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2013 NFL Mock Draft – April Edition 2.0

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Back at it. Another day, another mock…but we’re getting closer. With that said, I don’t think we’re getting any closer to any answers on what may transpire come April 25th. Don’t get me wrong – things are taking shape, but it could be a wild round with so many uncertainties. In this mock I tried to be as accurate as possible – which meant that I had to project trades. I understand that ‘predicting’ a trade is highly unlikely (nearly impossible), but a draft without trades is even more unlikely so by including trades Im simply trying to give a reasonable look at what may happen (Im not trying to be correct on the actual trade although the thought process behind the trade is fair).

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It’s fair to say that outside of the 3-5 prospects they’re are a lot of discrepancy on where players will fall. In fact, it could be said there is little difference between pick No.14 and and No.30 in terms of value – not to mention that a player thought be a Top 20 prospect could end up being a Top 50 selection when its all said and done. They’re are good players to be had in this class, but it’ll be interesting to see which ones teams target. You’ll always have a view surprises, but finding ‘true value’ is the ultimate goal.

*My rankings do not always match the order I have players selected in mocks because teams draft based on their boards (not mine) and because players will never be chosen by a ‘labeled’ rank – and due to other various factors, including: scheme, fit, rising/falling, connections, and forecasting.

Position Ranks:

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NFL MOCK DRAFT 4.0 (2 Rounds)
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****11 Projected TRADES
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April 13, 2012

1st Round:

1. Chiefs (2-14) – Luke Joeckel, OT – Texas A&M; *Junior 6’6″ 306
I think they may prefer Fisher, but at this point Joeckel seems to be the guy they’re leaning towards – Fisher wouldn’t surprise me though. I think they almost have to deal Branden Albert if they’re selecting an offensive tackle here. I guess Lotulelei is worth mentioning as well now that he has a clear bill of health, but it should come down to Joeckel or Fisher.
Needs: RT, 3/4 LILB, 3/4 OLB, LG, 3/4 DE, FS, RB, FB
Depth: 3/4 DE, WR, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 ILB, OT, C, TE

2. Jaguars (2-14) – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB – Oregon; Senior: 6’6″ 248
Again, I think Milliner is too good to pass on – especially with their need at CB, but Jordan makes sense too. I ultimately like Jordan in a 3/4 OLB spot over a 4/3 DE spot, and I’d think he’d play the strong-OLB in Jacksonville’s 4/3 scheme. If Jacksonville views him as an option at OLB then I like the pick because of his athleticism and versatility, but I’d like to see him land with a 3/4 team. Geno Smith as some suggest could be the pick, but I think a premiere guy like Jordan or Milliner will be too tempting – they can worry about QB later.
Needs: CBx2, 4/3 LOLB, RT, RB, SS, No.2 WR, 4/3 DT, QB, RG, TE
Depth: 4/3 OLB, S, WR, KR, 4/3 DT, C, 4/3 DE, OG, CB, FB, MLB

3. PT1 DOLPHINS (From Raiders (4-12) – Eric Fisher, OT – Central Michigan; Senior: 6’7″ 306
Miami has 11 picks, but what they really need is a new LT. Jonathan Martin is better suited for the RT spot and even if they’d consider trading for Branden Albert they’d have to surrender a 2nd Round pick – not to mention take on the $9.8M Albert is owed on the Franchise Tag, or be pressured to signing him to a long-term deal. They wouldn’t be able to wait until No.12 are land a premiere offensive tackle to protect the blind-side of their young QB. Fisher is an excellent, athletic option – and would come at a better price tag than Albert or another option….a rookie deal of about 4 years and $20.5Million ($13M singing bonus).
Needs: LT/RT, No.1 RB, 4/3 RDT OG, 4/3 DE, CB, FS, TE
Depth: Pass-Rushers, S, 4/3 DT, MLB, CB, WR, OT, OG, KR

Dolphins Get: 1-3 and 6-172
Raiders Get: 1-12, 2-42, 3-82, 5-146, and OG John Jerry (1 year, $1.5M)
Miami needs a LT so they use their picks to make a move up to get one. The Raiders add a 2nd and a 3rd in the move (they need picks) and take on the expiring contract of Jerry who could be helpful at RG. The deal would leave Miami with pick No.54 and No.77 so they’re still going to have selections in those two rounds. If Fisher, Joeckel, or Milliner are available at 3 I think Oakland is going to be a popular trade spot spot for teams like Arizona, San Diego, or Detroit.

4. Eagles (4-12) – Star Lotulelei, DT/NT/DE – Utah; Senior: 6’3″ 311
They need a 5-technique DE in the 3/4 and a healthy Star (which he seems to be) could be the best overall player in the draft. The Eagles may consider a QB for the future like Geno Smith, I doubt they’d pass on Milliner despite Bradley and Williams being added, and an offensive tackle is very tempting for sheer value – but I just Lotulelei is too good to overlook, and gives them a force they lack up front. Dion Jordan is also an option due to his Oregon/ChipKelly connection, as well as Sharrif Floyd if Star is gone or the injury concern too great.
Needs: 3/4 LDE, LT/RT, CB, 3/4 NT, Offensive-Speed, C
Depth: QB, RB, 3/4 DE, WR, OG, OT, P, 3/4 NT, 3/4 OLB

5. Lions (4-12) – DeMarcus ‘Dee’ Milliner, CB – Alabama; *Junior: 6’0″ 201
The Lions can’t hardly pass on Milliner despite their need for a new LT and a DE. I think if Joeckel and Fisher are gone then they could consider Lane Johnson (I just can’t see him being picked over Milliner). Ziggy Ansah is really the other intriguing option for Detroit since they lost Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch, but he comes with a little risk due to his lack of experience. I think Dee Milliner would be a great option for Jacksonville at No.2 and that he’ll develop into the next great CB in the NFL so the Lions are getting a complete CB here. In a division with Green Bay you better have a good CB and I think they’ll definitely take Milliner as long as Joeckel or Fisher aren’t available.
Needs: LT/RT, 4/3 DEx2, CB, No.2 WR, RG, 4/3 SOLB, C, K, KR, P
Depth: OG, 4/3 DE, OT, S, WR, 4/3 OLB, CB, TE, FB

6. PT2 CHARGERS (From Browns (5-11) – Lane Johnson, OT – Oklahoma; Senior: 6’6″ 303
It’d come at a big price – especially for a team with multiple needs, but Johnson is worth it. San Diego will need to rebuild their offensive line with a stellar LT to ensure the success of their football team. They released Jared Gaither and while King Dunlap was added this offseason he’d be better suited for the right-side so making a move and losing a 2nd rounder could be well worth it. In fact, I wouldn’t rule out them moving up for Warmack either, but they need a guy to build the group around.
Needs: LT, SS, LG, 3/4 DE, CB, C, 3/4 NT, 3/4 ILB, Durable-RB, QB
Depth: OT, OG, Pass-Rushers, 3/4 ILB, S, 3/4 OLB, TE, WR

Chargers Get: 1-6
Browns Get: 1-11 and 2-45
Chargers could possibly wait to see if Johnson falls, but with they may have to get ahead of Arizona to be certain they land a starting LT. Gaither was released and their offensive line needs to be addressed so while they can’t hardly afford to give up a 2nd rounders with their other needs the moves fills their biggest need with a premiere players. San Diego could stand-pat and hope to get Johnson at No.11, or settle for Fluker or Watson – but they’re a notch below his ability as a LT option. Browns will be able to address a need by moving down and adding the 2nd rounder they lose in the Supplemental Draft last year – although, Sharrif Floyd or Ziggy Ansah may be tempting for them here.

7. Arizona (5-11) – Ezekiel ‘Ziggy’ Ansah, DE – BYU; Senior: 6’5″ 271
They’re transitioning back into a 4/3 scheme under Todd Bowles, but at times is could be one of those ‘hybrid’ looks too so they’ll need pass-rushers. Ansah is a nice fit at 4/3 DE for them with Dockett moving back inside, but could also stand-up at times due to his athleticism. He is a bit raw, which may turn teams away – but with the LT’s all gone he’s the likely option. Kenny Vaccaro could be a sleeper here, and Tavon Austin is on the rise and while it doesn’t seem like Arizona is a likely destination he could still get some consideration.
Needs: LT, SS, 4/3 OLB, OG, Speed-WR, C, 4/3 DT
Depth: OT, FS, WR, 4/3 DE, TE, CB, RB, QB, MLB

8. PT3 TITANS (From Bills (6-10) – Chance Warmack, OG – Alabama; Senior: 6’2″ 317
The Titans have 9 picks, so losing one to add an All-Pro caliber talent is well worth it. They could risk missing on Warmack by not making a deal with Buffalo and New York both in need of OG help too, but they may also be able to land him there as well – or if nothing else keep the extra pick and settle on Cooper. They have a young QB, and need to establish the run game by getting Chris Johnson back on track so added Warmack to pair with newly signed Andy Levitre would given them an incredible duo. The No.8 pick is going to warrant a 4 year $12.7 Million ($7.6M signing bonus) deal so it’s a great deal financially for a player of his talent.
Needs: RG, CB, 4/3 DE, RT, WR, TE, RG/C, 4/3 DT, FB
Depth: OG, S, 4/3 OLB, OT, 4/3 MLB, C, RB

Titans Get: 1-8
Bills Get: 1-10 and 4-107
Tennessee added Levitre this offseason, but it still makes sense financially to add Warmack. I think New York will strongly consider him so the 4th round pick is worth giving up to secure him – especially since the Titans were award a compensation pick in the 3rd round. Warmack and Levitre would form one of the, if not the top, guard-combo’s in the league. They may be able to stand-pat at No.10 and land him, or settle for Cooper (a pretty good alternative) at No.10 without giving up the pick. On the other hand, for Buffalo they’d be likely to take Warmack themselves since they were the team who lost Andy Levitre to Tennessee – but they make a smart move because it’ll still result in a talent guard. Adding a 4th rounder and still finding a replacement for Levitre is a good call – maybe they’re one of the teams who ranks Cooper ahead of Warmack.

9. Jets (6-10) – Kenny Vaccaro, FS/SS – Texas; Senior: 6’0″ 214
I think the Revis to Tampa Bay will get done (and will include pick No.13, among others) so while the Jets need to secure their pass-rush, the loss of Revis means the secondary needs a new playmaker. Vaccaro could be that guy if he is available, but Keke Mingo would also make a lot of sense as well. If they do acquire pick No.13 they’ll have some options, but I think Vaccaro is the type of player that makes the whole defensive a better unit. They could consider offensive line help too.
Needs: 3/4 OLBx2, RT, OGx2, No.1 RB, SS, TE, No.1 WR, 3/4 LILB, FS, 3/4 NT
Depth: CB, Pass-Rushers, QB, OT, S, OG 3/4 DE, WR, K, FB

10. PT3 BILLS (From Titans (6-10) – Jonathan Cooper, OG/C – UNC; Senior: 6’2″ 311
They move down, add a 4th, and still land a replacement for Andy Levitre. Buffalo is a hard team to judge because they could select anyone from Geno Smith to Tavon Austin to Ryan Nassib to Cordarrelle Patterson to Jarvis Jones – but they’ll need to protect whomever they select to be the quarterback and Cooper would do just that. I think they’d be likely to select Warmack at No.8 if he is their guy, but they could be a team who grades Cooper ahead of him (thus, making such a move make even more sense). I just think before the Bills can get any success from the QB position they need to have the right guys up front to protect him.
Needs: LG, No.2 WR, RT, SS, Big-WR, 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, TE, P
Depth: QB, 4/3 MLB, WR, CB, OT, OG, 4/3 DT, RB, S, FB

11. PT2 BROWNS (From Chargers (7-9) – Geno Smith, QB – WVU; Senior: 6’2″ 218
Well, they’re able to move down, add the 2nd rounder they lost, and still land Geno Smith. I think there is a chance Geno could go No.2 or No.4, but it’s likely that Cleveland could be a team with their eye on him (or another QB for that matter). The fact Sharrif Floyd is still available may make this is a little tougher, but Brandon Weeden will be 30 years old and Jason Campbell was merely added to be in a backup role. I also think Keke Mingo and Tavon Austin will be tempting too, but Geno actually is a nice pick at this point. The move down from No.6 saved about $5Million in salary and $4Million in signing bonus – so they’ll have him on an affordable 4 year $11.4 Million contract with a $6.6 signing bonus, not bad for a starting QB.
Needs: LDE, FS, No.2 CB, LG, KR, K, QB, 3/4 NT
Depth: WR, CB, OT, TE, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 DE, OG/C, SS, MLB

12. PT1 RAIDERS (From Dolphins (7-9) – Sharrif Floyd, DT/DE – Florida; *Junior: 6’3″ 297
Oakland moves all the way down to No.12, gains all those extra picks, and still lands one of the guys they’ll consider at No.3 – thats a huge win for Oakland. Floyd could be gone, but with the possibility that offensive lineman go early – he could slide a bit. Floyd is an incredible force, but will battle Star Lotulelei, Sylvester Williams, and Sheldon Richardson as the best DT off-the-board. Oakland has a whole new look defensive with their offseason additions, but Pat Sims and Vance Walker won’t make them waffle on someone of his talent. If the Raiders stay at No.3 then Floyd, Lotulelei, and Milliner would be the most likely options there.
Needs: 4/3 DTx2, CB, No.1 WR, TE, 4/3 LDE, LG, LT/RT, P, FS
Depth: Pass-Rushers, 4/3 DT, OG, 4/3 MLB, OT, 4/3 OLB, S, WR, 4/3 DE

13. PT4 JETS (From Tampa Bay (7-9) – DJ Fluker, OT/OG – Alabama; *Junior: 6’5″ 339
It’ll probably be a tough decision between Fluker and Mingo (or Vaccaro depending on what happens at No.9), but I think they’ve failed too often on pass-rushers with “potential” so they could steer away from Mingo and his raw abilities. Fluker is an immediate upgrade at RT and will help the running game and also keep Mark Sanchez upright. They could consider him at No.9, but the offensive line must be improved. If Tampa Bay ends up with the selection (the Revis trade doesn’t happen) they’ll consider the like of Keke Mingo, Xavier Rhodes, Tank Carradine, Sheldon Richardson, Sylvester Williams, and Jarvis Jones.
Needs: 3/4 OLBx2, RT, OGx2, No.1 RB, SS, TE, No.1 WR, 3/4 LILB, FS, 3/4 NT
Depth: CB, Pass-Rushers, QB, OT, S, OG 3/4 DE, WR, K, FB

Jets Get: 1-13
Tampa Bay Gets: CB Darrelle Revis
I can only assume this trade will happen, I don’t know all the picks that’ll be included – but No.13 won’t be the only one. Tampa Bay needs a playmaker like Revis in a division with Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees. They’ll likely need him to sign a long-term deal before the trade is complete, but I don’t know of anyone they could add with the pick that’d have more impact – certainly not Rhodes, Trufant, or Taylor. New York really doesn’t have any option but to trade the Pro-Bowler because of how the relationship has fallen apart with Revis, the thing to watch is whether teams knowing that coupled with his injury will lower his price some. It makes does make a lot of sense for the Jets, but they’ll be losing a good player.

14. Carolina (7-9) – Sylvester Williams, DT/DE – UNC; Senior: 6’3″ 313
Dwan Edwards was released then re-signed so there is an obvious need for help at the defensive tackle position. I think that Williams makes a lot of sense, but that Sheldon Richardson will also be highly considered as well. I think Tavon Austin could draw some interest, but the addition of Ted Ginn Jr. may make that a little less likely – and Cordarrelle Patterson could be an option as well. Carolina is likely to secure their defense with this pick I would think so aside from a DT, the likes of Kenny Vaccaro, Xavier Rhodes, Desmond Trufant, Jamar Taylor, and Matt Elam could all be mention as secondary help.
Needs: No.1 WR, 4/3 DTx2, CB, FS, RT, RG, TE, Big-WR
Depth: 4/3 OLB, OG, WR, 4/3 DE, 4/3 MLB, 4/3 DT, DB

15. Saints (7-9) – Menelik Watson, OT – Florida State; *Junior: 6’5″ 310
Watson could start on the RT, but I think he’ll be viewed as a LT due to high athleticism and skill set. The loss of Jermon Bushrod to Chicago was a huge loss for New Orleans and it doesn’t appear that Charles Brown is the long-term answer at LT (Jason Smith was just recently added to the mix as well) so it’s likely they take a similar approach with Watson as Dallas did with Doug Free and Tyron Smith. Watson would emerge at the LT and Brown would slide back to the RT. They could also consider a defensive prospect like Keke Mingo or Jarvis Jones as well – with Jonathan Cyprien being a sleeper option.
Needs: LT/RT, 3/4 NT, SS, 3/4 RDE, No.2 WR, 3/4 OLB, QB
Depth: Pass-Rushers, OT, S, WR, CB, C, ILB, KR, 3/4 NT, TE

16. Rams (7-8-1) – Tavon Austin, WR/RB/KR – WVU; Senior: 5’9″ 174
The Rams really luck out that Austin last this long – I think he could/should/will go earlier. With Vaccaro, Warmack, and Cooper gone St.Louis would really be in a tough spot without Austin. Nonetheless, Austin seems like a natural fit and a great slot-weapon for Sam Bradford. Austin is my favorite player is the draft so Im rooting for him to go earlier, but truthfully this is where his value is – and I doubt the receiver needy Rams let him get past them. They may also consider Keke Mingo, Cordarrelle Patterson, Jonathan Cyprien, or Alec Ogletree.
Needs: No.1 WR, FS, 4/3 OLBx2, LG, No.1 RB, SS, C, RT, P
Depth: OT, 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, OG, QB, S, KR, FB

17. Steelers (8-8) – Barkevious ‘Keke’ Mingo, DE/OLB – LSU; *Junior: 6’4″ 241
He is raw, which may cause him to fall a bit lower than typically thought – but he could end up being the best pass-rusher in the class. Pittsburgh needs to replace James Harrison and Mingo would be a natural fit in the 3/4 and as edge-rusher. They could also consider a guy like Jarvis Jones, but not over Mingo. I think Tyler Eifert may get some consideration, as well as prospects like Jesse Williams, Alec Ogletree, and Tank Carradine. The Steelers are in need of help all across the board so they could use any number of players (they may be landing another much needed pick, No.91, from New England if they fail to match the offer for WR Emmanuel Sanders).
Needs: TE, 3/4 ROLB, No.1 RB, 3/4 NT, No.1 WR, LG, 3/4 ILB, SS
Depth: OT, CB, S, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 DE, WR, C, QB, OG, KR

18. PT5 VIKINGS (From Dallas (8-8) – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’2″ 216
Chicago may consider Patterson, but it’ll likely a move they’ll make out of fear of someone else jumping ahead of them to get Patterson. Jennings was added, but they still need a quality No.2 threat opposite of him. In making such a move they could also consider someone like Tank Carradine since Jared Allen is going to be a free-agent after the 2013 season. Ponder needs weapons, especially with Percy Harvin gone. If they stay at No.23 they could consider Patterson there, or prospects like: Alex Ogletree, Matt Elam, Arthur Brown, or Bjoern Werner.
Needs: MLB, No.2 WR, 4/3 DT, LG, SS, Big-WR, RB, 4/3 DE, KR
Depth: OG, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, S, OT, FB, C

Vikings Get: 1-18
Dallas Gets: 1-23, 4-102, and 7-213
Minnesota has plenty of picks, 11 to be exact, so they could be active. I think if a guy comes within range they’ll use a pick or two go move up and get him. The Vikings in this case seise an opportunity to add a threat like Patterson. It’s also possible they make a move for another player since they do have so many picks, but its undeniable that Minnesota has to add quality pass-catchers for Christian Ponder. They may be able to land him at No.23, or another talented wideout with a later pick – but he has a special skill set that’ll intrigue teams. As for Dallas, they might as well move down and gain picks if Vaccaro, Warmack, Cooper, or Austin are gone since they’ll likely be able to add value later.

19. Giants (9-7) – Jonathan Cyprien, SS – Florida International; Senior: 6’0″ 217
Stevie Brown is back for one more year, but I think the loss of Phillips is a key issue – plus, 30 year old Antrel Rolle is on the hook at $9.25M over thew next two years (can you say salary cap casualty next season). I expect Cyprien to be selected higher than most people expect, but it’s hard to imagine a better prospect for them at this point. Maybe its Richardson from a value stand-point, or they go with a DE prospect as a replacement for Osi – but they’ll likely have some options.
Needs: RT, 4/3 WOLB, 4/3 MLB, C, TE, 4/3 DT, LG, RB
Depth: S, WR, 4/3 DE, CB, OT, 4/3 OLB, OG, QB

20. PT6 49ERS (From Bears (10-6) – Sheldon Richardson, DT/DE – Missouri; *Junior: 6’3″ 294
Richardson has Top 5 abilities, but if he falls this late it’s likely someone if going to trade up for him – why not the team with 13 picks. They had a meeting with him at the Combine, and I think he could be a nice addition to their defensive unit with his ability to shoot gaps from a 3 and 5-techniques. It may not be a perfect fit, but his talent is hard to ignore – In fact, some may view him as the most talented DT prospect in this draft. If they stay put at No.31 they’ll be in line for the best defender there, likely LSU FS Eric Reid.
Needs: FS, 3/4 NT, TE, C, WR, 3/4 DE, RG
Depth: 3/4 OLB, CB, OG, S, 3/4 ILB, 3/4 NT, OT, KR

49ers Get: 1-20
Bears Get: 1-31, 3-74, and WR Kyle Williams (1 year, $630K)
San Fran will likely target certain players since they have 13 total picks in this draft. I think this is a case where Richardson offers too much value for them not to make a move. Jesse Williams might seem like a better fit, but Richardson has Top 10 ability and adds depth to the defensive line. I think the 49ers are likely to make a move up even if it’s not this exact move – but I like the addition of Richardson in this defensive. The Bears will be able to add help later, and it offers value because they can recoup the 3rd rounder they lost in the Brandon Marshall trade.

21. Bengals (10-7) – Matt Elam, SS/FS – Florida; *Junior: 5’10″ 208
They’ve yet to fill the RT void (or make a decision to bring Andre Smith back) so that’ll be their main focus should a prospect like Fluker or Watson be available. Nonetheless, Elam is an upgrade over Taylor Mays at SS and a player who can make plays. In fact, I think Elam is better than Cyprien despite me having Cyprien going ahead of him. Cinncinati could also consider a MLB prospect here like Ogletree or Brown despite the fact they brought Maualuga back.
Needs: RT, SS, No.2 WR, C, RB, 4/3 OLB, KR
Depth: MLB, OT, QB, OLB, DB, 4/3 DE, OG, CB, 4/3 DT, TE

22. PT7 FALCONS (From Rams (Redskins 10-7) – Cornellius ‘Tank’ Carradine, DE – Florida State; Senior: 6’4″ 276 (XXX)
Atlanta signed Osi Umenyiora to a two-year deal, but they still could stand to add another pass-rusher. With Carradine’s injury they’ll be able to let him heal and play in more of a situational role – but the talent is worth the move up. If they wait until No.30 they’ll likely miss on Carradine, Werner, and D.Jones so they’ll likely need to move up to land a pass-rusher. With that said, they have a need for a CB and they could trade up for Rhodes here as well – or stay put and take a CB at No.30. Carradine’s workout on the 20th is the key factor in his draft spot, but healthy he’s a legitimate Top 10 talent so this is good value as well.
Needs: RG, CB, RT, TE, 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, Slot-WR, MLB
Depth: 4/3 DT, C, RB, OG, S, QB, OT, KR

Falcons Get: 1-22 and 7-222
Rams Get: 1-30, 3-93, and 7-236
The Falcons needs a CB and DE and I think it’s likely they’ll be able to land a prospect at either position in Round 1 – it just so happens that if they want a premiere pass-rusher it may require them to move up. I think Xavier Rhodes could potentially be a target if they move up as well, but a talent like Carradine lasting this long gives them the chance to get him for a 3rd round pick – I think that’s worth it. The Rams missed on Elam and Cyprien and can really benefit from trading down, but if they end up making the pick Jarvis Jones and Eric Reid may be two of their options.

23. PT5 Dallas (From Vikings (10-7) – Eric Reid, FS – LSU; *Junior: 6’0″ 213
Reid’s stock seems to be back on the rise and it’s likely he’ll land in the ladder-part of Round 1. The Cowboys signed Will Allen, but they’ll need a long term solution at FS since Gerald Sensabaugh was released. They draft LSU’s Morris Claiborne last year, and adding his former teammate could give Dallas the playmaking safety they’ve lack since losing Roy Williams in 2008. They’ll likely also consider Justin Pugh, Xavier Rhodes, and Datone Jones here and if they end up keeping pick No.18 I think a safety like Elam or Cyprien would make sense.
Needs: FS, Slot-WR, RT, RB, OG, 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, TE
Depth: LB, 4/3 DE, CB, QB, OT/OG, C, S, WR

24. Colts (11-6) – Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE – Georgia; *Junior: 6’2″ 245
Jones would be a great addition to their 3/4 scheme at this point in the draft – he was once considered the No.1 overall prospect by many. Jesse Williams and Datone Jones may be tempting as well, but adding Jones gives them the edge-presence they lost with Dwight Freeney. They’ve added Erik Walden this offseason, but you can never have enough pass-rushers. I think a WR could also be in play.
Needs: 3/4 ROLB, No.2 WR, 3/4 NT, RG, 3/4 DE, C, 3/4 ILB
Depth: WR, 3/4 OLB, RB, OG, 3/4 DE, S, OT, CB, KR

25. Vikings (Seattle 12-6) – Datone Jones, DE/DT – UCLA; Senior: 6’4″ 283
A MLB prospect like Ogletree, Brown, or even Te’o will be popular (and likely) options, but I think they could stand to add a force like Jones here. Jones seems to be a bit underrated, but with Jared Allen on the final year of his big-money deal Datone Jones could them the depth they need. Obviously, if they fail to land a WR with their earlier pick then they’d certainly consider one here – plus I think players like Justin Pugh and Bjoern Werner could get consideration.
Needs: MLB, No.2 WR, 4/3 DT, LG, SS, Big-WR, RB, 4/3 DE, KR
Depth: OG, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, S, OT, FB, C

26. PT8 CAROLINA (From Packers (12-6) – Xavier Rhodes, CB/FS – Florida State; *Junior: 6’2″ 210
Captain Munnerlyn is returning on a 1 year deal, but they need CB help pretty badly. Rhodes is a guy who they may consider at No.14 so adding him now makes a lot of sense – on top of trading away Williams’ contract. I think if they make such a move they could also consider DeAndre Hopkins as well. With Carolina addressing the defensive line with Sylvester Williams at No.14 and still landing a CB like Rhodes, well that really helps solidify their defense in a tough offensive division.
Needs: No.1 WR, 4/3 DTx2, CB, FS, RT, RG, TE, Big-WR
Depth: 4/3 OLB, OG, WR, 4/3 DE, 4/3 MLB, 4/3 DT, DB

Carolina Gets: 1-26 and 3-88
Packers Get: 2-44 and RB DeAngelo Williams (3 years, $27.6M)
Carolina makes a move to rid themselves of DeAngelo Williams’ contract and move up to get Cam Newton a new target. The trade itself is Carolina giving up a No.1 tailback for a move back into Round 1 with a 44-selection drop from Round 2 until Round 3. The deal seems somewhat strange, but Carolina didn’t have a 3rd round pick as it was (and lack picks in general) so they essentially moved up from 44 to 26 (18 picks) by giving up DeAngelo and then had to drop 44 picks because the Packers took his contract off-their hands. For the Packers, its like getting DenAngelo Williams for their 3rd Round pick. They get the RB they need, and and have two 2nd round picks – it was just a weird way to make DeAngelo worth pick No.88 overall. The Packers have the space to take on his current contract although he may be asked to restructure it a bit.

27. Texans (13-5) – Jesse Williams, DT/NT/DE – Alabama; Senior: 6’3″ 323
I went back and forth with who’d to mock here, but Williams is too talented of a player to go with Eifert or another player. I love his versatility and think that he’ll be the athletic inside nose-tackle that they need. They’ll have some options, one of which may be Tyler Eifert – but it’d probably more likely that if Williams’ is gone they’d consider guys like Jonathan Hankins, Arthur Brown or Alec Ogletree.
Needs: 3/4 NT, RT, No.2 WR, TE, ILB, Pass-Rushers, LG, CB, FS, P
Depth: WR, 3/4 OLB, S, RB, 3/4 DE, OT, OG/C, ILB, KR

28. Denver (13-4) – Bjoern Werner, DE – Florida State; *Junior: 6’3″ 266
This would be a tremendous addition at this point for Denver. Werner could be gone by now, but I see him in the ladder half of Round 1 despite the fact he very well may turn out to be the best defensive player in the class. The whole Dumervil “paperwork blunder” has created a void at DE that they should be able to address with this selection if they don’t via free-agency. I think if Werner is gone then prospects like Margus Hunt and Damontre Moore (Von Miller’s former teammate) all make sense as well.
Needs: 4/3 DEx2, 4/3 OLB, RB, MLB, FS, FB
Depth: S, 4/3 DT, CB, OG, WR, LB, 4/3 DE, C, OT, QB

29. PT9 49ers (From Patriots (13-5) – Tyler Eifert, TE – Notre Dame; *Junior: 6’6″ 250
I know this won’t be a popular idea, but I think San Francisco needs a quality No.2 TE, and the fact that Eifert is essentially a WR make me like the fit even more. It could easily be argued that they could get a nice No.2 TE later in the draft, but I think the 49ers will target certain players with all their picks – so I’d argue why not get the best TE in the whole draft? They’d like to get Eric Reid with such a move, or at No.34 – but Eifert can create mismatches and be an effective tool in their offense.
Needs: FS, 3/4 NT, TE, C, WR, 3/4 DE, RG
Depth: 3/4 OLB, CB, OG, S, 3/4 ILB, 3/4 NT, OT, KR

49ers Get: 1-29
Patriots Get: 2-34 and 4-128
San Fran has too many picks to make all their selections, so they’ll be active – and likely target players they want. I have them making a 2nd trade here to land the best TE in the draft by giving up a 4th round pick. I know Niner fans will probably suggest they have other needs, but with the loss of Delanie Walker coupled with Eifert’s abilities – I think it’s a nice fit. The Super Bowl runner up could landing Sheldon Richardson and Tyler Eifert in this draft, well that’d just not right – they’re building a scary team. New England is always looking to add picks so it’s obvious they’ll be a candidate to move down. The Patriots lack picks, especially if they lose No.91 to Pittsburgh, so moving down a few spots and adding a pick makes sense.

30. PT7 RAMS (From Falcons (14-4) – Justin Pugh, OG/OT/C – Syracuse; *Junior: 6’4″ 307
They missed on Cooper at No.16, but they desperately need a better option at LG and Pugh could be that guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Larry Warford even got some consideration, but I think Pugh’s versatility will be attractive to teams. Obviously if St.Louis is making a pick at No.22 I think they’d likely considered someone like Eric Reid or Jarvis Jones – but if they do make a deal to move down they’ll have a lot more options. Other guys they could consider here (or if they move down at all) are Khaseem Greene, Phillip Thomas and Eddie Lacy.
Needs: No.1 WR, FS, 4/3 OLBx2, LG, No.1 RB, SS, C, RT, P
Depth: OT, 4/3 DT, 4/3 OLB, CB, WR, OG, QB, S, KR, FB

31. PT6 BEARS (From 49ers (13-5-1) – Darius Slay, CB – Mississippi State; Senior: 6’0″ 192
Slay got a draft invite, which could mean nothing – but leads me to believe that he is higher on boards they most think. I’d like to see the Bears move down because I think they’ll still be able to add a player of need and get better value. Slay gives them a solid No.3 option, and some youth (Tillman is 32 years old, Jennings is 29) in the secondary. At No.20 they’ll consider Xavier Rhodes, Alec Ogletree, Arthur Brown – a lot of the same guys they could probably get here. If the Bears take a CB here it could be Slay, Desmond Trufant, or Jamar Taylor – but (on top of previous mentioned names) Kyle Long and Manti Te’o become options as well.
Needs: RT, MLB, 4/3 SOLB, C, FS, Deep Threat-WR, CB, OG
Depth: 4/3 OLB, OG, WR, 4/3 DE, TE, OT, DB, 4/3 DT, RB

32. PT10 CHIEFS (From Ravens (14-6) – Arthur Brown, MLB/OLB – Kansas State; Senior: 6’0″ 241
This would be best case for Kansas City, I’m not sure they’ll be able to get a pick this high for Albert – but if so, they’ll definitely take it. They’ll be looking for an impact defensive player with this pick and I think Brown could be player despite the recent signing of Zac Diles to play and ILB spot. Brown (or even Ogletree) would make a lot of sense, but if they trade Branden Albert they’ll still have to sure-up the offensive line so maybe a Kyle Long, Justin Pugh, Larry Warford or Barrett Jones get some consideration with whichever pick they acquire for him. I think they’ll be open to any number of players, but it’d definitely be helpful if they can acquire a pick between No.1 and their next one at No.63.
Needs: RT, 3/4 LILB, 3/4 OLB, LG, 3/4 DE, FS, RB, FB
Depth: 3/4 DE, WR, 3/4 OLB, 3/4 ILB, OT, C, TE

Chiefs Get: 1-32 and 5-165
Ravens Get: LT Branden Albert (1 year, $9.8M) and 5-134
This may be a bit of a long shot. Kansas City is looking to move Albert (most likely to Miami) for a 2nd round pick, but Baltimore could step up to the plate and surprise us here. They need a LT and there isn’t anyone they could draft here that’ll be effective – and the next best option if re-signing aging Bryant McKinnie. Why not give up pick No.32 for the franchise LT to protect the new face of the franchise? I know the contract could be the hard-part to work out – Albert wants an extension and the Ravens need to make his cap number more friendly for 2013, but a trade will ultimately result is a reworked long-term contract. It was obvious that once Baltimore corrected it’s offensive line woes last year, they became a better team – this would really solidify they whole team (not just the line). For the Chiefs it’d be a no-brainer, especially with adding a LT with pick No.1 overall.

2nd Round:
33. Jaguars – Matt Barkley, QB – USC; Senior: 6’3″ 227
It’d be a tough one between a CB and Barkley, but I think they need someone to push Gabbert (and probably replace him). Barkley may end up going in Round 1, but it’d hard to find a spot for him. Gabbert will be on a short-leash and while Im not convinced Barkley is that much better than him – I think they might.

34. PT9 PATRIOTS (From 49ers (Chiefs) – Jamar Taylor, CB – Boise State; Senior: 5’11″ 192
Again, a CB is a strong option here (or if they make the pick at No.29). If they add Emmanuel Sanders for a 3rd rounder, I doubt they’d use their first pick on a WR even though DeAndre Hopkins could be a strong option. Talib is only signed on a 1 year deal and Dennard is going to jail (and probably will be released) so CB is a big need. Taylor may end up in Round 1, but not everyone can be a 1st rounder.
Needs: CB, No.2 WR, RG, Big-WR, SS, 4/3 LDE, C
Depth: OG, OT, 4/3 OLB, WR, 4/3 DE, CB, 4/3 MLB, S, QB, FB

35. Eagles – EJ Manuel, QB – Florida State; Senior: 6’5″ 237
Kelly is going to want his own QB and I’d expect them to consider one early in this draft – whether it’s Geno at No.4 or trading back into Round 1 for someone. Manuel seems like a guy on the rise, and he’d be a good fit here behind Vick for a year. Foles is there, but they don’t have anything invested in him so he won’t prevent them from drafting a QB early.

36. PT11 STEELERS (From Lions) – DeAndre ‘Nuk’ Hopkins, WR – Clemson; *Junior: 6’1″ 214
Hopkins, like a lot of the guys going early in Round 2, could go in the 1st round. I think he’d be a great addition for Pittsburgh, but Im not so convinced that they’ll make a move up with their other needs. If they lose Sanders they might as well use the pick they got for him to add another wideout since right now they only have Antonio Brown as a viable option.

Steelers Get: 2-36
Lions Get: 2-48 and 3-91
Pittsburgh moves up, using the pick they acquired from New England, to land a WR. I don’t think the Steelers are likely to trade up given they have plenty of needs, but they’ve lost Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders (maybe), and Heath Miller is deal with a knee injury so they need receiving targets. They could consider tradeing up for the likes of Jonathan Hankins or Alex Ogletree in this scenario, but they have to have players to catch passes. The Lions will be looking for a defensive end most likely if they keep the pick so Margus Hunt or Damontre Morre makes sense, but they could benefit from moving down.

37. Bengals (Raiders) – Eddie Lacy, RB – Alabama; *Junior: 5’11″ 231
Green-Ellis is still there for 2 more years, but it’s a two-back league these days so adding a young RB early is very likely. Lacy has a nice combo of burst and power so he’d be a nice fir in a division that faces Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice a season.

38. Arizona – Kyle Long, OT/OG – Oregon; Senior: 6’6″ 313
They missed on an OT in Round 1, but adding Howie Long’s son here would be a nice choice at this point. Long offers versatility to a line that needs revamp, although it remains to be seen if Long is a good option at LT or whether he’ll be better suited for the right-side (or even a OG spot). Nonetheless, they need better lineman.

***Browns – FORFEIT (Supplemental Draft – WR Josh Gordon)

39. Jets – Jamie Collins, OLB/DE – Southern Miss.; Senior: 6’3″ 250
Collins could be the sleeper of the draft. I honestly could see him sneaking into Round 1, but he is the kind of pass-rusher that would excel in their 3/4 scheme. They may consider a guy like Damontre Moore, but Collins is a freakish athlete who would be a great fit if they don’t add a rusher in Round 1.

40. Titans – Desmond Trufant, CB/KR – Washington; Senior: 6’0″ 190
They need depth at CB, and Trufant is a good one. Adding him here gives them a solid No.3 and offers a lot of value.

41. Bills – Ryan Nassib, QB – Syracuse; Senior: 6’2″ 227
It seems destined that they land Nassib. Buffalo will add a young arm early in the draft and I think Nassib makes the most sense with his Syracuse connections – they may even consider trading up to make sure they get him. He’ll come in a compete with Kolb and Jackson – and may be the QB come Week 1.

42. PT1 RAIDERS (From Dolphins) – Zach Ertz, TE – Stanford; *Junior: 6’5″ 249
I don’t kow if Oakland will actually be able to acquire a 2nd Rounder – but if they can it’d be helpful because they need plenty of help. Brandon Myers left via free-agency so they’ll need a new TE option. I know the Raiders have plenty of other needs as well, but I like the fit of Ertz with Flynn and company.

43. Tampa Bay – Kawann Short, DT – Purdue; Senior: 6’3″ 299
If they end up trading for Revis this could be their first pick of the draft. Adding Revis will solve the CB need, but they need plenty of other front-seven help. They may need a DE more, but Short is a nice fit over a guy like Hankins. They lost Roy Miller and are looking for a new starting DT and Short has that kind of ability in their 4/3 scheme.
Needs: 4/3 DE, 4/3 OLB, CBx2, 4/3 RDT, LT/RT, QB, TE, KR
Depth: WR, OT, 4/3 DT, 4/3 DE, 4/3 MLB, DB, OG, RB, 4/3 OLB

44. PT8 PACKERS (From Carolina) – Johnathan Hankins, NT/DT – Ohio State; *Junior: 6’3″ 320
I’d be surprised if Hankins lasted this long, but good players are going to fall. They need depth behind BJ Raji and there really isn’t a better option than this guy. If they stay at No.26 they’d consider Jesse Williams and even Hankins there. Eddie Lacy might be an option here if available.
Needs: LT/RT, RB, 3/4 NT, 3/4 OLB, WR, TE, FS/SS, ILB
Depth: OG, CB, C, S, 3/4 DE, WR, Pass-Rusher, QB, FB

***Saints – FORFEIT (Bounty Penalty)

45. PT2 BROWNS (From Chargers) – DJ Hayden, CB – Houston; Senior: 5’11″ 191
Hayden is a hot-riser right now and should end up somewhere in Round 2. The Browns will have some options, including Margus Hunt, Larry Watford, and Phillip Thomas but adding a CB opposite of Haden is a key need in this pass-heavy NFL. They’d love to add a 2nd Rounder so I’d expect them to move down in Round 1 to try to do so.

46. Rams – Le’Veon Bell, RB – Michigan State; *Junior: 6’1″ 230
Nice versatile runner who can help establish a run game for the Rams. They’ll likely consider Phillip Thomas, Shamarko Thomas, and Khaseem Greene too – but they’ll need to add a better option at RB early on in this draft.

47. Dallas – Robert Woods, WR – USC; *Junior: 6’0″ 201
Dallas will be looking for a slot WR and Woods would be a great addition at this point. He is a highly productive guy who could emerge as a No.1/2 option in the NFL – he’ll replace Kevin Ogletree for now.

48. PT11 LIONS (From Steelers) – Margus Hunt, DE/DT – SMU; Senior: 6’8″ 277
They may prefer Damontre Moore, but I think Hunt’s a very intriguing guy. He is 26 years old and that may hurt his stock some, but he is a tremendous athlete who can step in a play the DE spot void of Kyle Vanden Bosch.

49. Giants – Damontre Moore, DE/OLB – Texas A&M; *Junior: 6’5″ 250
They’ll need a replacement for Osi and Moore could turn into a good one. Moore was once a TOp 10 prospect, but has seen his stock fall of late, but it turns out he lands in a great situation where he can be a situational pass-rusher.

50. Bears – Phillip Thomas, FS/SS – Fresno State; Senior: 6’1″ 208
The Bears continue to address the secondary with this pick. Adding a CB and FS are high needs, but I could easily seem them selected Ogletree or Te’o if they fall this far. I essentially with with the playmaking Thomas over either of those players since they’ve adding James Anderson and DJ Williams (although just on 1 year deals).

51. Redskins – Larry Warford, OG – Kentucky; Senior: 6’3″ 332
Protect RGIII. Thats what they’ll need to do and it’ll be an easy option if Warford is around this long. I think he is likely to be gone, but he’d be a good addition to an offensive line group in the making.
Needs: FS, CB, 3/4 ILB, RG, KR, WR, 3/4 OLB, TE, RT
Depth: C/OG, 3/4 ILB, DB, 3/4 DE, 3/4 NT

52. Vikings – Alec Ogletree, MLB/OLB – Georgia; *Junior 6’2″ 242
It’s hard to imagine a talent like Ogletree falling this far, but I think ‘red flags’ will cause him to slip. I think he could go as high as No.7/8 overall on talent alone, so he offers a lot of value for the Vikings as a replace for Jasper Brinkley. Minnesota could also consider Manti Te’o.

53. Bengals – Barrett Jones, C/OG/OT – Alabama; Senior: 6’4″ 306
I think Manti Te’o will be considered, but Jones is a versatile guy who can step right in a play C. The Bengals are a tough read, but a guy like Jones could be as valuable to them as anyone else available.

54. Dolphins (Colts) – Johnathan Franklin, RB – UCLA; Senior: 5’10″ 205
Daniel Thomas isn’t the answer and while Lamar Miller has shown promise – he doesn’t have seem to be a lead back. Adding Franklin here seems like a good choice, and would give them another option in developing their running game.

55. Packers – Manti Te’o, MLB – Notre Dame; Senior: 6’1″ 241
This is probably right around the value for Te’o – although Im sure he’ll be selected higher than this. Green Bay needs depth on defensive and Te’o would be a nice addition. The Packers will have some options, but if they don’t make the ‘projected’ trade for DeAngelo Williams a RB like Montee Ball could come into play here too.

56. Seattle – Khaseem Greene, OLB – Rutgers; Senior: 6’1″ 241
I could see Greene landing in the ladder part of Round 1, so this could be a steal for Seattle. They’ll be looking to add linebacking depth to an already strong defense. They added Antoine Winfield as well – so it’s a case of the Seahawks continuing to get better.
Needs: RT, 4/3 WOLB, TE, 4/3 DT, KR, CB, K
Depth: WR, S, 4/3 OLB, 4/3 MLB, 4/3 DE, RB, QB, OG

57. Texans – Justin Hunter, WR – Tennessee; *Junior: 6’4″ 196
Andre Johnson is 32 years old and they need a reliable option opposite of him. Keshawn Martin seems to be a nice option in the slot, but Hunter could emerge into a star. Hunter was once considered the Top WR prospect in the draft and has a lot of ability – he could learn a lot of Johnson.

58. Denver – Johnathan Jenkins, NT/DT – Georgia; Senior: 6’4″ 338
Jenkins lost some weight, and that may increase his stock – he has first round talent – but I think this is a nice fit for him. The Broncos are in need of adding multiple defensive lineman and Jenkins will give them a rotational player that demands attention in the middle.

59. Patriots – Quinton Patton, WR – Louisiana Tech; Senior: 6’0″ 204
If they get Sanders from Pittsburgh I still think Patton would make sense. Patton, Sanders, and Amendola would be good targets for Brady with guys like Donald Jones, Michael Jenkins, and Julian Edelman contributing. Patton has a lot of ability and could surprise people on how productive he can be in the NFL despite playing at a smaller school.

60. Falcons – Johnthan Banks, CB/FS – Mississippi State; Senior 6’2″ 185
They need CB help pretty bad with the losses of Grimes and Robinson. It’s likely they focus on CB in Round 1, but if they don’t then Banks would be a nice addition here. Banks or Blidi Wreh-Wilson would make the most sense, but they could prefer another CB option as well.

61. 49ers – Shamarko Thomas, SS/CB/KR – Syracuse; Senior: 5’9″ 213
Talented safety that’d be a nice fit in San Fran. I have them making a few moves early, but they can probably stay put here and land a good player with this pick. Thomas can contribute in all types of way and that’ll be attractive to whichever team selects him.

62. Ravens – Keenan Allen, WR – California; *Junior: 6’2″ 206
Allen is better than this, but he could slip – and I think Baltimore could be hoping he does. He could step in and replace Anquan Boldin – the rich keep getting richer.
Needs: LT, No.2 WR, ILBx2, C, SS, Slot-WR, 3/4 OLB
Depth: 3/4 DE, 3/4 NT, CB, S, OG, QB


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