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Watch what you do, ESPN is on.

First off, my thoughts and opinions are solely based off of what I speculate and assume to be true..

A trait I’ve obtained from listen to and watching ESPN so frequently.

Secondly, this is all hypothetical – because well, you see my thoughts and opinions are fair less fact (or maybe believable is a better word) because I’m not in front of a camera.

Okay, you got me.

I am a nobody. I have no sources, or connections…heck, maybe I don’t have any life experience or common sense – let alone a face fit to be in front of a camera.

But, fortunately for me – like many of the high paid, fly suit, and makeup wearing – know it alls, I am blessed enough to have a brain full of thoughts and opinions, even ideas and words…

So I too can speculate, and even write complete sentences.

Here goes.

I watch ESPN religiously, it’s my go to – so I know of (okay, okay – can ASSUME) a few things just based off of years of watching the network. They have rules, requirements, and expectation regarding the culture of the brand, at least how they perceive it to be on air and in the public. You have to act and say the politically correct thing, their employees adhere to a certain standard.

With that said, we all can agree that bigger stories are made out of certain topics, maybe even specific to certain teams and/or players. So, in all of my brainwashed ESPN watching – I must say…come on Tim Tebow!

Okay, back to my point.

All of the Chip Kelly talk is starting to annoy me, like plenty of other news and stories you see split apart with a fine-tooth comb. If it doesn’t annoy you, it has to at least raise the question – isn’t there a double standard here?

Whats the difference between the way Chip Kelly decides to build a culture with the Philadelphia Eagles and the way ESPN built their culture? Not even built their culture, but – What’s the difference in expecting your employees to adhere to a certain standard on a football field as opposed to a cooperate office building. Not even on a football field, but – as human beings who’s action ultimately represent the brand in their everyday actions?

ESPN doesn’t have a problem suspending, or even parting ways with, analyst for comments that aren’t represented by their culture. ESPN hires a certain quality of person – or at the very least, expects the hire to conform to actions within the code of their outlook.

You see, race – as touchy of a subject as it is, is always the excuse for poor behavior.’s always the reason for someone acting a particular way towards someone else.

Yet race, and behavior…are unrelated.

Race can’t continue to be an excuse for our actions, or the underlying fault for disagreeing with the actions of others. People of all races, backgrounds, and walks-of-life make poor choices, we more importantly – whether we abide by it or not…we all know right from wrong.

Maybe even more importantly – we, as employees of any company know that with the right to make money comes the responsibility to follow the rules of others.

NFL players are regular people, but they make millions – more than any of us normal folk can fathom. They live extravagant lifestyles..but they too are required to follow rules, and adhere to the same code of conduct any employee is.

ESPN knows this better than anyone. Their employees know this better than anyone.

Do I think Brandon Boykin, or DeSean Jackson, or LeSean McCoy are bad people? No. Do I think they, or anyone else who Chip Kelly may have cut or traded away has done anything wrong? No.

Heck, most of the time I don’t even take offense to what analyst at ESPN say, yet – they get put on leave or suspended.

You see, you don’t have to do something wrong – you only have to do something your boss doesn’t agree with. Thats the disadvantage of being an employee.

It’s not even something your boss doesn’t agree with, it’s acting in a way that you know is wrong – that isn’t within the expectations or culture of the brand of the business.

Come on now, there are consequences.

Chip Kelly wants his kind of player. ESPN wants their kind of anchor. Any company has reasons for wanting their kind of worker.

This generation, me included – we live in a different age. Heck, I didn’t have a cell phone until 2001. Times have changed, quickly.

Maybe it’s not even the times that have changed, but what we value has. We’re all a little selfish, maybe spoiled nowadays – we like to do what we like to do and want to do. We don’t respond well to authority, to being told what to do – or how we are expected to act.

You see, race is an issue – but we use it as a crutch. We use it as an excuse to justify why something was unfair instead of taking ownership.

You see, we all come from different backgrounds – and whats makes us unique. We aren’t all the same (thank-goodness), but we have to get on the same page when it comes to what is acceptable in our actions.

Race and behavior. Race and actions. They are unrelated.

It’s a stereotype. The only indication of actions is behavior…and all races are subject to the same negativity for unacceptable behavior.

NFL players are role models, they have to act in the most acceptable way possible – whether they want to or not, it’s part of the job to be on your best behavior – it doesn’t matter what race you are.

Is it safe to say, the Eagles have players who Chip Kelly feels act in such a way not representative of his brand and culture? Is it safe to say, they may all be different races? Sure.

Lets not neglect to point out that, the fast major of good athletes in sports…especially the NFL aren’t white. We can’t ignore the volume of players in this discussion.

I don’t think it says Chip Kelly is racist, any more than it says those players might need to change their actions.

No one wants to answer for their actions, or admit their wrong, or they need to change – it’s easier to blame someone else…and in this day-an-age, part of the change in times is exactly that.

You see, ESPN will air their employees critiquing another individual – but ESPN has instilled in their employees the type of ownership and responsibility we all need to be accountable for. Their employees know the consequence and, maybe they fear it.

Yet, when we try to make NFL players fear the same consequences for their actions, its related to race. The same ESPN employees who have to be aware that Chip Kelly is probably just changing the culture of what is expected under his watch, are still insisting on questioning whether he’s a racist.

Would ESPN hire DeSean Jackson?

Would their network hire Chris ‘Birdman’ Anderson?

In fact, would their network hire a person in any race who didn’t fit their culture?

You see, I don’t expect Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones to be an ESPN employee down the road, but he did does fit the Marvin Lewis culture in Cincinnati. Would he fit the culture of another NFL team? Probably. But..if he didn’t would for 1 or two coaches, would they be racist?

It’s about what you should be willing to accept in your organization or business.

It can easily be argued that ESPN employees follow a certain profile. Does that make them racist – or worse yet discriminatory.

Is ESPN any more judgemental than Chip Kelly is when it comes to his employees.

I mean they seems pretty concerned with looks, they seem to be cautious of appearance.

Where are the overweight people, where are the guys with beards…where are the ugly people? I need a job. Fat guys with beards, who are as ugly as me….we like sports too.

Is that any different that Chip Kelly saying he wants his type of player?

I guess what Im saying is, put me on camera…and Chip Kelly probably won’t watch – because he probably doesn’t like (I’m assuming) 5’6″ 184lb white guys, with beards, who run 5.6 forty yard dashes either.

I doubt he’s as racist, most likely not at all, as we make him up to be, but shame on him – he’s as judgemental as ESPN when it comes to people like me – probably.

It’s not my fault I’m over weight though – I’ll take no ownership in my actions. It’s the foods fault, the food hates me because I’m hungry.

I have thoughts, opinions…and an appetite.

You know what though, I don’t like every food – I discriminate against the ones that taste bad.

I have plenty of other faults too, and I dislike mean people. In fact, I wish people were nicer and the world was a better place.

I guess I mainly wish people would actually care more about what is right – and improve their actions.

But, then again…I don’t plan on going on a diet anytime soon either, so who am I to tell people what to do.

I’m not racist, far from it…but I don’t always agree with the actions of other people. In fact, I usually try to surround myself with people who have similar views, likes, and qualities as myself. It helps us get along better, it’s why we are friends…and it makes for a better environment and experience.

Shame on anyone – ESPN and Chip Kelly included, who wants to surround themselves with people on the same page as them…

..I met all my friends at a fast food counter . I hope all the people I walked by in the organic aisle and looked at with disgust in the grocery store, doesn’t take offense – but I traded you for someone in the ice cream aisle.

Who want to go to the buffet? If you don’t – I’m going to accuse you of racism towards me instead of realizing maybe I should sit this trip out myself…you know, for my own good because it might be the right thing to do.

Oh, Mike and Mike is on.


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