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2016 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

I’ve learned over the years, that doing Mock Draft’s this early is typically a waste.

It’s way too early to determine anything in regards of what to expect when the NFL Draft comes around in a few months – from what team needs are, coaching situations and schemes will be…let alone what college players will actual declare for the draft come January 6th.

That’s not even mentioning the combine and entire process of analyzing players of the next few months, because if we learn anything in covering the draft it’s that individual team draft boards are completely different than the ones you see posted on the internet. Those players we “think” should go a certain place are often juggled up and down the actual selection order by the time the draft rolls around.

So, with that said…what I like to do – which is probably even more of a waste of time – is try to project or forecast what may be a more realistic version of a mock come the time of the actual draft. So, in this mock, it’s really my interruption of what is going to happen months from now based on things I have no clue will happen, but expect could.

Hahaha. Oh, but we love mock drafts. I’m just as guilty. I’ve just gotten smarter over the years, expect the unexpected and even more so – realize you don’t know anything…you can’t project your own life months from now, let alone billion-dollar organizations and college-age students behavior.

Heck, the draft order isn’t even set…and there is no way to successfully predict a trade, ever – let alone now.

If I’m right on my project this time (and next time, cause there will another one) – I’m not even playing the lottery, ever….this will have been a greater accomplishment than even that considering my chances. In fact, I should stop doing mock drafts are just play the lottery – at least I’d have a chance! If we don’t do mock drafts to be right, or correct, or win….then what good is actually putting forth the effort to do them. To show we knew something, but we’re still wrong 99% of the time. Sign me up – I know something…and yes, it’s going to be wrong!

Here goes…with analysis on the Top 20 selections.

1st Round:

1. Tennesse – Ronnie Stanley, OT – Notre Dame: 6’6″ 315, **Junior
Tunsil is widely considered the top lineman at this point, but just wait until the redraft stuff begins…you’ll fall in love with Stanley. He needs improvements, what prospect doesn’t. Besides, Tunsil played had limited actions this season and I think has more injury concern. Stanley is skilled, but more importantly has all the intangibles.

2. Cleveland – Jared Goff, QB – California: 6’4″ 210, *Junior
At this point, Cleveland’s QB-situation is a mess. McCown could come into 2016 as the starter, but they still will add a QB…unfortunately for Cleveland it comes at the expense of another 1st round pick. I think Goff will eventually became the unanimous QB prospect worthy a selection at this spot.

3. San Diego – Laquon Treadwell, WR – Mississippi: 6’2″ 210, *Junior
I’ve typically not been a fan of WR’s this high, and Im still not…I think Baltimore at No.6 or San Fran at No.7 would be a more comfortable spot, but with Rivers locked up and MGIII on board – another offensive weapon would make sense. Kennan Allen can’t stay healthy and Malcolm Floyd is retiring, even if they go another direction here – wideout is a major concern.

4. Dallas – Joey Bosa, DE/DT/OLB – Ohio State: 6’5″ 275, *Junior
Dallas will, or presumably, should take the best player on the board. It’s rare a team with so many pieces in place gets an opportunity to add a Top 5 talent – and it could be even harder to believe it would actually be Bosa. Bosa is a steal here, and I think will, or presumably, should be gone by now. For Dallas its a perfect fit. Vernon Hargreaves III or Emmanuel Ogbah would be where I looked in this scenario if Bosa is off the board.

5. Jacksonville – Vernon Hargreaves III, CB – Florida: 5’11” 200, *Junior
Its hard to tell which DB will claim top honors at this point, but I think it’s going to be Hargreaves III. I also think this may be too high for a DB in general, but Jacksonville needs to add talent to the secondary. We all wish Hargreaves was a tad’ taller but he’s a cover corner with little issue.

6. Baltimore – Emmanuel Ogbah, DE/5TDE – Oklahoma State: 6’3″ 275, **Junior
Lets face it, Baltimore defense needs some help. I really think Treadwell would get strong consideration as might his teammate Laremy Tunsil – but they need to get pressure on the QB. Suggs will be coming back, and yes they still have Dumervil but they go with a versatile force. He’s a powerful presence who can get to the quarterback from the 5-technique and is athletic to play in space if needed. Leonard Floyd or Carl Lawson could be option, as would Jaylon Smith depending on his long term ACL evaluation.

7. San Francisco – Paxton Lynch, QB – Memphis: 6’6″ 230, **Junior
Colin Kaepernick, Im assuming isn’t worth the $15.89M salary he’s due in 2016…and they could cut him and only be on the hook for about $14.5M over the next 3 season. They may be able to trade him, but even a release is an option because they’d still be saving $8.5M in 2016 and plenty more over the life of the deal. They won’t take a QB here is they plan on Kaepernick being the starter in 2016 at nearly $16M. I guess Im assuming one way or another – he’s playing elsewhere. They could also look to the offensive and defensive lines here. Lynch could be challenged by Cardale Jones for the next QB off the board.

8. Miami – Myles Jack, OLB – UCLA: 6’1″ 245, *Junior
There are probably more popular option, one of which could be Robert Nkemdiche depending on his stock, along with Jaylon Smith. They need to improve on the offensive line, where I think Cody Whitehair could be the best option if it weren’t so early. Jack should be a Top 10 pick because of ability to cover and based on his athleticism. Take a closer look at him, and you’ll see he’s made to be a top defender in the NFL’s high volume passing game. I know he has injury issues, and that could play a factor on his selection – but everything you need to know is viewable on tape.

9. Tampa Bay – Jonathan Allen, DE/DT/OLB – Alabama: 6’3″ 282, *Junior
I really want to put Robert Nkemdiche here, but I think Allen is a name you need to get to know. Right now, there are more impressive names out there…but when it’s all said and done he should be a Top 15 pick. He’s a good fit for their system as a true 4-3 DE who can even move inside. Laremy Tunsil could get consideration here, and would have Jalen Ramsey if it weren’t for Mark Barron a few years ago.

10. NY Giants – Carl Lawson, OLB/DE – Auburn: 6’2″ 258, ***Sophomore
He might be the best pass-rusher in the draft. Remember this name, whether he’s a high pick or not – he can play at the next level…of course, his health will play the biggest factor in that. A Freshman All-American, who suffered a knee injury in 2014….but was back on track this season as a third year sophomore. If his medical all check out, he’ll be a 1st round pick despite the injury history. The Giants need a pass rusher – so Leanard Floyd or Shaq Lawson could also play a role in this selection.

11. Chicago – Leonard Floyd, OLB/DE – Georgia: 6’3″ 232, **Junior
Chicago may need the most help of anyone in the league, so they could go a variety of directions here. Myles Jack would be a popular choice if available, but even more so they may need a tour pass rusher. Floyd is a 3-4 player who can really get after the QB. I’m not particularly sold on his production, thinking he could be a little overrated despite the fact he could warrant a Top 10 selection. Nonetheless, a defender makes the most sense with Laremy Tunsil a highly likely option given I have him sliding because of injury issues.

12. New Orleans – Robert Nkemdiche, DT/5TDE – Mississippi: 6’3″ 295, *Junior
I think Nkemdiche could slide a bit further than this, but there is no arguing his talent. I know an odd situation recently arose with an off-the-field situation he was involved in, but that shouldn’t be an issue…I think more of an issue is that he’s isn’t a true pass rusher despite his talent. He’s powerful and offers versatility, and he fits as a player who can play inside and be an upgrade over the aging Kevin Williams. I think the Saints need help along the defensive front among other spots – so while he isn’t the pass rusher they need, him and Cameron Jordan can form a dynamic-duo up front.

13. Philadelphia – Cody Whitehair, OG/OT – Kansas State: 6’4″ 310, **Senior
Regardless who the QB is, they need to improve the offensive line to run the ball – and well…they have decent playmakers. Whitehair isn’t a well known name, especially since you’re rolling your eyes I still have Laremy Tunsil on the board and this guy being picked before him. Whitehair projects at guard or I think he could be selected higher, regardless he does offer the versatility to help anyone on their horrid offensive line. I think they’ll address QB with a veteran, a likely landing spot for Colin Kaepernick I believe.

14. Oakland – Laremy Tunsil, LT – Mississippi: 6’5″ 305, *Junior
Happy?! There’s no denying his potential and talent for that matter, but a slide down boards as the draft approaches is a real possibility given his injury and durability issues. He could slide further in my opinion, but for Oakland – it’s a home run. They have a franchise QB and this will hopefully give them some stability on the offensive line is he can stay healthy. A nature LT at this point is really a nice find, and fit. Sorry Jalen Ramsey, they’ll have to find someone else to replace Charles Woodson.

15. St.Louis – Cardale Jones, QB – Ohio State: 6’5″ 250, **Junior
I don’t think Sam Bradford is coming back, not that he’s the answer….but the other issue is that they don’t currently have the answer. Jones’ stock is going to be all over the place, I think he’s a better NFL QB than an Ohio State QB – because lets face it, CJ Barnett was a better QB for what they do. The Rams have some nice pieces, not just on defense…but with Todd Gurley and Greg Robinson. I think Jones makes the most sense despite the fact some might be wary of his struggles, he has a lot of upside and I think it’s a good fit. He might thrive in Los Angeles, lol.

16. Detroit – Jalen Ramsey, CB/S – Florida State: 6’1″ 202, *Junior
No brainer, they need secondary help and a defensive playmaker.

17. Atlanta – Hunter Henry, TE – Arkansas: 6’5″ 252, *Junior
A reach? Possibly, but fits a needs and he’s a name to keep an eye on.

18. Indianapolis – A’Shawn Robinson, NT/5TDE – Alabama: 6’3″ 315, *Junior
Offensive line is bigger issue, but they also have the address the defensive front.

19. Buffalo – Jaylon Smith, OLB/DE/MLB – Notre Dame: 6’3″ 240, *Junior
Stock reminds me of Jarvis Jones, talented enough to be No.1 pick – injury causes him to fall. Its just an knee, not a career threatener.

20. NY Jets – Shaq Lawson, DE/OLB – Clemson: 6’3″ 270, **Junior
Derrick Henry? Maybe, they need pass rushing help. Shall the last of the top-tier so they scoop him ip.

P21. Pittsburgh – Mackenzie Alexander, CB – Clemson: 5’10” 195, **Sophomore

P22. Seattle – Derrick Henry, RB – Alabama: 6’2″ 240, *Junior

P23. Green Bay – Scooby Wright III, ILB/OLB – Arizona: 6’0″ 245 *Junior

P24. Kansas City – DeForest Buckner, DT/5TDE – Oregon: 6’7″ 290, Senior

P25. Washington – Andrew Billings, DT/NT – Baylor: 6’1″ 310, *Junior

P26. Houston – Connor Cook, QB – Michigan State: 6’4″ 220, **Senior

P27. Minnesota – Jarred Reed, DT/5TDE – Alabama: 6’3″ 312, Senior

New England – FORFEIT

P28. Cincinnati – Corey Coleman, WR – Baylor: 5’10” 190, **Junior

P29. Denver – Taylor Decker, OT/OG – Ohio State: 6’7″ 315, Senior

P30. Arizona – Reggie Ragland, ILB – Alabama: 6’2″ 252, Senior

P31. Carolina – Jack Conklin, OT – Michigan State: 6’6″ 318, **Junior

2nd Round

32. Cleveland – Michael Thomas, WR – Ohio State: 6’3″ 210, **Junior

33. Tennessee – Jayron Kearse, SS – Clemson: 6’4″ 220, *Junior

34. Dallas – Kendall Fuller, CB – Virginia Tech: 6’0″ 198, *Junior

35. Chargers – Jack Allen, C – Michigan State: 6’2″ 300, **Senior

36. San Francisco – Jerald Hawkins, OT – LSU: 6’6″ 305, *Junior

37. Baltimore – Jeremy Cash, SS – Duke: 6’1″ 208, **Senior

38. Jacksonville – Austin Johnson, DT – Penn State: 6’3″ 325, **Junior

39. Tampa Bay – William Jackson III, CB – Houston: 6’1″ 195, Senior

40. NY Giants – Darron Lee, OLB – Ohio State: 6’1″ 235, **Sophomore

41. Chicago – Jonathan Bullard, DE/DT – Florida: 6’3″ 282, Senior

42. Miami – Vidal Alexander, OG/OT – LSU: 6’5″ 330, Senior

43. St.Louis (FROM Philadelphia) – Tre’Davious White, CB – LSU: 5’11” 190, *Junior

44. Oakland – Shawn Oakman, DE – Baylor: 6’8″ 275, **Senior

45. St.Louis – Corey Davis, WR – Western Michigan: 6’3″ 205, *Junior

46. Detroit – Jason Spriggs, OT – Indiana: 6’6″ 305, Senior

47. New Orleans – Carson Wentz, QB – North Dakota State: 6’5″ 230, Senior

48. Indianapolis – Ezekiel Elliott, RB – Ohio State: 6’0″ 225, *Junior

49. Buffalo – Sheldon Rankins, DT – Louisville: 6’1″ 302, Senior

50. Atlanta – Shilique Calhoun, DE/OLB – Michigan State: 6’5″ 252, **Senior

51. NY Jets – Germain Ifedi, OT/OG – Texas A&M: 6’5″ 325, **Junior

P52. Seattle – Adolphus Washington, DT/5TDE – Ohio State: 6’4″ 290, Senior

P53. Green Bay – Vernon Butler, DT/NT – Louisiana Tech: 6’3″ 310, Senior

P54. Pittsburgh – Christian Hackenberg, QB – Penn State: 6’4″ 235, *Junior

P55. Kansas City – Alex Collins, RB – Arkansas: 5’11” 218, *Junior

P56. Houston – Kenny Clark, DT – UCLA: 6’2″ 310, *Junior

P57. Washington – Roberto Aguayo, PK – Florida State: 6’0″ 205, **Junior

P58. Minnesota – Su’a Cravens, OLB/S – USC: 6’1″ 225, *Junior

P59. Denver – Glenn Gronkowski, FB/TE – Kansas State: 6’2″ 235, **Junior

P60. Cincinnati – Darian Thompson, FS – Boise State: 6’2″ 210, **Senior

P61. New England – Desmond King, CB – Iowa: 5’11” 200, *Junior

P62. Arizona – Maliek Collins, DT – Nebraska: 6’2″ 300, *Junior

P63. Carolina – Travin Dural, WR – LSU: 6’2″ 202, **Junior


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