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Welcome Back To Tebowville.

Tim Tebow. It’s like March 18, 1995 all over again.

No, Im not talking comparing Tebow to the great Michael Jordan (in any way, shape, or form). In fact, Tim Tebow didn’t even retire so it’s not like he made an announcement saying “I’m Back” – but nonetheless, he is back in the NFL. While he never retired, he might as well have in the eye’s of a lot of the naysayers because another shot in the NFL seemed unlikely. With that said, its not like this stay is guaranteed – or even going to last into the start of the 2013 NFL season. I do admit it is hard not to root for the guy.

Tebow does naturally draw a lot of media coverage, which in itself can “make you sick of tired of Tebow” before you even give him a chance. Tebow won National Championships, is a Hesiman Trophy winner (the first Sophomore ever), and was Florida’s “Mr. Football” his senior year in high school so it’s not like this guy is a scrub, but there’s no doubt he doesn’t throw the best football pass. Well, I guess compared to me he does – but on the whole scheme of things he’s not an NFL Quarterback. I think a lot of the criticism regarding Tebow is the ‘circus that is Tim Tebow’ because of the the 1st round selection, bad passing efficiency, off the field beliefs, and crazed fan-follwing.

Say what you will about him as a passer, all the media attention, or even his beliefs – but I think it’s good to see someone with such dedication, determine, and a team-first approach get another shot in the NFL. I mean, athletes in the news for negative things continuously land on other teams…so I don’t have a problem with a mediocre QB, with questionable athleticism getting another shot either. While the media can turn you off on him, and the Patriots at that, I’d rather hear about that than if Mark Sanchez will be the starter for NY, Pacman Jones latest arrest, Chad Johnson jail sentence, Donte Stallsworth next opportunity, who Joe Montana thinks are the best current QB in the NFL, and what Trent Dilfer, Matt Hasselbeck, and Merril Hoge have to say about anything. Im rooting for Tebow to succeed, just not to attempt any passes in the process.

I think it’s a win-win situation for New England and Tim Tebow. Bill Belicheck won’t let the circus come to town, and Tebow gets to prove himself again. There is no doubt that they don’t view him as a QB, mainly because if a viable QB is on the market…you don’t wait months and months to sign him. I basically think it means his QB career is over and I think he’ll be better off for it. He has the right attitude and while not the best passer, he is a football player and you can never have too many of those. I think he can be a productive player in a situational role, as a solid backup, and on a team like New England because they have a lot of talent around him.

His trademark No.15 is currently taken by Ryan Mallet in New England. I just hope he doesn’t come back dawning the No.45.


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