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2015 NFL Draft – Mock Draft 1.0

…and here, we, go!

1st Round:

1. Tampa Bay – Jameis Winston, QB – Florida State
I can’t say I blame them, but Im not sold on his off the-field-issues either. I could see Mariota here just as easily, but I just don’t expect it.

2. PT1 NY Jets (FROM Tennessee) – Marcus Mariota, QB – Oregon
For Tennessee, I just don’t see Mariota as a good fit. They can’t trade back too far so NY at No.6 is the most likely option to still be able to land an impact player. If they stay put Leonard Williams makes the most sense, but I truthfully wouldn’t rule out them surprising taking Kevin White or Amari Cooper.

For the Jets, Geno isn’t the long term answer for the new regime – he might not even be the favorite to start over Fitzpatrick in the current situation. Therefore, it makes sense to make this move and get the signal caller to build around moving forward. Its a rather small price to pay for someone with Mariota’s potential. New York has talent

I’d expect someone to move into this spot and the Jets are the most likely QB needy team. The Rams, Browns, and Chargers are likely too big of a drop for Tennessee to realistically consider a move and Washington and Chicago can’t afford to give up the picks with their current situations.

TRADE: Titans: No.6 (1st Round), No.70 (3rd Round), No.223 (7th Round), 2016 2nd Round and 2017 3rd Round. Jets: No.2 (1st Round), No.177 (6th Round), Conditional 2017 6th Round.

3. Jacksonville – Vic Beasley, DE/OLB – Clemson
I know Leonard Williams is highly regarded as the best defense prospect, and if they go defense with him on the board – it makes sense for him to be their guy. Well, I like Beasley in this scenario – despite Williams being available and despite the buzz around Dante Fowler Jr. here. I think he’s the best of all the edge rushers.

4. Oakland – Leonard Williams, DE/DT – USC
I don’t think Oakland could resist Williams should he be available, although it could peek a little trade interest as well. Kevin White and Amari Cooper are the popular options, and rightfully so – even with the signing of Michael Crabtree, it’s very likely one of them will be the pick if Williams isn’t. WR is probably their biggest need, but there is a lot of depth at the position. Trading down would be smart for the Raiders is the right scenario takes place.

5. PT2 St.Louis (FROM Washington) – Brandon Scherff, OG/OT – Iowa
For Washington, they could stand pat and take the best player on their board, but when a familiar team comes calling they give in to give themselves a few extra picks to work with. Personally, I don’t love anyone that they can get here anyhow.

As for the Rams…With a move like this, most would think it’d be for Kevin White or Amari Cooper – but their offensive line is full of holes. I think Washington will strongly consider Scherff themselves, but would benefit from moving down. The left side of the line is in tact, with Barrett Jones capable of playing C – adding this monster really helps with securing the right side. His versatility is nice, but projects as an OG.

TRADE: Redskins: No.10 (1st Round), No.72 (3rd Round), 2016 4th Round. Rams: No.5 (1st Round)

6. PT1 Tennessee (FROM NY Jets) – Kevin White, WR – West Virginia
I personally think Amari Cooper is the safer pick, but it’s hard to argue with White’s upside. I think they’re going to give Mettenberger a shot – add White opposite Justin Hunter with Kendall Wright in the slot and all of the sudden he has some pretty impressive weapons. With the said, I don’t think it’d hurt to upgrade the defensive side of the ball either, particularly the defensive front with this pick. If they end up trading back from No.2 and landing a few spots lower a guy like Danny Shelton could make a lot of sense.

7. PT3 New Orleans (FROM Chicago) – Danny Shelton NT/DT – Washington
For Chicago, The Bears would probably strongly consider Amari Cooper – and I think they should take him personally. Danny Shelton would be the other likely option, and well the Saints think so too. I think if they decided a WR isn’t their pick then moving down would make the most sense – in which scenario they can address the defense or potentially land another WR they like.

The Saints are down Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills most notably, and could make such a move for Amari Cooper to add an offensive weapon. However, I think Shelton is the target. They need a true nose for the 3-4, so while it seems unlikely to pass on Cooper and a talent like Dante Fowler Jr. in a move up like this – Shelton is a 0-technique that could solidify that defense with his skill set.

TRADE: Bears: No.13 (1st Round), No.44 (2nd Round). Saints: No.7 (1st Round), No.106 (4th Round)

8. Atlanta – Dante Folwer Jr., DE/OLB – Florida
This is a no-brain for new HC Dan Quinn. Folwer could land as high as No.3 and it’s likely someone will try to trade up for him if he slides. They might have the worst pass-rush in the league so this definitely helps – and is a great fit. Randy Gregory or Shane Ray might get consideration.

9. PT4 Cleveland (FROM NY Giants) – Amari Cooper, WR – Alabama
For NY, right now Landon Collins makes all the sense, but maybe they think Washington will pass and they can get him later by moving down. Would the Giants even be inclined to take Cooper themselves? I think they’ll look to move down in this scenario.

For Cleveland, why not move up 3 spots for this kind of talent. It’s hard to imagine him not going sooner, but someone will make a play on him if he falls a bit. Cleveland could roll with Bowe, Hartline, and Hawkins – but Cooper is a solid and safe pick…which they need. Making a move and holding on to picks is a key motivating option for a small move as opposite to a larger on.

TRADE: Giants: No.12 (1st Round), No.77 (3rd Round). Browns: No.9 (1st Round), No.108 (4th Round)

10. PT2 Washington (FROM St.Louis) – La’el Collins, OT/OG – LSU
Sure, Scherff would have been nice – but Collins isn’t a bad choice after moving down. Another Collins, Landon Collins ,wants to play for Washington, but they’ll likely pass on him to help protect their QB. Collins is a combo position player who will add some much needed talent to the offensive line.

11. PT5 San Francisco (FROM Minnesota) – Trae Waynes, CB – Michigan State
Minnesota probably should take Waynes themselves, but maybe they’ve got another plan up their sleeve.

For San Fran, they come get the best CB in the draft. They are undergoing a lot of changes, and not to be forgotten is the departures are corner – Waynes comes in and is a starter from day 1. They have a lot of holes to fill but he’s athletic and a potential shut-down talent on the outside.

TRADE: Vikings: No.15 (1st Round), No.79 (3rd round). 49ers: No.11 (1st Round)

12. PT4 NY Giants (FROM Cleveland) – Landon Collins, SS – Alabama
They could have taken him at No.9, but that might have been a reach – even still…this might be a bit early, but when you need a safety you might as well get the best one available. He’s highly productive and a complete safety prospect.

13. PT3 Chicago (FROM New Orleans) – Davante Parker, WR – Louisville
Teams like Miami and Houston will be disappointed with this selection. The Bears need someone opposite of Alshon Jeffery with Marshall’s departure. He offers good value at this point, especially after moving down and passing on Cooper – but he’s right their on the same level talent wise. The defensive front-seven is another area of need and that they could target.

14. PT6 Chiefs (FROM Miami) – Mario Edwards Jr., DE/DT – Florida State
Miami has plenty of options to choice from, but with that said – one of them will probably still be available if they move down a few spots. Especially considering they have so few picks as it is.

The Chiefs are in need of a DE in that 3/4 system. Edwards isn’t going to be the popular pick – especially considering I have them moving up for him but he’s a better option than Arik Armstead and Malcolm Brown. This is kind of surprising, especially if you consider they could use a WR or OL help. Edwards is the type of player who could excel and I expect him to go higher than expected – he’s tough, athletic, and the type of defender the Chiefs need.

TRADE: Dolphins: No.18 (1st Round), No.80 (3rd Round). Chiefs: No.14 (1st Round).

15. PT5 Minnesota (FROM San Francisco) – Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree, DE/OLB – Kentucky
Maybe another surprise, but Dupree has a high-ceiling and is moving up boards. if you’re in a division playing against Aaron Rodgers you better have guys who can attack off the edge. Sure, they have other options, but Mike Zimmer is sure to go with a defender here. I’d expect him to go ahead of Shane Ray and in Minnesota – along with Anthony Barr give them a new dimension to their defense.

16. PT7 Philadelphia (FROM Houston) – Jaelen Strong, WR – Arizona State
Houston adds and inside linebacker and moves down a few spots. Its a win-win considering they may have reached for MLB Eric Kendricks here anyhow.

The Eagles move up a few spots to secure a down the field passing threat. He is smooth, especially for a big-bodied guy. Its a nice fit, but of course there are plenty of other receiving options – I just think Strong is the best fit. They could stand to get some offensive line help as well.

TRADE: Texans: No.20 (1st Round), MLB Mychal Kendricks. Eagles: No.16 (1st Round)

17. San Diego – Eli Harold, OLB/DE – Virginia
Todd Gurley will probably be the popular pick here, and its hard to argue it – but I think they address the defense here. Again, Harold probably isn’t the flashiest option with Shane ray and Gregory still available – but I think he’s the best option. Harold is a speed rusher, and might be a situational player to get after QB – but the Chargers have to improve their pass-rush. Eddie Goldman would be the next best option to give them a true-NT.

18. PT6/PT8 Baltimore (FROM Miami (FROM Kansas City) – Melvin Gordon III, RB – Wisconsin
Miami continues to obtain picks, moving down seems right here.

The Ravens can’t risk rival Cleveland landing Gordon – so jump so potential suitors to come get him. RB may not be their biggest need, but he’s a weapon they need. Gordon and Forsett offer a nice duo in the backfield. Baltimore has plenty of picks to make a move as well.

TRADE: Dolphins: No.26 (1st Round), No.90 (3rd Round), No.122 (4th Round). Ravens: No.18 (1st Round)

19. Cleveland (Buffalo) – Cameron Irving, C/OG/OT – Florida State
Alex Mack might not be back after next season, and aside from that – Irving is a tremendous talent that can step in and help on the right-side this season. Its not a flashy pick with Gurley, Shane Ray, Armstead, or another name bigger name available – but finally Cleveland is making smart choices. Cooper and Irving are solid picks to build around for the future.

20. PT7 Houston (FROM Philadelphia) – Malcolm Brown DT/DE – Texas
He is a force inside and would pair nicely on a defensive line with JJ Watt. Adding Mychal Kendricks in the trade down with Philly, coupled with Brown here the defensive is looking strong in the middle. There are plenty of other options here for the Texans, but Brown gives them an enforcer with versatility.

21. Cincinnati – Andrus Peat, OT – Stanford
They could stand help at OLB, or a pass-rusher…but Peat is an intriguing prospect who can help solidify their offensive line moving forward. Ereck Flowers or DJ Humpries could be options as well, but I think Peat is the best of the three. Peat can start immediately, and potentially can be a good LT.

22. PT9 Dallas (FROM Pittsburgh) – Todd Gurley Jr., RB – Georgia
Pittsburgh can;t go wrong by trading down – add picks, get younger.

Dallas has to leap-frog some of the potential RB needy teams. The price is small for a talent like Gurley at this point. He’s recovering won;t be rushed along with DMc there to help drive the ship to start the season. Obviously, if they can work something out for AP then they wouldn’t make such a move – but I expect Gurley to be a good one…especially behind that offensive line.

23. Detroit – Arik Armstead, DT/DE – Oregon
They need to replace Suh, and while Im not sold on Armstead…this is a nice selection for the Lions. They added the aging Ngata to be a precense, but aside from that they need to address defensive tackle. A RB and offensive line help are important too, but Armstead has great size and could develop into a talented playmaker.

24. PT10 Saints (FROM Arizona) – Breshad Perriman, WR – Central Florida
Arizona, might as well move down – maybe they’ll wind up with Adrian Peterson.

The Saints addressed the defense by moving up early, and jump ahead of Miami here to land an offensive weapon for Drew Brees. It’s very possible that Perriman is gone, but if he’s here then its a good time to go get him.

TRADE: Cardinals: No.31 (1st Round), No.78 (3rd Round). Saints: No.24 (1st Round), No.110 (4th Round).

25. Carolina – Ereck Flowers, OT – Miami (FL)
Flowers is a nice fit here, and unless either Jonathan Martin or Nate Chandler are your pick to protect Cam then you understand the pick even more. Flowers is massive and could be gone before now, but offensive line should be the area to target here.

26. PT8 Miami (FROM Baltimore) – Eric Kendricks, ILB – UCLA
It pays off for Miami by moving down a few times and still landing a guy like Kendricks, whom they’d likely consider at No.14. I think they’d like an offensive player, but this allows the defensive to get back on track…even though Im sure Suh will help with that as well.

27. PT9 Pittsburgh (FROM Dallas) – Jalen Collins, CB – LSU
I think Collins could be gone, but its very realistically to believe they’ll end up with one of the top CB’s in the draft with their first pick. Peters and Kevin Johnson join Collins as options for the secondary needy Steelers. Collins is a great athlete with greta ball skills – an immediate upgrade for a team with a lot of needs.

28. Denver – D.J. Humphries, OT/OG – Florida
Denver must rebuild the offensive line, and I think Humpries would be a good choice. Flowers, Humphries, Peat or Clemmings make a lot of sense – even Irving if he’s available. I think it’s safe to say they can get someone to help them protect Peyton here.

29. PT11 NY Giants (FROM Indianapolis) – Shane Ray, DE/OLB – Missouri
Indianapolis is in a key position to move out of Round 1 – I expect them to…

The Giants would maybe have been better off taking an edge rusher with their original pick, but if Ray last this long – it’s surely worth it to come back in to the round and get him. He’ll likely go sooner, but Im not as big on him as others. I think getting him and Landon Collins is a huge day for the G-men.

TRADE: Colts: No.40 (2nd Round), No.74 (3rd Round), 2016 6th Round. Giants: No.29 (1st Round), No.128 (4th Round)

30. Green Bay – Marcus Peters, CB – Washington
They could use an ILB, but with Peters on the board – I don’t expect them to pass on him. Their secondary lost a lot this offseason and a CB, whether Peters, Johnson, or Jones is a solid choice.

31. PT10/PT12 Minnesota (From Arizona (FROM New Orleans (Seattle) – Paul Dawson, ILB – TCU
Well, Well – AP takes a huge pay cut and gets out of town. Minnesota lands a nice score for a players who wants out.

Arizona finally gets Adrian. Its a great fit and a no-brainer.

Minnesota uses the pick to continue to build the defense. They added Dupree earlier, now they secure the middle – but don’t rule our a CB…or heck, maybe even a RB to replace AP. Dawson however is always around the ball, and the type of guy Mike Zimmer would love to get his hands on.

TRADE: Arizona: RB Adrian Peterson, No.137 (5th Round). Vikings: No.31 (1st Round)

32. New England – Lakin Tomlinson, OG – Duke
Im sure someone will have a more popular pick, but I don’t think there’s a better on. Tomlinson will help secure the offensive line and the Patriots will continue to find gems to strengthen other positions. It might be a little early for him, but I think the fit makes the slight reach worth it – as always..we never know what they’re going to do but its usually unexpected.

2nd Round:

33. Tennessee – T.J. Clemmings, OT – Pittsburgh
34. Tampa Bay – Cedric Ogbuehi, OT – Texas A&M
35. Oakland – Nelson Agholor, WR – USC
36. Jacksonville – Kevin Johnson, CB – Wake Forest
37. NY Jets – Jordan Phillips, NT/DT – Oklahoma
38. Washington – Randy Gregory DE/OLB – Nebraska
39. Chicago – Bryce Petty, QB – Baylor
40. PT11 Indianapolis (FROM NY Giants) – Eddie Goldman NT/DT – Florida State
41. St.Louis – Jake Fisher, OT – Oregon
42. Atlanta – Jay Ajayi, RB – Boise State
43. Cleveland – Stephone Anthony, ILB – Clemson
44. PT3 Chicago (FROM New Orleans) – Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE/OLB – UCLA
45. Minnesota – Byron Jones, CB – U Conn
46. San Francisco – Devin Smith, WR – Ohio State
47. Miami – A.J. Cann, OG – South Carolina
48. San Diego – Brett Hundley, QB – UCLA
49. Kansas City – Dorial Green-Beckham, WR – Oklahoma
50. Buffalo – Shaq Thompson, OLB/SS – Washington
51. Houston – Rashad Greene, WR – Florida State
52. Philadelphia – Ali Marpet, OG – Hobart & William Smith
53. Cincinnati – Nate Orchard OLB/DE – Utah
54. Detroit – Tevin Coleman, RB – Indiana
55. Arizona – Carl Davis, NT/DT – Iowa
56. Pittsburgh – Maxx Williams, TE – Minnesota
57. Carolina – Ameer Abdullah, RB – Nebraska
58. Baltimore – Danielle Hunter, DE – LSU
59. Denver – Benardrick McKinney, ILB – Mississippi State
60. Dallas – Michael Bennett, DT/DE – Ohio State
61. Indianapolis – Ronald Darby, CB – Florida State
62. Green Bay – Denzel Perryman, ILB – Miami (FL)
63. Seattle – Hroniss Grasu, C – Oregon
64. New England – Sammie Coates, WR – Auburn

3rd Round:

65. Tampa Bay – Damarious Randall, FS – Arizona State
66. Tennessee – Garrett Grayson, QB – Colorado State
67. Jacksonville – TJ Yeldon, RB – Alabama
68. Oakland – Eric Rowe, CB/FS – Utah
69. Washington – Clive Walford, TE – Miami (FL)
70. PT1 Tennessee (FROM NY Jets) – Xavier Cooper, DT – Washington State
71. Chicago – Cody Prewitt, FS/SS – Mississippi
72. PT2 Washington (FROM St.Louis) – Jaquiski Tartt, SS – Samford
73. Atlanta – Phillip Dorsett, WR – Miami (FL)
74. PT11 Indianapolis (FROM NY Giants) – Preston Smith, DE – Mississippi State
75. New Orleans – Devin Funchess, TE/WR – Michigan
76. Minnesota – Tre Jackson, OG – Florida State
77. PT4 NY Giants (FROM Cleveland) – Hau’oli Kikaha, OLB – Washington
78. PT10 Arizona (FROM New Orleans (Miami) – Donovan Smith, OT – Penn State
79. PT5 Minnesota (FROM San Francisco) – James Sample, SS – Louisville
80. PT6 Miami (FROM Kansas City) – Tyler Lockett, WR – Kansas State
81. Buffalo – Taiwan Jones, ILB – Michigan State
82. Houston – Rob Havenstein, OT – Wisconsin
83. San Diego – Arie Kouandjio, OG – Alabama
84. Philadelphia – Grady Jarrett, DT/NT – Clemson
85. Cincinnati – Quinten Rollins, CB/FS – Miami (OH)
86. Arizona – Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB – Louisville
87. Pittsburgh – Kwon Alexander, OLB/DE – LSU
88. Detroit – Mitch Morse, OG/OT – Missouri
89. Carolina – Trey Flowers, DE – Arkansas
90. PT8 Miami (FROM Baltimore) – David Johnson, RB – Northern Iowa
91. Dallas – Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB – Oregon
92. Denver – Ty Sambrailo, OT – Colorado State
93. Indianapolis – B.J. Finney, C – Kansas State
94. Green Bay – Dez Lewis, WR – Central Arkansas
95. Seattle – Josue Matias, OG – Florida State
96. New England – Duke Johnson, RB – Miami (FL)
C97. New England – P.J. Williams, CB – Florida State
C98. Kansas City – Reese Dismukes, C – Auburn
C99. Cincinnati – Anthony Harris, FS – Virginia

Next Best:
Cory Robinson, OT – South Carolina
Alex Carter, CB/FS – Stanford
Gabe Wright, DT – Auburn
Tre McBride, WR – William & Mary
Sean Hickey, OG/OT – Syracuse
Justin Hardy, WR – East Carolina
Daryl Williams, OT – Oklahoma
Tony Washington, DE/OLB – Oregon
Derron Smith, FS – Fresno State
D’Joun Smith, CB – Florida Atlantic
Tyler Kroft, TE – Rutgers
Ibraheim Campbell, SS – Northwestern
Ellis McCarthy, NT/DT – UCLA
Markus Golden, DE/OLB – Missouri
Jeremiah Poutasi, OG/OT, Utah
Anthony Chickillo, DE – Miami (FL)
Jeremy Langford, RB – Michigan State
Josh Shaw, CB – USC
Marcus Hardison, DT – Arizona State
Tavaris Barnes, DE – Clemson
Doran Grant, CB – Ohio State
Chris Hackett, FS – TCU
Max Garcia, C – Florida
Steven Nelson, CB – Oregon State
Christian Covington, DT – Rice
Durell Eskridge, FS/SS – Syracuse
Henry Anderson, DE/DT – Stanford
Hayes Pullard, ILB – USC
Austin Shepherd, OT/OG – Alabama
Jeff Heuerman, TE – Ohio State
Lynden Trail, DE/DT/OLB – Norfolk State
Jacoby Glenn, CB – Central Florida
Zack Hodges, OLB/DE – Harvard
Za’Darius Smith, DE – Kentucky
Mike Davis, RB – South Carolina
Max Valles, OLB/DE – Virginia
Charles Gaines, CB – Louisville
Obum Gwachum, DE – Oregon State
Tyeler Davison, DT – Fresno State
Sean Mannion, QB – Oregon State
Kurtis Drummond, FS – Michigan State
Ramik Wilson, ILB – Georgia
Stefon Diggs, WR – Maryland
Tyrus Thompson, OT – Oklahoma
B.J. Dubose, DE – Louisville
Gerod Holliman, FS – Louisville
Javorius ‘Buck’ Allen, RB – USC
Davis Tull, OLB/DE – Tennessee-Chattanooga
John Miller, OG – Louisville
Chris Conley, WR – Georgia
Leterrius Walton, DT – Central Michigan
Mike Hull, ILB – Penn State
Jamil Douglas, OG – Arizona State
MyCole Pruitt, TE – Southern Illinois
Clayton Geathers, SS – Central Florida
Ty Montgomery, WR – Stanford
Jordan Hicks, OLB – Texas
Alani Fua, OLB – BYU
Andy Gallik, C – Boston College
Cam Thomas, CB – Western Kentucky
David Cobb, RB – Minnesota
Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT – Southern Mississippi
Derrick Malone, OLB – Oregon
Ben Heeney, ILB – Kansas
Terry Poole, OT – San Diego State
Mark Glowinski, OG – WVU
Nick O’Leary, TE – Florida State
Senquez Golson, CB – Mississippi
Tony Lippett, WR – Michigan State
Chaz Green, OT/OG – Florida
Deshazor Everett, CB – Texas A&M
Cedric Reed, DE/OLB – Texas
Dres Anderson, WR – Utah
Jordan Richards, SS – Stanford
Brandon Bridge, QB – South Alabama
Cameron Artis-Payne, RB – Auburn
Blake Bell, TE/FB – Oklahoma
Trey DePriest, ILB – Alabama
Joey Mbu, DT – Houston
Kenny Bell, WR – Nebraska
Lorenzo Doss, CB – Tulane
Robert Myers, OG/OT – Tennessee State
Brian Mihalik, DE/DT – Boston College
Laurence Gibson, OT – Virginia Tech
Kaleb Eulls, DT – Mississippi State
Jamison Crowder, WR/KR – Duke
Adrian Amos, FS – Penn State
Ben Koyack, TE – Notre Dame
Jeff Luc, ILB – Cincinnati
Shane Carden, QB – East Carolina
Martrell Spaight, ILB/OLB – Arkansas
Josh Robinson, RB – Mississippi State
Xavier Williams, DE/NT – Northern Iowa
Ladarius Gunter, CB – Miami (FL)
Tevin McDonald, FS – Eastern Washington
Andrew Donnal, OT – Iowa
Jesse James, TE – Notre Dame
Travis Raciti, DE/DT – San Jose State
Josh Harper, WR – Fresno State
Quandre Diggs, CB – Texas
Shaquille Mason, C/OG – Georgia Tech
Xzavier Dickson, OLB – Alabama
Justin Cox, FS – Mississippi State
Ray Drew, DE/DT – Georgia
Kevin White, CB – TCU
Deontay Greenberry, WR – Houston
Shaquille Riddick, DE/OLB – West Virginia
Bryce Hager, ILB – Baylor
Jarvis Harrison, OG – Texas A&M
Anthony Johnson, SS – UCLA
Geneo Grissom, DE/OLB – Oklahoma
Jalston Fowler, FB – Alabama
Cody Riggs, CB – Notre Dame
Adam Shead, OG – Oklahoma
Darren Waller, WR – Georgia Tech
Matt Jones, RB – Florida
A.J. Tarpley, ILB/OLB – Stanford
Nick Marshall, CB/ATH – Auburn


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