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2013 NFL Mock Draft – March Edition 1.0

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NFL Free-Agency is upon us, even though is doesn’t officially start until March 12th. We have already begun to see teams makes moves, so teams draft needs are changing minute-by-minute at this point. This will be my final mock before the start of free-agency, and is up-to-date with the latest signing and team needs. You’ll find a brief reasoning of the selections from No.1 to No.94 (3 Rounds) – but this is a 5 Round Mock Draft. I didn’t include any trades (it’s just too hard to try and predict NFL trades). Over the next week or two I think we’ll start to see a clearer picture of how the 1st Round could eventually turn out. Free-Agent signings play a big role on team needs and have a direct result on which positions teams will target in April.

*My rankings do not always match the order I have players selected in mocks because teams draft based on their boards (not mine) and because players will never be chosen by a ‘labeled’ rank – and due to other various factors, including: scheme, fit, rising/falling, connections, and forecasting.

Position Ranks:

Big Board:

Also, just incase you where wondering – here is how much money each team, currently, has to spend this offseason. CAP SPACE:
Browns $48.2M ($14.3 carry over) @74.8M
Bengals $45.0M ($10.2 carry over) @78.0M
Colts $41.8M ($3.5 carry over) @81.2M
Jaguars $34.0M ($21.1 carry over) @89.0M
Dolphins $31.4M ($5.3 carry over) @91.6M
Tampa Bay $30.5M ($10.1 carry over) @92.5M
Eagles $29.0M ($23.0 carry over) @94.0M
Patriots $25.3M ($5.6 carry over) @97.7M
Falcons $23.3M ($1.3 carry over) @99.7M
Packers $20.6M ($7 carry over) @102.4M
Vikings $18.3M ($9.6 carry over) @102.7M
Bills $19.3M ($9.8 carry over) @103.7M
Titans $19.0M ($12.8 carry over) @104.0M
Ravens $18.6M ($1.1 carry over) @104.4M
Rams $14.0M ($247K carry over) @109.0M
Arizona $13.2M (3.6 carry over) @109.8M
Seattle $12.6M ($13.2 cary over) @110.4M
Chargers $10.4M ($995K carry over) @112.6M
Chiefs $10.1M ($14 carry over) @112.9M
Texans $8.3M ($2.4 carry over) @114.7M
Denver $8.3M ($14.1 carry over) @114.7M
Lions $8.1M ($466K carry over) @114.9M
Jets $7.3M ($3.4 carry over) @115.7M
Carolina $7.0M ($3.6 carry over) @116.0M
Raiders $6.0M ($4.5 carry over) @117.0M
Steelers $4.9M ($1.4 carry over) @118.1M
Redskins $4.8M (-$13.8 carry over w/Penalty) @118.2M
49ers $4.4M ($859K carry over) @118.6M
Bears $4.0M ($3.2 carry over) @119.0M
Giants $3.3M ($1 carry over) @119.7M
Dallas $200K (-$2.6 carry over w/Penalty) @122.8M
Saints -$4.2M ($2.7 carry over) @127.2M
– UPDATED: 3/11 @ 4:00PM

NFL MOCK DRAFT 1.4 (5 Rounds)
**In-Depth 1st Round Analysis
***Brief 2nd and 3rd Round Analysis
March 9, 2013

1st Round:

1. Chiefs (2-14) – Luke Joeckel, OT – Texas A&M; *Junior 6’6″ 306
I was torn with the direction of this pick considering what Kansas City has done over the past few days, but then they signed Dunta Robinson yesterday and that helped me rule out Dee Milliner. The release of Winston doesn’t make sense unless they’re planning on a new RT early in this draft. With that said…I guess, maybe, they could go with Donald Stephenson (a 2012 3rd rounder) and take a defender like Floyd or Lotulelei. I guess Milliner is out of the question now (heck, they may even sign Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as well – and there is a report they still have interesting in a guy like Sean Smith). Nonetheless, I think right now I had to go with Joeckel, even if he will be play the RT spot. As good as Floyd and Lotulelei are – and even given they both could fill that 3/4 DE role, I’d still feel better with a more traditional type DE if I were them addressing that position here. I’m confused with this pick at the moment, maybe they’ll consider trading down if there are any takers. Joeckel, Fisher, or L.Johnson have to be the current favorites though – until we learn something new, Joeckel it is.
Needs: 3/4 DEx2, RT, MLBx2, WR, 3/4 OLB, CB, RB, OG, FS, QB, Slot-WR, OT, C, FB, TE
OT Eric Winston, WR Steve Breaston, TE Kevin Boss
WR Dwayne Bowe (Re-Signed – 5 years), OT Brandon Albert (Franchise Tag), QB Alex Smith (Trade – 49ers), CB Dunta Robinson (Falcons – 3 years), P Dustin Colquitt (Re-Signed – 5 years), WR Mardy Gilyard, FS Husain Abdullah, DT Daniel Muir
Trade Block:

2. Jaguars (2-14) – DeMarcus ‘Dee’ Milliner, CB – Alabama; *Junior: 6’0″ 201
I like Milliner as their pick if he is available. I think an offensive tackle, Joeckel especially would also make a lot of sense too – Eugene Monroe will be an UFA in 2014 so drafting Joeckel (or Fisher/Johnson) a lot of sense to me. Joeckel (or one of the other offensive tackles) would project to play the RT spot here as well – taking over for Cameron Bradfield, and eventually transition into the LT spot this season or next. Milliner is a complete corner, and I think that with the recent release of Aaron Ross they’ll definitely strongly consider him. I think Dion Jordan (although Ansah would be a better fit as a more tradition 4/3 DE) would be the other intriguing prospect to consider – but in my opinion it’s Milliner or one of the offensive tackles here at this point. I think new HC Gus Bradley wants that big-CB (he came from Seattle with Sherman and Browner) and since Mathis, Cox, and Middleton all free-agents this offseason they have a need to add multiple CB’s to the roster.
Needs: 4/3 OLBx2, RT, Big-CB, RB, FS, 4/3 DE, QB, LG, 4/3 DT, C, TE, SS, WR, FB
S Dawan Landry, CB Aaron Ross, OT Guy Whimper
Trade Block:

3. Raiders (4-12) – Lane Johnson, OT – Oklahoma; Senior: 6’6″ 303
Surprise, surprise. You typically see Floyd or Star mocked here, but I think an offensive tackle is a serious issue. Johnson is a hot prospect after a nice showing at the combine and could eventually challenge for the No.1 overall spot. I think Joeckel or Fisher would be likely picks as well – but Oakland has Willie Smith slated as the starter at RT. Johnson should take over at LT allowing for Jared Veldheer (or Tony Bergstrom) to slide to the right-side. Yeah, I know none of those name jump out at you – even more reason why I think OT could be the pick. If they do take a defender then a think a speed off-the-edge is better suited than Floyd or Star. The Raiders currently have a lot of big body defensive lineman so I’d be more tempted to mock Jordan or Ansah here even if they don’t take an OT. Obviously, Milliner is an option should he be here too – and I wouldn’t completely rule out Geno Smith either.
Needs: CBx2, 4/3 DEx2, QB, 4/3 DT, RT, 4/3 OLBx2, OG, MLB, TE, P, RB, FS/SS, LT
TE Mickey Shuler, DB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
Trade Block:

4. Eagles (4-12) – Star Lotulelei, DT/NT – Utah; Senior: 6’3″ 311
If Lotulelei is ruled completely healthy then he will challenge Floyd for this pick. Floyd is easily considered a Top 4 guy, but the rise of offensive tackles could push him (or Lotulelei down a little lower than expected). I went with Star here because I think he is a better fit. Lotulelei is an option LDE or NT, and I like him as a potential fit at NT over they’re current options since they released Cullen Jenkins. Floyd, Milliner, and Jordan are all likely options – in fact, I think it’d go Milliner, Star, then Jordan. I also could see where an OT could be considered – but with Danny Watkins at RG they can’t really shift Herremans there so he’ll need to stay at RT. If they feel conformable with Peters returning from injury at LT, then I think it’s safe to say they’ll go with a defender here and pass on any of the available OT’s.
Needs: CBx2, RT, 3/4 NT, 3/4 DE, QB, SS, Big-WR, C, TE, 3/4 OLB, FS, P, OG
DT/DE Cullen Jenkins, DT Mike Patterson, OT Demetress Bell
QB Michael Vick (Restructured – 1 year), QB Dennis Dixon, DE Everette Brown, OT Ed Wang, WR BJ Cunningham, OT Matt Reynolds
Trade Block:
QB Nick Foles

5. Lions (4-12) – Ezekiel ‘Ziggy’ Ansah, DE – BYU; Senior: 6’5″ 271
I think Ziggy is a better fit in the 4/3 DE spot than Jordan, which is why I went with him. I think they’d prefer Milliner, but it doesn’t look like he’ll last that long. If Floyd falls this fall they could be in a position to move down with Tennessee, Tampa Bay, or Carolina. Ansah is raw, but emerging as a Top 10 talent and would be nice in Detroit even if they are able to retain UFA Cliff Avril. I don’t see the Lions surprising anyone with this pick and settling between Milliner, Ansah, Jordan, or possibly an offensive tackle if they lose Gosder Cherilus in free-agency. Eric Fisher under this scenario would fit, but for now I like them addressing the pass-rush.
Needs: CB, 4/3 DEx2, RG, 4/3 OLBx2, WR, FS, C, RT, K, RB, P, SS
DE Kyle Vanden Bosch, WR Titus Young, OG Stephen Peterman
OLB DeAndre Levy (Re-Signed – 3 years), OT Corey Hilliard (Re-Signed – 2 years), WR Devin Thomas
Trade Block:

6. Browns (5-11) – Sharrif Floyd, DT/DE – Florida; *Junior: 6’3″ 297
Landing Jordan would be a perfect situation for Cleveland in their transition to a 3/4, unless Floyd somehow last this far. They really need an overhaul in the front-seven, so Jordan would be good – but Floyd is too valuable to pass on at this point. Floyd projects as a 3/4 DE here with Phil Taylor anchoring the middle. Maybe Jordan is a better fit, but Cleveland is likely to make a splash for some top tier free agents like Paul Kruger and/or Cliff Avril – in which case Floyd or Lotulelei would come into play over a Jordan, Ansah, or Jarvis Jones. Its a bit early for an OG (and it’s too early for any CB not named Milliner), so if they can’t find value elsewhere – I really could see the Browns trading down. I don’t see an OT as an option here either, I think Mitchell Schwartz is a decent enough alternative at RT to take Fisher out of play. As far as a QB is concerned at some point in this draft, it could be likely – but it seems they could be interested in a trade with New England for Ryan Mallet, so keep an eye as that develops.
Needs: 3/4 Rush-OLB, Big-CB, OG, QB, 3/4 DE, TE, RT, SS, WRx2, FS, 3/4 NT, MLB
DE Frostee Rucker
Trade Block:
QB Brandon Weeden, QB Coly McCoy

7. Arizona (5-11) – Eric Fisher, OT – Central Michigan; Senior: 6’7″ 306
I know they say Massie and Potter are viable options, but I’m not going to be naive enough to believe that. Levi Brown needs to move to the RT spot, leaving the Fisher in a perfect place to take over the left-side. Massie could be a decent option at RT if they move Brown to an OG position – and have Fisher (or Lane Johnson) at LT. I know QB is an area that needs addressed, and Im not completely against Geno Smith here – but I think targeting Glennon later is a better option. I think two possibly ‘sleepers’ are Vaccaro and Ogletree. Their secondary needs upgrade in 3 of the 4 positions (since Adrian Wilson was recently cut). Ogletree is an option at MLB, or OLB (depending on where they want to play Washington). In there move back to a 4/3 I think the DE spot needs to be addressed as well so Jordan, Werner, or Mingo could fills needs as well.
Needs: QB, LT, 4/3 OLB, 4/3 DE, MLB, CB, FS, OG, 4/3 DT, C, RB, Slot-WR, SS, TE
SS Adrian Wilson, RB Beanie Wells, ILB Stewart Bradley, CB William Gay, WR Early Doucet
Trade Block:

8. Bills (6-10) – Alec Ogletree, MLB/OLB – Georgia; *Junior 6’2″ 242
An offensive tackle is a position that isn’t talked about much for Buffalo, but could use help – so keep an eye on Fisher or Johnson should one be available. Im a little leery of putting Ogletree back up this high due to character ‘red flags’, but it’s hard to deny his value. The Bills are in the market for a true OLB-type over options like Jordan, Jones, and Mingo so I went with the talented Bulldog despite the concerns. I think Kenny Vaccaro is an option at SS, but maybe less likely now that they’ve franchised Jairus Byrd. The QB position is also in need of an upgrade long-term, but I think they’ll target Nassib later on to fill that need. Cordarrelle Patterson could draw interested as well, but I could see Buffalo benefiting from trading down and acquiring picks. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t completely rule out any of the premiere defenders in this draft at this spot.
Needs: QBx2, Big-WR, MLB, SS, 4/3 DE, CB, TE, 4/3 OLBx2, LG, WR, LT, FB
SS George Wilson, OLB Nick Barnett, CB Terrence McGee, DE Chris Kelsey (Retired)
FS Jairus Byrd (Franchise Tag), CB Leodis McKelvin (Re-Signed – 4 years), QB Tarvaris Jackson (Restructured – 1 year), LB/S Bryan Scott (Re-Signed – 1 year), QB Aaron Corp
Trade Block:

9. Jets (6-10) – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB – Oregon; Senior: 6’6″ 248
It’s hard to imagine Jordan falling this far, but with a healthy Star Lotulelei and three OT going in the Top 8 a premium defender is likely to land in this spot. It could be Vaccaro or Jarvis Jones as well. The Jets are in need of a lot of help, and with the likely upcoming trade of All-Pro CB Darrelle Revis they be in the market for even more talent. If one of the “Big 3” offensive tackles end up last this long, it would be easy for New York to scoop one up if Jordan is gone. Warmack, C.Patterson (they may end up releasing Santonio Holmes to due finances), and Ogletree would be the other realistic options for Rex Ryan and company here. It’d be nice for them to land a 1st round selection in return for Revis – in case you didn’t get the memo ealier….they need a lot of help.
Needs: RT, 3/4 OLBx2, OGx2, No.1 WR, RB, FS, MLB, CB, TE, 3/4 DT, QB, SS, WR, FB
MLB Bart Scott, OLB/DE Calvin Pace, OT Jason Smith, S Eric Smith, TE Josh Baker
S Jaiquawn Jarrett, OT DJ Young
Trade Block:
CB Darrelle Revis, QB Tim Tebow

10. Titans (6-10) – Chance Warmack, OG – Alabama; Senior: 6’2″ 317
This pick could come down to Warmack, Vaccaro, Richardson, and Cooper. I was extremely tempting with the idea of adding a playmaker like Vaccaro, but Warmack is just to good to pass on. They’re offensive line need helps, and adding a legitimate All-Pro caliber interior lineman is definitely warranted with this selection. Warmack’s stock seems to be slipping, but I don’t think HC Mike Munchak, who has an offensive line background (a former NFL OG himself), is going to shy away from a player as talented as this guy – even if it means using a Top 10 selection on an interior lineman. Vaccaro has value, and Richardson would fill a void at LDT – but I think 2012 3rd Round pick Mike Martin is ready to step into that role. It’s a little early for a CB like Rhodes or Trufant – but they could be in the market for CB depth (especially with Al Verner set to become a free-agent in 2014). I don’t see them drafting a wideout early, but it could potentially be an area to keep an eye on with Kenny Britt and Damien Williams UFA’s after the 2013 season. I like Taylor Thompson’s potential at TE if they lose Jared Cook – so I really can’t see them reaching for Tyler Eifert here (besides, they have free-agency to fill some of their needs).
Needs: 4/3 DT, OGx2, RB, 4/3 DE, TE, SS, 4/3 OLB, C, CB, QB, MLBx2, OT, FS, WR, FB
SS George Wilson (Bills – 2 years), K Rob Bironas (Re-Signed – 2 years), DE Keyunta Dawson (Re-Signed – 1 year), WR Roberto Wallace, DE/OLB Thaddeus Gibson, QB Nate Enderle
Trade Block:

11. Chargers (7-9) – DJ Fluker, OT/OG – Alabama; *Junior: 6’5″ 339
This would really be worst-case for San Diego (Fisher, Johnson, and Warmack gone). Obviously, there main need is along the offensive line and if they miss on those three guys then Fluker and Cooper become the next best options. I personally think Cooper offers more value, but I’m a believer in Fluker. It does seem a little high for Fluker, but he is a talented player who is an upgrade at RT over Jeromey Clary – and even has some potential at a OG position. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went with Cooper in this scenario either. If the ‘other’ lineman are gone and Ogletree is gone too – they are really going to have to reach for a need, which may include Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant. I think they have some faith in last years 3rd rounder Brandon Taylor at SS or I’d certainly throw Kenny Vaccaro’s name into the mix as well – and while Richardson is tempting is doesn’t offer much more than depth with Luiget, Thomas, and Reyes rounding out the front-three (and well, they do still need depth at DT/DE so you never know).
Needs: LT, CBx2, OGx2, MLB, 3/4 DT, RBx2, QB, No.1 WR, TE, OT, 3/4 OLB, SS, C
ILB Takeo Spikes, SS Atari Bigby
K Nick Novak (Re-Signed – 4 years), CB Johnny Patrick, LS Mike Windt (Re-Signed – 4 years)
Trade Block:

12. Dolphins (7-9) – Kenny Vaccaro, FS/SS – Texas; Senior: 6’0″ 214
They have a lot of money to spent this offseason (maybe on Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings), and they just inked Brian Hartline to a 5 year deal so I shied away from the idea of Tennessee’s Cordarrelle Patterson here. It’ll be interesting to see if they can retain LT Jake Long (along in this scenario they isn’t a viable LT or RT to even consider), but should they lose him and one of the ‘Big 3’ happen to fall they’d surely send the card. I guess DJ Fluker would be an option as well if they plan on moving Jonathan Martin to LT (if they lose Long). They might make a play for Eric Winston as a replacement at OT. I went with the playmaking safety Vaccaro here to sure up their secondary. Charles Woodson’s name has been thrown around, so they’re definitely looking to upgrade the position and there really isn’t a better alternative for them at this point. They could stand to upgrade the CB too (with Sean Smith set to leave as an UFA), but at the S position they need a FS to replace Chris Clemons.
Needs: No.1 WR, LT, FS, CB, No.1 RB, 4/3 DT, RT, OG, 4/3 OLB, WRx2, C, 4/3 DE, MLB, TE
DT Randy Starks (Franchise Tag), WR Brian Hartline (Re-Signed – 5 years), QB Matt Moore (Re-Signed – 2 years) WR Jeff Fuller
Trade Block:

13. Tampa Bay (7-9) – Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE – Georgia; *Junior: 6’2″ 245
Jones has a little injury concern, but could cause him to slide a bit, but I think the Buccaneers will be looking for insurance SOLB with the questions around Quincy Black’s late season injury. I think Jones is better suited in a 3/4 OLB role, but he may offer some versatility if they end up lose DE Michael Bennett as an UFA this offseason. I know that Sheldon Richardson is an attractive prospect as well because they’re in the market for a DT (Roy Miller is an UFA also). The bottom line about Jones is that he is extremely talented, and probably the best available prospect. I think Vaccaro, Fluker, Ogletree, and Mingo would be the other guys to consider here based on need and/or value.
Needs: 4/3 DT, FS, RT, 4/3 DE, CBx2, Slot-WR, QB, 4/3 OLB, MLB, TE, OG, WR
P Chas Henry
Trade Block:

14. Carolina (7-9) – Sheldon Richardson, DT/DE – Missouri; *Junior: 6’3″ 294
Richardson would be a perfect fit for the defensive tackle needy Panthers (if is last this long). Edwards was released, and I doubt you can name a DT currently under contract so I find it hard to imagine they let Richardson fall past them. I know that Patterson could be an intriguing option as a new target for Cam Newton, but I think the DT need is too great. This also could a spot we see CB No.2 come off the board, even though a bit early, in the like of Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant. I actually like the idea of Trufant here. Alec Ogletree, Jarvis Jones, Keenan Allen, or even Jonathan Cooper are the other names to consider here.
Needs: CBx2, No.1 WR, 4/3 DTx2, RT, 4/3 OLB, OG, FS, MLB, TE, WR, SS, 4/3 DE
Cb Chris Gamble, DT/NT Ron Edwards
LB Jordan Senn (Re-Signed)
Trade Block:
RB DeAngelo Williams

15. Saints (7-9) – Barkevious ‘Keke’ Mingo, DE/OLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’4″ 241
In their new 3/4 scheme they’ll be looking for new personnel and there isn;t any better option than Mingo at this point. I may not be quite as high on Mingo as others are, but there isn’t any doubt he can bring speed off the edge. New Orleans essentially needs to add a lot of speed to their defensive front, including two OLB’s, a DE, and a young NT. Sheldon Richardson, Alec Ogletree, and Jarvis Jones are other guys they may target – especially if Mingo ends up going in the Top 10. They also could consider address the secondary or offensive tackles spot with this pick, or early in the draft. If they didn’t already have Darren Sproles I would say that Tavon Austin could be a sleeper at this selection.
Needs: 3/4 OLBx2, 3/4 NT, SS, 3/4 DE, LT, CB, FS, WR, RT, MLB, OG, C, TE
TE David Thomas, CB Johnny Patrick (Chargers)
OLB/DE Junior Galette (Re-Signed – 3 years), G/C Eric Olsen (Re-Signed), WR Preston Parker, CB Ryan Steed
Trade Block:

16. Rams (7-8-1) – Jonathan Cooper, OG – UNC; Senior: 6’2″ 311
This is a ‘best player’ who also fills a need situation. I think Cordarrelle Patterson or Tavon Austin would be flashier picks, but Cooper could be gone as high as No.10 or No.11 so getting him here offers a lot of value. They need a new RT, C (Scott Wells may be released), and LG (Robert Turner is an UFA) – although OG isn’t their most pressing need I think protect Sam Bradford (and keeping him healthy) is. Obviously if Vaccaro last this long they would consider him, and the same goes for Alec Ogletree. DJ Fluker could be consider as well, but the other potential sleeper is here Matt Elam. They have pick No.22 also, so they can afford to take the best player available here – although depending on the Danny Amendola situation I wouldn’t completely rule out a WR like Patterson, Austin, or Allen here. I don’t think they’d pass on Jarvis Jones here either.
Needs: No.1 WR, FS, RT, 4/3 OLBx2, SS, OG, No.1 RB, C, TE, LT, 4/3 DT/DE, QB, MLB
OT Wayne Hunter
Trade Block:

17. Steelers (8-8) – Tyler Eifert, TE – Notre Dame; *Junior: 6’6″ 250
Health Miller has been Mr.Reliable, but he is also dealing with ACL, MCL, and PCL tears suffered last season. Miller has surgery in January, and it’s unclear when (or maybe if) the 30 year old will be available again. There are reports that Eifert will be ‘taken in the teens’ and I have no reason not to believe that. Eifert seems like a perfect fit to me. He is a big target, and his receiver like abilities may be needed with the potential loss of Mike Wallace. It will always be popular to mock defenders to Pittsburgh, but unless Ogletree, J.Jones, or Mingo are available here I think any other defender (aside from Werner) would be a reach, including: Elam, Jesse Williams, Hunt, Minter, or even Te’o. Another interesting option would be Patterson as a replacement for Wallace. Tavon Austin is on the rise as well, but he may be too similar to Antonio Brown – thus making Patterson or Keenan Allen better options.
Needs: RB, 3/4 NT, MLB, WR, TE, FS, LT, CB, 3/4 OLB, SS, OG, QB
OLB James Harrison, RB/KR Chris Rainey
CB William Gay (Arizona – 3 years), QB John Parker Wilson, LB Brian Rolle, CB Justin King, WR Kashif Moore
Trade Block:

18. Dallas (8-8) – Tavon Austin, WR/RB/KR – WVU; Senior: 5’9″ 174
I still like this possibility. Dallas needs a dynamic slot, who can contribute in the return game, and out of the backfield. Austin is mentioned as high as No.12 overall, but I think is better suited from No.16 to No.27. Austin is my favorite player in this draft, and I just happen to be a Dallas fan as well. I think Jon Cooper will get consideration if he is available, but Im honestly looking at for Dallas to go with a prospect we aren’t expecting. I would have said Werner or Hunt would be in play (and they may be) depending on Anthony Spencer’s role. I think spencer has to play the 4/3 DE spot (not the OLB void) which makes those guys less likely. They need a FS, or even an upgrade at SS so Matt Elam, Eric Reid, or Jonathan Cyprien are worth mentioning here as well. The other direction I could see the Cowboys going is offensive line, and the options are Fluker, Menelik Watson, or Kyle Long (and Cooper if available). It’s also kind of interesting that Geno Smith is available, I doubt they take him – but maybe they can trade back with a potential suitor for him.
Needs: FS, RT, 4/3 DE, Slot-WR, RB, OG, 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, C, QB, TE, MLB, CB
S Gerald Sensabaugh, OLB/ILB Dan Connor
DE Anthony Spencer (Franchise Tag), DT Brian Price, LS L.P. Ladouceur (Re-Signed – 5 years), WR Anthony Armstrong, S Brandon Underwood, OLB Cameron Sheffield, DT Nick Hayden, WR Carlton Mitchell
Trade Block:

19. Giants (9-7) – Arthur Brown, MLB/OLB – Kansas State; Senior: 6’0″ 241
It may seem like a little early for Brown, but I like him a lot. The former Wildcat (and Miami Hurricane) has added some weight and brings natural instincts, great tackling, and leadership as a rising prospect. He could play the MLB spot, or fill the weak-side void – but I think he is a great fit. Minter or Te’o could get consideration if they go with a linebacker, but I’d expect for Brown to start getting more talk as a potential first rounder. I think they’ll like re-sign Martellus Bennett, but if not then Eifert could be an option if available and regardless of whether Kevin Boothe is back on the line they’ll still need to upgrade multiple positions there so Watson or Long (or Fluker/Cooper) could be in play as well.
Needs: LT, 4/3 WOLB, MLBx2, TE, OGx2, CB, RT, 4/3 DE, FS, C, WR, 4/3 DT, SS, RB
RB Ahmad Bradshaw, DT/DE Chris Canty, OLB Michael Boley
OT William Beatty (Re-signed – 5 years), DT Shaun Rogers (Re-Signed), TE Bear Pascoe (re-Signed), OT Levy Adcock, K David Buehler
Trade Block:

20. Bears (10-6) – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’2″ 216
I think they have bigger needs, but I’d also assume that new HC Marc Trestman is going to be looking to add some playmakers as well. The likes of Jon Cooper, Tyler Eifert, and Alex Ogletree are often mentioned in this spot – and I’d agree that all are viable candidates if available, but Patterson could be tempting. Brandon Mardhall is a stud, but he is more of a possession receiver, so adding someone to stretch the field like Patterson would not only open up the whole field – but probably make Jay Cutler happy. They retained Melton with the franchise tag, so that priority has been addressed – but there is still an issue at MLB with Brian Urlacher’s status. I think Arthur Brown could be a potential candidate here as well, along with: Desmond Trufant, Menelik Watson, Kyle Long, Kevin Minter, and Manti Te’o.
Needs: OGx2, TE, MLB, LT, CB, C, 4/3 SOLB, FS, WR, 4/3 DT, 4/3 DE, RB
S Chris Harris (Retired)
DT Henry Melton (Franchise Tag), WR Terrence Toliver, TE Brody Eldridge
Trade Block:

21. Bengals (10-7) – Menelik Watson, OT – Florida State; *Junior: 6’5″ 310
Matt Elam will be tempting, but I think the offensive tackle spot is a bigger issue than most would see on the surface. LT Andrew Whitworth is 31 years old, and potential RT Anthony Collins isn’t anything special so if they lose RT Andre Smith (which they probably will) then I could see Fluker, Watson, or Long being the main area they address with this pick. Fluker would probably be the best option at RT, but Watson is a superb athlete who could transition into a LT with more experience. They have some other needs, but Watson’s talent is going to be hard to overlook. Even though they have a lot of secondary issues (SS Chris Crocker is a UFA), I think they can hold off on Elam – and despite having CB Terence Newman, CB Pacman Jones, and CB/S Nate Clements all as UFA’s I think Hall and Kirkpatrick are pretty good options. Nonetheless, Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant could be considered – as well as Brown, Minter and Te’o depending on whether Vontaze Burfict is moving to MLB or staying on the weak-side. Michael Johnson was franchised, which will likely rule out a DE at this pick.
Needs: SS, RB, RT, MLB, 4/3 WOLB, CB, 4/3 DE, LT, QB, OG, 4/3 DT, WR, C, FS
DE/OLB Michael Johnson (Franchise Tag), P Kevin Huber (Re-Signed – 5 years), WR Andrew Hawkins (Re-Signed – 1 year), RB Cedric Peerman (Re-Signed – 2 years), OLB/DE Aaron Maybin
Trade Block:

22. Rams (Redskins 10-7) – Matt Elam, SS – Florida; *Junior: 5’10″ 208
Keenan Allen could be an option since Austin and Patterson are both gone – but Elam is a guy that is kind of overlooked, and I like him as a 1st round talent. He is a complete safety – he can coverage a lot of ground on the field and hits you hard so I’d expect him to get consideration as high as No.17 overall. They have a need at both safety positions (Mikell could be released at FS), but SS is the main concern with Craig Dahl an UFA and them already lacking quality depth. I could see the Bengals strongly considering Elam, so Cyprien may be a propsect to keep an eye on as well. I have them taking Cooper at No.16, but they still could consider Watson at OT here (or Long here is they don’t take an offensive lineman at No.16). I think a wideout is highly likely at saome point early on in this draft, but St.Louis may be in the market for a surprise pick like Zack Ertz, Khaseem Greene, or maybe even a long-shot like Missouri’s Zaviar Gooden. I think they could potentially consider the top RB on their board early on in this draft too: Bell, Lacy, Ball, or Michael.
Needs: No.1 WR, SS, RT, 4/3 OLBx2, FS, OG, No.1 RB, C, TE, LT, 4/3 DT/DE, QB, MLB

23. Vikings (10-7) – Kyle Long, OT/OG – Oregon; Senior: 6’6″ 313
I like long here because he has versatility as an OT or OG. They have a pressing concern at OG, but if they lose UFA OT Phil Loadholt then the OT position because a concern (despite spending a Top 5 pick last year of Kalil). I view Long as a solution at an OG spot with this selection, but insurance at RT if they don’t keep Loadholt this offseason. Long is a talented guy, who I’d expect to move into the late first round range. In fact, Im not sure who would be a better option, or value for Minnesota at this point – they could consider Kevin Minter or Manti Te’o to fill a big need, or Keenan Allen. Honestly, my second choice in this scenario would be DT Sylvester Williams. I think they could be in position to trade down, add pick (or players) and still address needs with value. Cordarrelle Patterson would be a good choice of he is available, or even Arthur Brown.
Needs: No.1 WR, MLB, FS, OG, 4/3 DT, 4/3 WOLB, RT, WR, RB, CB, 4/3 DE, QB, FB
WR Percy Harvin (Seattle), WR Michael Jenkins
TE Chase Ford
Trade Block:

24. Colts (11-6) – Margus Hunt, DE/DT – SMU; Senior: 6’8″ 277
The Colts need to add some pass rushers, especially with Dwight Freeney going to play elsewhere next season. Werner was once considered a Top 5 talent, but may end up falling into the ladder half of Round 1 so you’d have to consider him here as well. I think Werner is better suited for as a 4/3 DE, but Indy needs an upgrade over Fili Moala at DE in their current 3/4 scheme so I went with Hunt. Hunt is a rising prospect drawing comparison to JJ Watt, and I think he’d be a nice addition to the defender needy Colts. I think Damontre Moore could be in play here as well. Obviously, Datone Jones (along with Werner) would be a likely target as well. They may also be in the market for an upgrade at NT with Jesse Williams, Sylvester Williams, or Johnathan Hankins. Justin Pugh is another sleeper type option, along with other offensive line candidates, because of their need to upgrade the line.
Needs: 3/4 OLBx2, OGx2, 3/4 NT, CB, C, RT, 3/4 DEx2, OT, RB, SS, WR, MLB, FS
P Pat McAfee (Franchise Tag), QB Chandler Harnish
Trade Block:

25. Seattle (12-6) – Cornellius ‘Tank’ Carradine, DE – Florida State; Senior: 6’4″ 276 (XXX)
Carradine is regarded as a better prospect than his teammate Werner, and could be a Top 10 talent if healthy. His injury concerns could cause him to fall (torn ACL in Novemeber 2012), so while this may seem surprising I think he offers Seattle much needed pass rush help. I think Werner is a strong candidate this late as well, it may be hard to pass on him for Carradine because of the injury. Chris Clemens is dealing with a knee injury of his own, plus Alan Branch and Jason Jones are UFA’s so its safe to think they’ll consider a defensive line prospect with this pick. If they look elsewhere a RT like Watson or Long could be in play, but they may be tempting with a wideout like Keenan Allen who has a lot of value at this point. Damonte Moore, Khaseem Greene, and Arthur Brown are worth mentioning as well – maybe even Zach Ertz.
Needs: 4/3 DE, RT, No.1 WR, 4/3 WOLB, TE, 4/3 DT, OG, MLBx2, CB
WR Percy Harvin (Trade – Vikings), CB/KR Will Blackmon, LB Korey Toomer, TE Darren Fells
Trade Block:
QB Matt Flynn

26. Packers (12-6) – Zach Ertz, TE – Stanford; *Junior: 6’5″ 249
Finley is falling out of favor, and even if he is retained for the final year of his contract they’re going to need a long-term option. It obvious DJ Williams isn’t the answer, and I think Ertz is the type of target that could excel in Green Bay’s offense. I think the Packers are a good team, so its hard to pin-point the direction they’ll go here – but it would seem that adding depth on the defensive side of the ball due to the number of injuries they’ve experienced the past few season would be a smart choice. I personally am a fan of the Packers going with a RB like Lacy or Bell if they find value, a versatile lineman like Barrett Jones, or a guy like Watson, Long or Pugh as insurance for Derek Sherrod. I personally don’t see a much better option for value than Ertz – but I wouldn’t rule out Te’o, Rhodes, Minter, Hankins, or Sylvester and Jesse Williams as defenders.
Needs: RB, RT, WR, C, FS, MLBx2, 3/4 DE, TE, 3/4 OLB, OG, QB, 3/4 DT, CB, SS
S/CB Charles Woodson, C Jeff Saturday (Retired), WR Donald Driver (Retired)
QB B.J. Coleman, OT Andrew Datko
Trade Block:
TE Jermichael Finley

27. Texans (13-5) – Johnathan Hankins, DT/NT – Ohio State; *Junior: 6’3″ 320
I think either of the Williams’ are probably better overall prospects, but Hankins is a stud in the middle for that 3/4 scheme. Hankins was once considered a Top 10 prospect, and now he’ll be fighting for a spot in the 1st round it would seem. They need a NT because Shaun Cody is an UFA this offseason and they already could have stood to get that big bodies plugger – Hankins is that big body that frees up other players by demanding double teams and defends the run, although he isn’t going to make too many plays in the backfield. They need to upgrade at RT, and it doesn’t seem like Eric Winston is willing to return after his release from Kansas City – so Watson or Long may be in play if available. I think Eifert or Ertz would also make sense, and that a WR prospect (Andre Johnson is nearly 32 years old) will also be considered. SS Jonathan Cyprien is a guy generating a lot of buzz, watch for him here.
Needs: 3/4 NT, RT, WRx2, TE, SS, CBx2, MLBx2, OG, RB, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 DE, FS
QB Stephen McGee, QB Case Keenum
Trade Block:
RB Ben Tate

28. Denver (13-4) – Sylvester Williams, DT – UNC; Senior: 6’3″ 313
I could see a wide range of defensive line prospects being considered here: Werner, Hunt, and Jones most notably – but Williams may be the one of fits their need the best. 2012 selection Derek Wolfe is a DT playing DE (which also means they not only need DT help, but need DE help too) and with DT’s Kevin Vickerson, Justin Bannan, and Ty Warren set to become UFA’s the interior line is a mess. Williams is a guy who could be gone by now, or fall a bit due to the number of talented defenders – nonetheless, its great value for the Broncos. Justin Pugh is a guy to consider as a potential RG, maybe Kawann Short is another possibility, or maybe even a No.3/slot receiver. It seems like they’re going to “try” to fix the MLB spot in-house, but I also wouldn’t be surprised with a guy like Kevin Minter, Manti Te’o, or Arthur Brown. SS Jonathan Cyprien or CB Xavier Rhodes aren’t out of the question either.
Needs: 4/3 DT, RG, Slot-WR, 4/3 DE, RB, CB, MLB, SS, C, FS, RT, 4/3 OLB, QB
OLB DJ Williams
OT Ryan Clady (Franchise Tag), CB/S Tony Carter (Re-Signed) CB Mario Butler, WR Gerell Robinson, S Duke Ihenacho
Trade Block:

29. Patriots (13-5) – Desmond Trufant, CB – Washington; Senior: 6’0″ 190
Trufant is a guy who may get consideration as high as No.10 overall, or at least into the mid-part of Round 1. I think him or Xavier Rhodes are likely the No.2 CB off the board and there is no question that both will be options for New England. Aqib Talib and Kyle Arrington are both UFA’s and their secondary concerns don’t stop there because SS Patrick Chung, SS Josh Barrett, FS Will Allen, and CB Marquise Cole are all UFA’s this offseason – so they could consider a safety prospect as well. They are going to need to add some new WR’s through the draft (maybe Danny Amendola as a free-agent) so a guy like Keenan Allen, Quinton Patton or Justin Hunter may get mentioned here as well. Also, it never hurts to add help along the offensive line, especially if the Patriots end up losing some of the too-be UFA’s.
Needs: No.1 WR, CB, FS, C, 4/3 DE, RT, OG, Slot-WR, DT, MLB, 4/3 OLB, SS
FB Spencer Larsen
DT/DE Armond Armstead, QB Mike Kafka, DE Marcus Benard, WR Andre Holmes
Trade Block:
QB Ryan Mallet

30. Falcons (14-4) – Bjoern Werner, DE – Florida State; *Junior: 6’3″ 266
Werner was once considered a Top 5 prospect, and while I agree this is on the extremely low end of where he could be selected – I think a fall like this could be possible. He likely fits in the No.15 to No.25 range, but there is an outside change he gets taken as high as No.2 overall…yeah, you don’t say that about too many prospects – ever. The general consensus with Atlanta is either Eifert or Ertz (and I have them both being taken prior to the Falcons pick) because of the Tony Gonzalez situation, but they could go a different direction – or they both may be gone. If they are both gone then there isn’t another TE worthy of this selection so they’ll turn there attention to the pass rush (although they could fix that in free-agency, Dwight Freeney?). Werner, Datone Jones, Hunt, Damontre Moore, and even Sam Montgomery would be among their potential targets. I could also see Watson, Long, Barrett Jones, Crypien, Eddie Lacy, or Xavier Rhodes also getting consideration should both TE prospects be gone. Re-signing S W.Moore was a
Needs: TE, 4/3 DE, RB, C, LT, 4/3 DT, SS, CB, OG, Slot-WR, QB, MLB, FB, 4/3 OLB
RB Michael Rurner, CB Dunta Robinson, DE John Abraham
SS William Moore (Re-Signed – 5 years), OG Garrett Reynolds (Re-Signed – 2 years), RB Josh Vaughan
Trade Block:

31. 49ers (13-5-1) – Datone Jones, DE/DT – UCLA; Senior: 6’4″ 283
San Fran added pick No.34 also, so they could go any number of directions with this pick since they have another selection just 3 picks away. I think Jones is a good fit as a potential replacement for Justin Smith in their 3.4 scheme. He can virtually play any position on the line, and his strength, quickness, and explosiveness makes him extremely attractive to a 1st round suitor – maybe even before the 49ers get a shot at him. I think another strong possibility could be Jesse Williams as a NT candidate, and with the likelihood they lose Dashon Goldson at FS you’d have to consider a player like Eric Reid. They are also going to be looking for a wideout who can stretch the field, so the name DeAndre Hopkins could come into play with one of their upcoming picks. I think San Francisco is in a position to take the best player available.
Needs: 3/4 DT, FS, WR, 3/4 DE, RG, OLBx2, CB, K, TE, MLBx2, QB, RT, SS, C
QB Alex Smith (Trade- Chiefs), K David Akers
WR Anquan Boldin (Trade – Ravens), CB Tramaine Brock (Re-Signed – 1 year)
Trade Block:
QB Alex Smith

32. Ravens (14-6) – Manti Te’o, MLB/OLB – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’1″ 241
I was torn with Minter and Te’o, but I ended up deciding on Te’o because I think he is the better overall prospect. I know there is a lot of concern regarding Te’o (not only his mental makeup) because of his athleticism and overall transition to NFL speed. I just have a feel someone is going to take a chance on him in Round 1, and I definitely don’t see him falling outside of the Top 50 selections despite some saying he may only be a 4th Round talent on film. Replacing Lewis will be a major concern, but its not their only issue so I wouldn’t rule out prospects like: Menelik Watson, Eric Reid, Jonathan Cyprien, Keenan Allen, Quinton Patton, Barrett Jones and Justin Pugh. The Ravens locked up Joe Flacco, and even after their Super Bowl win they do have so issues to address – including the status’ of UFA’s S Eric Reed and OLB/DE Paul Kruger, and a decision on WR Anquan Boldin if he doesn’t take a pay cut.
Needs: MLBx2, C, WR, LT, FS, 3/4 DE, Slot-WR, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 NT, OG, SS, CB, QB
MLB Ray Lewis (Retired), WR Anquan Boldin (49ers), C Matt Birk (Retired), OG Bobbie Williams
QB Joe Flacco (Re-Signed – 6 years), WR Tori Gurley, RB Lonyae Miller
Trade Block:

2nd Round:
33. Jaguars – Xavier Rhodes, CB – Florida State; *Junior: 6’2″ 210
Continuing with the idea Bradley will be looking for big-CB’s I think they could double-up at the position with Rhodes. He could go as high as No.13 overall so he offers a lot of value. Remember – Ross is gone and Mathis, Cox, and Middleton are all UFA’s and they essentially have no viable options at the position. Milliner and Rhodes would give them two potential starters, even if they retain one of their own free-agents (or sign a veteran) and ease the young talents into the league. If one of the ‘Top’ offensive lineman would happen to be available they may opt to go that direction – or they could opt for a guy like Damontre Moore, or consider one of the QB prospects here as well.

34. 49ers (Chiefs) – Eric Reid, FS – LSU; *Junior: 6’0″ 213
They’ll likely lose Dashon Goldson this offseason so FS becomes a high need. I could see Jesse Williams being the pick as well – or them considering one of the top WR prospects, but they still have picks No.61, No.74, and No.93 too.

35. Eagles – Geno Smith, QB – WVU; Senior: 6’2″ 218
Smith should be gone well before now, someone should trade back up into the first for him – but if someone he last this long I could see them pulling the trigger. Vick is only going to be around 1 more year, and it’s unclear of Foles can run Chip Kelly’s offense. Jordan Poyer, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Damontre Moore, or Jonathan Cyprien are strong options here as well.

36. Lions – Justin Pugh, OG/OT – Syracuse; *Junior: 6’4″ 307
Pugh could really play any line position – so he is insurance at OT incase they lose Gosder Cherilus, but I see him more as a replacement OG for the recently released Stephen Peterman. They’d also consider a CB like Blidi Wreh-Wilson here too. They need to protect Stafford, and it looks like they’re targeting RB Reggie Bush so they need to upgrade the line.

37. Bengals (Raiders) – Kevin Minter, MLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’0″ 246
Ray Maualuga is an UFA, and I think they’d like to keep Vontaze Burfict at WOLB, so Minter would be a good selection at this point (they’d likely consider him at No.21). The other guy I could see them taking is SS Jonathan Cyprien – or maybe a RB like Eddie Lacy.

38. Arizona – Mike Glennon, QB – NC State; Senior: 6’7″ 225
They may have to trade back up into the first round to get him, but I think he is the best option of all the prospects. I’m still not sure what they’re doing with QB Kevin Kolb, but Glennon’s big arm should fit new HC Bruce Arians style of play.

***Browns – FORFEIT (Supplemental Draft – WR Josh Gordon)

39. Jets – Jesse Williams, DT/NT – Alabama; Senior: 6’3″ 323
Current NT Sione Pouha is 34 years old and not the same player he was in 2011. The Jets have a lot of needs, so its hard to tell which direction they’ll actually go – but I think Williams offers a nice replacement and good value. Johnathan Jenkins is another viable option, along with: Damontre Moore, Crypien, Warford, Wreh-Wilson, Poyer, or a RB prospect could all be in play.

40. Titans – Damontre Moore, DE/OLB – Texas A&M; *Junior: 6’5″ 250
I was tempted with Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Jonathan Cyprien, and Kawann Short – but ultimately, Moore has too much value and potential to fall any further. Tennessee has Morgan and Wimbley (under contract until 2016, and 2017 respectively) so they aren’t high need of a DE prospect, but you can always use pass-rushers in this league.

41. Bills – Ryan Nassib, QB – Syracuse; Senior: 6’2″ 227
Like all the QB’s, they Bills may have to trade up to get him. He is kind of underrated, but I like Nassib – and it’s clear the Buffalo is targeting him because of his Syracuse ties with newHC Doug Marrone and new OC Nathaniel Hackett. Keenan Allan and Justin Hunter could be considered depending on when they address the need for a QB.

42. Dolphins – Le’Veon Bell, RB – Michigan State; *Junior: 6’1″ 230
Daniel Thomas isn’t the answer, Bush probably won’t be back, and Lamar Miller is more of a change-of-pace back. Bell is emerging as the No.1 RB prospect in this draft and Miami is in the market for a new lead tailback. Establishing a running game, will help Miami in many aspects. K.Allen, Wreh-Wilson, J.Jenkins and K.Short are the other possible picks.

43. Tampa Bay – EJ Manuel, QB – Florida State; Senior: 6’5″ 237
I think Tampa Bay will be looking to protect themselves from a potential Josh Freeman contract issue in 2014, this gives them leverage and insurance. Manuel is generating a lot of buzz lately and may solidify himself as a 2nd Rounder, if he doesn’t work his way into Round 1. K.Short, J.Poyer, B.Wreh-Wilson, and Q.Patton could be the other targets.

44. Carolina – Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB – U Conn; Senior: 6’1″ 195
I think Allen and Hunter would make a lot of sense at WR – but Wreh-Wilson is a strong surging prospect who could late in the mid-1st round. Munnerlyn is an UFA, and Gamble was released therefore the Panthers will be left thin at corner at this guy would solve that problem.

***Saints – FORFEIT (Bounty Penalty)

45. Chargers – Larry Warford, OG – Kentucky; Senior: 6’3″ 332
It was a tough decision between Warford, Cyprien, and J.Jenkins – but I think upgrading the line is the more pressing concern. I have them adding Fluker at RT in Round 1, so upgrading the OG spot is the next step in fixing the line (although if Louis Vasquez is re-signed they could opt to go with a different position – probably Cyprien since Atari Bigby was released). A young QB isn’t out of the relam of possibilities here either.

46. Rams – Keenan Allen, WR – California; *Junior: 6’2″ 206
Allen is really a win-win scenario at this point. He has 1st round talent, and if St.Louis chooses not to address WR in the 1st Round then landing him here is great value. I’d expect him to be gone, and if he is then Hunter, Patton, or T.Wiiliams may be their guy. Also, watch Khaseem Greene, Zaviar Gooden, or a RB prospect like Eddie Lacy as well.

47. Dallas – Jonathan Cyprien, SS – Florida International; Senior: 6’0″ 217
SS Barry Church is signed through 2017 (but only at a total of 12.9 Million over those years) so adding the talented Cyprien at this point makes the most sense, even if he has to transition to the FS spot. Barrett Jones could be another potential candidate here, as well as: Tyler Wilson, Kawann Short, Khaseem Greene, Zaviar Gooden, or S.Montgomery.

48. Steelers – Johnathan Jenkins, NT/DT – Georgia; Senior: 6’4″ 359
I have them passing on Hankins and Jesse Williams in Round 1, so landing a stud like Jenkins here is makes Pittsburgh extremely happy. He may end up in the late 1st round, but he is undoubtably a nice replacement for NT Casey Hampton. Eddie Lacy could also be considered at this point.

49. Giants – Khaseem Greene, OLB – Rutgers; Senior: 6’1″ 241
I think they’ll continue to re-build their linebacking group. They essentially have no depth and with Boley being cut and Keith Rivers an UFA they need new starters as well. They could consider Barrett Jones or Travis Frederick as well.

50. Bears – Barrett Jones, C/OG/OT – Alabama; Senior: 6’4″ 306
Jones is a versatile player, who is extremely smart and would offer help at any position along the offensive line. Chicago needs help at OG, and I think they’ll slate him in as a starter from the get-go. He may end up going earlier, but this is about right for him in my opinion. They’d also consider Warford if he is available as well as Jordan Poyer and Khaseem Greene.

51. Redskins – Jordan Poyer, CB – Oregon State; Senior: 6’0″ 191
DeAngelo Hall will probably take a pay-cut to stay with the team, but I think they still need to add some depth at the position. There isn’t really any safety prospect available that offers value (plus, they get Tanard Jackson back under contract this season). They may opt for Jordan Mills as a potential RT in this scenario.
Needs: RT, FS, 3/4 OLB, CB, LG, MLBx2, TE, SS, WRx2, C
TE Logan Paulsen (Re-Signed – 3 years), OLB Rob Jackson (Re-Signed – 1 year), FB Darrel Young (Re-Signed – 3 years), DE/DT Phillip Merling, DT Ron Brace, TE DeAngelo Peterson
Trade Block:

52. Vikings – Justin Hunter, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’4″ 196
Hunter is a nice target who could get first round consideration. They released Michael Jenkins are lack overall depth, especially with the Percy Harvin situation being unclear. I think Sam Montgomery could offer a lot of value.

53. Bengals – Zaviar Gooden, OLB – Missouri; Senior: 6’1″ 234
Gooden is a rising player in a somewhat ‘clustered’ group of OLB prospects. I like his potential and speed and think that even with the addition of Minter at No.37 they still need to upgrade the linebacking core. It could be a spot for a RB like Eddie Lacy or Christine Michael also.

54. Dolphins (Colts) – Kawann Short, DT – Purdue; Senior: 6’3″ 299
They franchised Randy Starks, but I think they still need help at the DT position. I think Johnthan Banks may be consider, or depending on how free-agency goes they could opt for one of the WR prospects. Short is not one of my favorites, but he does offer value – he may even sneak into Round 1.

55. Packers – Eddie Lacy, RB – Alabama; *Junior: 5’11″ 231
They need a long-term solution at RB to balance out the offense. I like the combination of power and burst that Lacy has – plus he has shown the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Wisconsin’s Montee Ball and Travis Frederick are another guys to consider here, as well as Jordan Mills or Oday Aboushi.

56. Seattle – Jordan Reed, TE – Florida; *Junior: 6’3″ 236
I think an OT like Jordan Mills could be in play – but I like the surprise pick of Reed here. They signed Z.Miller to big money recently, but Reed fits more of the Aaron Hernanzdez style-role in two tight-end sets. Reed can run and create mismatches and would be a nice target for Russell Wilson – although, I admit it may be a tad early for him. I’d also consider guys like Sio Moore, Jamie Collins and Chase Thomas here.

57. Texans – Quinton Patton, WR – Louisiana Tech; Senior: 6’0″ 204
Patton has first round potential, even as a small school prospect. Andre Johnson is getting older so they need to add some youth, and while I think they have more concerning needs – I think Patton is good value. Johnnthan Banks, David Amerson, TJ McDonald, and Phillip Thomas may be consider since they need secondary help.

58. Denver – Jamar Taylor, CB – Boise State; Senior: 5’11″ 192
Staying a Bronco, Taylor is a rising CB and it shouldn’t be a surprise that he is going this high. I think Sam Montgomery could be a value pick since Denver could also use help at DE. They may also consider a slot-WR like Ryan Swope or Robert Woods – as well as: Alvin Bailey, Brian Winters, Johnthan Banks, or Jon Bostic.

59. Patriots – Terrence Williams, WR – Baylor; Senior: 6’2″ 208
They’re going to lose Wes Welker (and they may release Brandon Lloyd) and they already lack quality depth at the position. Im sure they’ll be able to attract a decent WR to catch passes from Tom Brady, but Williams is still that sure-handed, possession type target they need. I think Ryan Swope could be a sleeper as a Welker-type replacement.

60. Falcons – Logan Ryan, CB – Rutgers; *Junior: 5’11″ 191
I think a RB here is a very likely option, especially Christine Michael (or Montee Ball) – however, I think they’re likely to sign UFA Steven Jackson as their main tailback for the short-term. They cut Robinson and Grimes is a UFA this offseason, so I like Ryan here, even though its a bit early for him in my opinion, because of his ability to play man-to-man. Frederick could also be tempting as well as a safety prospect who they feel offers value. TE Jordan Reed is a sleeper to keep an eye on if they miss on a TE in Round 1.

61. 49ers – DeAndre ‘Nuk’ Hopkins, WR – Clemson; *Junior: 6’1″ 214
I think Hopkins and his ability to stretch the field may be gone before this point – but Kaepernick is going to need a guy to throw the deep-ball too. If not a WR here then a CB like Jamar Taylor, Johnthan Banks would make sense – as well as NT Brandon Williams.

62. Ravens – Sam Montgomery, DE/OLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’3″ 262
It could be a little shocking to see Montgomery’s name this low in a mock, but he could fall a little lower than expect. Baltimore will probably lose Paul Kruger this offseason and will likely utilize him as a 3/4 DE although he could possibly stand-up as an OLB. It’s really taking the best available talent here, but they’ll also consider T.Frederick since Matt Birk retired. I think a slot-WR like Swope or Woods would be good too, but also keep an eye on Jordan Mill, Chris Faulk, Oday Aboushi or Terron Armstead – or a safety prospect.

3rd Round:
63. Chiefs – Alex Okafor, DE/OLB – Texas; Senior: 6’5″ 264
I think they’ll go with Donald Stephenson at RT (or sign one in free-agency) so I have them passing on Jordan Mills and taking one of the best talents available. Okafor would be drafted to play DE in the 3/4 scheme (even though he is a little light and better for a 4/3), but he’ll also provide depth as an rush-OLB.

64. Jaguars – Sio Moore, OLB – U Conn; Senior: 6’1″ 245
Jacksonville could consider a QB with Wilson, Jones, Bray, and Barkley sitting there – actually I think someone will be moving up to grab an available QB if Jacksonville doesn’t want one. Daryl Smith is an UFA and they have little depth at OLB, they need to add multiple players at the position, but Moore is a nice start.

65. Lions – Johnthan Banks, CB – Mississippi St.; Senior 6’2″ 185
He’ll get to play with Megatron, not cover him. Banks has seen his stock drop of late, but he’ll likely turn out to be a quality player – and offers good value for a Detroit team in need of secondary help. The Lions could opt to address this need with any either pick with Chris Houston and Jacob Lacey set to become UFA’s.

66. Raiders – Matt Barkley, QB – USC; Senior: 6’3″ 227
I think they have more important needs to address on the defensive side of the ball, but Barkley will be hard for them to pass on – especially with faith in Carson Palmer fading (and him likely to be released) and an unproven Terrelle Pryor as the next best option. Best case, part way with Palmer….let Barkley learn and Pryor play this season, until he proves its Barkley’s turn.

67. Eagles – David Amerson, CB/S – NC State; *Junior: 6’1″ 205
Jordan Poyer may be the safer pick, but if Amerson can return to 2011 form the Eagles will have landed a steal. Nnamdi Asomugha will likely end up being cut (or traded) and DR-C is already an UFA so corner is a huge concern.

68. Browns – Jamie Collins, OLB/DE – Southern Mississippi; Senior: 6’3″ 250
I think Tyler Bray and Tyler Wilson could be tempting for Cleveland here, but they need to add personnel in the 3/4 scheme. Collins is a nice fit here for Cleveland, especially after passing on Dion Jordan and Jarvis Jones in Round 1. I think Collins, a college starter since his freshman season, is going to have his name called earlier than you think – he is a freakish athlete who can really rush the passer in that hybrid mold.

69. Arizona – Jordan Poyer, CB – Oregon State; Senior: 6’0″ 191
William Gay’s release makes corner a higher priority so taking Poyer here makes sense. Poyer could be gone before this, but he is talented enough to step right in as a starter opposite Patrick Peterson (moving Fleming into a nickel role). They likely be looking to add a defender here and may also consider Jon Bostic, Kevin Reddick, and Cornelius Washington.

70. Titans – Travis Frederick, C/OG – Wisconsin; *Junior: 6’4″ 312
I know they addressed an OG position in Round 1 with Warmack, but they could stand to add even more help. Frederick is capable of playing OG as well as C – so even though they’ll retain RFA C Fernando Velasco I still think Frederick is too good to pass on. The only other options that would make sense here are RB Montee Ball, RB Christine Michael, or DT Bennie Logan. They could reach for secondary help as well, but while Titans fans may sigh at drafting “a center” – there going to love this guy and his football intelligence…and the look of their offensive line with Warmack and Frederick on it.

71. Bills – Aaron Dobson, WR – Marshall; Senior: 6’3″ 210
It’s hard to believe Dobson would go before Woods (or even Rodgers), but Buffalo will be looking for that big target. Buffalo let D.Jones and D.Nelson become UFA’s – and they don’t have much else besides Stevie Johnson. Dobson didn’t have an impressive senior campaign but he has the potential to develop into a No.1 wideout with his long arms, athleticism, and ability to make the tough catch.

72. Jets – Christine Michael, RB – Texas A&M; Senior: 5’10″ 220
I could see C.Michael working his way into a solid Round 2 prospect. He really looks the part with great speed and size – he can definitely be a No.1 tailback in the NFL. Shonn Greene is an UFA and shouldn’t be back so adding a RB is a huge need (I doubt they can afford to via free-agency). Montee Ball could also be consider, although there lobule to go any which direction here with all of their needs.

73. Tampa Bay – Robert Woods, WR – USC; *Junior: 6’0″ 201
Woods should be a 2nd rounder, but it’s looking more likely he’ll get pushed into the 3rd round area. He was a super productive receiver and would be a nice No.3 option from the slot for the Buccaneers and would be an immediate upgrade over T.Underwood or A.Benn. Ryan Swope may also be an option here, or they could go with a RT prospect like Mills or Aboushi.

74. 49ers (Carolina) – Tyler Wilson, QB – Arkansas; Senior: 6’2″ 215
I like Kaepernick, but after losing Alex Smith they’re going to need a backup. Wilson is a player I like a lot, and should he get an opportunity – I think he can excel. He’ll also hold a little trade value even if he never plays a down (similiar to what we’ve seen/see with Kirk Cousin, Kevin Kolb, Matt Schaub, and Matt Flynn) – or offer a more tradition approach should he be called on to play. Beside, the Niners have enough picks to account for using one of a promising young QB prospect at this point.

75. Saints – Brandon Williams, DT/NT – Missouri Southern St; Senior: 6’1″ 335
Williams would give New Orleans an option other than Brodrick Bunkley at NT. They’re moving to the 3/4 so they’ll need a big-body in the middle and the small school prospect is a rising player. An OT like Jordan Mills fills a need and they could also look at players like: Oday Aboushi, Cornelius Washington, John Simon, Brandon Jenkins, Corey Lemonier, and Shawn Williams.

76. Chargers – Montee Ball, RB – Wisconsin; Senior: 5’11″ 214
Ryan Matthews is always hurt, so they’ll be looking for some durability – and that’s what Ball will provide. Curtis Brinkley is the only back currently under contract behind Matthews, so they’ll definitely need to find a better option (maybe they’ll bring in a veteran, but I still see them draft a youngster). A QB is also a possibility here, they need a backup.

77. Dolphins – Da’Rick Rodgers, WR – Tennessee Tech; *Junior: 6’2″ 217
Rodgers has the talent to be a 1st rounder, and the potential at one time. He has fallen due to character concerns, but he has the ability to be a star in this league. Miami may have learned a lesson with Brandon Mashall and shy away from Rodgers, but he also could produce Marshall-like numbers in the future. I think its worth a chance for the receiver needy Dolphins (even if they do sign a big named free-agent at wideout).

78. Rams – Joseph Randle, RB – Oklahoma State; *Junior: 6’0″ 204
Jackson will be playing elsewhere next season, and while Richardson and Pead show promise they need to add another option (maybe it’ll come via free-agency). Randle is a little ‘under the radar’ and I think he is a prospect with a lot of upside. I think he fits in well with the Rams.

79. Steelers – Marcus Lattimore, RB – South Carolina; *Junior: 5’11″ 221
They can afford to take a chance, give Lattimore time to heal because they have Redman and Dwyer returning for the 2013 season (although neither should be viewed as the long term answer). Lattimore could be a steal if he returns to 100% and would be a nice fit in Pittsburgh.

80. Dallas – Tyler Bray, QB – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’6″ 232
Tony Romo may be signing an extension here soon, but he isn’t getting any younger – and Dallas needs to groom a young QB. Bray has a lot of potential, but even more question marks – which is why he has fallen this late in the draft. This could be a nice addition for Dallas in the next 2-3 years. His old HC at Tennessee, Derek Dooley, is now on the Cowboys staff.

81. Giants – Oday Aboushi, OT – Virginia; Senior: 6’5″ 308
They re-signed LT William Beatty, but they still need to upgrade the offensive line. OG Boothe and back OT Sean Locklear are UFA’s, plus they have other issues with injury and age so Aboushi will help at the RT spot. They could also consider Dallas Thomas, Jordan Mills, Chris Faulk, or Terron Armstrong to address the offensive line need.

82. Dolphins (Bears) – Chris Faulk, OT – LSU; *Junior: 6’5″ 331
Miami may consider a CB since Sean Smith is likely gone this offseason. Faulk has a lot of potential and if not for injury he may be going a lot higher so he would add nice depth (if they keep Long, or sign Winston – or another free-agent) or be a potential RT candidate for the Dolphins. They could also consider Jordan Mills, or a TE prospect.

83. Vikings – Bennie Logan, DT – LSU; *Junior: 6’2″ 309
There was a time when I thought Logan was going to be a high first rounder – he has fallen a bit, but he is still easily a 2nd round talent. This is good value for Minnesota and along with Williams, Ballard, and Guion gives them a nice possible rotation. Jasper Brinkley and Erin Henderson are both UFA’s so they could decide on a linebacker with this pick or go with a safety if they end up losing UFA Jamarca Sanford in free-agency.

84. Bengals – Giovani Bernard, RB/PR – UNC; **Sophomore: 5’8″ 202
Bernard has the talent to be selected in the mid 2nd round, so it’s a good find for Cincinnati at this point. Bernard is a dynamic player who should fit well as a change of pace back with BenJarvus Green-Ellis (and I guess newly re-signed Cedric Peerman). They could also consider a safety like TJ McDonald, Baccari Rambo, Shawn Williams or Phillip Thomas.

85. Redskins – Jonathan Bostic, MLB – Florida; Senior: 6’1″ 245
It seems as though London Fletcher will return for another season, but they still need to add depth, youth, and a future replacement. Bostic wouldn’t have to come in a start right away, which could be good for him – but I think he has a good skill set and could develop into a solid NFL player. Kevin Reddick is another option they’ll consider, as well as: Jordan Mills, Terron Armstrong, Dallas Thomas, and Shamarko Thomas

86. Colts – Leon McFadden, CB – San Diego State; Senior: 5’10″ 193
Darius Butler and Jerraud Powers are both UFA’s or I’d say they’d go with a player like Brandon Jenkins, Corey Lemonier, or John Simon. McFadden has initial value as a slot or nickel corner, and will provide them with much needed depth at the position. They could also consider Darius Slay, Will Davis, or Robert Alford here – maybe even Dallas Thomas or Brian Winters.

87. Seattle – Chase Thomas, OLB – Stanford; Senior: 6’3″ 244
They’ll be looking for help at WOLB with Leroy Hill set to become a free-agent this offseason. Thomas is a solid prospect, but Jelani Jenkins and Sean Porter could be tempting too. Aside from that need, they also will be looking for a RT so Mills and Armstead could be options as well.

88. Packers – Akeem Spence, DT – Illinois; *Junior: 6’1″ 307
They need to add depth up front, and I don’t think there is a better option than Spence at this point. Spence has potential to go a little higher, but landing him here is good value – plus, BJ Raji needs a break from time-to-time (although Spence isn’t a true NT). They could consider Jordan Mills or Terron Armstrong as insurance for Derek Sherrod as well.

89. Texans – Shawn Williams, SS – Georgia; Senior: 6’0″ 213
DB Glover Quin is an UFA so they could be looking to upgrade the secondary. Williams is the best option at safety – but they could also consider Robert Alford, Shamarko Thomas, and Phillip Thomas. Also, Cushing will be return next season from a 2012 Week 5 ACL injury, and the Texans will need depth behind him (Bradie James is an UFA too) so Kevin Reddick is a strong possibility here.

90. Denver – Ryan Swope WR – Texas A&M; Senior: 6’0″ 205
It may turn out they need to take Swope in the 2nd round, he is a prospect gaining momentum and should be gone before now. If Swope is gone then Markus Wheaton become a likely target. Denver will be looking for a No.3/slot receiver. Dallas Thomas could fill a need at RG, and they could use a DE talent’s like Cornelius Washington and Brandon Jenkins as well.

91. Patriots – Dallas Thomas, OG/OT – Tennessee; 6’5″ 306
They need to add depth on the offensive line and Thomas is a talented option. I could see him going a lot higher, but if they lose Donald Thomas they’ll be looking for interior line depth and maybe even an upgrade over Dan Connolly. They lack picks in the upcoming rounds, so I’d expect new England to try to trade back with this early picks.

92. Falcons – Gavin Escobar, TE – San Diego State; *Junior: 6’6″ 254
It took awhile, but I finally have Atlanta taking a TE. I think Gonzalez will return, but Escobar will be groomed as his replacement. They could also consider Travis Kelce here or look to add a young RB like Johnathan Franklin or Andre Ellington.

93. 49ers – John Simon, OLB/DE – Ohio State; Senior: 6’1″ 257
Simon isn’t necessarily a speed rusher, but he is good against the run and a versatile player that I think fits San Fran’s style of play as a rotation guy (and key special-team contributor). He is actually underrated in my opinion, and may end up going high than expected. They could look at prospects like Travis Kelce, William Gholston, Shawn Williams, or Corey Lemonier.

94. Ravens – Shamarko Thomas, SS – Syracuse; Senior: 5’9″ 213
Bollard is only 28 years old (and signed through 2016), but Ed Reed is an UFA so Baltimore could stand to add a safety in this this draft. Thomas is drawing comparisons to Bob Sanders and is emerging as a hot prospect so I think he’d fit in with Baltimore’s style of play. TJ McDonald, Baccari Rambo, and Phillip Thomas are other options for the need.

4th Round:
95. Jaguars – Jordan Mills, OT – Louisiana Tech; Senior: 6’5″ 316
96. Chiefs – Kevin Reddick, MLB/OLB – UNC; Senior: 6’1″ 243
97. Raiders – Corey Lemonier, DE/OLB – Auburn; *Junior: 6’3″ 255
98. Eagles – William Gholston, DE/DT – Michigan State; *Junior 6’6″ 281
99. Vikings (Lions) – Andre Ellington, RB – Clemson; Senior: 5’9″ 199
100. Arizona – Cornelius Washington, DE/OLB – Georgia; Senior: 6’4″ 265
101. Browns – Robert Alford, CB – SE Louisiana; Senior: 5’10″ 185
102. Bills – TJ McDonald, FS/SS – USC; Senior: 6’3″ 219
103. Jets – Brian Winters, OG/OT – Kent State; Senior: 6’4″ 320
104. Titans – Johnathan Franklin, RB – UCLA; Senior: 5’10″ 205
105. Carolina – Markus Wheaton, WR – Oregon State; Senior: 5’11″ 189
106. Saints – Terron Armstead, OT – Arkansas-Pine Bluff; Senior: 6’5″ 306
107. Chargers – Landry Jones, QB – Oklahoma; Senior: 6’4″ 225
108. Dolphins – Darius Slay, CB – Mississippi State; Senior: 6’0″ 192
109. Tampa Bay – Brennan Williams, OT – UNC; Senior: 6’6″ 318
110. Rams – Jelani Jenkins, OLB – Florida; *Junior: 6’0″ 243
111. Dallas – Alvin Bailey, OG – Arkansas; *Junior: 6’3″ 312
112. Steelers – Kiko Alonso, MLB/OLB – Oregon; Senior: 6’3″ 238
113. Giants – Travis Kelce, TE – Cincinnati; Senior: 6’5″ 255
114. Bears – David Bakhtiari, OT/OG – Colorado; *Junior: 6’4″ 299
115. Bengals – Bacarri Rambo, FS – Georgia; Senior: 6’1″ 211
116. Redskins – Phillip Thomas, FS – Fresno State; Senior: 6’1″ 208
117. Vikings – Sean Porter, OLB – Texas A&M; Senior: 6’1″ 229
118. Colts – Brandon Jenkins, OLB/DE – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 251
119. Packers – David Quessenberry, OT/OG – San Jose State; Senior: 6’5″ 302
120. Seattle – Tyrann Mathieu, CB/S/KR – LSU (XXX); *Junior: 5’9″ 186
121. Texans – Vance McDonald, TE – Rice; Senior: 6’4″ 267
122. Denver – Malliciah Goodman, DE – Clemson; Senior: 6’4″ 276
123. Tampa Bay (Patriots) – Will Davis, CB – Utah State; Senior: 5’11″ 186
124. Falcons – Hugh Thornton, OG – Illinois; Senior: 6’3″ 320
125. 49ers – Montori Hughes, DT/NT – Tenn-Martin; Senior: 6’4″ 329
126. Ravens – Brian Schwenke, C – California; Senior: 6’3″ 314

5th Round:
127. Chiefs – Stedman Bailey, WR – WVU; *Junior: 5’10″ 193
128. Jaguars – Matt Scott, QB – Arizona; Senior: 6’2″ 213
129. Eagles – Ricky Wagner, OT – Wisconsin; Senior: 6’6″ 308
130. Lions – Trevardo Williams, OLB/DE – U Conn; Senior: 6’1″ 241
131. Seattle (Raiders) – Everett Dawkins, DT – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 292
132. Browns – Ace Sanders, WR/RB/KR – South Carolina; *Junior: 5’7″ 173
133. Arizona – Nico Johnson, MLB – Alabama; Senior: 6’2″ 248
134. Jets – Tony Jefferson, FS – Oklahoma; *Junior: 5’11″ 213
135. Titans – BW Webb, CB – William & Mary; Senior: 5’10″ 184
136. Bills – Michael Buchanan, DE/OLB – Illinois; Senior: 6’5″ 255
137. Saints – Devin Taylor, DE – South Carolina; Senior: 6’7″ 266
138. Chargers – Kwame Geathers, DT/NT – Georgia; *Junior: 6’5″ 342
139. Dolphins – Dion Sims, TE – Michigan State; *Junior: 6’5″ 262
140. Tampa Bay – Jordan Hill, DT – Penn State; Senior: 6’1″ 303
141. Carolina – DJ Swearinger, FS – South Carolina; Senior: 5’11″ 208
142. Rams – Dwayne Gratz, CB – U Conn; Senior: 5’11″ 201
143. Steelers – Zac Dysert, QB – Miami (OH); Senior: 6’3″ 231
144. Dallas – Gerald Hodges, OLB – Penn State; Senior: 6’1″ 243
145. Giants – Marquise Goodwin, WR – Texas; Senior: 5’9″ 183
146. Bears – Tharold Simon, CB – LSU; *Junior: 6’2″ 202
147. Redskins – Xavier Nixon, OT/OG – Florida; Senior: 6’6″ 321
148. Vikings – Robert Lester, SS – Alabama; Senior: 6’1″ 220
149. Bengals – Brandon McGee, CB – Miami (FL); Senior: 5’11″ 193
150. 49ers (Colts) – Nick Kasa, TE – Colorado; Senior: 6’6″ 269
151. Seattle – Reid Fragel, OT – Ohio State; Senior: 6’8″ 308
152. Packers – Kenny Stills, WR – Oklahoma; *Junior: 6’1″ 194
153. Texans – JC Tretter, OG/C – Cornell; Senior: 6’4″ 307
154. Denver – Knile Davis, RB – Arkansas; *Junior: 5’10″ 227
155. Redskins (Patriots) – Lavar Edwards, DE – LSU; Senior: 6’4″ 277
156. Falcons – Kenjon Barner, RB – Oregon; Senior: 5’9″ 196
157. 49ers – Terry Hawthorne, CB – Illinois; Senior: 6’0″ 195
158. Ravens – Cobi Hamilton, WR – Arkansas; Senior: 6’2″ 212

6th Round:
159. Jaguars – Mike Gillislee, RB – Florida; Senior: 5’11″ 208
160. Chiefs –
161. Lions
162. Raiders –
163. Browns (Eagles) –
164. Arizona –
165. Browns –
166. Arizona (Vikings via Titans) –
167. Bills –
168. Jets –
169. Chargers –
170. 49ers (Dolphins) –
171. Tampa Bay –
172. Carolina –
173. Saints –
174. Rams –
175. Dallas –
176. Steelers –
177. Giants –
178. Bears –
179. Vikings –
180. Bengals –
181. Redskins –
182. Colts –
183. Packers –
184. Seattle –
185. Texans –
186. Eagles (Denver) –
187. Bengals (Patriots) –
188. Falcons –
189. 49ers –
190. Ravens –

7th Round:

191. Chiefs –
192. Jaguars –
193. Raiders –
194. Eagles –
195. Lions –
196. Eagles (Browns) –
197. Vikings (Arizona) –
198. Seattle (Bills) –
199. Jets –
200. Titans –
201. Dolphins –
202. Tampa Bay –
203. Raiders (Carolina) –
204. Seattle (Saints) –
205. Chargers –
206. Rams –
207. Steelers –
208. Dolphins (Dallas) –
209. Giants –
210. Patriots (Tampa Bay via Bears) –
211. 49ers (Bengals) –
212. Redskins –
213. Vikings –
214. Colts –
215. Seattle –
216. Packers –
217. Texans –
218. Denver –
219. Patriots –
220. Falcons –
221. 49ers –
222. Ravens –


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