I'm Joshua Mitchell and I Blog about the NFL, the NFL Draft, fantasy sports, and other sports topics. Im just a huge sports fan who takes a lot of time following the latest news. These are my thoughts – I use Wordpress and Twitter as an outlet to let my passion, dedication, and hard work be known.


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I’ve recently done mock drafts for and currently was approached to contribute for

I use WordPress (and Twitter) as avenues to let my passion, dedication, and hard work be know. I’d love to make a career out of my love for the NFL, and in particular the NFL Draft, because a lot of my own personal time is spent trying to prove that I know what I’m talking about by being accurate, fair, and in-depth on my information. I take a lot of pride in being fair and reasonable in my post, as well as being very helpful to the people taking the time to view my Blog. Unfortunately, I do not have my own personal sources like much of the professionals so most of the information you’ll see is my own personal opinions and thoughts – but I do gather some info from popular sites I like (i.e. ESPN, ProFootballTalk, RotoWorld, Twitter, WalterFootball, and other various websites) to help with with certain particulars of the news. I guess I’d like to be noticed as someone who is thorough and insightful. It could be said I’m an aspiring sports reporter, but I am not doing this to become famous – I do it because I love it, and I just hope in the process I can develop the respect of the people whom I admire in the business and maybe make myself know as a potential source of credible knowledge in the area’s I cover. If I had more time, and could make this a ‘job’ and not just a passionate-hobby I’d not only be able to take my desire to the next level, but I’d be fulfilling an love-interest of nearly 16 years. All I need is someone to believe in me.

Im a 29 year old sports fan. Im from Maryland, but my Favorite team is The Dallas Cowboys. I watch all sports, but mainly take interest in NFL, NBA, and MLB. I absolutely love following transactions, statistics, and keeping up with active news on what is happening around sports. Most of my Blogs will feature the NFL (Draft, Fantasy, Free-Agency) but will sometimes include other topics. Leave me feedback, and Enjoy! Have a Wonderful day. You can also follow me on TWITTER @Josh_Mitch (personal) or @NFLDraft_JAM24 (NFL Draft coverage)


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  1. Sarah Gibbons on said:

    Please give me more details as to how exactly this works and if there are any costs involved. Please don’t have anyone call me, just send me an email reply. Thank you. Sarah.

  2. Im not sure that I understand what you are asking. WordPress can be used as a free site, or you can purchase a domain through them for a monthly fee. Its easy to manage and set-up….and I recommend using their service.

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