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2013 NFL Mock Draft – April Edition 1.0

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Well, here you have it – another mock with just 3 weeks to go until the start of the 2013 NFL Draft. These things are pretty unpredictable, but here is my best shot at how things could look if the draft were held today. I didn’t include any ‘projected’ trades because they’re nearly impossible to generate based on speculation, which makes mocking the draft a little general – so I’m concentrating on team needs and projecting an accurate value for where a prospect may be selected. I take an in-depth look at each teams current need, future needs based on contracts/injury/age, team draft history, and best player available scenarios when constructing my mock drafts.

For more analysis on all 32 teams go to my offseason page (I promise it’ll be very helpful and keep you up-to-date with all the news you need to know this offseason):

I didn’t put as much analysis of individual picks as I typically do because I didn’t want to sound redundant, as a lot of things have been explained in previous mocks. My reasoning for where players are selected and why a team is taking a particular position is related to current depth charts, recent signings, and updated team needs since the date of my previous mock. Check my previous mocks for more in-depth analysis of picks and explanation of why a team may be drafting a certain way. However, player draft stock is always changing.

I am looking for feedback so please comment. I put a lot of time an effect into being fair and accurate. Also, please be sure to check page as I update new material.

Thanks. I hope you enjoy.

*My rankings do not always match the order I have players selected in mocks because teams draft based on their boards (not mine) and because players will never be chosen by a ‘labeled’ rank – and due to other various factors, including: scheme, fit, rising/falling, connections, and forecasting.

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NFL MOCK DRAFT 3.0 (7 Rounds)
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April 4th, 2013

1st Round:

1. Chiefs (2-14) – Eric Fisher, OT – Central Michigan; Senior: 6’7″ 306
If seems like Brandon Albert is unsure of his future with the team, which leads me to believe that offensive tackle is the likely directions. They’re said to have narrowed 8-10 prospect down to 4 unnamed option here – I think the 4 are E.Fisher, L.Joeckel, S.Lotulelei, and L.Johnson (or maybe its S.Floyd). I just have a feeling that Fisher is emerging as the likely pick ahead of Joeckel because of his athleticism. Obviously, I think Lotulelei is a better fit than Floyd (or even Sylvester Williams) in their 3/4 scheme as a 5-technique end. They don’t have a second round selection (well, unless they get one in a trade for Albert in the coming weeks) so they could benefit from trading down if there is a willing partner.
Needs: RT, 3/4 LILB, 3/4 OLB, LG, 3/4 DE, FS, RB, FB
Depth: 3/4 DE, WR, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 ILB, OT, C, TE

2. Jaguars (2-14) – DeMarcus ‘Dee’ Milliner, CB – Alabama; *Junior: 6’0″ 201
I seem unwilling to change my stance on their need for Milliner over Floyd, Jordan, or any other defensive prospects. They lack quality starting CB’s in this passing league and Milliner has the size, talent, and complete corner skills to make him the pick. I think an offensive tackle is option number two, a defender as option three, followed by a quarterback as option four here for Jacksonville. I think Milliner is a stud and the losses of Cox, Ross, and Mathis this offseason means they must obtain two starting corners via this draft. Bradley Roby, Antone Exum or Aaron Colvin would be their most likely option at a star cornerback next year. Honestly, I look for the Jaguars to be pretty bad again next season given the state of their current roster, so they should have their chance at Teddy Bridgewater, Tajh Boyd, Clint Trickett, or Logan Thomas (a new QB to replace Gabbaert) in the 2014 NFL Draft.
Needs: CBx2, 4/3 LOLB, RT, RB, SS, No.2 WR, 4/3 DT, QB, RG, TE
Depth: 4/3 OLB, S, WR, KR, 4/3 DT, C, 4/3 DE, OG, CB, FB, MLB

3. Raiders (4-12) – Sharrif Floyd, DT/DE – Florida; *Junior: 6’3″ 297
The recent acquisition of Matt Flynn leads me to believe that QB won’t be an option here anymore, but the recent release of Tommy Kelly does make a strong case for Floyd. The loss of Kelly combined with Desmond Bryant, Richard Seymour, and Matt Shaughnessy all departing Oakland this offseason make Floyd and S.Lotulelei the most likely options. I went with Floyd because he is an extremely talented force that is capable of recking havoc in the backfield from an inside position. I also think that Dee Milliner is a strong option, and I would’t completely rule out one of the offensive tackles here either. Dion Jordan is also a candidate, but I think the Raiders will add a defensive line prospects with this pick.
Needs: CBx2, 4/3 LDE, 4/3 DTx2, FS, LT/RT, No.1 WR, LG, TE, P, RB
Depth: Pass-Rushers, 4/3 DT, OG, 4/3 MLB, OT, 4/3 OLB, S, WR, 4/3 DE

4. Eagles (4-12) – Star Lotulelei, DT/NT/DE – Utah; Senior: 6’3″ 311
I know Joeckel makes a lot of sense as insurance for Jason Peter’s, but if Peter’s is healthy then the offensive line should be in fairly good shape aside from adding mid round depth. It’ll be a tough call, and Philly may ultimately think Joeckel is the better pick, but I personally like the Lotulelei fit. They need a 5-technique DE in the 3/4 and a healthy Star (which he seems to be) could be the best overall player in the draft. The Eagles may consider a QB for the future like Geno Smith, I doubt they’d pass on Milliner despite Bradley and Williams being added, and an offensive tackle is very tempting for sheer value – but I just Lotulelei is too good to overlook, and gives them a force they lack up front. Dion Jordan is also an option due to his Oregon/ChipKelly connection, as well as Sharrif Floyd if Star is gone or the injury concern too great.
Needs: 3/4 LDE, LT/RT, CB, 3/4 NT, Offensive-Speed, C
Depth: QB, 3/4 DE, WR, OG, OT, P, 3/4 NT, 3/4 OLB

5. Lions (4-12) – Luke Joeckel, OT – Texas A&M; *Junior 6’6″ 306
I dont know if Joeckel will last this long, but it’d seem like they’d be able to be able to land either him, Fisher, or Johnson with this selection. They lost Gosder Cherilus to Indy (and Jeff Backus retired) this offseason and there are some major question marks on their offensive line so I think that’ll outweigh a defensive prospect. Joeckel and Fisher will be too hard to pass on, especially given that they need to protect Matthews Stafford’s blindside – but they’d probably opt for Dion Jordan or Ziggy Ansah here over Lane Johnson. Don’t get me wrong, with Avril and Vanden Bosch gone the Lions have a major need for pass-rushing help so it’ll be a tough decision, I just think Joeckel is the best option. Dee Milliner could also come into play if he is available, or they may even consider a talent like Chance Warmack despite it being a little early for an interior lineman.
Needs: LT/RT, 4/3 DEx2, CB, No.2 WR, RG, 4/3 SOLB, C, K, KR, P
Depth: OG, 4/3 DE, OT, S, WR, 4/3 OLB, CB, TE, FB

6. Browns (5-11) – Matt Barkley, QB – USC; Senior: 6’3″ 227
Cleveland is really the wild card in the Top 10. In my last mock I have them taking WVU’s Tavon Austin and now I have them using the pick on Matt Barkley (against my better judgement, I think he is better suited as a 3rd/4th round guy – but I’m trying to be accurate). It’s likely Barkley will end up being a 1st round selection, but this may be a little too high – although it could make sense given that Cleveland doesn’t seem to be completely happy with Brandon Weeden, and have been interested in Ryan Mallet among other QB’s this offseason. They’ve addressed some defensive needs in free-agency, but still could consider Dee Milliner or Sharrif Floyd should one be available here. Both WVU’s Geno Smith and Tavon Austin remain options as well, but I could easily see them trading down.
Needs: LDE, FS, No.2 CB, LG, KR, K, QB, 3/4 NT
Depth: WR, RB, CB, OT, TE, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 DE, OG/C, SS, MLB

7. Arizona (5-11) – Lane Johnson, OT – Oklahoma; Senior: 6’6″ 303
There probably isn’t a better option than an offensive tackle for Arizona here. Levi Brown will likely move to RT or an offensive guard position with such a move, but Johnson would be a great addition to an already thin offensive line group. Kenny Vaccaro, Alec Ogletree, Jarvis Jones would be the other prospects who make sense, but they’d likely benefit from trading down should Johnson, Joeckel, or Fisher all be gone. Carson Palmer was added via trade to take over as QB so I think we can rule out as Quarterback early in this draft now.
Needs: LT, SS, 4/3 OLB, OG, Speed-WR, C, 4/3 DT
Depth: OT, FS, WR, 4/3 DE, TE, CB, RB, QB, MLB

8. Bills (6-10) – Chance Warmack, OG – Alabama; Senior: 6’2″ 317
They lost Andy Levitre this offseason so they need to replace him and need to sure up an offensive line that’ll be playing in front of a question mark at QB. Even thought he warrants a Top 10 pick some will suggest he may not be selected in the Top 10, or maybe even that Jonathan Cooper will be selected before him but I don’t see a better option for Buffalo. They could also opt to add a weapon for the QB like Cordarrelle Patterson in which case they’ll be better suited trading down. They could also consider a defender like Kenny Vaccaro, Jarvis Jones, or Alec Ogltree here – but Warmack is likely the only All-Pro player in this entire class and entirely too talented to consider passing on to reach for someone else.
Needs: LG, No.2 WR, RT, SS, Big-WR, 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, TE, P
Depth: QB, 4/3 MLB, WR, CB, OT, OG, 4/3 DT, RB, S, FB

9. Jets (6-10) – Barkevious ‘Keke’ Mingo, DE/OLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’4″ 241
I went with Mingo over Ansah because of his fit in the 3/4 OLB spot. The Jets have plenty of needs so this could come down to any number of players, but I think Mingo or Dion Jordan are the most likely options given their scheme fit as outside edge-rushers. Mingo is extremely raw, but like Ansah has the ability to become the best pass-rusher in the group. I’d personally prefer Chance Warmack, Kenny Vaccaro, or an offensive tackle prospect (a more proven/ready player) over someone with “potential” but I think the Jets’ need for pass-rush help is too great to pass on that potential.
Needs: 3/4 OLBx2, RT, OGx2, No.1 RB, FS, SS, TE, No.1 WR, 3/4 LILB, 3/4 NT
Depth: CB, Pass-Rushers, QB, OT, S, OG 3/4 DE, WR, K, FB

10. Titans (6-10) – Ezekiel ‘Ziggy’ Ansah, DE – BYU; Senior: 6’5″ 271
Ansah is raw, and Tennessee isn’t in dire need of a defensive end prospect, but you can always use pass-rushing help. He could end up being the best defensive prospect in the class, so aside from trading down I don’t see better value under this scenario despite having Wimbley and Morgan slated as their current starters. They’ll have some options here, but Chance Warmack would be the likely option if available, yes – even with the addition of Andy Levitre this offseason. Jonathan Cooper will be mentioned as well, but anyone other than Ansah or Warmack would seem like a reach, including: Tyler Eifert, Desmond Trufant, Xavier Rhodes, or Bjoern Werner. Maybe Lane Johnson emerges as an option if he ends up falling as well.
Needs: RG, CB, 4/3 DE, RT, WR, TE, 4/3 DT, C, FB
Depth: OG, S, 4/3 OLB, OT, 4/3 MLB, C, RB

11. Chargers (7-9) – DJ Fluker, OT/OG – Alabama; *Junior: 6’5″ 339
They’ll be desperate for offensive line help with this pick, especially with the departure of Louis Vasquez in free-agency and the recent release of starting LT Jared Gaither. It’d seem to be a little early for Fluker, but it’s not too far off – he is an extremely talented player. They may try to move up for one of the “other” offensive tackles, but I don’t know if they have enough fire power with all of the other needs they have. Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper could be a viable option here as well – maybe even Menelik Watson.
Needs: LT, SS, LG, 3/4 DE, CB, C, 3/4 NT, 3/4 ILB, Durable-RB, QB
Depth: OT, OG, Pass-Rushers, 3/4 ILB, S, 3/4 OLB, TE, WR

12. Dolphins (7-9) – Sylvester Williams, DT/DE – UNC; Senior: 6’3″ 313
The Dolphins retained Randy Starks with the franchise tag, but still need an option beside him or as a future replace should they not be able to re-sign him long term (plus Paul Soliai is a free-agent in 2014 as well). Williams is a guy that seems to be higher on boards than we’re seeing evidence of. Also, Miami still hasn’t yet replaced Jake Long so maybe they use one of their 11 picks to move up for Joeckel, Fisher, or Johnson. They could also stand-pat and go with Fluker or Watson, but they’ll need to add another offensive tackle despite which side they put Jonathan Martin on.
Needs: LT/RT, No.1 RB, 4/3 RDT, OG, 4/3 DE, CB, FS, TE
Depth: Pass-Rushers, S, 4/3 DT, MLB, CB, WR, OT, OG, KR

13. Tampa Bay (7-9) – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB – Oregon; Senior: 6’6″ 248
They’ll be counting on Da’Quan Bowers more this upcoming season, but they could still stand to add pass-rushing help. I think Jarvis Jones could be tempting here too, but defensive end is almost a must early on in the draft with the loss of Michael Bennett this offseason. They could also consider at DT or CB prospect – or maybe they’ll end up sending this selection to the Jets for Darrelle Revis, but it’s safe to say they need to add defenders in a division with Cam, Drew, and Matt.
Needs: 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, CBx2, 4/3 RDT, LT/RT, QB, TE, KR
Depth: WR, OT, 4/3 DT, 4/3 DE, 4/3 MLB, DB, OG, RB, 4/3 OLB

14. Carolina (7-9) – Tavon Austin, WR/RB/KR – WVU; Senior: 5’9″ 174
Austin offers versatility and a hard-to-defend dynamic with his skill set. He offers a nice target from the slot, out of the backfield, and in the return game – he is essentially a game changer. It’s likely that Carolina could prefer a bigger target like Cordarrelle Patterson or one of the premiere defenders over Austin, but it’s hard to deny the effective he’ll have on an opposing defense. He could go as high as No.6 overall, but certainly should’t make it past pick No.23.
Needs: No.1 WR, 4/3 DTx2, CB, FS, RT, RG, TE, Big-WR
Depth: 4/3 OLB, OG, WR, 4/3 DE, 4/3 MLB, 4/3 DT, DB

15. Saints (7-9) – Menelik Watson, OT – Florida State; *Junior: 6’5″ 310
They lost Jermon Bushrod to Chicago and have a big need at tackle. Watson is an intriguing prospect, but could develop into a stellar left tackle with his athleticism and ability. They had some bigger needs defensively entering free-agency, but with the additions of Keenan Lewis and Victor Butler, and the return of some of their own – they’ve given themselves some options with this selection. It could be a bit early for Watson, but they don’t have a second round selection and they need to sure up the spot to protect Drew Brees.
Needs: LT/RT, 3/4 NT, SS, 3/4 RDE, No.2 WR, 3/4 OLB, QB
Depth: Pass-Rushers, OT, S, WR, CB, C, ILB, KR, 3/4 NT, TE

16. Rams (7-8-1) – Jonathan Cooper, OG/C – UNC; Senior: 6’2″ 311
Tavon Austin may end up being tempting should he be available, but they need a LG pretty badly. They’ve improved the offensive line with the signing of Jake Long and landing the talented Cooper here will continue that trend. Their line has been an issue, and the health of Sam Bradford may be one too if they don’t sure up the Guard position here. I know they have other major needs and prospects like Cordarrelle Patterson, Kenny Vaccaro, Jarvis Jones, and Matt Elam also make sense, but protecting the QB has to take priority.
Needs: No.1 WR, FS, 4/3 OLBx2, LG, No.1 RB, SS, C, RT, P
Depth: OT, 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, OG, QB, S, KR, FB

17. Steelers (8-8) – Geno Smith, QB – WVU; Senior: 6’2″ 218
It’s a shock, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Big Ben era is over either. Roethlisberger is often injured and the 31 year old isn’t going to last forever. They need a capable backup (sorry Bruce Gradkowski) and a future option so Smith offers some value here, especially considering that Jarvis Jones, Tyler Eifert, or Jesse Williams are the next best options. Its also worth noting that with Pittsburgh’s salary cap situation, the $17+ Million Rooethlisberger is owed in the final two years of his deal (2014 and 2015) could potentially become an issue as well. Smith may need time to develop and sitting behind Big Ben could could enhance his development.
Needs: TE, 3/4 ROLB, No.1 RB, 3/4 NT, No.1 WR, LG, 3/4 ILB, SS
Depth: OT, CB, S, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 DE, WR, C, QB, OG, KR

18. Dallas (8-8) – Kenny Vaccaro, FS/SS – Texas; Senior: 6’0″ 214
Gerald Sensabaugh was released and it seems as if though Dallas has lacked a stud at the safety position since they lost Roy Williams in 2008. Vaccaro would be a great addition, but it’s likely Vaccaro is gone – in which case Dallas could be in position to move down. It’d seem that Vaccaro, Austin, or Cooper make the most sense, but they may also be in position to make a surprise selection, especially if they don’t think a long term deal with Anthony Spencer can happen. Bjoern Werner? Margus Hunt?
Needs: FS, Slot-WR, RT, RB, OG, 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, TE
Depth: LB, 4/3 DE, CB, QB, OT/OG, C, S, WR

19. Giants (9-7) – Jonathan Cyprien, SS – Florida International; Senior: 6’0″ 217
Stevie Brown is back for one more year, but I think the loss of Phillips is a key issue – plus, 30 year old Antrel Rolle is on the hook at $9.25M over thew next two years (can you say salary cap casualty next season). Maybe Eifert or Werner make sense here too, but I think the rising Cyprien or Elam make the most sense to sure up the secondary in the pass heavy NFL these days.
Needs: RT, 4/3 WOLB, 4/3 MLB, C, TE, 4/3 DT, LG, RB
Depth: S, WR, 4/3 DE, CB, OT, 4/3 OLB, OG, QB

20. Bears (10-6) – Alec Ogletree, MLB/OLB – Georgia; *Junior 6’2″ 242
They’ve added DJ Williams and James Anderson, but at this point Ogletree still offers a lot of value and those guys aren’t long term answers. I could see Ogletree going as high as No.7, but questions marks surrounding him could cause him to drop a bit – although he is a very talents player who I like a lot. Chicago has sured up a few area’s of need via free-agency so they could be in a position to take the best available or trade down. I also could see a WR like Patterson (maybe even a surprise wideout like Quinton Patton); a CB like Rhodes, Taylor, and Trufant; or players like Jarvis Jones, DJ Fluker, and Arthur Brown also being considered.
Needs: RT, MLB, 4/3 SOLB, C, FS, Deep Threat-WR, CB, OG, 4/3 DT
Depth: 4/3 OLB, OG, WR, 4/3 DE, TE, OT, DB, RB

21. Bengals (10-7) – Matt Elam, SS/FS – Florida; *Junior: 5’10″ 208
The Bengals, a playoff team in 2012, have been able to retain most of their free-agents, but they’ve yet to fill the RT void (or make a decision to bring Andre Smith back) so that’ll be their main focus should a prospect like Fluke or Watson be available. Nonetheless, Elam is an upgrade over Taylor Mays at SS and a player who can make plays. In fact, I think Elam is better than Cyprien despite me having Cyprien going ahead of him. Cinncinati could also consider a MLB prospect here like Brown or Te’o despite the fact they brought Maualuga back.
Needs: RT, SS, No.2 WR, C, RB, 4/3 OLB, KR
Depth: MLB, OT, QB, OLB, DB, 4/3 DE, OG, CB, 4/3 DT, TE

22. Rams (Redskins 10-7) – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’2″ 216
Its almost certain the Rams take a wideout with one of their first 3 picks in the Top 46 selections, and it’ll be hard to pass on either Tavon Austin or Cordarrelle Patterson in Round 1. The Rams are pretty depleted at WR with Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendola both leaving this offseason so they’ll be looking for a new No.1 target and Patterson has that kind of ability. A guy like Jarvis Jones could be tempting, as would one of the top safety prospects, but with them addressing the LG spot with Cooper at No.16 there doesn’t seem to be a better option than the talent wideout here.
Needs: No.1 WR, FS, 4/3 OLBx2, LG, No.1 RB, SS, C, RT, P
Depth: OT, 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, OG, QB, S, KR, FB

23. Vikings (10-7) – Sheldon Richardson, DT/DE – Missouri; *Junior: 6’3″ 294
Richardson is often mocked higher than this, and I think he is a Top 15 talent so while Kevin Williams (he will be 33 this season), Christian Ballard, and Letroy Guion are viable options Richardson offers a lot of value. He’d likely be used in a rotation and could possibly contribute from the end position at times. I think either Ogletree or Patterson would be their preferred options here, but they’ll likely also consider Arthur Brown, Manti’ Te’o, or Jonathan Cyprien here. I think they need to concentrate on the defensive side of the ball to ensure that their defense is good enough to get them back into the playoffs.
Needs: MLB, No.2 WR, 4/3 DT, LG, SS, Big-WR, RB, 4/3 DE, KR
Depth: OG, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, S, OT, FB, C

24. Colts (11-6) – Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE – Georgia; *Junior: 6’2″ 245
Jones is a Top 10 prospects, but a poor pro day showing (40-time) and possible injury concerns are likely to cause him to fall. I personally think he is going to go higher, in the No.8 to No.17 range – but it’d be a great addition for Indy. The Colts have been active this offseason, making some nice additions to fill important needs and Jones would be just another contribution to their effort to improve the team. They’re likely to be in position to take the best available player, and I’d consider prospects like Margus Hunt, Keenan Allen, and Jonathan Hankins as well. Heyward-Bey was a nice addition for Indianapolis, but a WR shouldn’t be completely out of the question.
Needs: 3/4 ROLB, No.2 WR, 3/4 NT, RG, 3/4 DE, C, 3/4 ILB
Depth: WR, 3/4 OLB, RB, OG, 3/4 DE, S, OT, CB, KR

25. Vikings (Seattle 12-6) – Manti Te’o, MLB – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’1″ 241
Te’o may work his way into Round 1 and despite me mocking him here – I think he is better suited as a second round prospect. I went with Te’o over Brown because I like Te’o in the 4/3 MLB spot better than I do Brown and since Minnesota lost Jasper Brinkley they’ll need a new guy in the middle. They could also consider a guy like Keenan Allen or Justin Pugh here as well – or maybe they’ll be in position to move down with a team looking to get back into Round 1 like they did last year to get Harrison Smith. It could be argued that Arthur Brown would be a better fit, as well as Kevin Minter, over Te’o and honestly it’d be a reasonable argument so I think they all need to be considered here. Also, don’t rule out any of the WR prospects here, even though they added Greg Jennings they still lack good options.
Needs: MLB, No.2 WR, 4/3 DT, LG, SS, Big-WR, RB, 4/3 DE, KR
Depth: OG, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, S, OT, FB, C

26. Packers (12-6) – Tyler Eifert, TE – Notre Dame; *Junior: 6’6″ 250
I’d be shocked if Eifert lasted this long, but it’s undoubtably a nice addition for the Packers with Finley’s contract status up in the air – even if he plays out the final year of the contract they’ll need another viable option for 2014. Eifert is a big target who goes up and grabs the ball, and would fit in nicely with Green Bay’s style of play. I think they’ll consider Jonathan Hankins, Justin Pugh, Barrett Jones, Kyle Long, and Eddie Lacy as well. Zach Ertz could be an option if Eifert is gone.
Needs: LT/RT, RB, 3/4 NT, 3/4 OLB, WR, TE, FS/SS, ILB
Depth: OG, CB, C, S, 3/4 DE, WR, Pass-Rusher, QB, FB

27. Texans (13-5) – Jesse Williams, DT/NT/DE – Alabama; Senior: 6’3″ 323
They still need to add a NT to their 3/4 and it just so happens a nice versatile prospect like Williams falls to them. Sure, Hankins or Jenkins are more of the bigger-bodied nose, but Williams is just as much a force on the inside and can even double as depth as a 5-technique DE at times for them. They also could covet a pass-catcher like Quinton Patton, Zach Ertz, Nuk Hopkins, or Keenan Allen. Manti Te’o may get consideration too, as well as potential RT prospect Kyle Long.
Needs: 3/4 NT, RT, No.2 WR, TE, ILB, Pass-Rushers, LG, CB, FS, P
Depth: WR, 3/4 OLB, S, RB, 3/4 DE, OT, OG/C, ILB, KR

28. Denver (13-4) – Bjoern Werner, DE – Florida State; *Junior: 6’3″ 266
This would be a tremendous addition at this point for Denver. Werner could be gone by now, but I see him in the ladder half of Round 1 despite the fact he very well may turn out to be the best defensive player in the class. The whole Dumervil “paperwork blunder” has created a void at DE that they should be able to address with this selection if they don’t via free-agency. I think If Werner is gone then prospects like Tank Carradine, Margus Hunt, Datone Jones, and Damontre Moore (Von Miller’s former teammate) all make sense as well. Jamie Collins could be a potential sleeper depending on which position they view him playing. I’d expect the Broncos to pick the best available defender with this selection.
Needs: 4/3 DEx2, 4/3 OLB, RB, MLB, FS, FB
Depth: S, 4/3 DT, CB, OG, WR, LB, 4/3 DE, C, OT, QB

29. Patriots (13-5) – Justin Pugh, OG/OT/C – Syracuse; *Junior: 6’4″ 307
I think Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant make more sense, but it’s New England so it’s hard to imagine what they’ll actually do. I think Pugh fits as a potential RG, or someone to add depth and versatility to the offensive line. I know WR is an issue, but it’s typically unlikely the Patriots to value one with such a high selection – I think you’d still have to consider Keenan Allen, Nuk Hopkins, or Quinton Patton here anyhow. They’ll surely consider moving down and acquiring more future picks if that becomes an option, or they can add the best player on their board.
Needs: CB, No.2 WR, 4/3 DT, RG, Big-WR, SS, 4/3 LDE, C
Depth: OG, OT, 4/3 OLB, WR, 4/3 DE, CB, 4/3 MLB, S, QB, FB

30. Falcons (14-4) – Cornellius ‘Tank’ Carradine, DE – Florida State; Senior: 6’4″ 276 (XXX)
They added Osi Umenyiora and Steven Jackson, and retained Tony Gonzalez, Sam Baker, and William Moore so a lot of their needs were addressed during free-agency. They do have a need at RG with Peter Konz moving to C to replace Todd McClure so they could consider a prospect to fill the void – maybe Barrett Jones. With that said, Carradine is a specimen who would have (and maybe still can be) and Top 10 selection if it hadn’t been for a November ACL injury. He’ll do drills days before the draft and that’ll be the determining factor on Carradine’s value, but Atlanta certainly can afford to take him and let him heal. I’d also strongly consider a CB like Demond Trufant, Xavier Rhodes, or Jamar Taylor here as well – and because Gonzalez won’t play forever a TE like Eifert or Ertz. On another note, the whole RT Tyson Clabo release leaves me puzzled – I guess they need a new RT now too.
Needs: RG, CB, RT, TE, 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, Slot-WR, MLB
Depth: 4/3 DT, C, RB, OG, S, QB, OT, KR

31. 49ers (13-5-1) – Zach Ertz, TE – Stanford; *Junior: 6’5″ 249
Harbaugh was at Stanford and came to SanFran, so it only makes sense he’d bring a Cardinal TE to the Niners – especially with their need for a backup TE with the loss of Delanie Walker. The 49ers have 13 picks after losing one in the Colt McCoy deal so they’ll have a lot of flexibility to make moves, draft the best available over need, and reach for players they covet. Nnamdi Asomugha is now on board for the 49ers and they seem to have a solid team returning from their Super Bowl campaign in 2012 so its really hard to find glaring needs – which makes a pick like Ertz even more appealing at this point. I’d suspect that anyone is in play for San Francisco.
Needs: FS, 3/4 NT, TE, C, WR, 3/4 DE, RG
Depth: 3/4 OLB, CB, OG, S, 3/4 ILB, 3/4 NT, OT, KR

32. Ravens (14-6) – Arthur Brown, MLB/OLB – Kansas State; Senior: 6’0″ 241
I think that Brown will fit nicely with Baltimore as an ILB on their 3/4 scheme – possibly as a potential Ray Lewis like leader. I think Brown is better than Te’o even though I have Te’o going a few picks ahead of him – in fact, Brown might not last this long. They have some holes to fill, but the Ravens may not be in as bad of shape as everyone thinks considering the players they’ve lost this offseason. They certainly have 3-4 position that need addressed with high importance, but the additions of Elvis Dumervil and Michael Huff are a start to the new look Ravens. If it’s not Brown then Manti Te’o, Kevin Minter, Keenan Allen, Shamarko Thomas or Barrett Jones would be options – as well as players like (if they fall this far): Alec Ogletree, Jonathan Cyprien, Matt Elam, Justin Pugh, and Menelik Watson.
Needs: ILBx2, LT, No.2 WR, C, SS, Slot-WR, 3/4 OLB
Depth: 3/4 DE, 3/4 NT, CB, S, OG, QB

2nd Round:
33. Jaguars – Jamar Taylor, CB – Boise State; Senior: 5’11″ 192
They need more CB’s. Taylor could emerge as CB No.2 off the board.

34. 49ers (Chiefs) – Johnathan Hankins, NT/DT – Ohio State; *Junior: 6’3″ 320
First Round talent, that offers value and need.

35. Eagles – EJ Manuel, QB – Florida State; Senior: 6’5″ 237
Someone will probably trade back into Round 1 for him. I like the fit with Philly.

36. Lions – Jamie Collins, OLB/DE – Southern Mississippi; Senior: 6’3″ 250
Underrated pass rusher, will probably be used as a DE in Detroit.

37. Bengals (Raiders) – Kevin Minter, MLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’0″ 246
Maualuga is back, but they need another option.

38. Arizona – DeAndre ‘Nuk’ Hopkins, WR – Clemson; *Junior: 6’1″ 214
He should end up in the late 1st round. Arizona has other needs, but I like this to spread the field.

***Browns – FORFEIT (Supplemental Draft – WR Josh Gordon)

39. Jets – Shamarko Thomas, SS/CB/KR – Syracuse; Senior: 5’9″ 213
Cuse’ player No.2 off-the-board and no Nassib yet. Sleeper with a lot of upside, fills huge need.

40. Titans – Desmond Trufant, CB/KR – Washington; Senior: 6’0″ 190
Could end up in Round 1, but offers a lot of value and depth.

41. Bills – Ryan Nassib, QB – Syracuse; Senior: 6’2″ 227
Kolb, Jackson…but, they need another option. Nassib is familiar and could be starter come Week 1.

42. Dolphins – Kyle Long, OT/OG – Oregon; Senior: 6’6″ 313
Howie Long’ son. Versatile guy that’ll be a solid RT.

43. Tampa Bay – Kawann Short, DT – Purdue; Senior: 6’3″ 299
Miller is gone and Landri isn’t enough – they need defensive lineman.

44. Carolina – Xavier Rhodes, CB/FS – Florida State; *Junior: 6’2″ 210
Munnerlyn is only on a one year deal and they need to improve the entire secondary, good value here.

***Saints – FORFEIT (Bounty Penalty)

45. Chargers – Mike Glennon, QB – NC State; Senior: 6’7″ 225
They need a backup, and the new regime may have Rivers on a short leash. Glennon has a big arm.

46. Rams – Khaseem Greene, OLB – Rutgers; Senior: 6’1″ 241
He could sneak his way in Round 1, but they need linebacker help.

47. Dallas – Margus Hunt, DE/DT – SMU; Senior: 6’8″ 277
Could be a steal. A lot of upside, but he is 26 years old – that could cause him to slide.

48. Steelers – Johnathan Jenkins, NT/DT – Georgia; Senior: 6’4″ 359
Monster is the middle, good value as Casey Hampton’s replacement.

49. Giants – Damontre Moore, DE/OLB – Texas A&M; *Junior: 6’5″ 250
Once considered a Top 10 guy, he has slide a bit but finds a good home. Osi’s replacement.

50. Bears – Eric Reid, FS – LSU; *Junior: 6’0″ 213
Reid is talented, but their are some flaws in his game. He fits well in Chicago though.

51. Redskins – Larry Warford, OG – Kentucky; Senior: 6’3″ 332
Protect RGIII. Protect, Protect, Protect. Warford is a good one.
Needs: FS, CB, 3/4 ILB, RG, KR, WR, 3/4 OLB, TE, RT
Depth: C/OG, 3/4 ILB, DB, 3/4 DE, 3/4 NT

52. Vikings – Keenan Allen, WR – California; *Junior: 6’2″ 206
Despite Jennings they still need a reliable No.2. Allen could fall a bit lower than expected.

53. Bengals – Barrett Jones, C/OG/OT – Alabama; Senior: 6’4″ 306
Can contribute all along the line, they’d view him as a C who offers versatility.

54. Dolphins (Colts) – Eddie Lacy, RB – Alabama; *Junior: 5’11″ 231
Lamar Miller has promise, but Lacy possesses a nice combo of power and burst.

55. Packers – Montee Ball, RB – Wisconsin; Senior: 5’11″ 214
Might not be the next best back, but – Reliable, Durable, and use to the weather.

56. Seattle – Sio Moore, OLB – U Conn; Senior: 6’1″ 245
They have a solid team, but need a weak-side backer. Moore fits in my opinion.
Needs: RT, 4/3 WOLB, TE, 4/3 DT, KR, CB, K, QB
Depth: WR, S, 4/3 OLB, 4/3 MLB, 4/3 DE, RB, OG

57. Texans – Quinton Patton, WR – Louisiana Tech; Senior: 6’0″ 204
Patton could go higher – he’s a productive guy, and I like the fit here. Johnson is 32 years old.

58. Denver – Datone Jones, DE/DT – UCLA; Senior: 6’4″ 283
I’d be shocked if he fell this far, but Denver will continue to scoop up pass-rush help.

59. Patriots – Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB – U Conn; Senior: 6’1″ 195
Wideout could be an option, but Talib is only back for one-more year so I like a CB here.

60. Falcons – Johnthan Banks, CB/FS – Mississippi State; Senior 6’2″ 185
Banks has fallen lately, but should be a top 62 selection. Robinson and Grimes are gone.

61. 49ers – Alex Okafor, DE/OLB – Texas; Senior: 6’5″ 264
Depth at the OLB spot is important, and Okafor is the best one available.

62. Ravens – Terrence Williams, WR – Baylor; Senior: 6’2″ 208
They need a possession-type guy and he could be the new Anquan Boldin.

3rd Round:
63. Chiefs – Phillip Thomas, FS/SS – Fresno State; Senior: 6’1″ 208
64. Jaguars – Dallas Thomas, OT/OG – Tennessee; 6’5″ 306
65. Lions – Robert Alford, CB – SE Louisiana; Senior: 5’10″ 185
66. Raiders – Vance McDonald, TE – Rice; Senior: 6’4″ 267
67. Eagles – Terron Armstead, OT/OG – Arkansas-Pine Bluff; Senior: 6’5″ 306
68. Browns – David Amerson, CB/S – NC State; *Junior: 6’1″ 205
69. Arizona – Shawn Williams, SS – Georgia; Senior: 6’0″ 213
70. Titans – Brian Winters, OG/OT – Kent State; Senior: 6’4″ 320
71. Bills – Justin Hunter, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’4″ 196
72. Jets – Johnathan Franklin, RB – UCLA; Senior: 5’10″ 205
73. Tampa Bay – Tyler Wilson, QB – Arkansas; Senior: 6’2″ 215
74. 49ers (Carolina) – Travis Frederick, C/OG – Wisconsin; *Junior: 6’4″ 312
75. Saints – Brandon Williams, NT/DT – Missouri Southern St; Senior: 6’1″ 335
76. Chargers – Alvin Bailey, OG – Arkansas; *Junior: 6’3″ 312
77. Dolphins – Sam Montgomery, DE/OLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’3″ 262
78. Rams – Le’Veon Bell, RB – Michigan State; *Junior: 6’1″ 230
79. Steelers – Gavin Escobar, TE – San Diego State; *Junior: 6’6″ 254
80. Dallas – Robert Woods, WR – USC; *Junior: 6’0″ 201
81. Giants – Jordan Mills, OT – Louisiana Tech; Senior: 6’5″ 316
82. Dolphins (Bears) – Darius Slay, CB – Mississippi State; Senior: 6’0″ 192
83. Vikings – John Simon, OLB/DE – Ohio State; Senior: 6’1″ 257
84. Bengals – Christine Michael, RB – Texas A&M; Senior: 5’10″ 220
85. Redskins – Bacarri Rambo, FS – Georgia; Senior: 6’1″ 211
86. Colts – Ryan Swope WR – Texas A&M; Senior: 6’0″ 205
87. Seattle – Logan Ryan, CB – Rutgers; *Junior: 5’11″ 191
88. Packers – Corey Lemonier, OLB/DE – Auburn; *Junior: 6’3″ 255
89. Texans – Oday Aboushi, OT – Virginia; Senior: 6’5″ 308
90. Denver – Zaviar Gooden, OLB – Missouri; Senior: 6’1″ 234
91. Patriots – Aaron Dobson, WR – Marshall; Senior: 6’3″ 210
92. Falcons – Jordan Reed, TE – Florida; *Junior: 6’3″ 236
93. 49ers – Trevardo Williams, OLB/DE – U Conn; Senior: 6’1″ 241
94. Ravens – David Quessenberry, OT/OG/C – San Jose State; Senior: 6’5″ 302
C95. Texans – Travis Kelce, TE – Cincinnati; Senior: 6’5″ 255
C96. Chiefs – Kiko Alonso, MLB/OLB – Oregon; Senior: 6’3″ 238
C97. Titans – DJ Swearinger, FS/CB – South Carolina; Senior: 5’11″ 208

4th Round:
98. Jaguars – Tyler Bray, QB – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’6″ 232
99. Chiefs – William Gholston, DE/DT – Michigan State; *Junior 6’6″ 281
100. Raiders – Jordan Poyer, CB/KR – Oregon State; Senior: 6’0″ 191
101. Eagles – Andre Ellington, RB – Clemson; Senior: 5’9″ 199
102. Vikings (Lions) – Giovani Bernard, RB/PR – UNC; **Sophomore: 5’8″ 202
103. Arizona – Brian Schwenke, C – California; Senior: 6’3″ 314
104. Browns – Akeem Spence, DT/DE – Illinois; *Junior: 6’1″ 307
105. Bills – Chase Thomas, OLB – Stanford; Senior: 6’3″ 244
106. Jets – Markus Wheaton, WR – Oregon State; Senior: 5’11″ 189
107. Titans – Sean Porter, OLB – Texas A&M; Senior: 6’1″ 229
108. Carolina – Bennie Logan, DT – LSU; *Junior: 6’2″ 309
108. Saints – Landry Jones, QB – Oklahoma; Senior: 6’4″ 225
110. Chargers – Cornelius Washington, DE/OLB – Georgia; Senior: 6’4″ 265
111. Dolphins – JJ Wilcox, SS/CB – Georgia Southern; Senior: 6’0″ 213
112. Tampa Bay – Joseph Randle, RB – Oklahoma State; *Junior: 6’0″ 204
113. Rams – TJ McDonald, FS – USC; Senior: 6’3″ 219
114. Dallas – Marcus Lattimore, RB – South Carolina; *Junior: 5’11″ 221
115. Steelers – Da’Rick Rodgers, WR – Tennessee Tech; *Junior: 6’2″ 217
116. Giants – Kevin Reddick, MLB/OLB – UNC; Senior: 6’1″ 243
117. Bears – Matt Scott, QB – Arizona; Senior: 6’2″ 213
118. Bengals – Stedman Bailey, WR – WVU; *Junior: 5’10″ 193
119. Redskins – Leon McFadden, CB – San Diego State; Senior: 5’10″ 193
120. Vikings – Robert Lester, SS – Alabama; Senior: 6’1″ 220
121. Colts – David Bakhtiari, OG/OT – Colorado; *Junior: 6’4″ 299
122. Packers – JC Tretter, OG/C – Cornell; Senior: 6’4″ 307
123. Seattle – Chris Faulk, OT – LSU; *Junior: 6’5″ 331
124. Texans – Brandon Jenkins, OLB/DE – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 251
125. Denver – Duke Williams, SS/FS/CB – Nevada; Senior: 5’11″ 200
126. Tampa Bay (Patriots) – Tyrann Mathieu, CB/S/KR – LSU (XXX); *Junior: 5’9″ 186
127. Falcons – Zac Dysert, QB – Miami (OH); Senior: 6’3″ 231
128. 49ers – Marquise Goodwin, WR – Texas; Senior: 5’9″ 183
129. Ravens – Josh Evans, FS – Florida; Senior: 6’1″ 207
C130. Ravens – Jonathan Bostic, MLB – Florida; Senior: 6’1″ 245
C131. 49ers – Tony Jefferson, FS – Oklahoma; *Junior: 5’11″ 213
C132. Lions – Malliciah Goodman, DE – Clemson; Senior: 6’4″ 276
C133. Falcons – Jordan Hill, DT – Penn State; Senior: 6’1″ 303

5th Round:
134. Chiefs – Knile Davis, RB – Arkansas; *Junior: 5’10″ 227
135. Jaguars – Gerald Hodges, OLB – Penn State; Senior: 6’1″ 243
136. Eagles – Montori Hughes, NT/DT – Tenn-Martin; Senior: 6’4″ 329
137. Lions – Hugh Thornton, OG – Illinois; Senior: 6’3″ 320
138. Seattle (Raiders) – Everett Dawkins, DT – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 292
139. Browns – Tavarres King, WR – Georgia; Senior: 6’0″ 189
140. Arizona – Keith Pough, OLB/MLB – Howard; Senior: 6’2″ 239
141. Jets – Xavier Nixon, OT/OG – Florida; Senior: 6’6″ 321
142. Titans – Brennan Williams, OT – UNC; Senior: 6’6″ 318
143. Bills – Devin Taylor, DE – South Carolina; Senior: 6’7″ 266
144. Saints – Cobi Hamilton, WR – Arkansas; Senior: 6’2″ 212
145. Chargers – Kwame Geathers, NT/DT – Georgia; *Junior: 6’5″ 342
146. Dolphins – BW Webb, CB – William & Mary; Senior: 5’10″ 184
147. Tampa Bay – Lavar Edwards, DE – LSU; Senior: 6’4″ 277
148. Carolina – Ty Powell, OLB/DE – Harding; Senior: 6’2″ 249
149. Rams – DeVonte Holloman, OLB/SS – South Carolina; Senior: 6’1″ 243
150. Steelers – Jawan Jamison, RB – Rutgers; **Sophomore: 5’7″ 203
151. Dallas – DJ Hayden, CB – Houston; Senior: 5’11″ 191
152. Giants – Khaled Holmes, C – USC; Senior: 6’3″ 302
153. Bears – Will Davis, CB – Utah State; Senior: 5’11″ 186
154. Redskins – Nico Johnson, MLB – Alabama; Senior: 6’2″ 248
155. Vikings – Aaron Mellette, WR – Elon; Senior: 6’2″ 217
156. Bengals – Reid Fragel, OT – Ohio State; Senior: 6’8″ 308
157. 49ers (Colts) – Lonnie Pryor, FB – Florida State; Senior: 5’11″ 227
158. Seattle – Dion Sims, TE – Michigan State; *Junior: 6’5″ 262
159. Packers – Ricky Wagner, OT – Wisconsin; Senior: 6’6″ 308
160. Texans – A.J. Klein, MLB – Iowa State; Senior: 6’1″ 250
161. Denver – Kenny Stills, WR – Oklahoma; *Junior: 6’1″ 194
162. Redskins (Patriots) – Michael Buchanan, OLB/DE – Illinois; Senior: 6’5″ 255
163. Falcons – Mike Gillislee, RB – Florida; Senior: 5’11″ 208
164. Browns (49ers) – Garrett Gilkey, OG/OT – Chadron State; Senior: 6’6″ 318
165. Ravens – Ace Sanders, WR/RB/KR – South Carolina; *Junior: 5’7″ 173
C166. Dolphins – Nick Kasa, TE – Colorado; Senior: 6’6″ 269
C167. Packers – Corey Fuller, WR – Virginia Tech; Senior: 6’2″ 204
C168. Ravens – Earl Wolff, SS – NC State; Senior: 5’11″ 209

6th Round:
169. Jaguars – Kenjon Barner, RB – Oregon; Senior: 5’9″ 196
170. Chiefs – Earl Watford, OG – James Madison; Senior: 6’3″ 300
171. Lions – Chris Harper, WR – Kansas State; Senior: 6’1″ 229
172. Raiders – David Bass, DE – Missouri Western State; Senior: 6’4″ 262
173. 49ers (from Browns via Eagles) – Jonathan Stewart, MLB – Texas A&M; Senior: 6’4″ 242
174. Arizona – Josh Boyd, DT – Mississippi State; Senior: 6’3″ 310
175. Browns – Micah Hyde, FS/CB – Iowa; Senior: 6’0″ 197
176. Raiders (Arizona via Vikings thru Titans) – Garrett Gilkey, OG/OT – Chadron State; Senior: 6’6″ 318
177. Bills – Chris Gragg, TE – Arkansas; Senior: 6’3″ 244
178. Jets – Dwayne Gratz, CB – U Conn; Senior: 5’11″ 201
179. Chargers – Braxston Cave, C – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’3″ 303
180. 49ers (Dolphins) – Vinston Painter, OT/OG/C – Virginia Tech; Senior: 6’4″ 306
181. Tampa Bay – Etienne Sabino, OLB – Ohio State; Senior: 6’2″ 247
182. Carolina – Tharold Simon, CB – LSU; *Junior: 6’2″ 202
183. Saints – Sanders Commings, CB/S – Georgia; Senior: 6’0″ 216
184. Rams – Brad Wing, P – LSU; **Sophomore: 6’4″ 185
185. Dallas – Levine Toilolo, TE – Stanford; *Junior: 6’8″ 260
186. Steelers – Lerentee McCray, OLB/DE – Florida; Senior: 6’2″ 250
187. Giants – Kerwynn Williams, RB – Utah State; Senior: 5’8″ 195
188. Bears – Josh Boyce, WR – TCU; *Junior: 5’11″ 206
189. Vikings – Eric Herman, OG – Ohio; Senior: 6’4″ 320
190. Bengals – Zach Line, FB/RB – SMU; Senior: 6’0″ 232
191. Redskins – Ryan Otten, TE/WR – San Jose State; Senior: 6’5″ 230
192. Colts – Brandon McGee, CB – Miami (FL); Senior: 5’11″ 193
193. Packers – TJ Barnes, NT/DT – Georgia Tech; Senior: 6’6″ 369
194. Seattle – Cody Davis, SS – Texas Tech; Senior: 6’2″ 205
195. Texans – Jakar Hamilton, FS/SS – South Carolina State; Senior: 5’11″ 198
196. Tampa Bay (Eagles via Denver) – Braden Brown, OT/OG – BYU; Senior: 6’5″ 310
197. Bengals (Patriots) – Sean Renfree, QB – Duke; Senior: 6’3″ 219
198. Falcons – Ryan Jensen, OT/OG – Colorado State – Pueblo; Senior: 6’4″ 298
199. Ravens (49ers) – Joey Madsen, C – WVU; Senior: 6’3″ 310
200. Ravens – Larry Webster, DE/TE – Bloomsburg; Senior: 6’6″ 240
C201. Texans – Onterio McCalebb, RB/KR – Auburn; Senior: 5’10″ 168
C202. Titans – Cory Grissom, DT/NT – South Florida; Senior: 6’1″ 306
C203. Ravens – Steve Beauharnais, MLB – Rutgers; Senior: 6’1″ 240
C204. Chiefs – Stansly Maponga, DE/OLB – TCU; *Junior: 6’2″ 256
C205. Raiders – Quinn Sharp, P/K – Oklahoma State; Senior: 6’1″ 205
C206. Steelers – Michael Mauti, MLB/OLB – Penn State; Senior: 6’2″ 243

7th Round:

207. Chiefs – Brandon Magee, OLB – Arizona State; Senior: 5’11″ 223
208. Jaguars – Conner Vernon, WR – Duke; Senior: 6’0″ 196
209. Raiders – Rontez Miles, FS – California (PA); Senior: 6’0″ 203
210. Eagles – Terry Hawthorne, CB – Illinois; Senior: 6’0″ 195
211. Lions – Dustin Hopkins, K – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 190
212. Eagles (Browns) – Braden Hansen, OG/C – BYU; Senior: 6’5″ 308
213. Vikings (Arizona) – Quanterus Smith, DE/OLB – Western Kentucky; Senior: 6’5″ 250
214. Seattle (Bills) – Jeff Tuel, QB – Washington State; Senior: 6’3″ 220
215. Jets – Eric Martin, DE/OLB – Nebraska; Senior: 6’2″ 250
216. Titans – Joseph Fauria, TE – UCLA; Senior: 6’7″ 259
217. Dolphins – Denard Robinson, WR/QB/RB – Michigan; Senior: 5’11″ 199
218. Tampa Bay – Nickell Robey, CB – USC; *Junior: 5’7″ 169
219. Arizona (Raiders via Carolina) – Zach Sudfeld, TE – Nevada; Senior: 6’6″ 260
220. Seattle (Saints) – Albert Rosette, MLB/OLB – Nevada; Senior: 6’2″ 245
221. Chargers – Stepfan Taylor, RB – Stanford; Senior: 5’9″ 214
222. Rams – Keelan Johnson, SS/FS – Arizona State; Senior: 6’0″ 209
223. Steelers – Kyle Juszczyk, FB/TE – Harvard; Senior: 6’2″ 245
224. Dolphins (Dallas) – Zac Stacy, RB – Vanderbilt; Senior: 5’8″ 216
225. Giants – Josh Kline, OG – Kent State; Senior: 6’2″ 310
226. Patriots (Tampa Bay via Bears) – Rodney Smith, WR – Florida State; Senior: 6’4″ 225
227. Browns (49ers via Bengals) – Theo Riddick, RB/WR/KR – Notre Dame; Senior: 5’10″ 201
228. Redskins – Luke Marquardt, OT – Azusa Pacific; Senior: 6’8″ 315
229. Vikings – TJ Moe, WR – Missouri; Senior: 5’11″ 204
230. Colts – Courtney Gardner, WR – Sierra; *Junior: 6’3″ 215
231. Vikings (Seattle) – Travis Long, OLB – Washington State; Senior: 6’4″ 245
232. Packers – Daimion Stafford, FS/SS – Nebraska; Senior: 6’0″ 221
233. Texans – Meshak Williams, OLB/DE – Kansas State; Senior: 6’2″ 245
234. Denver – Anthony McCloud, DT – Florida State; Senior: 6’2″ 310
235. Patriots – Zeke Motta, FS – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’2″ 213
236. Falcons – Omoregie Uzzi, OG – Georgia Tech; Senior: 6’3″ 302
237. 49ers – Tourek Williams, DE/OLB – Florida International; Senior: 6’3″ 260
238. Ravens – Joe Kruger, DE/DT – Utah; *Junior: 6’6″ 269
C239. Eagles – Lucas Reed, TE – New Mexico; Senior: 6’6″ 247
C240. Bengals – Nathan Williams, OLB/DE/MLB – Ohio State; Senior: 6’3″ 241
C241. Seattle – Cierre Wood, RB – Notre Dame; *Junior: 5’11″ 213
C242. Seattle – Marquess Wilson, WR – Washington State; *Junior: 6’3″ 194
C243. Falcons – Travis Johnson, OLB/DE – San Jose State; Senior: 6’2″ 250
C244. Falcons – Steve Williams, CB – California; *Junior: 5’9″ 181
C245. Lions – PJ Lonergan, C – LSU; Senior: 6’3″ 304
C246. 49ers – Mike Purcell, DT – Wyoming; Senior: 6’3″ 302
C247. Ravens – Jason Weaver, OT – Southern Mississippi; Senior: 6’4″ 313
C248. Titans – Graham Pocic, C/OG – Illinois; Senior: 6’5″ 310
C249. Falcons – Marcus Davis, WR – Virginia Tech; Senior: 6’3″ 233
C250. Dolphins – Brad Sorensen, QB – Southern Utah; Senior: 6’4″ 229
C251. Bengals – Miguel Maysonet, RB – Stony Brook; Senior: 5’9″ 209
C252. 49ers – Adrian Bushell, CB – Louisville; Senior: 5’9″ 186
C253. Giants – Jake Stoneburner, TE – Ohio State; Senior: 6’4″ 249
C254. Colts – Nicholas Williams, DT/NT – Samford; Senior: 6’4″ 309


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12 thoughts on “2013 NFL Mock Draft – April Edition 1.0

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  5. Apex on said:

    Geno Smith to the Steelers. That is probably the dumbest pick I have seen in all of the mock drafts I’ve reads. You don’t draft your successor for a qb when he’s 31. They need WRs, a running back, linebacker depth, CB depth, and safety depth but you go QB absolutely not

    • I understand your point, I don’t argue that it’s unlikely. However, Pittsburgh has met with Geno Smith (at the combine) and were in attendance at the WVU pro-day so Im not going to be naive either. Its a QB league, and honestly with the rookie pay scale it’s doesn’t hurt the Steelers to draft Geno (if they see it as value) here and let him sit. Ben is a 31 year old who has only started all 16 games in a season one time during his whole career, and has two years left on a deal that’ll pay him $17.895 Million in 2014 and $17.395 Million in 2015. I know when healthy Ben is worth that kind of money, heck he’s won two Super Bowls – but Pittsburgh has shown they’re willing to let veterans walk. Frankly, it’s not a sure thing his body holds up at the style he plays for 3 more years and with the Steelers already in huge financial-limitation I just wouldn’t say “Never”. I know they have needs, a lot of needs – but I think Smith’s style fit’s well with them and for a 4 year $8.7M deal he is a reasonable option as a young backup. They signed Gradkowski I know, but teams are trading QB’s who haven’t done anything – Kolb, Schaub, Flynn – so Smith will still have value even if he doesn’t play a down. I think “one of the dumbest” things is to not consider all options, especially when doing a mock draft. We’ve seen teams do crazier things.

  6. Matt Barkley make zero sense for the Browns at ANY piont in the draft especialy with Geno Smith still on the board. Coach Chud has stated he want to run a vertical style pass game which would play directly to Barkley’s biggest weakness.

    • Valid point. Chudzinski/Turner like the vertical passing attack, and Barkley does need more velocity on his passes. His arm strength is somewhat in question, but I think he’ll be able to make the NFL throws and can improve his arm strength with better technique. Im personally not a Barkley fan, but someone is going to take a chance on him in Round 1. During his previous time as Cleveland OC Rob Chudzinski had success with Derek Anderson so he may favor trading for Ryan Mallet or drafting Smith, Glennon or another prospect. I still think teams will value his talent, leadership, and intelligence over those guys despite the doubts I have about him. With that said, I understand your point – but sometimes not all draft picks make sense on the surface. Cleveland could overlook velocity ‘issues’ for things they do like. They don’t have a 2nd Rounder so if they want a QB its going to have to come at No.6 and in a “weak” QB class no one is going to be perfect. Barkley has flaws, but I think he is viewed as more of a “prototypical NFL QB” and I think teams could potentially shy away from Geno due to recent concerns. It may be a long shot, but it’s not totally out of the question either due to one discrepancy in scheme.

  7. joeisme on said:

    you list TE as being a low priority (it is NOT a need in any way since they re-signed Finley and have FIVE tight ends already) then pick a TE in the first round. Insane pick. They will look defense (3/4 DE-Sasfety) in the first round unless a LT slips to them. They won’t even draft a TE this year.

    • You’re probably right. I think Finley has 1 year remaining and they’ve actually discussed releasing him due to the amount he is scheduled to make. They lost Crabtree, and its seems unclear if DJ Williams can be the answer. I know Quarless is there as well, but none of those guys are on the level of Eifert. They do have other needs, but it’s also a two-TE attack these days. Eifert is like a WR as well and could be a good addition with Finley around or not. They need to insurance for LT Derek Sherrod and some depth at OLB, NT, and DB so they’ll certainly have plenty of prospects to consider….I just think Eifert (maybe even Ertz) makes a lot of sense.

  8. Agree the Niners will draft a TE…not sure it’ll be Ertz and less sure it’d be with their 1st pick. Agree on Hankins…they need to beef up their DL, to wit their lapse late last season because they didn’t have enough quality depth. I don’t get Okafor…not because he’s not a good player, but because they need a FS…as opposed to a depth pick. My guy is Phillip Thomas, a real playmaker with good size and range. Also don’t get the Frederick pick…they have two guys waiting for a shot at C…that is, if SF cuts Goodwin. That’s Kilgore and Looney…I’m putting my money on the latter, as he’s a beast and has the intelligence to play the position. Anyway, instead of Frederick, that’s a good spot to take a big CB. You have them taking 3 OLB’s…and there just isn’t room on their roster for more than one (additional). Vet Parys Haralson’s back from IR. If they draft a WR, it’ll most likely be a bigger guy than Goodwin. I’m thinking Patton, Rogers-like guy. Instead of Jefferson, that’s a good spot to take a swing OT. I see them trading up/back to end up with 7 picks in the 1st 3 rds. That’s where the best talent pool is and that’s where they’re most likely to get their guys. I see them coming away with no more than 7-8 picks.

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