – Oklahoma; *Junior: 5’10″ 200
74. 49ers (Carolina) – TJ McDonald, FS – USC; Senior: 6’3″ 205
75. Saints – Akeem Spence, DT – Illinois; *Junior: 6’1″ 305
76. Chargers – Brennan Williams, OT – UNC; Senior: 6’7″ 315
77. Dolphins – Desmond Trufant, CB – Washington; Senior: 6’0″ 185
78. Rams – Montee Ball, RB – Wisconsin; Senior: 5’11″ 212
79. Steelers – Bacarri Rambo, FS – Georgia; Senior: 6’0″ 218
80. Dallas – Tyler Bray, QB – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’6″ 215
81. Giants – Dion Sims, TE – Michigan State; *Junior: 6’5″ 280
82. Dolphins (Bears) – Stedman Bailey, WR – WVU; *Junior: 5’10″ 195
83. Vikings – Da’Rick Rodgers, WR – Tennessee Tech; *Junior: 6’3″ 208
84. Bengals – William Gholston, DE – Michigan State; *Junior 6’7″ 275
85. Redskins – Nico Johnson, MLB – Alabama; Senior: 6’3″ 245
86. Colts – Margus Hunt, DE/DT – SMU; Senior: 6’7″ 285
P87. Ravens – Shawn Williams, SS – Georgia; Senior: 6’1″ 220
P88. Seattle – Kiko Alonso, MLB/OLB – Oregon; Senior: 6’4″ 245
P89. Packers – Kevin Reddick, MLB/OLB – UNC; Senior: 6’2″ 240
P90. 49ers – John Simon, DE – Ohio State; Senior: 6’2″ 260
P91. Texans – Kenny Stills, WR – Oklahoma; *Junior: 6’1″ 190
P92. Patriots – Phillip Thomas, SS – Fresno State; Senior: 6’1″ 215
P93. Falcons – Stepfan Taylor, RB – Stanford; Senior: 5’11″ 210
P94. Denver – Khaled Holmes, C – USC; Senior: 6’4″ 305

Next In Line: (By Position)
Ryan Nassib, QB – Syracuse; Senior: 6’2″ 230
Zac Dysert, QB – Miami (OH); Senior: 6’4″ 215
Landry Jones, QB – Oklahoma; Senior: 6’4″ 230
EJ Manuel, QB – Florida State; Senior: 6’5″ 235
Andre Ellington, RB – Clemson; Senior: 5’10″ 190
Mike Gillislee, RB – Florida; Senior: 5’11″ 200
Lonnie Pryor, FB – Florida State; Senior: 6’0″ 230
Aaron Dobson, WR – Marshall; Senior: 6’3″ 205
Ryan Swope WR – Texas A&M; Senior: 6’0″ 205
Cobi Hamilton, WR – Arkansas; Senior: 6’3″ 210
Denard Robinson, WR/QB/RB/CB – Michigan; Senior: 6’0″ 195
Markus Wheaton, WR – Oregon State; Senior: 6’0″ 180
Gavin Escobar, TE – San Diego State; *Junior: 6’6″ 245
Joseph Fauria, TE – UCLA; Senior: 6’7″ 258
Chris Gragg, TE – Arkansas; Senior: 6’3″ 238
Kyle Long, OT/OG – Oregon; Senior: 6’7″ 312
John Wetzel, OT – Boston College; Senior: 6’8″ 302
David Bakhtiari, OT – Colorado; *Junior: 6’4″ 295
Brian Winters, OG/OT – Kent State; Senior: 6’6″ 295
Graham Pocic, OG/C – Illinois; Senior: 6’7″ 305
Travis Bond, OG – UNC; Senior: 6’7″ 345
Earl Watford, OG – James Madison; Senior: 6’4″ 295
Braxston Cave, C – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’3″ 305
Michael Buchanan, DE/OLB – Illinois; Senior: 6’6′” 240
Datone Jones, DE – UCLA; Senior: 6’5″ 280
Abry Jones, DT/DE – Georgia; Senior: 6’3″ 310
Kwame Geathers, DT/NT – Georgia; *Junior: 6’6″ 350
Brandon Williams, DT/NT – Missouri Southern St; Senior: 6’2″ 330
Everett Dawkins, DT – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 305
Jamie Collins, OLB – Southern Miss.; Senior: 6’5″ 240
Sean Porter, OLB – Texas A&M; Senior: 6’2″ 230
Brandon Jenkins, OLB/DE – Florida State; Senior: 6’3″ 260 (XXX)
Gerald Hodges, OLB – Penn State; Senior: 6’2″ 230
Michael Mauti, MLB/OLB – Penn State; Senior: 6’2″ 240
Tharold Simon, CB – LSU; *Junior: 6’3″ 190
Terry Hawthorne, CB – Illinois; Senior: 6’0″ 190
Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB – U Conn; Senior: 6’2″ 190
Robert Lester, SS – Alabama; Senior: 6’2″ 210
Zeke Motta, FS – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’2″ 215
Micah Hyde, FS/CB – Iowa; Senior: 6’1″ 190
Quinn Sharp, P/K – Oklahoma State; Senior: 6’1″ 205
Brad Wing, P – LSU; **Sophomore: 6’4″ 185
Dustin Hopkins, K – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 190

Jake Matthews, OT – Texas A&M; *Junior; 6’5″ 305
Taylor Lewan, OT – Michigan; *Junior: 6’8″ 310
CJ Mosley, OLB/MLB – Alabama; *Junior: 6’2″ 235
Gabe Jackson, OG – Miss. State; *Junior: 6’4″ 320
Aaron Murray, QB – Georgia; *Junior: 6’1″ 210
Kyle Van Noy, OLB – BYU; *Junior: 6’3″ 235
Tajh Boyd, QB – Clemson; *Junior: 6’1″ 225
Louis Nix, DT/NT – Notre Dame; **Sophomore: 6’3″ 325
Cyril Richardson, OG/OT – Baylor; *Junior: 6’5″ 335
James Hurst, OT – UNC; *Junior: 6’7″ 310
Morgan Breslin, DE – USC; *Junior: 6’2″ 255
Joseph Randle, RB – Oklahoma State; *Junior: 6’1″ 195
Justin Gilbert, CB – Oklahoma State; *Junior: 6’0″ 195
Logan Thomas, QB – Virginia Tech; *Junior: 6’6″ 260
Nickell Robey, CB – USC; *Junior: 5’8″ 170
Jackson Jeffcoat, DE/OLB – Texas; *Junior 6’5″ 260 (XXX)
Bradley Roby, CB – Ohio State; **Sophomore: 5’11″ 190
Travis Swanson, C – Arkansas; *Junior: 6’5″ 305
Shayne Skov, MLB – Stanford; Senior: 6’3″ 250
Bennett Jackson, CB – Notre Dame: *Junior: 6’0″ 185
Jonathan Brown, OLB – Illinois; *Junior: 6’1″ 235
Weston Richburg, C – Colorado State; *Junior: 6’4″ 298


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