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2016 NFL Mock Draft – 3 Rounds – Final Edition

I have been following the NFL Draft since I was a kid, over the years I’ve dedicated a lot of time studying players and following the latest news.

I know Mock Draft are typically silly, especially ones that predict trades; however, I feel if I’m making the effort then I might as well make it somewhat life-like by including trades I created (and figure make sense).

This projection is my own based on what I think could happen, and as you can tell….I approached it very thorough, as if I was the GM making the best moves for each team needs and long-term planning.

Feel free to engage me in question, I am passionate – knowledgeable, and would love to hear feedback.

(UPDATED/FINISHED: 04/23/16 @ 2:00PM)
Explanation of 1st Round, Trades, and 1st Pick of Team Not Draft In 1st Round.


1st Round:

1. LA Rams (From Tennesse) –  Jared Goff, QB – California: 6’4″ 210, *Junior

2. Philadelphia (From Cleveland) – Carson Wentz, QB – North Dakota State: 6’5″ 230, Senior

3. San Diego – Jalen Ramsey, FS/CB – Florida State: 6’1″ 202, *Junior
They picked up DJ Fluker’s 5th year option (although he plays RG – he can provide OT help) and they re-upped Joseph Barksdale on a 4 year deal (for $23.5M mind you), not to mention projected LT King Dunlap is still signed for another 3 season (and on the hook for significant dollars as well). Oh, and big money OG Orlando Franklin isn’t a free agent until 2020. My point? Are they really going to sink more money into the offensive line – one I think they feel stronger about than the depth chart may lead us to believe, at least given the investment they’ve made. On the other other hand they did lose playmaking S Eric Weddle to Baltimore , and to me – Ramsey is the perfect replacement. I think DeForest Buckner is option No.2 (ahead of Tunsil or Stanley, or any OT here).

4. PT1 Tampa Bay (FROM Dallas) – Laremy Tunsil, LT – Mississippi: 6’5″ 305, *Junior
PT1-Dallas Gets: #9, #74, QB Mike Glennon, 2017 7th Round

As a Dallas fan, Im torn here because I think Dallas is in a tough spot – so move down and hope to land Elliott at No.9 – we’ll see if that bans out. They do add QB Mike Glennon in this deal, who is a nice addition – given I think Carson Wentz was their main target here. Romo is 37 years old, and Glennon is…well, at least younger.

For Tampa Bay, its a bold move but when you have to protect James Winston and just spent $35.75M to retain RB Doug Martin…ummm, hello! Donovan Smith was a nice find in Round 2 last year, but whether it’s Tunsil or Ronnie Stanley they need to seriously think about solidifying the position (sorry Gosder). 31 year old journeyman Gosder Cherilus is in the final year of his contract, and behind him on the depth chart..Kevin Pamphile (who isn’t horrible, but a serviceable backup).

5. PT2 San Francisco (FROM Jacksonville) – Ronnie Stanley, OT – Notre Dame: 6’6″ 315, **Junior
PT2-Jags Get: #7, #105, 2017 5th Round

Jags can’t reach for Myles Jack here (regardless of his overall talent because of health) and I don’t think anyone else is a good fit. Not Tunsil/Stanley with Joeckel and the newly signed Beachum, nor Bosa (scheme), or Buckner with the addition of Malik Johnson (too similar). Trade back, maybe they can land Jack at a more “comfortable” spot. I personally like Darron Lee in Gus’ system.

San Fran can’t risk Baltimore pulling the trigger on Stanley themselves, so they they make a leap-frog move. I believe Stanley is ahead of Tunsil on the 49ers board, so they’re likely getting one of the top players on their overall board (and definitely their premiere OT choice). Is Anything Davis returning? Ummm…is Anthony Davis any good, anymore? What I do know, Joe Staley is 31 years old (good lord, who gave him that contract) and I see names like: Trent Brown, Erik Pears, and Colin Kelly on the depth chart at OT. Sure they have other need, most notable – a resolution to the QB dilemma (oh, I have them trading Kaepernick in this mock)…but with uncertainty about Davis’ ability (and desire) and with Staley destined for there RT spot since his contract is at least keeping him around until 2018 (when they dead money on his release actually becomes reasonable) – I think Stanley (or Conklin, if at No.7) is the way to go. By the way, check Round 2 (I have Sam Bradford being acquired).

6. Baltimore – DeForest Buckner, DT/5TDE – Oregon: 6’7″ 290, Senior
I love Buckner, I actually think San Diego and Dallas are very reasonable landing spots. For Baltimore you’ll hear Joey Bosa or Zeke Elliott, or maybe an OT to groom (or possible as just an upgrade)…but really unless Ramsey falls (doubt it) then Buckner is really the only decent option for their 3-4 scheme. I mean, if Myles Jack was healthy he’d be a nice ILB candidate to pair with Mosley. Answer me this, name one 5-technique player on the Ravens roster…or even better, name a true down lineman threat? If you said Buckner, that’s correct.

7. PT3/PT2 Miami (FROM Jaguars (FROM San Francisco) – Ezekiel Elliott, RB – Ohio State: 6’0″ 225, *Junior
PT2-49ers Get: #5, 2017 7th Round
PT3-Jags Get: #13, #73, #186, 2017 4th Round

A double-traded pick. San Fran obviously made the move to go get their guy, Stanley originally – but then I have Jacksonville again moving down.

The Jags again are in “no-mans-land”. Do they pull the trigger for Jack, reach for Darron Lee…or duh, just take Joey Bosa. Well I just do not like the Bosa fit (while I do like the player). Gus Bradley is a defensive guy and he’ll likely be tempted with Bosa but with ‘money-man Malik’ and last years number one, Dante Fowler, coming back I think they need a better fit. I seriously think Jalen Ramsey is their top player choice, so maybe they move from No.5 to No.3 to get him, but other than that – they might as well keep moving down.

Miami is rumored to be interested in a move up for Elliott, and well they seize the opportunity. Dallas passed on him at No.4, and if they wanted him…that was the wrong decision (just take him at No.4 then Dallas). Miami will likely consider this move to jump Dallas (in this scenario) but also the Browns and Giants if Elliott is still around in this range. Sure Jay Ajayi is talented and had a great college career, but he is also injury-prone and unproven so the Dolphins aren’t going to be foolish on giving up on Elliott because of him, especially with Damien Williams and Isaiah Pead as the top reserves…it’s a two (or three) back league nowadays.

8. PT4 New Orleans (FROM Cleveland via Philadelphia via Miami) – Joey Bosa, DE/DT/OLB – Ohio State: 6’5″ 275, *Junior
PT4-Browns Get: #12, #78, ILB Michael Mauti

Cleveland could be interested in Paxton Lynch, Zeke Elliott, Jake Conklin, or even…Bosa here themselves – but ultimately, the new front office is working under new player evaluations (that I think are pretty brilliant) they trade down again. The Browns need players, not ‘a’ (solo) good player.

For the Saints, I think this is an ideal scenario. Dallas again, after missing on Elliott were ‘licking their chops’ at the thought of getting Bosa (or Elliott) after the move down to No.9 but see both get swept away. New Orleans is likely to consider such a move for Leonard Floyd as well – jumping Tampa Bay, New York, and Chicago…but Bosa is better yet. He’ll become a force opposite of Cameron Jordan (sorry Bobby Richardson). They have a glaring need for 4-3 DE depth, and more notable – pass rush help.

9. PT5/PT1 Tennessee (FROM Dallas (FROM Tampa Bay) – Jack Conklin, OT – Michigan State: 6’6″ 318, **Junior
PT1-Tampa Gets: #4, WR Devin Street, Conditional 2018 5th Round
PT5-Dallas Gets: #15, #64, #140, WR Justin Hunter

Another doubler-and another move down for Dallas. Tampa originally traded the pick to go get their protector.

Dallas’ move down is back firing, or is it? They certainly missed on all the premiere players and probably is transpiring definitely than they had hoped, but it may not be all that bad. They added picks, they’ve gotten a backup QB – and they even get Tennessee to part with often-troubled (but talented) WR Justin Hunter. Hunter, he knows Dallas WR coach….Derek Dooley, from Tennessee (lol).

Tennessee traded down from No.1 overall, now their trading back up. It’s really a small price to pay to land Conklin, who has warranted a Top 10 selection. Current RT Bryon Bell hits the reserve roll, Lewan slides to that spot and the Titans get a reliable option to help protect Mariota (and open holes for newly acquired Demarco Murray). Its safe to say that Mike Mularkey wants to run the ball and it’s fair to say he’ll fall in love with Conklin – who won’t make it to No.15 (and which point they’d settle for another Taylor Lewan type in Taylor Decker). If they stand pat at No.15 a CB, edge-rusher, or a defensive lineman like Sheldon Rankins would offer the most value.

10. NY Giants – Josh Doctson, WR – TCU: 6’4″ 200, **Senior
I think Doctson is very under valued. OBJ is a different type of threat, and Victor Cruz is recovering from serious injury issues (although he claims to be 100%, he may not be the same player). This won’t be a popular selection on the surface – especially given their desire for Leonard Floyd, among other needs. I could even see Myles Jack getting strong consideration despite the injury concerns, but this guy is the big target they need opposite of Beckham and with Cruz in the slot (remember Reuben Randle is in Philly now).

11. PT6 NY Jets (FROM Chicago) – Leonard Floyd, OLB/DE – Georgia: 6’3″ 235, **Junior
PT6-Bears Get: DL Muhammad Wilkerson, QB Geno Smith
PT6-Jets Get: #11, #127, #185, 2017 2nd Round

Well, this is interesting – and rather difficult to pull off (I’m aware of the challenges regarding a Wilkerson deal). In fact, The way I designed this trade is rather unique because Chicago could in fact take Floyd themselves, with the intentions of keeping him and this deal be worked out after the fact. So, it can be an on-the-clock deal if it’s planned in advanced or worked out as New York makes other moves and announced at the conclusion of Day 1 (start of Day 2).

The Bears would like Floyd for themselves, he’s a rising prospect…and well they lack a true pass rusher (no offense to Pernell McPhee or Lamarr Houston, or Willie Young). So along with Floyd – Clemson teammates Shaq Lawson and Kevin Dodd could be considered as well if they keep the pick. With that said, Floyd is a risky choice in my opinion, for all his upside is as much doubt…so, I think the Bears would be happier adding Wilkerson here. Wilkerson is a force and a premiere talent, and fits a need for Chicago as well (on top of this, I have them adding Noah Spence in Round 2 to get that pure pass relax). The Bears currently have about $22M free in cap space so a deal can be worked out since they have the room to get him signed – if that deal can realistically be worked out. They also acquire a reliable backup in Geno Smith, if anyone cares.

The Jets dont necessarily get “franchise-tag” value but a Top 12 pick, a future 2nd and a few other picks isn’t a bad haul to rid themselves of the Wilkerson situation. Obviously, I have the Jets being fairly active (yes, 3 1st Round picks)..but they all are basically contingent on one another – especially trading Geno Smith. I mentioned it can be an on-the-clock deal which would be rather risky to trade Geno (sure, he’s not great..but) given their lingering QB questions as is. So, the deal can be completed later and they acquire Floyd’s right after they secure a QB at No.19 (or by trading back into Round 1). Obviously, I think they’ll ultimately sign Fitzpatrick and I have them acquiring Connor Cook as well (trading back into Round 1 to get that valuable 5th year option). So, that leads me to Floyd in New York, as the Jets desperately need an edge-pass rusher. He’s raw so again Lawson or Dodd would maybe get some mention, but those names are more desirable at No.20 if they fail to make such a drastic move for this pick.

12. PT7/PT4 Atlanta (FROM Cleveland (FROM New Orleans) – Myles Jack, OLB/ILB – UCLA: 6’1″ 245, *Junior
PT4-Saints Get: #8
PT7-Browns Get: #17, #81, #115

A lot of trades, huh? (lol) Teams are positioning themselves for the guys they want, and well here’s another pick getting traded twice…and what? Another Cleveland trade down. You got it.

The Saints seized the chance to jump some pass rush needy teams to land a guy they otherwise didn’t expect to be able to draft. Smart move.

The Browns continue trading down. Sure, Myles Jack could be a viable option for them here, but I think they realize they can get a similar type need by moving down. I mean, do they take Shaq Lawson here? Well, to my point…see who I have them taking with the No.17 pick they acquired here (along with the other picks they were able to acquire).

Atlanta is long linked to OLB Darron Lee if they stay at No.17, but as Jack continue to slide down the board because of injury concerns they capitalize on the opportunity. Dan Quinn is the type of defense mind that would love Lee, but imagine the fit with a healthy Myles Jack in his system. Jack, in my opinion, is the No.1 talent in the whole draft (my favorite player) and despite that…I think this may even be too earlier. He has all the nature talent, and is an special player (he is a great cover-LB during a times teams try to create mismatches against LB), but teams will be scared off. However, they end his slide and take a chance…he’s too close to them for them not to pull tigger and roll the dice on what could be a steal if his knee recovers.

13. PT3 Jacksonville (FROM Miami via Philadephia) – Darron Lee, OLB – Ohio State: 6’1″ 238, **Sophomore
PT3-Dolphins Get: #7(PT2)

Miami made the move for Elliott, the right move I might add. If they pick here, I think they’d be settling for a player, probably a CB, and would be wise to move down it’s not going to be Zeke.

The Jaguars finally settle in here, after move down twice from No.5. They miss out on Myles Jack, who I believe they probably figured they could land here because of the injury issues. Nonetheless, I personally believe Lee is very underrated and could potentially go in the Top 10. Now, I doubt they’d reach for him at No.5, but I think he’s the perfect fit and fills the biggest need for them. They need to sure up the interior offensive line, maybe add a MLB, and certainly add some CB help….but their pretty happy with this guy.

14. PT8 Cincinnati (FROM Oakland) – Sheldon Rankins, DT/NT – Louisville: 6’1″ 302, Senior
PT8-Raiders Get: #24, #55, #199

This is a rather surprising move, and one that’ll likely be highly questions. Cincy moving up for something other than a WR is probably your first though, and then what about Oakland moving down with some of the talent available. They Raiders add an extra 2nd Round pick, because lets face it…they aren’t too many players away. I just think at this point, the talent available becomes widely grouped together (close) and you have to be set on a certain player or need to pass up making such a move down.

Cincinnati however, is set on a player – Rankins. Don’t get me wrong, they need a WR opposite of AJ Green (LaFell is a piece, but not the answer) so it’s probably surprising to have them pass up a Will Fuller, Corey Coleman, and Laquon Treadwell. Actually I think they’d be okay with Fuller if they stay at No.24, but other than him Doctson is really the only other fit I like of those names. Gene Atkins became a force, and really showed the Bengals the importance of a dominate interior pretense on the defense line….and I think in their division they recognize they need a guy like Rankins even moreso. 31 year old Domato Peko (and Brandon Thompson) is an UFA after this season and Pat Sims is ummm, well – Pat Sims. The duo of Atkins and Rankins will make other positions around them better.

15. PT5 Dallas (FROM Tennessee (From LA Rams) – William Jackson III, CB – Houston: 6’0″ 190, Senior
PT5-Titans Get: #9(PT1), #189

Tennesse made the move, back up, to land an offensive tackle…who wouldn’t have been available here. I like that decision.

For Dallas, they’ve acquired some piece in the moves they’ve made, but also missed out on some of the players we all assumed they’d target. I believe their board is 1. Wentz 2. Ramsey 3. Elliott 4. Bosa 5. Buckner 6. Floyd 7. Jackson III 8. Lawson (and antt to talk away with 1 of those 8), which means this picks basically will come down to Jackson or Lawson. I went with the athletic Jackson who is comparable to Ramsey in terms of playmaking ability. After missing on Wentz and Ramsey, and moving themselves out of the Elliott Buckner, and Bosa range they could have went Floyd at No.9 to help the pass rushing situation but again moved down with Jackson in mind. Carr is an UFA next season (and although he took a pay, isn’t a June 1 release still possible at $10M) and it’s hard to expect Mo Claiborne to play well so I went with secondary help. Eli Apple is probably the next best corner on their board, even over Vernon Hargreaves.

16. PT9 NY Jets (FROM Detroit) – Reggie Ragland, ILB – Alabama: 6’2″ 252, Senior
PT9-Lions Get: #20, #83, 2017 6th Round

The Lions were hoping for Jack Conklin, wishful thinking….and with a saturated field of defensive lineman, a main are of need, they take the opportunity to move down rather than reach for Decker…so see who is available at No.20.

The Jets continue to be active. Adding Leonard Floyd, moving Wilkerson…and now moving up a few spots to grab the top ILB in Ragland. It’s likely that Ragland could be a target for Cleveland, which is my reasoning for them move up – although, I do believe Ragland is talented enough to go higher despite the fact that many mocks have him towards the end of the round. Bruce Carter was just added, but Taiwan Jones isn’t going to cut it…not to mention David Harris is 32 years old (and will surely be a 2017 cap casualty given his $6.5M cap number and no dead money that they’d be free to walk away from after this season). A QB could be an option, I’m not sold on Paxton Lynch however – hence why I have them trading back in to Round 1 at No.30 for Cook. But, here Ragland is a real option, even at No.20, he fills a huge need.

17. PT7 Browns (FROM Atlanta) – Shaq Lawson, DE/OLB – Clemson: 6’3″ 270, **Junior
PT7-Falcons Get: #14

Atlanta went and got Myles jack, ending his possible fall due to injury concern.

Cleveland has made a ton of moves and it might be a situation where QB comes into play, but again – I’m not a Lynch believe, although with RGIII around it would give him time to develop and learn an NFL offense structure. I think they are happy with Robert and you know…Josh McCown is still on the roster for a reasonable price thru 2017. Yes, Hue thinks that Paxton compares to Joe Flacco – but I just don’t see it. I think Lawson is suited for a 4-3 DE or 3-4 DE as opposed to a true rush player from the edge, so he’d slots into a 5-technique here, joining Danny Shelton and John Hughes on the front line. What about Desmond Bryant, well what about him? He’s there and a rather reasonable player to cut after this season…and besides, you can never have enough d-lineman.

18. PT10 Minnesota (FROM Indianapolis) – Will Fuller, WR – Notre Dame: 6’0″ 186, *Junior
PT10-Colts Get: #23, #86, 2017 6th Round

Indy could easily take Taylor Decker, who seems to be everyones favorite choice, but I think they really like Ryan Kelly and would benefit from improving the interior line spots. Nonetheless, a move down can’t hurt if they get offered value.

Minnesota needs to add a weapon to the receiving corp. Mike Wallace is gone, and I think Will Fuller can fill that role as a deep threat (since Cordarrelle Patterson certainly won’t) option while 2015 5th round pick Stefan Diggs handles an increased workload as well. Jarius Wright can handle a slot role and maybe Charles Johnson can provide something this season in his final season before becoming a RFA. The move up is warranted to get ahead of Detroit at No.20 and Houston at No.22, to secure the WR of their choosing – which I think would be Fuller over Treadwell or Coleman.

19. PT11 Seattle (FROM Buffalo) – Taylor Decker, OT/OG – Ohio State: 6’7″ 320, Senior
PT11-Bills Get: #26, #90, #124, WR Kasen Williams

Buffalo moving down is interesting, their often linked to Clemson rushers Shaq Lawson and Kevin Dodd – or maybe even a QB, but I think like a lot teams in this range…they can add similar value a few spots lower, especially with Lawson already off the board.

Seattle is a team to watch, they have extra 3rd round pick now that they were awarded a compensatory selection in that round. I think they desperately need to improve their offensive line and take advantage of Detroit (at No.16 and Indianapolis (at No.18) both passing on Decker. Currently they only have Bradley Sowell and Garry Gilliam as viable OT options, and while they like Gilliam’s upside they lack overall depth along the entire line. Russell Wilson needs protected, he was beaten up last season…so this makes the most sense. Decker won’t make it to No.26, at which point Spriggs or Ifedi are options along with Kelly and Cody Whitehair.

20. PT9 Detroit (FROM NY Jets) – Jarren Reed, DT/5TDE – Alabama: 6’3″ 312, Senior
PT9-Jets Get: #16, #151, TE Timothy Wright

The Jets moved up, also adding often-traded TE Tim Wright for depth, they lost Jeff Cumberland this offseason and Wright could be a low-key but relatively good bargain in a deal that centered around improving their defense.

The Lions need OL help, Decker would have been a nice addition (but they should have taken him at No.16 then) given Michael Ola is currently slotted as the starting RT. Personally however, I have faith in Corey Robinson and Cornelius Lucas so I think the defensive line is a bigger issue. Ngata isn’t getting any younger and they really lack depth, in fact..numerous positions defensively could use an upgrade. It’d probably be wise to consider Reggie Ragland themselves at No.16, but Reed is a talented for on the interior and a nice grab here. Vernon Butler, A’Shawn Robinson, or Robert Nkemdiche could factor into this selection as well. Also, a WR is an area of need if they don’t go defense.

21. PT12 Tennessee (FROM Washington) – Vernon Butler, DT/NT – Louisiana Tech: 6’4″ 325, Senior
PT12-Skins Get: #33, #193 QB Zach Mettenberger, RB Bishop Sankey, Conditional 2018 4th Round

Say What? This is a very interesting concept.
The Redskins moving down offers a lot of value, but you might wonder if they drop if worth what they’re getting in return. To me, it is – Zach Mettenberger is a viable QB option (better than Colt McCoy as a backup) and is under control for a reasonable price for this season and next season. Mettenberger not only provides solid backup insurance, but leverage as well – because (1) Kirk Cousins is only on a 1 year deal and (2) he could be traded to another after this season for fairly decent value if they wrap up Cousins long-term. Not to mention, Bishop Sankey is a solid option to pair with Matt Jones since they lack overall RB depth. Sankey has struggled, but the change might do him well…he was once upon a time the top RB selected (although in the 2nd round).

Say What? Trading up like this for who?
Get to know this name, he is underrated and undervalued….at least amongst the media, but is a name teams are very aware of. He might even go higher, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a bold move for a relatively unknown name, at a position you might not suspect even…but they have the picks to maneuver. It’s often said, Butler has a Muhammad Wilkerson style to his game – the guys I have being traded for the 11th overall pick….so needless to say, he has a lot of potential. For the Titans, after addressing the OL earlier, there isn;t a much bigger need than a defensive line. You might think such a move was for Vernon Hargreaves III (or maybe Eli Apple) or a pass rusher….and I wouldn’t argue with that, but Butler is going higher than you think.

22. Houston – Laquon Treadwell, WR – Mississippi: 6’2″ 210, *Junior
I think Treadwell is the ideal fit opposite of the speed-threat that is DeAndre Hopkins. Treadwell’s stock has taken a hit, mainly over speed concerns, and whether he can separate at the NFL level….but his talent is undeniable. It’s probably low in most people’s eyes, but I think it’s the right range for him – he may even fall a little further if the Texans prefer another one of the wideouts, but I think the combo of him and Hopkins is very complimentary. There also have some defensive needs, as division rival Tennessee just jumped them for an ideal player in Vernon Butler. Karl Joseph and Kevin Dodd – among many other defenders are names to watch is they pass on a receiver.

23. PT10 Indianapolis (FROM Minnesota) – Ryan Kelly, C/OG – Alabama: 6’4″ 310, **Senior
PT10-Vikings Get: #18, #155

Minnesota made the move to go get Will Fuller, hopefully they don’t regret that considering Corey Coleman is still available. Nonetheless, a wideout would be the logical choice. They may also get intrigued by the plethora of defensive line talent regardless of whether its at No.23 or via trading up/down.

It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly for the Colts, although most people will consider this a reach. With Castonzo and Mewhort at the OT spots, Kelly figures to start at either OG or C from Day 1. Indianapolis lacks depth on the offensive line so its hard to imagine them taking any players that wouldn’t help fix that issue, but like many other teams – they do have defensive issues to address as well.

24. PT8 Oakland (FROM Cincinnati) – Corey Coleman, WR – Baylor: 5’10” 190, **Junior
PT8-Bengals Gets: #14, #234

Cincy surprised everyone with a move we didn’t really see coming, passing on a receiver and moving up for a key defender.

After making the big jump down, adding an extra second round pick – they settle on a rather unexpected player. With Amari Cooper (and Michael Crabtree), joins Corey Coleman a true speed threat….filling a slot role for the upstart Oakland offense. It may not be their most glaring need, but Seth Roberts becomes a valuable No.4 in a dangerous offense attack. Karl Joseph might make sense in this scenario, as well as other notable defenders.

25. Pittsburgh – Vernon Hargreaves III, CB – Florida: 5’11” 200, *Junior
Having to choice between Hargreaves or Eli Apple would be a dream scenario for Pittsburgh, who need help in the secondary. Hargreaves is often viewed as a Top 10 pick, but Im not sold on teams feeling comfortable with his character…but with Mike Tomlin, I am comfortable with the pick. Its a huge steal, reminiscent of rival Baltimore landing Jimmy Smith years ago. They’ll likely have a tougher choice if both Hargreaves and Apple are gone, but I’d assume they stick with the defensive side of the ball. They could stand to upgrade the OT spot, add a receiver, or they may start thinking about a QB to groom behind Big Ben.

26. PT11 Buffalo (FROM Seattle) – Christian Hackenberg, QB – Penn State: 6’4″ 215, *Junior
PT11-Seattle Gets: #19, #192

Seattle wanted (well, mainly needed to) protect Russell Wilson so they made a move up to secure the offensive line. Its hard to see them going any direction other than offensive line, unless they stick to a best available approach.

Well, Well, Well. We keep hearing the intrigue on Hackenberg, and even more so we keep hearing how Paxton Lynch will be the 3rd QB off the board. When have things even gone as planned. Hackenberg grew up in PA, about 300 away from Buffalo – whats that mean? Nothing! However, they do need a QB for the future and there is a Penn State connection within the organization. He’s my favorite QB, I think his struggles at Penn State are over blown due to system and lack of overall talent around him but the kid is a gamer, and intelligent (familiar with the NFL style offense as well). Tyrod Taylor is under contract for two more season, while EJ Manual is a goner sooner than later (an upcoming UFA if nothing else) – but Tyrod is not the long-term solution. Look at it this way, if its not this year….they need a QB next year anyhow.

27. Green Bay – A’Shawn Robinson, NT/5TDE – Alabama: 6’3″ 315, *Junior
Its obvious they need defensive line help, which player they like best if much more of a question. I personally like the Robinson fit but I think it could be any number of players – from Robert Nkemdiche to Billings, to Chris Jones to Kenny Clark. They’d probably prefer Reggie Ragland for reason you hear (moving Mathews back outside) but may need to move up to get him. Offensive line help is never a bad option, and a WR could be appealing despite talk they are comfortbale Montgomery, Janis, and Abbrederis.

28. Kansas City – Eli Apple, CB – Ohio State: 6’1″ 200, **Sophomore
He could go a lot higher, but I think it’s safe to say he’ll land in the first round – somewhere. I personally would go with Burns over him, but I’m not actually picking. Marcus Peters last season was a huge score, and Apple may be this season as well. Offensive guard, wide receiver, defensive line, and inside linebacker may be more glaring needs but Apple is also a value pick. Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook, if available could be an intriguing option as well, but ultimately I think they other needs are more important.

New England – FORFEIT

29. Arizona – Paxton Lynch, QB – Memphis: 6’6″ 230, **Junior
The more I think about this, the more I like the fit…maybe to a fault, because it may be too low for where he’s actually going to be selected – but the fact remains that he has a huge learning curve. I think Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer are best thing for Lynch, who lacks terminology among other aspects. He’s compared to Joe Flacco, I just don’t see it – not immediately anyhow. Chandler Jones was a nice addition via trade, but left them without a second round pick, so they may even be interested in trading back and recouping that extra pick. Other areas to watch are offensive line, tight end, cornerback, strong safety, and front seven talent.

30. PT13 NY Jets (FROM Carolina) – Connor Cook, QB – Michigan State: 6’4″ 220, **Senior
PT13-Panthers Get: #51, CB Dee Milliner, 2017 2nd Round(PT6-Chi)

Carolina is in need of a CB in light of the Josh Norman situation and would probably like to see Eli Apple fall to this spot, but regardless they’ll be a spot where teams anxious to get a certain need want to back into round one to secure a particular player. I’m not sure this is true value to move down 20-spots, but Dee Milliner is someone with potential (although thats very debatable considering his play) and the future second is always helpful. I’d expect them to target an offensive line, outside linebacker, or corner if they don’t trade down. Note: Back to Milliner real quick, his 5th year option would probably be initiated by NYJ before the trade to secure him this season and next season to hope a new system and change of scenery help him.

It’s a bold move from New York, and obviously heavily dependent on trading Geno Smith, feeling Bryce petty is not the long term answer, and of course re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick for a year or two to mentor Cook. The reason I think that teams, any team, would want to trade back into round one is to acquire the rights to the important 5th year option – the contract for a QB at this point becomes reasonable. It may take more than this to do so, but nonetheless its been a bust round for the Jets – acquiring a 3rd 1st round selection in this mock…keeping Cook in green.

31. Denver – Cody Whitehair, OG/OT – Kansas State: 6’4″ 302, **Senior
Denver would probably be tempted with Hackenberg or Coook if one or the other is available here; however, I have the Broncos acquiring QB Colin Kaepernick (in the third round). The interior of their offensive line is the main issue in my opinion, spot while it may seem to be a little early for Whitehair – I like him and I like the fit. They also need to replace some key defenders they lost so front seven help is important and well a possible a more reliable No.3 receiver.

2nd Round:

32. Cleveland – Germain Ifedi, OT/OG – Texas A&M: 6’6″ 325: **Junior

33. PT12 Washington (FROM Tennessee) – Karl Joesph, SS/FS – WVU: 5’10” 205, Senior
PT12-Titans Get: #21, #242

Tennesse made the big move to get back into Round 1 for a stud, and underrated and talent defender. It’ll be worth it.

The Redskins trading down, knowing they’d likely still be able to get Joesph here – they guy they would have likely wanted (or taken) at No.21. Josh Norman was nice, a surprise, addition – but getting a player like Joseph compliments that move move. he had a little injury concern, scaring off some team, causing him to fall – but he’s going to be a good one and it wouldn’t completely surprise me if someone pulls the trigger in round one on him. A pass rusher, defensive and offensive line depth, along with big-bodied WR are other areas of need. Mind you, a backup RB and QB were acquired in Mettenberg and Sankey but otherwise those are areas they may need to draft.

34. Dallas – Emmanuel Ogbah, DE/5TDE – Oklahoma State: 6’3″ 275, **Junior

35. Chargers – Robert Nkemdiche, DT/5TDE – Mississippi: 6’3″ 295, *Junior

36. Baltimore – Kevin Dodd, OLB/DE – Clemson: 6’5″ 278, **Junior

37. PT14 Philadephia (FROM San Francisco) – Austin Johnson, DT – Penn State: 6’4″ 312, **Junior
PT14-49ers Get: QB Sam Bradford, Conditional 2015 5th Round
PT14-Eagles get: #37, #105, #145

Sam wants out, Chip probably wants Sam. I don’t see another likely spot for him. You’ll hear Denver and New York, but I think its more likely the Eagles hold him than him landing in either of those locations. This would obviously be dependent on the Niners trading Kaepernick and shedding his contract.

38. Jacksonville – Jonathan Bullard, DE/DT – Florida: 6’3″ 285, Senior

39. Tampa Bay – Chris Jones, DT – Mississippi State: 6’6″ 310, *Junior

40. NY Giants – Vonn Bell, SS/CB – Ohio State: 5’11” 200, *Junior

41. Chicago – Noah Spence, OLB/DE – Eastern Kentucky: 6’3″ 255, **Junior

42. Miami – Artie Burns, CB – Miami (FL): 6’0″ 192, *Junior

43. Tennessee (From LA Rams via Philadelphia) – Kamalei Correa, OLB/DE – Boise State: 6’3″ 242, *Junior

44. Oakland – Kenny Clark, DT – UCLA: 6’3″ 312, *Junior

45. Tennessee (LA Rams) – Kendall Fuller, CB – Virginia Tech: 5’11” 188, *Junior

46. Detroit – Jason Spriggs, OT – Indiana: 6’6″ 305, Senior

47. New Orleans – Joshua Garnett, OG – Stanford: 6’4″ 312, Senior

48. Indianapolis – Derrick Henry, RB – Alabama: 6’2″ 240, *Junior

49. Buffalo – Jihad Ward, DE/DT – Illinois: 6’5″ 295, Senior

50. Atlanta – Hunter Henry, TE – Arkansas: 6’5″ 250, *Junior

51. PT13 Carolina (FROM NY Jets) – Shon Coleman, OT – Auburn: 6’5″ 308, **Junior
PT13-Jets Get: #30

Jets make the big move back into Round 1 to secure a long term QB, getting the rights to the 5th year option and hoping Connor Cooks plays as good in Jet green as he did Spartan green.

Carolina may not have gotten the value they could have, and you may even be surprised they don’t go CB here – with a guy like Mackenzie Alexander. They still have pick No.62 and may put ‘some’ hope in Dee Milliner (who I have them projected to acquire). Coleman is the other hand is the pick, and fills a need – and I think he’s talent and rally the last of the potential LT quality lineman.

52. Houston – Andrew Billings, DT/NT – Baylor: 6’2″ 300, *Junior

53. Washington – Roberto Aguayo, PK – Florida State: 6’0″ 208, **Junior

54. Minnesota – Su’a Cravens, OLB/S – USC: 6’1″ 225, *Junior

55. PT8 Oakland (FROM Cincinnati) – Keanu Neal, SS – Florida: 6’0″ 212, *Junior

56. Seattle – Nick Martin, C/OG – Notre Dame: 6’4″ 300, **Senior

57. Green Bay – Nick Kwiatkoski, ILB – WVU: 6’2″ 242, **Senior

58. Pittsburgh – Deion Jones, OLB/SS – LSU: 6’1″ 222, Senior

59. Kansas City – Christian Westerman, OG – Arizona State: 6’3″ 300, **Senior

60. New England – Mackenzie Alexander, CB – Clemson: 5’10” 195, **Sophomore
New England first pick, the first of back-to-back picks actually. They recently heard that Tom Brady is likely suspended all over again, having the serve the 4 game suspension in 2016. That probably won’t affect there draft strategy and will likely mean Brain Hoyer is headed back to down. With the pick, they add a players is some might consider a first round talent to provide secondary depth. They need a big WR (hence the next pick) and could also considered Jaylon Smith (check the thirds round). Its always hard to tell what the Patriots will do.

61. New England (From Arizona) – Michael Thomas, WR – Ohio State: 6’3″ 210, **Junior

62. Carolina – Sean Davis, CB/FS – Maryland: 6’1″ 200, Senior

63. Denver – Shilique Calhoun, DE/OLB – Michigan State: 6’4″ 252, **Senior

3rd Round:

64. PT5 Dallas (FROM Tennessee) – Sheldon Day, DT – Notre Dame: 6’1″ 292, Senior

65. Cleveland – Sterling Shepard, WR – Oklahoma: 5’10” 195, Senior

66. San Diego – Jerell Adams, TE – South Carolina: 6’5″ 248, Senior

67. Dallas – Austin Hooper, TE – Stanford: 6’4″ 255, **Sophomore

68. San Francisco – Hassan Ridgeway, DT/NT – Texas: 6’3″ 305, **Junior

69. Jacksonville – Vadal Alexander, OG/OT – LSU: 6’5″ 325, Senior

70. Baltimore – Josh Perry, ILB – Ohio State: 6’4″ 250, Senior

71. New York Giants – Bronson Kaufusi, DE/OLB – BYU: 6’6″ 285, Senior

72. Chicago – Xavien Howard, CB – Baylor: 6’0″ 200, **Junior

73. PT3 Jacksonville (FROM Miami) – BJ Goodson, ILB – Clemson: 6’1″ 242, **Senior

74. PT1 Dallas (FROM Tampa Bay) – Jeremy Cash, SS – Duke: 6’0″ 212, **Senior

75. Oakland – Paul Perkins, RB – UCLA: 5’10” 208, **Junior

76. Tennessee (From LA Rams) – Carl Nassib, DE – Penn State: 6’7″ 278, **Senior

77. Cleveland (From Philadelphia via Detroit) – Darian Thompson, FS/SS – Boise State: 6’2″ 208, **Senior

78. PT4 Cleveland (FROM New Orleans) – Joe Schubert, OLB/DE – Wisconsin: 6’1″ 245, Senior

79. Philadelphia – Devontae Booker, RB – Utah: 5’11” 220, **Senior

80. Buffalo – Tyler Boyd, WR – Pittsburgh: 6’1″ 198, *Junior

81. PT7 Cleveland (FROM Atlanta) – Braxton Miller, WR – Ohio State: 6’1″ 200, **Senior

82. Indianapolis – Charles Tapper, DE/OLB – Oklahoma: 6’3″ 270, Senior

83. PT9 Detroit (FROM NY Jets) – Jordan Payton, WR – UCLA: 6’1″ 208, Senior

84. Washington – Willie Henry, DT – Michigan: 6’3″ 302, **Junior

85. Houston – Max Tuerk, C/OG – USC: 6’5″ 298, Senior

86. PT10 Indianapolis (FROM Minnesota) – Nick Vannett, TE – Ohio State: 6’6″ 258, *Senior

87. Cincinnati – Chris Moore, WR – Cincinnati: 6’1″ 205, **Senior

88. Green Bay – Kyler Fackrell, OLB/DE – Utah State: 6’5″ 245, **Senior

89. Pittsburgh – Jerald Hawkins, OT – LSU: 6’6″ 305, *Junior

90. PT11 Buffalo (FROM Seattle) – Jordan Jenkins, OLB/DE – Georgia: 6’3″ 260, Senior

Kansas City – Pick Forfeited for Tampering

91. New England – Le’Raven Clark, OT/OG – Texas Tech: 6’5″ 315, **Senior

92. Arizona – KeiVarae Russell, CB – Notre Dame: 5’11” 192, **Junior

93. Carolina – Kenneth Dixon, RB – Louisiana Tech: 5’10” 215, Senior

94. PT15 San Francisco (FROM Denver) – Daryl Worley, CB – WVU: 6’1″ 205, *Junior
PT15-Broncos Get: QB Colin Kaepernick, Conditional 2017 6th round
PT15-49ers Get: #94

Denver didn’t add a young QB, missing out on them even if they wanted one…so the deal with San Fran finally goes down. Obviously, its dependent on the 49ers also acquiring a new, more reliable QB than Blaine Gabbert. I like the Kaepernick fit, and I like Kaepernick….but this isn’t a for-sure thing at all.

San Fran added Sam Bradford, ummm….maybe. Nonetheless, I don’t think they want Kaepernick, getting a 3rd round pick for him is a gift – which is why they give a conditional pick back based on his performance in Denver.

95C. Detroit – Kentrell Brothers, ILB – Missouri: 6’0″ 245, **Senior

96.C New England – Jaylon Smith, OLB/DE/MLB – Notre Dame: 6’3″ 240, *Junior

97.C Seattle – Adolphus Washington, DT/5TDE – Ohio State: 6’4″ 290, Senior

98.C Denver – Scooby Wright III, ILB/OLB – Arizona: 6’0″ 245 *Junior

Next Best Available:
Leone Carroo, WR – Rutgers: 6’0″ 210, Senior
T.J. Green, FS – Clemson: 6’2″ 210, *Junior
Malik Collins, DT – Nebraska: 6’2″ 310, *Junior
Cyrus Jones, CB – Alabama: 5’10” 198, Senior
Adam Gotsis, DE/DT – Georgia Tech: 6’4″ 288, Senior
CJ Prosise, RB – Notre Dame: 6’0″ 220, **Junior
Connor McGovern, OG – Missouri: 6’4″ 305, **Senior
Pharoh Cooper, WR – South Carolina: 5’11” 202, *Junior
Cardale Jones, QB – Ohio State: 6’5″ 250, **Junior
Justin Simmons, FS – Boston College: 6’2″ 202, Senior
Ronald Blair, DE – Appalachian State: 6’2″ 282, **Senior
Joe Dahl, OG – Washington State: 6’4″ 305, **Senior
DJ White, CB – Georgia Tech: 5’11” 192, Senior
Yannick Ngakoue, OLB/DE – Maryland: 6’2″ 252, *Junior
Jordan Howard, RB – Indiana: 6’0″ 230, *Junior
Kenny Lawler, WR – California: 6’2″ 202, **Junior
Javon Hargrave, DT – South Carolina State: 6’1″ 310, Senior
Aaron Burbridge, WR – Michigan State: 6’0″ 205, Senior
Issac Seumalo, OG – Oregon State: 6’4″ 302, **Junior
Will Redmond, CB – Mississippi State: 5’11” 182, Senior
Caleb Benenoch, OT – UCLA: 6’5″ 312, *Junior
Rashad Higgins, WR – Colorado State: 6’1″ 195, *Junior
Willie Beavers, OT – Western Michigan: 6’5″ 320, **Senior
Kenyan Drake, RB – Alabama: 6’1″ 210, Senior
Zack Sanchez, CB – Oklahoma: 5’11” 185, **Junior
Joe Haeg, OT/OG – North Dakota State: 6’6″ 305, Senior
Tyler Matakevich, ILB – Temple: 6’0″ 238, Senior
Jalen Mills, CB/FS – LSU: 6’0″ 190, Senior
Alec Collins, RB – Arkansas: 5’10” 218, *Junior
Dominique Alexander, ILB – Oklahoma: 6’0″ 232, *Junior
Dak Prescott, QB – Mississippi State: 6’2″ 225, **Senior
Tavon Young, CB – Temple: 5’9″ 182, Senior
John Theus, OT – Georgia: 6’6″ 312, Senior
Kelvin Taylor, RB – Florida: 5’10” 208, *Junior
Anthony Zettel, DE – Penn State: 6’4″ 278, **Senior
Kyle Murphy, OT – Stanford: 6’6″ 305, Senior
Evan Bohm, C – Missouri: 6’2″ 302, Senior
Jayron Kearse, SS – Clemson: 6’4″ 215, *Junior
Jacoby Brissett, QB – NC State: 6’4″ 230, **Senior
DeAndre Houston-Carson, FS – William & Mary: 6’1″ 200, **Senior
DJ Reader, DT/NT – Clemson: 6’3″ 328, Senior
Jonathan Jones, CB – Auburn: 5’9″ 185, Senior
Glenn Gronkowski, FB – Kansas State: 6’2″ 240, **Junior
Jake Allen, C – Michigan State: 6’1″ 295, **Senior


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