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Johnny Manziel: Truth Be Told

Everyone has an opinion about Johnny Manziel, and it either involves a controversial take from the naysayers or a justifiable spin from the followers. Whichever side of the debate you are on, there is little doubt that the attraction that is “Johnny Football” is fascinating on the football field as well as off it. Lately, the fascination that often gets Johnny in the news is that contributed to his off the field whereabouts. We are all aware of those controversies, if it’s even fair to call it that, which stems from situations such as: court-side seats, instagram photos, nightlife, online classes, shoves, parking tickets, hangovers, frat parties, and autographs. It’s probably safe to say, he may not have always made the decision you would have in certain situations – but I don’t think that means those decisions were all that bad. It’s even safer to say, he wasn’t looking for your advice – and in fact was taking advice from someone else.

I dont know if 50 told him, or if he heard Kanye say it in a song…

“Go head switch the style up
And if they hate then let ’em hate
And watch the money pile up”

…but that’s my fascination with Johnny Manziel.

Sure, the off the field stuff gives us something to talk about and the on the field stuff gives us something to watch – but what I’m most intrigued about is the style with which he does it all. It may be cocky or immature…or even too extravagant, but in doing so – he steps up to the challenge. He approaches each challenge on the field the way you’d want your signal caller to do. Whether it’s an Alabama defense he torches for 562 total yards and 5 touchdowns or an Auburn team he burnt for 502 total yards and 5 touchdowns, Johnny Football is the greatest show in football.

In fact, he approaches every challenge in such a way that not only fascinates me, but makes me somewhat proud. So, whether it’s an SEC defender, a college graduate assistant, or a University of Texas college kid, I have no reason to think he handled the NCAA any different.

Wait, wait…proud, you ask? Proud? Well….yeah!

You may be aware that the Manziel family, thanks to a chance taken by his grandfather in the 1930’s, have earned a living in the oil-industy of Texas which has lead to Johnny being able to live an extravagant lifestyle compared to most other college student-athletes. So, while he is not only a Heisman Trophy winner, one of the premiere college football players, and a future NFL star, he is also living pretty high on the hog. But wait….I said ‘Proud’.

Okay…where I was going with that was – because of his family wealth, most people think he had the “power” to fight the NCAA. Im not denying the fact that compared to most ‘ordinary’ college folk he definitely had some higher levels of potential influence. But…TRUTH BE TOLD.

Truth Be Told – I think he went ahead and switched the style up!

So, while you can argue he got off lightly for “obvious” infractions because of his family wealth, the potential money to hire a defense to go after the NCAA, the influence of “power” in his corner….I think he just told the truth.

I mean, what do I know. Pretty much nothing, heck – no one can even say if he actually committed any infractions. I will say however, that this isn’t a matter of innocence or guilt because I hope he did do it. I think college kids should be allowed to benefit from their stardom, or get paid for their services. So, I am assuming he committed some sort of ‘wrong doing’ and said…”Hey, Im Johnny Football…Suspend me, I’ll be fine because Im heading to the NFL next year regardless and I won’t go without”.

Again, I am hoping this is true – because if so…I am absolutely PROUD of Johnny Manziel. Where most college athletes need the field and have to submit to the pressure of the NCAA by ‘accepting’ their punishment in order to get back on it, Johnny didn’t. Where most college athletes are expendable to the NCAA, Johnny wasn’t. Johnny didn’t need the NCAA – the NCAA needed Johnny Football. Johnny didn’t need money, or power. Johnny needed to be Johnny and challenge the NCAA the way he would any opposing defense, daring them to stop him.

He made the NCAA just another defense…and it probably was his best performance yet. Rightfully so, and TRUTH BE TOLD, the NCAA was unable to stop the 6’1″ 210 the same way a Saturday defense is.

If it happened, which I believe to be so, this elevates the already legendary status of Johnny Manziel. How he stood up to the ‘mighty’ NCAA and came out victorious….Imagine this!

NCAA: “Johnny, Did you sign-autographs for money?”

Johnny: “Yes”

NCAA: “WHAT!? You’re admitting to this infraction and violation?”

Johnny: “Yep…go ahead and Suspend me. You’re the one out the ratings and money come Alabama week.”

NCAA: “So…you did it?”

Johnny: “Yes!!! I took money…got paid for the signings. Suspend me, I’ll be fine…NFL next year, and more partying this season while you have to eat the financial loss of me not playing.”

NCAA: “Hmmm…we were hoping it wasn’t true.”

Johnny: “Well, it is…am I suspended or what cause’ I have somewhere to be”

….and then after some deliberation and closed-door meetings, the NCAA saw it Johnny’s way.

2 Quarters, 1 Half… a game that neither mattered, or the NCAA cared about. Why should they lose money while the kid became a bigger star and left them in the dust. I mean…come on, a half? versus Rice? Again, we aren’t arguing innocence or guilt….but there was some legitimate evidence that Johnny was involved in something (and again, good for him) so why so little of a suspension? Well – I believe he told the truth and stuck it to the NCAA…whereas other ordinary players, or those less valuable ones have less – not money to fight with – but money to offer them.

So yeah…Im proud of Johnny Manziel for ‘sticking it to the NCAA’. I also believe that little hand gesture….ya know – “the money piling up” is not a taunt to the opposing team and players…but the NCAA themselves. It’s more of an insult to the NCAA-brass for their decision to make money off him rather than suspend him and cost themselves.

Its Johnny’s way of saying I got you. The NCAA knows what Johnny did….but Johnny also know they’re hypocrites. Not only is Johnny’s money piling up, but he knows that money was more important to them…and thus they’re making sure their money is piling up too.

But, when it comes to Johnny Football its hard to beat him. Too bad he couldn’t hire a defense for the football team – but there’s no defense for the truth and the greatest show in football.

Just let the haters, hate..and in Johnny’s case to the NCAA – ‘watch the money pile up’.


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