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2015 Mock Draft – Final Edition

I’ve included trades, and I’ve tried to make it as life-like as possible – while most think projecting trades is a silly tactic..I think that spending the time on a mock without trades (because they do happen) is even more silly. I’m not projecting trades to be correct on the specifics of the actually trade, but to strategies the actual format of what we’d expect top see come Thursday.

Alrighty. Here is my final 4 Round Mock Draft – if you don’t agree with everything, or anything, I hope you at least take time to ready my explanations.

If you scroll to the bottom, I’ve also included a team-by-team breakdown of each team selections that listed in a more user friendly format to see what I have each team doing.

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Enjoy…and thank for taking the time.

1st Round:

1. Tampa Bay – Jameis Winston, QB – Florida State
I can’t say I blame them, but Im not sold on his off the-field-issues either. I could see Mariota here just as easily, but I just don’t expect it. The jury is out on Winston, I don’t have faith in him long-term…but I don’t have to. They need a QB and he seems like their guy – although, it is ironic that everyone is questioning whether they actually want him yet no one is talking about other possibilities. Im not saying it’d be smart to consider a trade, because they can’t walk away without either Winston or Mariota (unless it’s a veteran)…but if their not sold on either why not at least see what offers are out there. I’m just asking – would Sam Bradford, No.20, a future No.1 or so, plus other picks and/or players be that bad of an option from Philadelphia if you aren’t 100% sure? I doubt Philly even would offer as much considering what they’ve already given to St.Louis for Bradford, but they may get desperate if they want Mariota that bad – or fear Tampa wants him themselves.
Team Needs: QB, LT, RT, RG, MLB, FS, DE/DL, SS, OL, RB, WR, OLB/Rush, DB, KR, K

2. PT1 Philadelphia (FROM Tennessee) – Marcus Mariota, QB – Oregon
If they don’t offer Bradford plus a slew of picks to Tampa Bay, then….The Eagles come get their man here, essentially outbidding the Jets and Chargers with the help of Cleveland. The trade I have explained below is my own creation, and, if not exact, may be done is similar fashion come draft day. Nonetheless, Philadelphia does what it takes – and both of the other teams make out too. Mariota should excel with the Eagles and this scenario is the best possible situation to maximize his talent – and inevitably make him a more successful quarterback.
Team Needs: WR, RG, NT, QB, OL/LG, DE/DL, SS, ILB, DB, OLB/Rush, TE

Titans Get: No.12 (Browns), No.19 (Browns), No.20 (Eagles), 2016 5th Round (Eagles), and QB Matt Barkley
Eagles Get: No.2 (Titans)
Browns Get: No. 52 (Eagles), No.100 (Titans), QB Sam Bradford, OG Evan Mathis, MLB Mychal Kendricks

Tennessee hits the mother load in a 3-way deal. Titans land 3 first rounders this year, another young QB option, and a future middle round pick all for this selection and a 4th Rounder. They’re giving up two picks valued and 2700 combined on the chart and receiving three-first valued at 2925 and getting a player plus a future pick. It may have been nice to spread the picks out over the next few years like we normally see, but this can make them better immediately.

Philadelphia makes it happen, landing Mariota to reconnect with his college coach Chip Kelly. They owe Cleveland a big thank you, considering that they were able to give up minimal picks and included players that didn’t really want to help create cap space. Taking a closer look at this (and including the St.Louis trade from March), its Mariota, No. 145, and a conditional 2016 pick for No.20, No.52, No.119, a 2016 2nd Round, a 2016 5th Round, Nick Foles (well, Sam Bradford technically), Matt Barkley, Evan Mathis, and Mychal Kendricks. So, Im telling you they moved up in the first round 18-spots for a second, a future second, a fourth, a future fifth, and cap space. Not too bad! They could also look to move Fletcher Cox to help formulate a trade.

Cleveland takes the opportunity to secure a veteran QB they desired, finally landing Bradford. McCown and Manziel might not be too happy, but McCown is a solid backup and Manziel seemingly can’t be counted on at the present time. Maybe they even look to move Manziel after a move like this. In the trade, I thought about giving them the No.20 pick instead of Tennessee (and loading Tennessee up with numerous other picks), but I figured it wouldn’t make much sense to have them dropping one-spot from No.19 to No.20 when Tennessee should be making out for giving up the highest pick. Therefore, I gave them a 4th Rounder from Tennessee to compensate not having that pick – and adding more players and a pick from Philly to round out their involvement to help get Mariota back in Chip Kelly’s system. The Browns have plenty of cap space, around $27 Million, and by adding Bradford (12.9 Mil), OG Evan Mathis (6.5 Mil), and MLB Mychal Kendrick (1.4 Mil) they’d still have available cap space. Im sure Bradford would need to re-work an extension and Mathis may even be asked to take a paycut in such a deal – but they players can help them win won, and are at positions of need. They also acquired a 2nd Round from Philadelphia and thus by giving up a two first rounders valued at 1725 get two picks valued at just 480 but bring in the signal caller they want and other veterans of need. San Diego could include Cleveland in a deal similar in nature, but that’d likely land Rivers with the Browns and not in Tennessee – and involve an exchange of more draft picks. Wouldn’t a trade replacing the Eagles with Chargers be fun if Manziel was involved going to Tennessee, Rivers to Cleveland, Mariotta to San Diego….and a ton of picks involved.

3. Jacksonville – Vic Beasley, DE/OLB – Clemson
It’s might seem hard to justify this selection given that Leonard Williams and Dante Fowler Jr. are still available, especially given the rumors of their connection with Fowler Jr. However, I believe Beasley is the best pure edge-rusher in this draft. Amari Cooper could even get some consideration, but I’d expect them to go with the top defender on their board or trade down with a team who covets one of those defenders.
Team Needs: DE/Rush, RB, RG, FS, OLB, CB, DL, OL/C, ILB, KR

4. Oakland – Leonard Williams, DE/DT – USC
Williams will be a dream scenario for the Raiders. Arguably the best overall player in the draft, they won’t be able to resist him. Sure, a wideout is highly likely – even with Crabtree coming in on a one-year deal. Kevin White, Amari Cooper, or a trade down are the more likely options should Williams be gone – but they’re not passing on this monster to help bolster their defensive line.
Team Needs: DT, CB, WR, DE/Rush, ILB, OT, FS/DB, OLB, OL, RB, TE, DL, KR

5. PT2 Atlanta (FROM Washington) – Dante Folwer Jr., DE/OLB – Florida
Atlanta might hope he’ll be there at their original spot, but they can’t risk it and essentially pay-off the Redskins and jump the Jets to secure him. Fowler Jr. is a no brainer considering they might have the worst pass-rush in the league, and he’s one of the best pass rushers. HC Dan Quinn would love to get him, and he surely won’t fall past them at No.8 – but if he slides a few spots a team trading up is the likely scenario for his location.
Team Needs: LG, DE/Rush, RT, RB, ILB, DT, FS, OL, TE, CB/DB, WR, OLB, QB

Redskins Get: No.8, No.73, OT Sam Baker
Falcons Get: No.5

Washington could stand to take Fowler Jr. themselves, but take the opportunity to add a selection – and get a player to provide a little offensive line depth. I’d expect The Redskins to move down with a teams like St.Louis or even New Orleans who may be targeting specific players because I don’t love anyone they could take with this selection from a value:need ratio. By adding a pick, and still not moving down too far – they can’t go wrong.

As explained, the Falcons need a pass rusher and with Beasley gone and questions regarding Shane Ray and Randy Gregory moving up to secure their guy makes the most sense. They’re linked to Todd Gurley Jr. as well, and while it seems like a stretch..the reality is, his stock my warrant such a high selection. If they stay put at No.8 and Fowler and Beasley are gone, they could trade down or possibly reach for a Bud Dupree or possible take the chance or Gregory. An offensive lineman like Brandon Scherff isn’t out of the question considering their need at OG and RT. They have also have secondary needs and help strengthening their linebacker core. All-in-all, expect a lot of defensive from hot-lanta.

6. Jets – Amari Cooper, WR – Alabama
Adding Brandon Marshall is helpful, but a player like Cooper in addition to him and Decker gives New York a lethal core of wideouts. I think the Jets would prefer to trade up for Mariota if possible, or land an edge rusher – but the talent of Cooper is hard to pass on at this point. I think they’ll consider trading down, especially with a team like St.Louis who could target Cooper, Kevin White, or Brandon Scherff in this scenario. Todd Gurley Jr. is another player mentioned, but I don’t think they can pull the trigger at this point, but if they do trade down a few spots – his selection wouldn’t be a surprise. Look for New York to get involved with the next tier of QB’s or make a move for a veteran – one scenario to keep an eye on is Phillip Rivers, who San Diego could use as bait to acquire the pick in a deal to entice Tennessee, or oddly enough a guy like Johnny Manziel should Cleveland look to cut ties. I don’t think Geno Smith is viewed as the QB of the future, in fact, Fitzpatrick may be ahead of him on the depth chart…so QB is a major issue. A player like Danny Shelton to secure the middle is a name not to be forgotten, but Cooper has all the makings to be a Reggie Wayne type player.
Team Needs: QB, NT, RT, RB, WR, LG/OL, OLB/Rush, DL, ILB, SS/DB, P

7. PT3 St.Louis (FROM Chicago) – Brandon Scherff, OG/OT – Iowa
St.Louis might be thought to make such a move for a wideout like Cooper or Kevin White, but I think they covet Scherff to help restore the offensive line along with last years No.1 pick Greg Robinson. Scherff is the best lineman in the draft, and while it seems early for an interior lineman – I think Zach Martins success last year showed how valuable it really can turn out. Their line is a mess, and while he has some versatility, he projects at RG.
Team Needs: RG, WR, RT, DE, QB, OL, S, DL, ILB, CB/DB, OLB/Rush

Bears Get: No.10, No.72, 2016 6th Round
Rams Get: No.7

Like Washington at No.5 – I don’t love the value:need ratio for whomever the Bears could select here. It’ll be a prime spot for St.Louis or New Orleans to target to add a player of need – or another team for that matter. With the loss of Brandon Marshall, a wideout like Kevin White makes a lot of sense – but they still could land him by moving down a bit – or maybe they even value a player like DeVante Parker or Breshad Perriman. It’s worth adding the pick to see who is still available at No.10 – or going with another area of need with a player Danny Shelton, Trae Waynes, or Bud Dupree. Also, keep an eye on Randy Gregory despite the off-the-field concerns – and if they end up moving down a little further Cameron Irving or Eli Harold could be names to watch.

The Rams are likely to make a move of some sort, which possibly could be for Cooper or Kevin White. They may hope Scherff makes it to No.10, but with Washington’s move to No.8 they have to jump them to secure him before they snatch him up. La’el Collins has a lot of talent and may end up being on their radar if they don’t land Scherff. DeVante Parker and Breshard Perriman are worth mentioning, and with their defense group already so strong I would;t expect anything other than an offensive player.

8. PT2/PT4 New Orleans (FROM Washington via Chicago) – Danny Shelton NT/DT – Washington
After losing Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills, you might think they were targeting a player maker like Kevin White here, but I think a presence in the middle like Shelton is exactly what the defensive needs. For a team in what seems like a rebuilding-mode, or at least with a lot of holes to consider – this may not be the popular pick, but big John Jenkins isn’t the player Shelton is. They need a true nose in the 3-4 and Shelton is a force who can stay on the field and create havoc.
Team Needs: TE, NT, LG, WR, RT/OL, OLB/Rush, QB, DE/DL, ILB, CB

Redskins Gets: No.13, No.75, 2016 5th Round
Saints Get: No.8

Washington make another move, continuing to add picks. They missed on Scherff and it’s probably a little early for La’el Collins, Landon Collins, or Randy, takes the extra choices and probably still land one of those names later down the board.

Again, I know it might not be the popular pick – but it could be argued that a dominate NT is the key to a 3/4 scheme. The Saints have always done a nice job finding talent at key positions, so they’ll be able to round-up some sleepers with other picks. Heck, catching balls from Drew Brees isn’t hard so they can probably wait on a WR with another 1st round selection and a ton of talent at the position in this draft. They do have a decent number of picks, so it’s likely they’ll be inclined to make a jump for a player inside the Top-10 in a similar scenario.

9. PT5 Tennessee (FROM NY Giants) – Kevin White, WR – West Virginia
If such as trade goes down, Im talking about the 3-way trade that lands them with at least No.12 and No.19, it’s likely they can make a small move up in a situation like this to land Cooper or White. White along with Hunter and Wright (not to mention the newest addition of Hakeem Nicks) gives them a strong group for QB Zack Mettenberger, whom I think they do believe in. If they move down in the big trade even a receiver at No.12 is likely, but they’ll definitely have to consider this move in that situation.
Team Needs: NT, WR, SS, RT/OT, DE, QB, CB, OLB/Rush, TE

Giants Get: No.12, 2016 3rd Round, MLB Zach Brown
Titans Get: No.9

New York is another value:need ratio team, and there are plenty of teams looking to jump others for certain players on their board. I’d expect the Giants to trade down unless a guy like Vic Beasley is still on the board since it’s too early to consider a Landon Collins, and the risk of Randy Gregory is too high for this spot.

Tennessee will be trying to make the most of their newly acquired selections, and a guys who could be a top-5 pick here would be a great scenario. Sure, maybe they’re take a win now approach via my trades – not taking future 1st Rounders in moving down from No.2 and trading next year’s 3rd Rounder here. They’ll seemingly be a young offensive team with the likes of Sankey, White, Mettenberger, Hunter..but with a decent offensive line, in a somewhat winnable division, stranger things have happened. We’ll see later on how they use their other selections to improve.

10. PT3/PT6 San Diego (FROM Chicago via St.Louis) – Todd Gurley Jr., RB – Georgia
Gurley is a Top-10 talent, I’m sure not sure the value of RB’s warrant the selection; however, he definitely fills a huge need. It’s likely that someone will pull the trigger on him in the Top-12 picks, so it’s not that far off. San Diego is another team like others I mentioned that is has a value:need ratio issue by staying at No.17….since likely all the viable options will be gone. Its not a huge price to pay to move up, especially if Gurley Jr. is as good as we think. They have a lot of small complimentary RB’s – but, he’s the grinder, home-run hitter, three-down variety they lack – and quite frankly wanted Ryan Mathews to be. Besides, maybe they have a feeling Minnesota at No.11 might bite on Gurley given the AP situation.
Team Needs: RB, NT, OG, SS, OLB/Rush, QB, DL, TE, ILB, WR, OL, DB

Bears Get: No.17, No.48, 2016 Conditional 7th Round
Chargers Get: No.10, No.106

Chicago missed out on White and Cooper…and Shelton, so DeVante Parker seems like the logical pick if they don’t trade down again – but, in a deep WR draft they can afford to add an extra 2nd Rounder and take the best player available later on.

San Diego is looking to move up for Mariota. They may pull it off, but it’s safe to say that dangling Phillip Rivers in light of a pending free-agency and potential move to LA – will put them in the market for a QB at some point. If they stay at No.17 they could reach for the 3rd best one on their board, and a move of this nature insures at least waiting until the 3rd Round for a chance. I don’t think they’re given up on Rivers, and an extension is likely…especially if they put pieces like Gurley around him. Maybe they can get Gurley or Melvin Gordon III at No.17, put it’s a small price to pay for the potential outcome. Other players that could interest them include players on the offensive and defensive lines, a pass rusher, or strong safety – most notably Cameron Irving, Landon Collins, Malcolm Brown, Eddie Goldman, and Eli Harold.

11. Vikings – Trae Waynes, CB – Michigan State
I have a hard time buying the Vikings taking a CB in the first round despite the need, but unless they make a move down – it really makes the most sense of my value:need ratio. I think a team like San Fran could potential target Waynes and come calling – but truthfully other than selecting him Davante parker is really the next best value based on a potential need. Mike Zimmer needs a CB like Waynes for his system, so it’s not a bad pick – but I’d like to see them move down. In a move down they could still land another CB, or consider a high-upside defender like Bud Dupree to fill a rotational spot. I wouldn’t rule out a big body like Shelton or even Eddie Goldman. I think they’d strongly consider Gurley here, but probably not Melvin Gordon unless they move down.
Team Needs: CB, DE/Rush, MLB, RB, WR, TE, DL, OG, SS, OL, LB

12. PT5 NY Giants (FROM Tennessee via Cleveland) – Ereck Flowers, OT – Miami (FL)
They move down, and land a player at a key position of need. I’d like to mock Landon Collins here, but I think it’s a little early for him. Flowers has been linked to the G-Men, and while he has to get better in pass protection…he’s a powerful run blocker. I can see him going this early, because of upside – and well because he’s also a 20 year old standing 6’6″ and 330lbs. New York is desperate for secondary help so while it seems early for Collins, he is the best safety in the class and may be very tempting. The Giants will also be very tempted with Randy Gregory and Shane Ray, in fact – despite the newly-raised injury concerns..I find it hard to imagine Ray would make it past this spot in this scenario. Flowers however allows them to move Pugh back inside to OG – although it’s not out of the question for him to begin his pro career in the interior. The Giants could also stand to consider other players along the offensive line, the cornerback position, and linebacker group.
Team Needs: OG/OT, DE/Rush, SS, DT, FS, CB, TE, WR, OLB, OL, DL, ILB

13. PT4 Washington (FROM New Orleans) – Shane Ray, DE/OLB – Missouri
In this scenario, Washington is able to add a few picks and still land an impact player, it’s a great spot for them. Shane Ray is all-over-the-place, but a nice endorsement by former GM Bill Polian may help shed light onto how executives really feel – and the size and toe injury concerns aren’t as much of an issue as we think. Howevvver, he was just cited for drug possession. Its horrible timing for a stellar prospect – and it’s likely going to affect his draft stock. Im’ stick with him here despite the reality that he’s going to fall, as it’s being reported he may fall all the way into Round 2. I’m personally much rather have Gregory, Dupree or Eli Harold – but he was once viewed as a potential Top-5 talent by some and I can’t let him slide past the pass-rush needy Redskins despite all the latest news. The Redskins have plenty of directions to consider, but replacing Brian Orakpo with this guy is a good start to filling their holes. They could also consider Randy Gregory, La’el Collins, or Landon Collins here. Again, keep an eye on Ray’s draft stock. I have enough faith in Morgan Moses, along with Sam Bakler coming over in my projected trade…that they don’t need an OT as badly as some are suggesting.
Team Needs: OLB/Rush, OG, SS, C, RB, TE, RT, DB, WR, DL, ILB, P

14. PT7 Kansas City (FROM Miami) – Breshad Perriman, WR – Central Florida
Kansas City added Jeremy Maclin this offseason, but you probably can’t name another receiver on their roster. They move up, oddly enough, with a team who has WR needs of their own to secure an undervalued talent. You might ask why Perriman over the talented Devante Parker..well, I suspect that some teams probably have Perriman rated higher. Parker is widely considered a Top-10 talent in his own right, but Perriman is a intriguing prospect. He’s an explosive player with great size and speed. It’s hard to image that a team wouldn’t try to jump up to get him or Parker in this range. There is a bit of a risk with him, so maybe Parker is the guy here – but the draft never goes as we think.
Team Needs: WR, C, SS, DE/DT, OT, FS, CB, TE, OL, LB/Rush

Dolphins Get: No.18, No.80, No.233
Chiefs Get: No.14

I think the Dolphins were sitting here hoping Todd Gurley Jr. was available after an all-clear medical check and as tempting as Perriman/Parker is for them – they lack picks, so moving down allows them to still get a player of need and add a pick in the process. I think Miami should probably take a player like Devante Parker in this scenario..even though Landry and Stills are talented, he’s more talented – and Greg Jennings isn’t the Green Bay version of himself anymore. I guess they can move down and target another receiver or Melvin Gordon, but they have need among the interior offensive line, corner position, defensive line depth, and linebacking core – specially the middle linebacker position.

The Chiefs have an two-third Rounders, so they are in positions to make a move of this nature if a player they covet falls. I think it’s a smart option, although such a move could be for Devante Parker as well. They got Zero production from wideouts last year and with Maclin and this guy they seeming have a dominate duo for Alex Smith – add in Jamaal Charles and Travis Kelce and now they have some weapons. Houston (and Chicago given my projected trade) are sitting their with WR needs of their own and hoping him (and Parker) somehow made it to them – well, Kansas City has to jump them. If they stay put at No.18 they could target another available WR – but most likely players like Cameron Irving, Arik Armstead, Bud Dupree, Malcolm Brown, or Eli Harold would be options. I think a sleeper for them could be Mario Edwards and they also could use some secondary help.

15. PT8 Dallas (FROM San Francisco) – Melvin Gordon III, RB – Wisconsin
You rarely see teams trading up for RB’s – especially two different trades in the Top 15 picks, but everyone knows he’s probably a Top-15 talent. Heck, “Flash” as he’s called but even be the most explosive player in the entire draft. They may prefer Gurley Jr., but Gordon is a special back in his own right..and it’s no secure the Cowboys need a tailback after Murray’s departure. Darren McFadden may have more left in the tank than people think, but Dallas can’t rely on him solely – and despite the brief success of Joseph Randle, he has a cloudy future with his off-the-field issues. This is a big jump for Dallas, getting ahead of Detroit, Arizona, and Baltimore to secure him. They may even have to give up more to make a deal like this, at which point – it’s probably not worth it…but picks this year or even a future second-round instead of the third may be what it takes.
Team Needs: DT, RB, CB, DE, TE, OL, WR, S, LB

49ers Get: No.27, 2016 3rd Round, CB Morris Claiborne
Cowboys Get: No.15

The 49ers have plenty of holes to fill, and probably should stand-pat and take an impact player – but when Dallas comes calling, they figure dropping back is a decent option. They have plenty of picks this year (9), so by adding a future pick and getting a player like Morris Claiborne to help in the secondary moving down is not a bad move. I personally think again – Devante Parker is a solid option here for them. Torrey Smith was added and Boldin is still around, but talent like Parker’s is hard to come by at this point in the draft. With Pat Willis retiring, the lose of Mike Iupati on the offensive line, and all the other offseason losses they need to make some key move to get back to form. Morris Claiborne wore-out his welcome in Dallas, but as he plays out the final year of his rookie contract (at $5.1 Mil), but they could still pick up his 5th year option by May 3rd. He’s an attractive trade piece because of talent. Talent? Okay, well he’s just 25 years old and while it’s debatable on how much talent he’s shown – if he gets healthy he could excel in HC Jim Tomsula’s system under DC Eric Mangini. They need a CB and I assume they’ll try to get Trae Waynes, but once they miss him it’s a reach for the next corner at this spot. Kevin Johnson or Marcus Peters would probably be the most likely options considering Jalen Collins’ issues with failed drug test – so still having a 1st round pick and getting a CB with Claiborne’s potential is a decent start to improving.

Dallas on the other hand won’t be able to stand-pat and land Gordon (or even Gurley, if thats who they covet), but they need one of them after letting Demarco Murray leave for Philly. Dallas could stand some help on the defensive line, depth in the secondary, a young versatile TE, and even some offensive line depth. I think the thought behind this trade is that if they can come away with a runner, a defensive lineman or two, and a young CB with their top choices in this draft they’ve succeeded. They’d probably rather deal Brandon Carr, and take the flier on Claiborne by picking up his option themselves – but Carr’s $12.7 Million cap number is un-moveable. Trading Claiborne’s, who has just 3 career INT’s, helps them get up to this spot – but it also leaves them thin at CB – especially considering Brandon Carr will likely be a cap-casualty next offseason. If Dallas doesn’t make such a drastic move, or misses on both top RB’s – I’d expect them to stay put and target a corner or defensive lineman. At No.27, or even in a move to move up a few spots, they’d likely target Marcus Peters, Eddie Goldman, Byron Jones, Mario Edwards Jr., Jay Ajayi – or surprising, a guy getting compared to Jason Witten in Maxx Williams.

16. Houston – Davante Parker, WR – Louisville
The Texans feel robbed by Dallas – as I believe they would have gladly taken Gordon with this pick. The fact of the matter is, they need to add playmakers – and frankly, they’re lucky Parker is even still available. Andre Johnson is gone, and while I feel Cecil Shorts is an underrated player – Parkers is too good of a player for a team in need of them to pass up because 27 year old Shorts was signed in the offseason. With Hopkins, Parkers in addition to Shorts, and Nate Washington they have viable options at the position now. Why would they have wanted Gordon with Arian Foster? Well, Gordon is explosive and Foster not only is injury-prone but a 28 year old RB with 2 years remaining on his deal. Besides, we all know that teams use two-tailbacks now. They’re very happy with Parker, but other options may include a defensive-front mate for JJ Watt, Clowney, and newly acquired Vince Wilfork like Malcolm Brown or Mario Edwards Jr – or offensive line help in the form of Flowers or La’el Collins. Others they’ll likely consider if they can’t get Parker include a wideout like Nelson Agholor or Jaelon Strong, as well as – Eric Kendricks, Arik Armstead, Cameron Irving, Andrus Peat, or a corner backer.
Team Needs: WR, ILB, DE/DL, RB, OT, CB/DB, TE, OL, QB

17. PT6 Chicago (FROM San Diego) – Randy Gregory DE/OLB – Nebraska
The Bears just missed on an ideal chance to land Davante Parker, but Gregory is a nice pick in his own right. If it weren’t for a few off-the-field concerns he’s likely be gone well before now – in fact, he may be the best pure edge rusher of the class. Sure, it’s also likely that his slide will continue a bit more, but as talented as he is…its hard to envision him dropping much more than this. Chicago has other needs, maybe even more pressing needs – but this could be the steal of the draft if they can keep him focused. In this scenario I think they’ll also consider Jaelen Strong, Nelson Agholor, Eddie Goldman, Kevin Johnson, Marcus Peters, Cameron Irving and Malcolm Brown. They have plenty of needs, which is why I think they pass on the wideout for now – and go with the best player on their board. Remember, this in this division, you have good throwers…and you’re going to want to get after them. With new HC John Foz and DC Vic Fangio coming over from San Fran, upgrading the defensive is going to be a priority.
Team Needs: NT, WR, OLB/Rush, CB, FS, RT, C, TE, QB, OL, DL, DB

18. PT7 Miami (FROM Kansas City) – Jaelen Strong, WR – Arizona State
Miami gave up the chance to trade either Parker or Perriman by trading down, but maybe it was that they coveted Strong all along – nonetheless, he’s the best offensive-skill player left on the board. In fact, I do think Strong is a better fit – at nearly 6’5″ he is able to dominate with a variety of skills. He’s fast, runs nice routes, attacks the ball in the air, and is a deep ball threat – not to mention he just looks smooth doing it. Pairing a big-widout like him with Stills, Landry, and Jennings adds another dimension to their attack. With that said, I truly wouldn’t be surprised to see Miami trade down again – they need picks. Other options here for the Dolphins would include La’el Collins and Eric Kendricks most likely. Also, even with the addition of Suh this offseason – I’d still expect them to consider defensive line depth – especially with some of the top prospects, like Malcolm Brown, still available. They were looking to dangle 2013 selection DE/OLB Dion Jordan in a trade, but he’s suspended for the season now – sorry Chip.
Team Needs: RB, MLB, WR, RG, DT, TE, CB, OLB, OL, DB, DE/Rush

19. PT1 Tennessee (FROM Cleveland) – Landon Collins, SS – Alabama
It’s likely someone, like the Giants or Redskins will already have pulled the trigger with Collins – but hey, Tennessee makes out with another Top-10 type player here. They’ve already landed Kevin White, and are getting the best safety in the class now….so not only is it a value pick, but one of need. Da’Norris search isn’t a horrible option, but a player like Collins is an immediate upgrade. There may even be a team below them interested in moving up for this guy, he’s a versatile player who could be a steal at this point. Not to mention HC Ken Whisenhunt was around Pittsburgh for awhile, he has added Dick LeBeau as an assistant..and not to mention another Pittsburgh disciple Ray Horton is now the DC. My point, they know defensive and they know the value of a good safety. If it’s not Collins, they could also consider help bolstering the middle of their defense, a corner, or look to upgrade the RT position.
Team Needs: NT, WR, SS, RT/OT, DE, QB, CB, OLB/Rush, TE

20. PT1 Tennessee (FROM Philadelphia) – Malcolm Brown, DT/DE – Texas
They could go a number of directions here, but with that said – I think it’ll be along the defensive line. Malcolm Brown is a big-body who surprisingly makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage – for a 320-pounder he fills a need anchoring the middle of the 3/4 scheme because he can be disruptive. I ultimately went with Brown over Eddie Goldman, Arik Armstead, and Mario Edwards Jr. here, but I also think a talent like La’el Collins could be in play. Sure, they’ve solidified their line fairly nice with Chance Wormack and Taylor Lewan, but securing the RT spot is also a likely option. Honestly, Stanford’s Andrus Peat is a prime candidate to fill that spot – and the before mentioned Collins is such a talent that based on pure value he’s hard to pass over. Collins is probably the more popular pick and could give them a dominate offensive line from tackle-to-tackle, but Brown should end up being the more valuable one at this spot – especially considering the Titans have pick No.33 to start Day 2 where an offensive tackle could be a target. Kevin Johnson and Eric Kendricks are other players of note with this pick.
Team Needs: NT, WR, SS, RT/OT, DE, QB, CB, OLB/Rush, TE

21. Cincinnati – La’el Collins, OT/OG – LSU
Truthfully, I did get stumped here because I think there are so many appealing options – but it’s almost a no-brainer for Collins to be the selection. Collins is likely to go as high as No.9 or No.10 so he offers good value here. He is under an unusual, and unfortunate, situation for all involved with the death a his former girlfriend..I can’t imagine he has any doings in it but it is bad timing. Most will consider him a combo player, and while I agree he can be an OG – I think he translate to a franchise-type LT in the future. He has quick feet and good balance – all the tools, and thinking about it more…I can’t believe I still have him available. Nevertheless, good for the Bengals who will see current LT Andrew Whitworth and RT Andre Smith both be UFA’s after this coming season – therefore, you can see why offensive line is a key need. Heck, they play in a smash-mouth division and need guys like this. Andrus Peat or D.J. Humphries will get consideration if Collins is gone, as would Flowers should he be available. Cincy also has plenty of other needs though, which includes wideout, defensive line, cornerback, a 2nd-tightend, safety and a natural pass-rusher. Players to key an eye on are Bud Dupree, Dorial Green-Beckham, Kevin Johnson, Marcus Peters, Arik Armstead, Eli Harold, or maybe even Maxx Williams.
Team Needs: LT, WR, CB, TE, DT, OLB, FS, OL, DB, DE

22. Pittsburgh – Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree, DE/OLB – Kentucky
I don’t think Pittsburgh expected Bud Dupree to be available here. I think Kevin Johnson and Maxx Williams are too very strong candidates, but with Jason Worilds unexpectedly retiring they can’t hardly pass on a defensive rusher as good as this guy. In fact, Arthur Moats and the once retired James Harrison are currently slated as their starting OLB-rushers. The offensive is actually in decent shape, but their defensive unit needs some upgrades. The Steelers also will be without Troy Polamalu on defense, so a player like Dupree over other options makes a lot of sense. He is a natural fit in their 3/4 scheme and really gets after the quarterback. If Dupree isn’t available, or any edge rusher for that matter – they could trade down. Eli Harold would also be a name to watch here, but they also be interested in Marcus Peters and Eddie Goldman along with Johnson and Williams.
Team Needs: OLB, CB, TE, NT, OT, OG, WR, DB, DE

23. PT9 NY Jets (FROM Detroit) – Andrus Peat, OT – Stanford
It’s believed that the Jets may want to target Peat if they move down from No.6 into the teens – so with him still available at this point, I have them jumping back into the first-round to get him after landing Amari Cooper at No.6. I do have them part way with Dee Milliner to help generate the trade without giving up too many picks to make the 14-spot drop worth it to the Lions. It could be that a move like this by New York is for a QB – whomever they rank as the next best, especially considering that now they won’t pick again until No.70 overall. I personally wouldn’t blame them for even considering Eddie Goldman here. With that said, Peat has the potential to be a LT down the road, and could take over for D’Brickshaw Ferguson if he’s a cap casualty in 2016. Peat’s stock has fallen some, but he has nice size and the intangibles to secure his spot in the mid/late first round.
Team Needs: QB, NT, RT, RB, WR, LG/OL, OLB/Rush, DL, ILB, SS/DB, P

Lions Get: No.37, No.104, Conditional 2013 3rd Round, CB Dee Milliner, OT Oday Aboushi
Jets Get: No.23, No.168

Detroit only has 6 picks in this years draft, and while they only manage a 4th/5th swap and a future pick in my trade…getting Milliner and Aboushi might be as good as players they could select this year. Milliner is the key to the deal – given that he’s fallen down the depth chart in New York, they get him for a relatively reasonable price. He has potential, much like Morris Claiborne in Dallas – it’s really a projection that he can be as good as originally thought…and the Lions need a CB. Sure they could choice between Kevin Johnson and Marcus Peters with this pick, but again they get to save the pick essentially and take a flier on Milliner. Oday is a throw in, since he’ll fall on the Jets depth chart with Peats arrival – but he’s not a bad option for a team with offensive line issues, if nothing else he’s provides established bench depth. Although, I think Oday has the tools to start at RT for Detroit. If the Lions could land Melvin Gordon III, they’d be most happy – but with so few picks a move up is highly unlikely….and I’d expect them to move down. If they end up making this pick, offensive line and defensive line would be the main areas they consider – with players like Cameron Irving, D.J. Humphries, and Arik Armstead in this current scenario.

Well, maybe this is a bit risky for New York – but it really doesn’t cost as much as you’d think. Milliner was going to see limited time with Revis-Island back in town – not to mention Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine’s arrival. The Jets have plenty of needs, most notable a quarterback – so I could see a move like this for Bryce Betty. However, they have to secure the offensive line – especially if Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be their QB this season. Breno Giacomini is a decent option at RT, but after adding James Carpenter in the offseason it’s apparent their interested in improving the line. Peat is someone rumored to be on their radar – and it seems that they’re getting him at a fairly reasonable spot. He’ll likely start at RT and transition to a LT down the road – which may coming sooner than later considering that D’Brickshaw Ferguson has big cap-numbers in the coming season.

24. PT10 New Orleans (FROM Arizona) – Maxx Williams, TE – Minnesota
New Orleans traded Jimmy Graham, so they use the pick they acquire from Seattle to get his replacement. Baltimore seems to be the threat they are looking to jump here, and have the extra picks to make such a move. They’ve moved up once already, and now here again – although if it’s not for Williams it could be for Nelson Agholor just as easily. They need to get Drew Brees an offensive weapon, especially after passing on the top wideouts at the top of the draft. Williams has been compared to Jason Witten, and would be an ideal fit for the Saints.
Team Needs: TE, NT, LG, WR, RT/OL, OLB/Rush, QB, DE/DL, ILB, CB

Cardinals Get: No.31, No.78, NT John Jenkins
Saints Get: No.24, No.110

Arizona would most likely be interested in Eddie Goldman here if they make the pick, but they end up move down…and are getting a monster in the middle from New Orleans. John Jenkins is 345lbs and can serve as that guy in the middle, it frees up the No.31 for another position – and they get a swap to upgrade a pick later on in the deal. Besides, I think they’ll try to make a call to Minnesota for Adrian Peterson, because something has to give in that situation and I think he’d be willing to take the pay cut to come here…we’ll see what they might have up there sleeve. Shaq Thompson is another player of interest and he could be their target at No.31 – while other options for them include Cameron Irving, Arik Armstead, and Eli Harold.

The Saints make John Jenkins available with the addition of Danny Shelton with their early pick, not that he’s a star…but he’s an attractive nose tackle because of his presence. I expect them to be active, and it’s really beneficial here because they are able to keep pick No.44. They’ve set themselves up nice to add a receiver or offensive lineman with their next pick – in addition to what they’ve already done. Getting Williams over a receiver here is key because of the depth of wideouts in this draft, whereas, Williams is the premiere TE prospect. Williams is very athletic and I just don’t think it’ll be possible he’s around at No.31, let alone No.44, because of the buzz around him. He can create mismatches and stretch the field in vertical sets – playing a similar role to Jimmy Graham in their offense. If they end up staying put at No.31 I think they’d hope to land him – but Dorial Green-Beckham, Devin Smith, D.J. Humphries, and Eli Harold all become options.

25. PT11 Indianapolis (FROM Carolina) – Cameron Irving, C/OG/OT – Florida State
They desperately need a C, and Irving is the best in this class – so while Denver seems to be their only true threat to want him in the next few picks…he’s too close for them to risk losing out on him. In fact, his versatility is exactly the type of player they need. It’s a great pick for the Colts. I even think he could be gone before now, especially of some of the trades I have happening…don’t happen. I don’t think they can rely on Jonotthan Harrison heading into next season, so it’s worth it to make this move up. They maybe also be interested in Eddie Goldman, Jordan Phillips, Eric Kendricks, and Kevin Johnson if they can’t get help on the offensive line. It wouldn’t be out of the question for them to even trade out of the first round.
Team Needs: C, NT, ILB, OL, OLB/Rush, CB, WR, DE, S/DB, QB

Panthers Get: 29, No.128, No.205, 2016 6th Round
Colts Get: No.25, No.161

Carolina needs a running back and it seems the stock of Jay Ajayi has fizzled and it’s a bit early for the likes of Ameer Abdullah or T.J Teldon. It would also seem that’d it be of interest to consider Nelson Agholor here if they make the pick. They are in the market for an offensive tackle so D.J. Humphries, T.J. Clemmings, Cedric Ogbuehi, or Jake Fisher are in the next group to choose from. I think it’s in their best interest to move down if there top prospects are off the board, which I believe is the case…but Shaq Thompson, Kevin Johnson, Marcus Peters, or Phillip Dorsett are names to watch.

Indy, as I mentioned, has to end up with a top center prospect. They need to get some balance and stability back in the offensive line, especially to take some pressure off of Andrew Luck and help Frank Fore in the run game. I naturally view the Colts as a team willing to trade down, but they have some major holes to fill and would greatly benefit from a move like this. If they stay put at their original pick then Eddie Goldman, Jordan Phillips, Kevin Johnson, or Eric Kendricks are likely candidates.

26. Baltimore – Nelson Agholor, WR – USC
It’ll be a shock if Agholor is still available here, as he’s capable of landing in the teens – but it’s a great pick for the Ravens. They lost Torrey Smith and Steve Smith Sr. doesn’t have too many more years left in his career. Agholor is the weapon they need, considering that aside from Steve Smith the only other reliable option is Marlon Moore. I think they’d love to be able to position to get Melvin Gordon III, but they need an impact offensive player so Maxx Williams, Phillip Dorsett, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Devin Smith are all possibilities based on availability. The Ravens are always thinking defense as well so it’s hard to rule out Eddie Goldman, Eli Harold, Arik Armstead, or another potential defender who may fall. This could also be a spot for Damarious Randall, a talented cover safety who has risen up draft boards recently. When it all said and done…I think they go offense though.
Team Needs: TE, DE, WR, RB, NT, FS, OLB/Rush, CB/DB, OL, KR

27. PT8/PT12 NY Giants (FROM San Francisco (FROM Dallas) – Shaq Thompson, OLB/SS – Washington
The Giants have a lot of holes, as I mentioned with their initial pick – so they need good players. This is a pretty bold move, moving back into the first round…and it’s not for a name that really that recognizable. You’d think that a big-splash move like this would be for a better-know player…or one you wouldn’t expect to be available at No.40. Thompson’s stock is debatable, but I think he’s undervalued – and quite frankly, that he’s a great fit for the Giants. They need a safety, and they need a linebacker – and Thompson is kind of a combo-tweener, but an aggressive one. I few him as a safety, but they could play him at the weak side-backer – either way, he’s a downhill attacker who can run, tackle, and cover.
Team Needs: OG/OT, DE/Rush, SS, DT, FS, CB, TE, WR, OLB, OL, DL, ILB

49ers Get: No.40, No.74, WR Corey Washington
Giants Get: No.27, No.151

San Francisco, when are you going to pick? The 49ers move down for the second time, this time – out of the first round altogether. It may not make much sense, especially with a guy like Dorial Green-Beckham sitting here..but, I’ll assume they know what their doing (or wait…this is what I’m doing, lol). They’d added Claiborne and a future pick from Dallas, now they swap a fifth for an extra third this year and get a 6’4″ receiver with some upside. ‘Niner fans might not be too happy with how things are going, I mean – they want a selection…just relax , plenty are coming. Ultimately if they end up having this pick via the Dallas trade they’ll be a little disappointed Agholor is gone, but truthfully…they’d surely take Kevin Johnson (who I expect them to take at No.15). Green-Beckham may be worth taking a flier on as well here despite the concerns…and Ohio State’s Devin Smith even makes sense. Maybe the 49ers need more in return for such a move, but – Picks are coming people, picks are coming.

The Giants will have to really have Thompson rated pretty highly to make such a move, especially consider it’d make just as much sense for them to come back in here to get Kevin Johnson in this scenario. It may not make sense – this whole trade…from the 49ers moving down again to New York passing some of the other names for Thompson, but strange things happen in the NFL Draft. We always are thrown curveballs…this is one of them I guess. I like Thompson, but I really like him for the Giants. All things considered, it’s not like I have them giving up a 2016 1st Rounder in the move, which is what we’re accustomed to seeing in these scenarios. The Giants, like the 49ers…probably even more so, have a lot of holes to fill.

28. Denver – D.J. Humphries, OT/OG – Florida
Well, Cameron Irving isn’t here – but Humphries isn’t a bad consolation prize. Humphries will we the RT with Manny Ramirez sliding from C back out to the OG position. In that case, they’ll still likely look to add a top-center or veteran. Humphries has battled through injury during his college career, but his durability because he has the size and agility you look for in a left tackle. It could be a good find at this point, but Denver may approach him with a little caution and consider other options like T.J. Clemmings, Cedric Ogbuehi, or Jake Fisher. I personally love Ogbuehi and projected him Top-15 last season should he have entered. Overall, it’s a good fit. They also may have an interest in Eric Kendricks, Arik Armstead, Mario Edwards, Damarious Randall, or Paul Dawson…a lot of defense if it’s not offensive line.
Team Needs: C, RT, TE, ILB, FS, OG, DE/DT, OLB/Rush, KR, WR, QB, NT

29. PT11 Carolina (FROM Indianapolis) – Phillip Dorsett, WR – Miami (FL)
The Panthers would really like to see Humpries or Peat fall to this spot under this scenario, but they need offensive playmakers just as badly as a tackle. Im personally not as high on Dorsett as this selection would suggest, in fact with all the receiving talent I wouldn;t be surprised if he fall into the bottom two/early third range. However, he could be a DeSean Jackson type playmaker because of his great speed. He was productive and it seems that his stock warrants such a selection…besides, he’s a pretty nice fit opposite the 6’5″ Kelvin Benjamin. I think a guys like Duke Johnson or Ameer Abdullah could potentially be a surprise selection if they do in fact move down into this range. They could also consider prospects like Kevin Johnson, Marcus Peters, Eli Harold, Owamagbe Odighizuwa…and they guy I think they covet Shaq Thompson.
Team Needs: LT, WR, RB, DE/Rush, CB, OLB, SS, OL, DL, DB/S, ILB

30. Green Bay – Kevin Johnson, CB – Wake Forest
This is a crime! I know, this is way too low for this guy…he’s one of my favorites in the draft – but I just couldn’t find the right fit until now. He’s arguably the best corner in the draft, yes – even ahead of the guy I have at No.11 so this is great value. While I have him mocked here, it’s very unlikely he’ll be available at this point whether its San Fran at No.15 or a team trading up to get him. ..someone should take him earlier. With that said, Green Bay hopes I’m right. It’s more likely they’ll be choosing between Marcus Peters, Byron Jones, or Jalen Collins here if they do select a corner. I could see the Packers strongly consider Eric Kendricks to allow Clay Mathews to move back outside to his more natural position, or maybe even TCU’s Paul Dawson. They could look at Eddie Goldman as well since B.J. Raji is nearing the end of his Lambeau-era. They’ll have plenty of options, but expect it to be of the defender variety.
Team Needs: CB, LT, ILB, NT, C, DE, OLB/Rush, TE, OL, DB, RB/FB

31. PT10/PT13 Minnesota (FROM Arizona (FROM New Orleans (Seattle) – Eric Kendricks, ILB – UCLA
Finally, a resolution. I truly believe they aren’t bluffing about wanting him, but I also think when the offer comes in – and the clocks ticking, a fresh start to this whole situation will prevail. You might think it leaves them in the RB-market, and it does, but not with this pick. I mean, even I’m a little thrown off by looking at this…Adrian Peterson for who? Eric Kendricks? I guess you can see why they’d rather keep. Nonetheless, Kendricks fills a huge void in the middle of their defense – where Audie Cole is slated as the starter after Jasper Brinkley departed for Dallas. The pick of Kendricks won’t blow you away, until you actually watch him play – he’s versatile and the best inside-backer in this draft. Its a great pick as Mike Zimmer looks to re-build this defense – getting him and Trae Waynes is a good start.
Team Needs: CB, DE/Rush, MLB, RB, WR, TE, DL, OG, SS, OL, LB

Cardinals Gets: No.137, RB Adrian Peterson
Vikings get: No.31, Conditional 2018 3rd Round

The Cardinals reportedly weren’t willing to give up their first round selection…well technically, this is Seattle’s. I think by moving down, getting a little extra with the first move down – and despite Minnesota’s reluctance to part with AP, eventually something had to give. This is the best landing spot for him, even with Dallas, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Jacksonville as potential suitors. It’s reported that Peterson isn’t out-for-money and thats good because it’s no secret he’ll have to take a significant pay cut to make this work. I have the Cardinals also getting a fifth round pick back, which Im sure they had to fight for – but they’re also parting with a future pick that has a stipulation on whether Peterson is on their roster in 2017. It’ll be complicated, but I expect something to get done.

The Vikings may hold their ground and keep AP, whether he wants to play for them or not…but ultimately they need a resolution. You won’t exactly see fair value when you look at who they’ll select with the pick they got for Adrian Peterson – in fact, it’ll seem a little like McCoy for Alonso. The Vikings will probably look for another RB, but I doubt it’ll be with this pick – and again, maybe they feel comfortable with McKinnon and Asiata in the short term. They’ll fight to get the most they can for him, and this is marginal at best…but they don’t have a whole lot of leverage (not as much as you’ll think anyhow) when the pressure is actually on. Let him sit, or get something for him while the value is still this high.

32. New England – Lakin Tomlinson, OG – Duke
It’s likely the Patriots will move down with a team trying to target a player they want before Day 1 is over. I know there are probably some more popular names available, especially along the the defensive line – but I think Tomlinson fills a huge need and is an underrated player. Let face it, no one knows what New England may do – but it’s usually not what we expect. This pick may classify as that with Arik Armstead Marcus Peters, and Eddie Goldman all still available. He’s the best true-guard in the class and Tomlinson will help secure the offensive line. ThePatriots will continue to find gems to strengthen other positions with later round picks, they also seem to develop players we know nothing about.
Team Needs: LG, WR, DE, CB, DT/DL, OL, RB, LB, SS/DB, TE

2nd Round –

33. PT14 St.Louis (FROM Tennessee) – Bryce Petty, QB – Baylor

Titans Get: No.41, No.119, Conditional 2017 5th Round
Rams Get: No.33
It easy for the Titans – Tennessee can afford to move down and add picks. Foles is in a contract year, so St.Louis is likely to consider another option moving forward. It’s likely Foles will want a fairly decent contract and I don’t think the Rams are going to commit. It’s a better bet they draft their own guy, at a much more affordable amount – especially considering the price-tag some of those defenders will cost to keep.

34. Tampa Bay – Cedric Ogbuehi, OT – Texas A&M

35. Oakland – Marcus Peters, CB – Washington

36. PT15 Chicago (FROM Jacksonville) – Eddie Goldman, NT/DT – Florida State

Jaguars Get: No.39, No.183
Bears Get: No.36

37. PT9 Detroit (FROM NY Jets) – Arik Armstead, DT/DE – Oregon
Team Needs: LG, DT, RB, RT, CB, SS, LB, OL, WR, FB, DL, QB, DB

38. Washington – Devin Funchess, TE/WR – Michigan

39. PT15 Jacksonville (FROM Chicago) – Damarious Randall, FS/CB – Arizona State

40. PT12 San Francisco (FROM NY Giants) – Devin Smith, WR – Ohio State
Team Needs: WR, CB, OG, NT, ILB, DE, OL/C, OLB/Rush, TE, QB

41. PT14 Tennessee (FROM St.Louis) – T.J. Clemmings, OT – Pittsburgh

42. Atlanta – Denzel Perryman, ILB – Miami (FL)

43. Cleveland – Mario Edwards Jr., DE/DT – Florida State
Team Needs: WR, QB, RG, FS, ILB, TE, OL/OT, DE/DL, CB, RB, DB

44. New Orleans – Dorial Green-Beckham, WR – Oklahoma

45. PT16 Carolina (FROM Minnesota) – Jake Fisher, OT – Oregon

Vikings: No.57, No.89
Panthers Get: No.45, 2016 7th Round
They Vikings are looking for more picks. Moving down can only help here…with the additions of Waynes and Kendricks already the defense is shaping up – yet they still need to find a replace for AP. For the Panthers, they traded down in found one and misses on some of the premiere offensive tackles, but they seize the opportunity to land one of the better ones left, and truthfully…one of the last capable of making an immediate impact. Fisher could very well be gone, but they’re desperate to find a potential LT. Fisher is a valuable selections and well worth the price at this point – landing him and Dorsett is a very good start to their draft.

46. San Francisco – Jordan Phillips, NT/DT – Oklahoma

47. Miami – Ameer Abdullah, RB – Nebraska

48. PT6 Chicago (FROM San Diego) – Byron Jones, CB – U Conn

49. Kansas City – A.J. Cann, OG – South Carolina

50. Buffalo – Eli Harold, OLB/DE – Virginia
Team Needs: QB, OLBx2, OG, ILB, SS/FS, OT, DT, OL, DB, WR, DE/Rush, TE

51. Houston – Paul Dawson, ILB – TCU

52. PT1 Cleveland (FROM Philadelphia) – Sammie Coates, WR – Auburn

53. Cincinnati – Clive Walford, TE – Miami (FL)

54. Detroit – Tevin Coleman, RB – Indiana

55. Arizona – Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE/OLB – UCLA
Team Needs: NT, RB, DE/DL, C, OLB/Rush, OT, ILB, CB/DB, WR, QB

56. Pittsburgh – Jalen Collins, CB – LSU

57. PT16 Minnesota (FROM Carolina) – Preston Smith, DE – Mississippi State

58. Baltimore – TJ Yeldon, RB – Alabama

59. Denver – Hroniss Grasu, C – Oregon

60. Dallas – Michael Bennett, DT/DE – Ohio State

61. Indianapolis – Carl Davis, NT/DT – Iowa

62. Green Bay – Stephone Anthony, ILB – Clemson

63. Seattle – Ali Marpet, OG – Hobart & William Smith
Team Needs: C, LG, CB, WR, DE/Rush, OL/OT, LB, QB, DT, DB, KR

64. New England – Nate Orchard, OLB/DE – Utah

3rd Round:

65. Tampa Bay – Donovan Smith, OT/OG – Penn State
66. Tennessee – Eric Rowe, CB/FS – Utah
67. Jacksonville – Jay Ajayi, RB – Boise State
68. Oakland – Danielle Hunter, DE – LSU
69. Washington – Duke Johnson, RB – Miami (FL)
70. NY Jets – Sean Mannion, QB – Oregon State
71. Chicago – Rashad Greene, WR – Florida State
72. PT3 Chicago (FROM St. Louis) – Adrian Amos, FS – Penn State
73. PT2 Washington (FROM Atlanta) – Tre Jackson, OG – Florida State
74. PT12 San Francisco (FROM New York Giants) – Benardrick McKinney, ILB – Mississippi State
75. PT4 Washington (FROM New Orleans) – Quinten Rollins, CB/FS – Miami (OH)
76. Minnesota – Tyler Lockett, WR – Kansas State
77. Cleveland – Cody Prewitt, FS/SS – Mississippi
78. PT10 Arizona (FROM New Orleans (from Miami) – P.J. Williams, CB – Florida State
79. San Francisco – Jeremiah Poutasi, OG/OT, Utah
80. PT7 Miami (FROM Kansas City) – Ramik Wilson, ILB – Georgia
81. Buffalo – Garrett Grayson, QB – Colorado State
82. Houston – Jaquiski Tartt, SS – Samford
83. San Diego – Brett Hundley, QB – UCLA
84. Philadelphia – Grady Jarrett, DT/NT – Clemson
85. Cincinnati – Kwon Alexander, OLB/DE – LSU
86. Arizona – Reese Dismukes, C – Auburn
87. Pittsburgh – Ronald Darby, CB – Florida State
88. Detroit – Mitch Morse, OG/OT – Missouri
89. Carolina – David Johnson, RB – Northern Iowa
90. Baltimore – Steven Nelson, CB – Oregon State
91. Dallas – Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB – Oregon
92. Denver – Taiwan Jones, ILB – Michigan State
93. Indianapolis – Xavier Cooper, DT/DE – Washington State
94. Green Bay – Rob Havenstein, OT – Wisconsin
95. Seattle – Max Garcia, C – Florida
96. New England – Hau’oli Kikaha, OLB – Washington
C97. New England – Tony Lippett, WR – Michigan State
C98. Kansas City – Henry Anderson, DE/DT – Stanford
C99. Cincinnati – Alex Carter, CB/FS – Stanford

4th Round:
100. PT1 Cleveland (FROM Tennessee) – Trey Flowers, DE/OLB – Arkansas
101. New England – James Sample, SS – Louisville
102. Oakland – Derron Smith, FS – Fresno State
103. Jacksonville – Josue Matias, OG – Florida State
104. PT9 Detroit (FROM NY Jets) – Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB – Louisville
105. Washington – Justin Hardy, WR – East Carolina
106. PT6 San Diego (FROM Chicago) – Arie Kouandjio, OG – Alabama
107. Atlanta – Ty Sambrailo, OT – Colorado State
108. NY Giants – Doran Grant, CB/FS – Ohio State
109. Tampa Bay – Markus Golden, DE/OLB – Missouri
110. Minnesota – Jeremy Langford, RB – Michigan State
111. Cleveland – Daryl Williams, OT – Oklahoma
112. Seattle – Josh Shaw, CB – USC
113. Philadelphia – Jarvis Harrison, OG – Texas A&M
114. Miami – Travis Raciti, DE/DT – San Jose State
115. Cleveland – Nick O’Leary, TE – Florida State
116. Houston – D’Joun Smith, CB – Florida Atlantic
117. San Diego – Ellis McCarthy, NT/DT – UCLA
118. Kansas City – B.J. Finney, C – Kansas State
119. PT14 Tennessee (FROM St.Louis) – Jeff Heuerman, TE – Ohio State
120. Cincinnati – Gabe Wright, DT – Auburn
121. Pittsburgh – Wes Saxton, TE – South Alabama
122. Baltimore – Za’Darius Smith, DE – Kentucky
123. Arizona – Cory Robinson, OT – South Carolina
124. Carolina – Anthony Chickillo, DE – Miami (FL)
125. Baltimore – MyCole Pruitt, TE – Southern Illinois
126. San Francisco – Christian Covington, DT/DE – Rice
127. Dallas – Sean Hickey, OG/OT – Syracuse
128. PT11 Carolina (FROM Indianapolis) – Jordan Hicks, OLB – Texas
129. Green Bay – Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT – Southern Mississippi
130. Seattle – Kurtis Drummond, FS – Michigan State
131. New England – Andy Gallik, C – Boston College
C132. San Francisco – Ibraheim Campbell, SS – Northwestern
C133. Denver – Anthony Harris, FS – Virginia
C134. Seattle – Ty Montgomery, WR – Stanford
C135. Cincinnati – Chris Conley, WR – Georgia
C136. Baltimore – Tre McBride, WR – William & Mary

Next Best:
Tyler Kroft, TE – Rutgers
Laurence Gibson, OT – Virginia Tech
Dez Lewis, WR – Central Arkansas
Jacoby Glenn, CB – Central Florida
Tony Washington, DE/OLB – Oregon
John Miller, OG – Louisville
Marcus Hardison, DT/DE – Arizona State
Terry Poole, OT – San Diego State
Josh Harper, WR – Fresno State
Hayes Pullard, ILB – USC
Austin Shepherd, OT/OG – Alabama
Mike Davis, RB – South Carolina
Cedric Reed, DE/OLB – Texas
Dres Anderson, WR – Utah
Charles Gaines, CB – Louisville
Tyrus Thompson, OT – Oklahoma
Durell Eskridge, FS/SS – Syracuse
Tyeler Davison, DT/DE – Fresno State
Shaquille Mason, C/OG – Georgia Tech
Obum Gwachum, DE – Oregon State
Davis Tull, OLB/DE – Tennessee-Chattanooga
Gerod Holliman, FS – Louisville
Javorius ‘Buck’ Allen, RB – USC
Tavaris Barnes, DE – Clemson
Ben Heeney, ILB – Kansas
David Cobb, RB – Minnesota
Blake Bell, TE/FB – Oklahoma
Chris Hackett, FS – TCU
Stefon Diggs, WR – Maryland
Zack Hodges, OLB/DE – Harvard
Cam Thomas, CB – Western Kentucky
Ben Koyack, TE – Notre Dame
Joey Mbu, DT/NT – Houston
Brandon Bridge, QB – South Alabama
Lynden Trail, DE/DT/OLB – Norfolk State
Senquez Golson, CB – Mississippi
Brian Mihalik, DE/DT – Boston College
Robert Myers, OG/OT – Tennessee State
Max Valles, OLB/DE – Virginia
Mark Glowinski, OG – WVU
Jamison Crowder, WR/KR – Duke
B.J. Dubose, DE – Louisville
Clayton Geathers, SS – Central Florida
Andrew Donnal, OT – Iowa
Kevin White, CB – TCU
Jesse James, TE – Notre Dame
Leterrius Walton, DT – Central Michigan
Jamil Douglas, OG – Arizona State
Xavier Williams, DE/NT – Northern Iowa
Anthony Johnson, SS – UCLA
Mike Hull, ILB – Penn State
Chaz Green, OT/OG – Florida
Alani Fua, OLB – BYU
Jordan Richards, SS – Stanford


Tampa Bay –
1.Jameis Winston, QB – Florida State
34.Cedric Ogbuehi, OT – Texas A&M
65.Donovan Smith, OT/OG – Penn State
109.Markus Golden, DE/OLB – Missouri

Tennessee –
9.Kevin White, WR – West Virginia
19.Landon Collins, SS – Alabama
20.Malcolm Brown, DT/DE – Texas
41.T.J. Clemmings, OT – Pittsburgh
66.Eric Rowe, CB/FS – Utah
119.Jeff Heuerman, TE – Ohio State
QB Matt Barkley (Eagles)

Jacksonville –
3.Vic Beasley, DE/OLB – Clemson
39.Damarious Randall, FS/CB – Arizona State
67.Jay Ajayi, RB – Boise State
103. Josue Matias, OG – Florida State

Oakland –
4.Leonard Williams, DE/DT – USC
35.Marcus Peters, CB – Washington
68.Danielle Hunter, DE – LSU
102.Derron Smith, FS – Fresno State

Washington –
13.Shane Ray, DE/OLB – Missouri
38.Devin Funchess, TE/WR – Michigan
69.Duke Johnson, RB – Miami (FL)
73.Tre Jackson, OG – Florida State
75.Quinten Rollins, CB/FS – Miami (OH)
105.Justin Hardy, WR – East Carolina
OT Sam Baker (Falcons)

NY Jets –
6.Amari Cooper, WR – Alabama
23.Andrus Peat, OT – Stanford
70.Sean Mannion, QB – Oregon State

Chicago –
17.Randy Gregory DE/OLB – Nebraska
36.Eddie Goldman, NT/DT – Florida State
48.Byron Jones, CB – U Conn
71.Rashad Greene, WR – Florida State
72. Adrian Amos, FS – Penn State

Atlanta –
5.Dante Folwer Jr., DE/OLB – Florida
42.Denzel Perryman, ILB – Miami (FL)
107.Ty Sambrailo, OT – Colorado State

NY Giants –
12.Ereck Flowers, OT – Miami (FL)
27.Shaq Thompson, OLB/SS – Washington
108.Doran Grant, CB/FS – Ohio State
MLB Zach Brown (Titans)

St.Louis –
7.Brandon Scherff, OG/OT – Iowa
33.Bryce Petty, QB – Baylor

Minnesota –
11.Trae Waynes, CB – Michigan State
31.Eric Kendricks, ILB – UCLA
57.Preston Smith, DE – Mississippi State
76.Tyler Lockett, WR – Kansas State
110.Jeremy Langford, RB – Michigan State

Cleveland –
43.Mario Edwards Jr., DE/DT – Florida State
52.Sammie Coates, WR – Auburn
77.Cody Prewitt, FS/SS – Mississippi
100.Trey Flowers, DE/OLB – Arkansas
111.Daryl Williams, OT – Oklahoma
115.Nick O’Leary, TE – Florida State
QB Sam Bradford (Eagles)
OG Evan Mathis (Eagles)
MLB Mychal Kendricks (Eagles)

New Orleans –
8.Danny Shelton NT/DT – Washington
24.Maxx Williams, TE – Minnesota
44.Dorial Green-Beckham, WR – Oklahoma

Miami –
18.Jaelen Strong, WR – Arizona State
47.Ameer Abdullah, RB – Nebraska
80.Ramik Wilson, ILB – Georgia
114.Travis Raciti, DE/DT – San Jose State

San Francisco –
40.Devin Smith, WR – Ohio State
46.Jordan Phillips, NT/DT – Oklahoma
74.Benardrick McKinney, ILB – Mississippi State
79.Jeremiah Poutasi, OG/OT, Utah
126.Christian Covington, DT/DE – Rice
132.Ibraheim Campbell, SS – Northwestern
CB Morris Claiborne (Dallas)
WR Corey Washington (Giants)

Houston –
16.Davante Parker, WR – Louisville
51.Paul Dawson, ILB – TCU
82.Jaquiski Tartt, SS – Samford
116.D’Joun Smith, CB – Florida Atlantic

San Diego –
10.Todd Gurley Jr., RB – Georgia
83.Brett Hundley, QB – UCLA
106.Arie Kouandjio, OG – Alabama
117.Ellis McCarthy, NT/DT – UCLA

Kansas City –
14.Breshad Perriman, WR – Central Florida
49.A.J. Cann, OG – South Carolina
98.Henry Anderson, DE/DT – Stanford
118.B.J. Finney, C – Kansas State

Buffalo –
50.Eli Harold, OLB/DE – Virginia
81.Garrett Grayson, QB – Colorado State

Philadelphia –
2.Marcus Mariota, QB – Oregon
84.Grady Jarrett, DT/NT – Clemson
113.Jarvis Harrison, OG – Texas A&M

Cincinnati –
21.La’el Collins, OT/OG – LSU
53.Clive Walford, TE – Miami (FL)
85.Kwon Alexander, OLB/DE – LSU
99.Alex Carter, CB/FS – Stanford
120.Gabe Wright, DT – Auburn
135.Chris Conley, WR – Georgia

Pittsburgh –
22.Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree, DE/OLB – Kentucky
56.Jalen Collins, CB – LSU
87.Ronald Darby, CB – Florida State
121.Wes Saxton, TE – South Alabama

Detroit –
37.Arik Armstead, DT/DE – Oregon
54.Tevin Coleman, RB – Indiana
88.Mitch Morse, OG/OT – Missouri
104.Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB – Louisville
CB Dee Milliner (Jets)
OT Oday Aboushi (Jets)

Arizona –
55.Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE/OLB – UCLA
78.P.J. Williams, CB – Florida State
86.Reese Dismukes, C – Auburn
123.Cory Robinson, OT – South Carolina
NT John Jenkins (Saints)
RB Adrian Peterson (Vikings)

Carolina –
29.Phillip Dorsett, WR – Miami (FL)
45.Jake Fisher, OT – Oregon
89.David Johnson, RB – Northern Iowa
124.Anthony Chickillo, DE – Miami (FL)
128.Jordan Hicks, OLB – Texas

Baltimore –
26.Nelson Agholor, WR – USC
58.TJ Yeldon, RB – Alabama
90.Steven Nelson, CB – Oregon State
122.Za’Darius Smith, DE – Kentucky
125.MyCole Pruitt, TE – Southern Illinois
136.Tre McBride, WR – William & Mary

Dallas –
15.Melvin Gordon III, RB – Wisconsin
60.Michael Bennett, DT/DE – Ohio State
91.Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB – Oregon
127.Sean Hickey, OG/OT – Syracuse

Denver –
28.D.J. Humphries, OT/OG – Florida
59.Hroniss Grasu, C – Oregon
92.Taiwan Jones, ILB – Michigan State
133.Anthony Harris, FS – Virginia

Indianapolis –
25.Cameron Irving, C/OG/OT – Florida State
61.Carl Davis, NT/DT – Iowa
93.Xavier Cooper, DT/DE – Washington State

Green Bay –
30.Kevin Johnson, CB – Wake Forest
62.Stephone Anthony, ILB – Clemson
94.Rob Havenstein, OT – Wisconsin
129.Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT – Southern Mississippi

Seattle –
63.Ali Marpet, OG – Hobart & William Smith
95.Max Garcia, C – Florida
112.Josh Shaw, CB – USC
130.Kurtis Drummond, FS – Michigan State
134.Ty Montgomery, WR – Stanford

New England –
32.Lakin Tomlinson, OG – Duke
64.Nate Orchard, OLB/DE – Utah
96.Hau’oli Kikaha, OLB – Washington
97.Tony Lippett, WR – Michigan State
101.James Sample, SS – Louisville
131.Andy Gallik, C – Boston College


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